Mom Fucked In My College


Mom Fucked In My College

my age is 22 years and I am in 4th year of my college in Kerala.

I live in a hostel here and I share my room with three other mates Ram, Anish, and Aznar. Three of them are from Kerala and of almost of my same age. I have a family of 4 people Dad, Mom and we are 2 brothers. My father is a business man and owns a shop and my brother has just completed school.

Let me introduce you to my mom. Her name is Deepa she is from a Marwari background from Udaipur city of Rajasthan. She is 42 years and fair in complexion, she was married at the age of 19 only and I was born just after a year of her marriage. Since she does almost all the household work by herself so she has kept herself in shape and fit. Her figure is 36 29 36. She mostly wears saree with blouse cut enough to see her cleavage.

She could make anyone hard just seeing her you can compare her to sunny leone.

So now let me tell you about the story what happened and how?
I was in my 2nd year of college and had just returned to college from the summer break. In summer break we all 4 in the family went to Haridwar for a trip where I took a lot of pictures from my phone.
My phone’s memory was getting full so I transferred the pics to my laptop. After the holiday immediately I joined college and did not get the time to sort the pics. The night I came to college my roommates were already present and they had brought the alcohol already. We drank a lot that night and saw hot movies and porn and masturbated together. Since only I had a laptop in that room so everyone used my laptop which used to remain unlocked most of the time. Next, I had some work in the bank to submit the fees so I woke up early and went while everyone else was sleeping.

I went at 8 am in the morning and came back at 6 pm in the evening. When I returned back my roommates were already drunk and they had already prepared a peg for me too so I also sat with them and drank a lot. While drinking we discussed about hot girls of our college and we also discussed about the hot girls we know, by doing this every one of us got excited and wanted to watch porn but our net in college was too slow but we wanted to masturbate very badly. We only talked for some time and then went off to sleep at around 4 am in morning. Suddenly while sleeping I heard some sounds of talking as well as moaning. I saw Anzar and Anish were awake and were masturbating watching my laptop. I got up and tried to have a look at the screen I was shocked to see they were watching my mom pics (when she was in river only in blouse and petticoat and I took her pics from upper view) from Haridwar and masturbating. I felt angry as well as horny while watching this act. I heard their talks too and they were saying my mom their bitch, a slut they would fuck till death and sexy whore and all. I got a hard on too listening to such stuff. I then masturbated myself and then slept.

Few days passed and I started fantasizing my mom fucking my roommates. One day we were discussing sex stuff and I asked other three that have they ever fantasized their friend’s mom and masturbated. Anzar agreed on that and told million times to which other two saw as shocked and I was like “who… can you share ? “ He told me straight to my face “Your mom”

I shouted at him “What are you saying?” He admitted that he liked my mom and wanted to fuck her very badly and also told the truth that Anish and Ram also masturbate for her and we talked a lot about her. They became more and more bold and opened her pics in laptop and started to masturbate again. I was hesitant so Ram and Anish took my pants off and started to jerk my cock too. I was in 7th heaven seeing my mom pics and feeling my friends hand on my cock I could imagine my mom jerking my cock. Even I wanted to fuck my mom now.We all made a plan to fuck my mom. So next day I called my mom and told her that I am not well and she could come to my college to meet me. Since my dad is always busy in the shop he could not come and my brother was in school so he had exams so my mom came alone to meet me.

I sent Anzar to pick my mom from the station. He happily went to receive her. They both came in a rickshaw to my hostel to meet me. Usually, parents are not allowed to stay with their k**s in the hostel and they stay in the guest house but Ram had somehow made the arrangement for my mom to stay in my room. Ram and Anzar agreed to sleep on same bed and Ram on other and one bed was placed near my bed to that it makes a double bed for my mom and me.
My mom is very innocent and she didn’t know what was going to happen with her. My mom had packed only sarees in her bag thinking she would stay separately in a different room.

But this was not what she thought that she would stay with three other stranger boys. In the morning she sat in saree but she was feeling uncomfortable now and wanted to be relaxed. I told her mom if you are uncomfortable u can get rid of this saree. She then pointed out towards other guys. I old its ok they are like your son only. To which other three also told its ok aunty we are like your son only. To which she agreed and removed her saree and was now only in petticoat and blouse black colour with black colour bra inside. We could see her strap from shoulder. It was quite hot there and was all sweaty to which ram offered my mom some cold drink. She immediately took it. After some time she started to feel dizzy and ram told later that he had mixed a tablet and vodka in that drink. She started to lose control.

Then Anzar told what happened aunty ? She told I am feeling hot and dizzy. He told it might be due to temperature so please get rid of your clothes we also are getting now. I no time three dark boys were shirtless in front of my mom but she did not remove that. Then Anish came near my mom and told “let me help you aunty” and he started to unbutton her blouse mean while ram and Anzar came and removed her petticoat. Now she was in bra and panty in front of my friends. And my cock was dam hard now.

I could see the bulge in their shorts too. They all came near my mom and started to press her boobs and hold her and kiss her body and tried to do everything with her. In no time she naked and in middle of my friends and two of them were sucking her boobs while other was kissing her on lips.

I became naked too seeing all this and went to her and slapped on her butt. She shouted and saw me in surprise. I held her face and kissed her hard.

The whole night we fucked her in different positions and she swallowed our cum too. In morning there was a knock on the door and to my surprise, it was warden and assistant warden. They came to ram and asked if they can do now. To which ram agreed and took me to side. When I came back I saw my mom was being fucked by both of them.
Every guy in my hostel knows about it because all the guys in my hostel wing came to my room and fucked my mom. She was in my hostel for a month and had become everyone’s personal whore.

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