Surprise for an underwear lover

Surprise for an underwear lover
It was approaching midnight and it had been a long and tiring day working the late shift just like every Saturday. I trudged up the stairs to my room and opened the windows, not that it would help being such a hot and muggy August night. I stripped out of my uniform down to just my dark blue briefs and slumped onto bean bag in the corner of the room before reaching for my weed tin and rolling a much needed joint.

I switched the radio on low and began to relax as the weed started to take effect. Part of me didn’t want to relax – my cock, to be precise, had hardened and was throbbing and pulsating in my briefs. I hadn’t touched it for nearly a week and now it was desperate to cum. I’d had a thing for underwear, especially briefs for a long time and loved to cum inside them after wearing them for several days. My tight foreskin felt great against the material when it was trapped pointing downwards, I’d barely have to touch it, just gently manipulate the end though the briefs and a creamy explosion wouldn’t be far away. It felt so good and I was getting close before being startled by familiar whistle from outside. It was my mate Chris, nothing unusual as he’d often come and have a smoke with after my late shift but I hadn’t been expecting him tonight.

I quickly grabbed a pair of shorts and went to let him in, hoping my boner would be gone by the time I got downstairs.
He looked hot as always, unkempt brown hair and stubble framing his strong jaw line. Despite the heat he was wearing jeans, as always, a scruffy grey t-shirt and as he sat on my bed I caught a glimpse of his green boxer shorts poking out above his trousers. We’d spent some time together every day over the past 2 weeks and he always seemed to have those green shorts on, which I thought was so hot and had imagined him wearing nothing but them last time I came.
We shared a couple of joints and I joined him on my bed, it was unusual for us to fall asleep like this on top of the covers,we were close but nothing had ever happened between us, he was straight but he knew I crushed on him, sometimes to tease me by hugging me just to make me get a boner. I didn’t mind of course.

I closed my eyes, enjoying the high, I felt Chris shuffle and when I looked he was looking at me with a serious expression and a hunger I hadn’t seen before, his pale blue eyes fixed on mine. He ran his hand though my hair before gently stroking my cheek. This was different, not like the joking about, it was intimate. My dick hardened, the thin shorts not able to obscure the obvious bulge. I stayed still letting Chris make the moves. He wordlessly placed his hand on my bare chest, moving slowly down to the top of my shorts and playing with the seam then retraced his steps and repeated. Damn that tease I thought to myself.
He scooted closer to me, pressing his body against my side. I could feel is boner through his jeans. I lowered his fly zip and unbuttoned him before sliding my hand in and groping at the bulge in the green boxers. I could see and feel straight away that he’d been wearing them for some time from the build up of precum. Some people would be grossed out but I was more turned on than ever. I began to gently tug at him, feeling his foreskin move up and down over his head. He felt quite small but was rock hard.
He finally move his hand lower and caressed at my bulge through my shorts. He knew I had a tight foreskin so was gentle with his movements. I was so horned I was getting close already and I could feel him precumming too.

I pulled him on top of me and we kissed as we humped against each other. I lowered my shorts and he kicked off his jeans and he continued to hump his boxer bulge against mine. It didn’t take long for his breathing to become labored, it sent me over the edge and I felt the cream shooting inside my briefs a second later Chris groaned as he shot his load into his boxers and it soaked through the material. He kissed me once more and we laid in each others arms until sleep took over.

Based on a true story.

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