Wanna Bet

Wanna Bet
When a girl bets that you don’t have the nerve to take her into her room and fuck her; what else are you going to say other than yes I do! We’re about the same age, but she’s a perverse little tease. She’s average height, on the skinny side and has incredible shoulder length red hair. From what I can tell through her clothes, she has pretty small breasts, but they fit the package very well.

We’ve had this verbal back and forth of “I bet you won’t go through with it”, “No, I bet you won’t go through with it” for a few weeks. Hey, she started it. I’m just going along for the ride. Finally here we are in her house “studying”, (all alone, thank you very much) and she starts in on it again. It’s time to call her bluff. I grab her hand and pull her to her room and shut the door.

She’s standing there looking defiant, again daring me to do something. So I grab her shirt, lift it and her bra up and over her head. With her arms still over her head I’m now staring at the pinkest, most mouth-watering tits I’ve ever seen. The nipples are so big and puffy they’re just begging for attention; my cock begins to stir just looking at them. And she’s still standing there like she’s expecting me to chicken out. So I dive right in and suck one of her tender breasts deep into my mouth, rolling my tongue over and around the nipple. This gets a reaction as she tosses her head back and lets out a long, breathy moan of pleasure. I can feel the nipple stiffening in my mouth as I continue sucking; now switching back and forth between breasts as I fumble to undo her jeans.

Despite her positive response, I am quite nervous that she’ll stop me at any moment so I don’t let up and don’t waste any time. I finally unbutton her jeans and peel them down past her hips and ass to reveal a sweet little pair of yellow cotton panties. They look so innocent against her fair and lightly freckled skin, but I can feel an incredible warmth growing underneath them. Still standing I slide a hand under the waistband and am rewarded with another moan from Heidi. She opens her stance slightly to accept my hand deeper between her legs. She feels very smooth, with only a hint of hair brushing against my fingers. I can feel her wetness as my hand slides further.

My fingers trace the top of her pussy just below her fuzzy pubic hair but just above the separation into her tender outer lips. I reach the hood of her clit and press my fingers between her folds, feeling for her wet opening. I find it easily as my fingers become slick with her juices. She steps back and I’m afraid it’s all over, but with a lustful stare she steps out of her jeans, and pulls down her panties never breaking eye contact. Now she is standing before me completely naked. If I was getting a little hard looking at her sweet puffy nipples, her firm naked body makes me rock solid. Not only is Heidi’s pussy mostly bare with only thin wisps curling above her slit, but that little bit of hair is the same deep reddish color as the hair on her head.

She reaches forward and rubs my hard cock through my jeans, pushes me down on her bed and begins undoing my fly to free my pulsating and solid cock. I lift my hips to help her slide my jeans down to my ankles and she swiftly places her succulent lips on my swollen cock-head, opens her mouth to briefly flick out her tongue then nearly swallows my whole shaft. I gasp and try to relax but she just won’t let up. I open my eyes again and am greeted to this naked redhead kneeling at the edge of her bed licking me like a popsicle. Her wet tongue taking long wet strokes on my extra-sensitive underside, then swirling her soft pink tongue in circles over the head, all while grasping the base and massaging my balls with her delicate fingers before suddenly engulfing my cock with her mouth again and furiously bobbing up and down; sometimes lowering her mouth completely down to the base of my shaft where I can see her lips nearly reach my pelvis, then pulling back and sucking hard on the soft tip. This being my first blowjob, I am in heaven and very nearly ready to cum.

I try to relax and hold off my impending orgasm, but she slips her finger down and massages the spot between my ass and balls while fully swallowing my cock. The extra stimulus blows my concentration and I explode deep in her throat. Hot jets of cum are spurting deep into her mouth as I thrust forward letting out a cry of intense pleasure. I can’t believe how good it feels. I can see her starting to swallow my thick cum but then backs off, releases my cock from her mouth and starts jacking it furiously with her hand letting the rest of my cum shoot freely into the air. She is forcing thick jets of cum from my cock and it seems to be flying all over the place from her vigorous pumping. I watch it land in her hair, on her bedspread, her neck, with most of it landing on her chest where it slides down between her sweet, puffy nipples. She’s smiling and really enjoying the result of her skillful mouth and hands. When I’m finally spent and catching my breath, she licks some off her hand and tells me it’s my turn.

She gets up on her bed and kneels on all fours pointing her ass in the air. I think I know what she wants, but I tease her some by rubbing her soft ass and kissing her firm thighs. Heidi lowers her head into the bed causing her ass cheeks to spread wide – fully exposing her soft pink pussy. I plunge my tongue deep in her bare pussy and begin twisting it inside her tight, wet folds. Pulling back slightly, I tease her more by gently licking the entire length of her slit from her swollen clit towards her upturned ass and nearly to her puckered hole then slowly back down. Tracing the folds of her opening, before opening my mouth and completely enveloping her. Every time I reach her clit she whimpers and begs for more. She begins rocking back and forth, creating her own rhythm as she writhes before me trying to fuck my tongue.

She rolls to over onto her back and I continue lapping at her mound as I stroke my thumb over her throbbing clit. I easily slide a finger inside her and focus my tongue entirely on her hard clit, pressing the firm little nub against my slick thumb. Heidi is now thrashing her head and arms as I guide my mouth over her pussy and pull it into my mouth. I really want to make her cum and from her gyrations I know I am getting close but she had other ideas. She pushes my head away and says she wants to ride my cock just to prove that she didn’t chicken out of fucking me. Her intense cries of pleasure and hot naked body have fully revived my cock from her blow job, so I was ready.

She pulls me onto her bed, rolls me on my back so my renewed hard-on is pointing straight up as she straddles my body. I have a perfect view of her thin red bush as she steadies herself before allowing me to penetrate her moist lips. I enter her almost effortlessly as her hot pussy engulfs my cock. She slowly slides down to the base, resting her entire body on me, supported only by my cock deep in her sweet pussy. With my shaft still buried, she begins rocking back and forth. Her clit pressing hard against my rigid shaft and pelvis each time she pushes back. The combined sensation of her tight wet pussy and the entire weight of her body focused on my cock is tremendous and the sight of her slim body gyrating above me takes my breath away.

Heidi’s gyrations become more intense, as she begins lifting her body up and driving back down with remarkable force. Her pert breasts shake and bounce each time she lands with me buried inside. She bites her lip with each stroke and I begin thrusting up to meet her. Our bodies are frantically bouncing up and down on her bed shaking the entire frame. Heidi struggles to catch her breath and her cries are increasing in volume as we continue our frantic ride.

I see her face reddening and feel her body tensing as the pressure of my cock on her clit drives her towards climax. Heidi convulses forward as I thrust hard into her. Her eyes open wide and she lets out one long cry of pleasure before her body explodes with amazing intensity. I can feel her pussy contracting and pulsating around my shaft as her orgasm sends wave after wave shooting through her body.

The added intensity of her climax heightens the building pressure and my body starts reacting as well. Arching up, raising Heidi up off the bed, I shudder as this red haired vixen coaxes another amazing load of cum from my body. I shoot a flood of cum deep inside her already soaked pussy.

As both our orgasms subside, she slides off giving my exhausted cock one last, long squeeze. I don’t know if we’ll ever fuck again, but now she knows if I say I’m going to do something, I’ll stick to my word.

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