My girlfriend wants you.

My girlfriend wants you.
I looked like such a nice , shy boy.
So it was a surprise to most when I started going out with one of the most sort after girls in the area.
Carol wasn’t the most beautiful , or intelligent , or rich , or well built. But she was very friendly.
Not so much with other girls though ,because Carol liked all boys.
She had just turned 18 and I was 22 when she jumped on me and thrust her , ever wet , pussy onto me.
I must have shown some sort of potential because a week , and several sex sessions , later she agreed to be my girl.
I hadn’t had many girlfriends but I had enough experience to know I was stupidly jealous when a girlfriend even looked at another guy. However Carol was always looking at boys so it was join her or walk away….I didn’t want to miss the sex so I joined her.
We came to an agreement that she wouldn’t do anything without telling me. That way there were no secrets or hidden affairs to suprise me with. No lovers that might steel her away.
The pact had come about because Carol would openly tell me she would love to fuck a particular guy , and describe exactly what she would do with him.
This disturbed me at first till I figured that it was exactly the sort of things we guys would say about girls , even each others girlfriends.
Things like , ” ooaaah I’d fuck her till she screamed”, or ,” I’d shove my cock up her arse and fist her cunt”.
Just the way guys talk when amongst mates. Joking around mostly.
Carol wasn’t saying she would , but like us guys , it was a fantasy we wanted to try if we ever had the chance.
So when my mate was joking around one night , he teased me by saying to carol right beside me ..”so carol , howie says your tits feel pretty nice … do they?”
Carol’s tits were monsters. Pointy young towers of porceline white breast topped with reactive pink puffy nipples. The type of boobs that makes men trip over their feet when she wears bikini’s.
Tits that have a cleavage even when she’s on her back.
Carol was hugely proud of her tits and didn’t mind showing them off in skimpy low cut tops.
She and I had already talked about playing around so I looked at carol.. “what do you think?”.
Carol smiled, “hmmm , fine by me…do you mind?
Meanwhile my mates eyes had gone wide with what he was hearing… “what! , your k**ding!?”
Carol lent back and pushed her thinly veiled tits outward , inviteing his hands.
We were on a couch.
He was on carols right while I relaxed on her left with my arm over her shoulder. Carol had her hand resting lightly on my bulge as my mate slipped his hand down her top and felt her boobs while glanceing furtively at me to see if I was truely okay with it.
My girlfriend turned to me and began kissing me. Still presenting her tits to be groped.
Her eyes were glinting with the thrill. Carol giggled when my buddy pulled her boobs fully out and gingerly began sucking her nipples.
The excitement built. We were ‘pashing’, with our tongues probeing each other.
A group of others walked into the room catching us by suprise! We covered carol up as quick as we could but we had been seen. There was no denying what had happened.

The fact Carol was up for a bit of playing spread like a wildfire!
Ten minutes later I was holding carols hand still but guys were crowding around because she was gladly giving everyone a go feeling up her breasts.
She was laughing joyfully with all the attention till I dragged her away.
We had the best , hottest , sex ever that night while talking about what had happened.
Afterwards we rested naked , twisted together and chatting.
..”sooo carol , you were okay with that tonight?” , I had discovered that as long as I was there , it was very exciteing to watch!
Carol tentively said.. ” ummm , yesss…it was fun…as long as your okay?”
Of course I was okay! It was fantastic!
“So umm , how far would you go?” , I ventured.
“Oh well…, you know…whatever it takes..” she smiled at the idea.

It became a regular thing for Carol to flash her tits out for the boys , whenever they asked.
Then one night I had to leave the group , and carol , at a pizza hut while I drove a friend home suddenly. I had only been gone 20min but when I got back there was a strange tone around the table.
At the end of the night Carol and I were driveing home when I asked if anything had happened while I was away?
When she told me the guys had pulled her top down in front of everyone in the resturaunt.
I was disapointed I wasn’t there to see it, but didn’t say that!
Assumeing she was annoyed at being embarressed I began being sympathetic with her but she soon corrected me…” I don’t care about people seeing me….but you weren’t there! ”
It surprised the hell out of me!
I thought she was just a slutty girl but she was more than that. She was MY slutty girl!
From there I realized I could relax more, about her with other guys…no need to be jealous ever again.

Now it was common for my friends to find our parking spot late at night when Carol and I would be fucking in the rear of the stationwagon.
I had curtains so it was private except for the rocking car.
This one night we jumped out to 4 cheering mates. Carol had only my shirt as cover for her voluptuous body.
She tried , but failed , to cover all her bits.
The boys teaseing began expectidly. They suggested what they imagined we were doing then began poking and pulling the shirt carol was trying to hold down.
I joined the guys because I knew she was enjoying this as much as the boys.
The guys had got flashes of hairy pussy , big tits and huge firm ass cheeks till I stripped her completely.
She was naked on a public street so she jumped into the car , laughing as much as us.
I went to get in too but one of my closest buddies jumped in first.
He began to get out but I said to him ” its okay , my girlfriend wants you”
He was just fooling around but once he was inside he found carol still naked , smileing at him.
He was showing off. Playing around. Then things went quiet!
After a couple of minutes the guys were getting bored. They thought he would still be talking to carol , but I was sure she wasn’t.
I peeked in to see his white backside pumping into carols spread wide legs.
She spotted me and smiled , waving to me then signaling to be quiet.
I stood back up and quietly lined the others up to , one by one , look in at them fucking away.
After we had all seen enough we stood around the car. Positioned ourselves at each door and on three…opened them and began laughing at our buddy who was in the middle of cumming.
Carol pushed him off and joined in the joke as his sperm was still spurting.

My poor mate was so thrilled but embarressed at the same time so he didn’t know if he should run or stay.
I offered carol to the other guys but they suddenly got all shy. I drove the three of us home…me in the front while he was trying to fuck her again when being tossed around the corners.
After dropping him off we went to her parents place and parked outside , getting in the back to have some more fun after the exciteing night we had.
We were fooling around when I started fingering her wet pussy.
At first I was just trying to excite her more. One finger didn’t seem to be enough… so I went with 2.
Then three , four and the tip of my thumb ass well.
I looked at carol , ” how are you going?”.
She smiled and nodded , “its fine” .
Now my hand is fairly wide so I didn’t think I had a chance of getting it all the way in , so I pushed gently but strongly.
After a few shoves my whole hand squeezed inside her pussy. I could feel her insides and nodules.
I experimented and found certain spots that sent her whole body convulseing.
Her deep loud gutteral moans came straight from her diafram.
She rarely swore but now she pulled her thighs appart and screamed…” awww shiiiiitttt!”
The porch light came on and we quickly got dressed and jumped in the front , then hugged each other very tightly.
We didn’t speak because words weren’t needed.
It was pretty obvious we had found something we both liked.

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