My mother Jocelyn

My mother Jocelyn
My Mom Was Being Unfaithful to Dad with My Black Friends

Jocelyn is my mother’s name. She is 36 years old, has shoulder length blond hair, a terrifically firm sexy body with a 36DD-24-36 super firm figure with no sagging whatsoever. Her eyes are green, full red lips and her skin in flawless. She is the type of woman that when one sees her they are immediately taken aback by her sweet smile and a look that promises the total fulfillment of ones most passionate dreams. Many women are very jealous of her because she is so very beautiful. Looking at her one would never be able to guess her age, looking to be at least 10 years younger and seems to ooze sex appeal from every pore. Several of my friends have often commented, with a dreamy look in their young eyes, that I sure had a really good looking Mom. She often ran around in the house in a pair of tight short shorts and a tee-shirt that fit a little too tight and really accented her full, firm tits, her nipples poking out invitingly. They didn’t need any support but she wore a bra anyway.

Brad, my father, is a very hard and dedicated working man who is often away on extended business trips leaving myself and Mom alone for several days at a time. My mother is very much in love with him as he is with her, and they have been married for almost 20 years. By all accounts it has been a very happy marriage and when he is home, I often see them hugging, kissing and squeezing each other. Dad told me that they were both virgins when they married and that he had never strayed nor had Mom from honoring their wedding vows. They took them very seriously feeling it was damning to even think about straying.

I was in my senior year in high school and had many friends, especially two of whom I will describe. Being as there was no segregation in the south where we lived these two were very nice blacks. They were both baseball players, as was I, for the school team and in very good condition. They always seemed to wear muscle shirts and gym shorts when they came to our house. I noticed how they would gawk open mouthed at my sexy Mom but never said anything. I never gave it a second thought only noticed it. Unknown to me was that they both lusted after my Mom for she was like I said extremely beautiful and extraordinary hot looking and sexually desirable. They would u*********sly reach down to their crotch area and squeeze the large bulges that were so obvious in their thin gym shorts. I think that Mom saw them doing this a couple times and just kind of smiled.

During the afternoons I had a part time job working at the local supermarket 3 days a week and wouldn’t get home until around 6 or 7pm. For seniors, school was usually out by 1:30pm. As I reported in for work on Wednesday the manager called me over and told me that he wanted to work Saturday, which would pay better, rather than that day so I left and headed home. Of course my Mom and my two black friends knew my work schedule and assumed that I was at the store. On the way home I dropped by the video store to see what the new DVD’s were and spent close to an hour there browsing. When I got home I was in for a real shock, a happening that both dumbfounded and excited me just watching.

My two black friends from school car was parked in our driveway. I wondered what they were doing there being as I was not at home. Most of the time I would enter our house using the kitchen door and did so this day. Starting to call out, I hesitated, listening to the quietness of the house which I found unusual whenever my two friends were there. Dad was out of town on one of his extended business trips and would be gone for the next three days. It was then that I heard noises coming from my parents bedroom, which was unusual for my two black friends never went to that part of our house, so I silently crept forward so as not to be heard. There is an adjoining bathroom and bath that services both the guest room and my parents bedroom. The door to their room was closed and I could hear muffled voices so decided to go to the guest room and look through the bathroom door.

The bathroom door to my parents room was already slightly ajar and I looked in to the room. My eyes bugged open, my mouth dropped open till almost my chin hit the floor. I saw a sight that I would have never expected in a million years to see. Knowing my Mom’s love for Dad and her feelings about being unfaithful, I was very surprised, shocked. My mother was sitting on the edge of the bed completely naked, the two black friends were standing in front of her equally naked. I heard slurping sounds and looking at the mirror at the head of the bed was shocked to see my Mom sucking one of the blacks huge black cock, her full red lips tightly clasped around the very thick shaft, her blond head moving back and forth as she sucked. She had her free hand wrapped around the second black’s long and thick black cock stroking it lovingly. She would alternate between the two enormous black cocks, sucking each hotly, hotly humming as she sucked.

The black high school boys, both were 18 at the time, were flexing their black ass’s back and forward like fucking. I heard them hiss and make an ummmm sound as she sucked them passionately. Each of the blacks had one of their hands on my Mom’s full firm white tits, tweaking and rolling her rock hard erect nipples. This went on for several minutes and then one of the black boys pushed my Mom onto her back onto the bed, the bed that she and Dad, her husband, shared, slept in, mad love in. He crawled quickly up between her spread long sexy married white married legs, his huge black cock glistening with her salvia fully erect, rock hard and nudged the huge black tip up to her closely clipped blond pussy lips. Mom was smiling lustfully up at him as he rubbed the huge black tip against her pussy lips. I had seen both of these black guys in the locker room showers after a baseball practice and even flaccid their black cocks were large but I had no idea how really very big they were until I saw their totally erect black gigantic cocks. God, they made Dad look like a pencil dick. I know they were at least 11 to 12 inches long and probably twice as thick as Dad was. They were humongous, I never knew cocks were that large.

Watching the huge black tip part her blond married pussy lips I felt my own cock spring up in lustful passion. It was excitingly beautiful to see that big black teenage cock part those sweet pussy lips and enter my mother’s hot married white pussy. It was so exciting to see an 18 year old black high school male between the widely spread white legs of a married, white, 36 year old, southern, beautiful white woman and my mother, inserting his fantastically huge black cock into, what I knew, was her very tight white married pussy. I watched as the huge black-pink tip pushed aside her blond pussy lips seating itself between them and as he shoved forward opening her very tight blond, yet slick with her lubricating wetness, and exited married pussy. Mom hissed and moaned as he entered her, stretching her beyond anything she had ever known before. I heard my black friend telling the other black friend how very tight she was as he shoved forward inserting more of his huge black teenage cock into her.

Mom was so wrapped up in what was happening, she moaned, she sucked in her breath, gasped, as she raised her sexy white hips up to the teenage black helping him go deeper into her. I heard her saying to him, that, you are so big, so very big, I feel like a virgin again, how I have desired a big cock in me, oh, please fuck me good with your big black cock, it feels so good, I love it, fuck me you black stud, fuck my white pussy. What a sight, to see the contrasting differences between her white skin and his jet black skin, it was so exciting, so beautiful and hot to me. More and more of that humongous black teenage cock slipped up into her and she just lay there her beautiful eyes slits of pure lust, her long sexy white legs wrapping themselves around his black teenage waist, her sexy white arms caressing him, pulling him tightly to her. I had never seen my Mom so sexually aroused, so hot before.

More and more of the huge black teenage cock slipped up into her tight caressing vagina as he continued to penetrate her. She was so erotically turned on, her hips trying desperately to take more of his massive black teenage cock into her white pussy. Over and over she repeated, cooed, oh, baby fuck me, I need your big black cock all in me, fucking me?please, baby fuck me good. She would sigh, moan and groan as more and more of his long black teenage cock slipped up into her 36 year old white married pussy, so good, so big, yes, yes, she repeated over and over as she shoved herself up helping him embed his entire massive black length.

He continued to push forward, his huge black teenage cock going further and further up into her. She took his entire black monster in to her white pussy, Mom’s mouth capping open as he had inserted the entire long, thick black length into her white pussy. I hear my friend telling her that she was so hot, so tight and she was the first white woman he had ever fucked. He started moving back and forth, fucking her. Mom grasped him even tighter to her as she began to thrust her sexy white married hips up fucking him as he fucked her. They were both groaning, sucking in their passionate laden breath, moaning as they fucked, kissing hotly.

Due to his youth, my friend could not control his desire to cum in my Mom. It was overwhelming and he could not control his urge to shoot his hot negro cum up into her white married pussy and womb to fill her with his black seed, his virile sperm. Mom who was just as hot as he was recognized the movements knowing that the young 18 year old black high school boy was about to cum in her. Her own orgasm was coming to a head itself and she was so much in need of one. It had been so long since Dad had given her an orgasm. They both increased their frantic fucking pace, the white and black bodies slapping, slamming together hard. Gonna cum, gonna cum in your white pussy, I heard my black friend saying over and over and he pounded into her time and time again. Oh, yes, yes my black stud cum, cum in me, Mom urged and hissed, want to feel you cum hitting inside me, yes, yes, baby, so good, so good. With a final hard inward thrust and a sound of extreme pleasure, a grunting as the two came together and I could tell by the way he kept flexed his black muscular ass cheeks that he was unloading his virile cum deeply into my white mother’s womb. Mom’s vagina was squeezing his massive black teenage cock, milking it which gave him an even harder and more sensitive feelings of pleasure. He just seemed to keep ejaculating inside of my Mom’s married, 36 year old white pussy as she tightly squeezed his black body to her flawless white skin, not wanting to lose a drop of his precious cum.

Mom repeated and repeated, yes, yes I feel it, so hot, so good baby, cum, cum in me. Her own orgasm was racking her lust filled married white body, her beautiful white face was flushed in passion. Their mutual orgasm lasted for a few minutes and then my black friend kind of rolled off to the side, his huge black cock coated with their combined sex juices, a black glistening shaft bobbing in the air, still partially erect. I saw a river of hot teenage cum oozing from between my Mom’s stretched blond, married pussy lips and down onto the bed covering. Her whole white body was flushed with passion as she lay there a smile of contentment on her beautiful white face. Her breathing was heavy, her full firm white tits rising and falling with each deep breath. She looked extremely beautiful.

My other black friend, who was about to bust a nut, got between my Mom’s widely open married white legs, his rock hard rampant huge black cock bouncing up and down, a look of pure lust on his black face. Mom looked up at him a lusty smile on her full red lips and reaching down grasped his gigantic black teenage cock in her white hand and pulled it toward the entrance of her hot, married white pussy. She seated the huge black head between her stretched open blond pussy lips as he shoved forward inserting his thick and long black teenage cock into her. Her well fucked married pussy was still tight as he sank up and into her causing Mom to suck in her breath as she felt its girth and length slipping up into her. Mom had raised her white legs so that her knees were almost on her shoulders so he could get inside her deeply, right up to his heavily laden with sperm black balls. Immediately he began thrusting back and forth fucking her hard. Mom had her white arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders, her full red lips lustfully, passionately kissing him as she thrust her white married hips up to his driving black monstrous, completely filling cock. Their bodies smacked and slapped together as they passionately fucked. Mom was quickly building to another fantastic orgasm her fucking hard hips rapidly rising and falling. Her white married body flushed with the heat of passion. The black high school friend of mine was just about ready to have his own powerful orgasm and began to grunt and thrust faster and harder. Oh, yeah, oh yeah, he hissed, cum, yeah cum in your hot white pussy, he groaned. With a hard inward thrust completely embedding his black teenage huge cock inside my Mom’s white married pussy her froze tightly against her his huge black ball releasing a torrent of hot black fertile semen up into her fertile white married womb to mix with the other load already there. Mom was sighing, cooing as she experienced her own massive orgasm causing her white body to twitch in ecstasy.

After the last tremor ceased in their bodies, the young black teenage friend of mine detached himself from Mom, his huge black cock semi-erect as it exited her white pussy. Mom lay there for a couple minutes and told them both that they had given her the best fucking she had ever had, that she loved it, that they made her feel like a woman again. She said she had to go to the bathroom so I slipped out into the guest room before she got there. The door to the guest room was ajar and I watched as Mom sat on the toilet taking a piss. The first black teenage who had fucked her came in and stood before her his huge black cock ridged, once again fully erect. Mom reached out taking it in her white hand and as he leaned forward took it in between her full red lips and began to suck greedily as he flexed his black teenage hips back and forth fucking her sucking white married mouth. After about 5 minutes of her ministering on his huge black cock he helped her get up and they went back into the bedroom. Quickly getting back into position I watched my beautiful married sexy Mom get back up on the sperm stained coverings on her back. She cooed, pleaded sweetly to the young teenage black high school student to please fuck her again with his big black cock.

He got between her spread white legs and jammed his gigantic black teenage cock between her white pussy lips and shoved forward hard sinking his entire lengthy black shaft completely into her up to his big black balls and began fucking my very willing, eager and highly aroused married white woman. The second teenage black high school student kneeled at her head and pushed his fully erect black cock against her full red lips which she immediately opened to admit the huge black tip. She began sucking noisily, slurping and humming around it as it began to slide back and forth in her mouth and into her throat. I was surprised to see her take so much of his black teenage cock into her mouth, for her full red lips were stretched around it to full capacity. Mom seemed to be in a sexual paradise being fucked in her tight married white pussy and now her mouth at the same time. She was so turned on, so animated undulating her white body beneath the double onslaught, thoroughly enjoying the double fucking she was getting from the two gigantic black teenage cocks. The recuperative prowess of the two black teenagers was awesome and the reputation they had for that ability sure proved to be a fact and not a rumor. They continued to fuck a lot longer this time, it was a real love fuck and not a lust fuck like the first one had been. I could understand why so many white women like to have blacks fuck them now for they are not only big in the cock department but know how to really satisfy give a woman a through fucking.

Mom told them after they had shot their hot black semen down her throat and into her white womb that she had never been so completely, satisfyingly fucked before and she made them promise to come fuck her again and again, anytime they wanted so long as neither Dad nor I was around. Just before they left that afternoon I slipped out of the house and went back into town, my mind filled with images of my beautiful, sexy white Mom lying on she and Dad’s bed being fucked and sucking the two young black teenage high school friends of mine, over and over that afternoon. When I got back home later that afternoon not saying a word about what I had seen, I noticed that Mom looked more radiant and happier.

A few days later, I was able to change my work schedule and slipped home to see if Mom and my two black friends were at it again. Sure enough they were in the master bedroom so I slipped into the bathroom and looked in. To my surprise not only were my two black friends in there with Mom but they had bought along another two young black friends. Mom didn’t seem to mind and was smiling coyly at them. All four of the black teenage boys were naked, each sporting an enormous fully erect black cock which Mom gazed at in lust wetting her full red lips in anticipation of the hot fucking she was about to get from the four horny black teenage high school boys. Mom was becoming a black cock whore.

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