Out and about 01

Out and about 01
When you feel horny there are many things you can do about it, but for me it has always been about dressing up in a sexy bra and panty set and settling down to a nice wank, especially when I have the house to myself like I did last night. The only problem is that it is even nicer to have someone else do the work, either with their hands or their mouths!

My home city has had many gay beats over the years, they tend to move around as you would understand but when you find an active one there is seldom a problem finding a willing partner. I have a nice Triumph satin and lace bra and panty set in a deep burgundy that I bought off an older woman on Gumtree. Though well-worn it has that clean perfumed fragrance that lets you know a real woman has worn it regularly and makes me hard the moment I get it out to put on. That was my choice last night. Over it I slipped on a shirt and pants with no belt and no socks with my shoes. This makes it easier to strip down to mu lingerie if the chance occurs!

Walking out to my car, the friction of the silky front panel of the panties made me harder and I could feel the first pre-cum leaking. Once in my car I slipped off my shoes and pants then put my shoes back on so I was driving only in a shirt, bra and panties and shoes. By doing this I can stroke myself through the material while I drive.
We live on a street close to the highway on ramp and I knew there was a layby further along the road that often had cars parked in it late at night. I was dark with no street lights, so was only illuminated by the lights of the cars through the trees, so was an ideal beat location, especially as it had a small mound of dirt with a screen overlooking some wetlands. This combination meant it had many discreet hiding spots. The other plus benefit was it is only a few minutes’ drive away so I set off.

Even though not much after dark there were six or seven cars there already and I parked and turned off my lights so my eyes could adjust to the dark. As I gently stroked my cock through my panties I looked up and could see three shapes up near the overlook and their posture told me they were not just talking! I made sure the car interior light was off and opened my door, stepping out in my panties and bra, only my shirt and shoes to protect me from the cool of the night.

I walked across the car park and up the steps to find three men with their pants down having a circle jerk. I quickly slipped my cock out of my panties and felt for one of the cocks while stroking my cock with my free hand. A burly fellow with grey hair grabbed my cock and started pumping it up and down so I started fondling his smooth balls in response. He dropped down to his knees and started sucking the cock of one of the others so I moved my hand to his butt and started caressing his ass.

It is hard to keep track of all that was happening but he soon transferred his wet mouth to my cock and started to suck while fondling my balls through my panties so I slipped my shirt up to expose my lacy bra to the moonlight! He soon move his mouth on so I grabbed another cock as two more had turned up and were waiting their turn, so I gave them some attention while they waited.

All this is a massive turn on to me and soon I could feel the cum approaching. I grabbed my cock and started pumping jets of cum on the ground at the same time a hand slid the silky back of my panties down and I felt a cock pressing against my asshole. Not ready for that I politely said no, slid my panties up and walked back to my car.
I got back home and had a nice shower, washed my cum stained panties and had another wank just thinking about the fun I had had!

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