Orgasm torment at Kay’s hand part 4

Orgasm torment at Kay’s hand part 4
Kay had already turned orgasm into a form of torture for the night and it had only been two hours! She had threatened to keep me going through the night! Yes, my sister Kay is a demonic little slut with huge tits, long blonde hair and brown German eyes that have seen and read enough tricks to make any man her slave!

She undid the buckles that held me face down on the table and then undid my feet and wrists from their ropes. The moment I moved, I felt my bladder slosh from one side to the other and the needle on the anatomy tank was screaming ‘FULL’ so I moved to get down off of the kitchen table that was slightly pulled apart. “What do you think you are doing?” Kay asked as she raised one eyebrow in objection.

“If you don’t let me go to the bathroom now, I will be going to the bathroom soon and peeing all over your floor!”
She came and stood in front of me and I saw the white globs and cum trails from where she had aimed my ejaculation at her chest. “You clean me up with your tongue and suck all of your jizz off of me and then I will consider letting you take a pee. You better get started!”

I rolled over onto my butt and was promptly reminded of the fact that Kay had stuck a butt plug in my ass and it was still there. Likewise, I finally saw the rubbery gummy ring that encircled my nut sack, holding it slightly out away from my body. Wrapped inside of it was a small egg shaped vibrator that was the source of so much of my arousal over the previous 20 minutes.

My focus quickly changed to the fact that I was licking, sucking and kissing up my sister’s creamy why soft skin. I am an oral lover by nature and in some ways I like it more than fucking (there is just something about the intimacy of using your mouth on another human that is incredibly hot to me.) So I eagerly found the salty trails of my sperm as they had slid over and around her breasts and down across her belly. Of course, she had directed a large portion of my orgasm to coat her breasts and I was certain to take my time and give those a thorough cleaning!

By the time she agreed that I had cleaned her suitably I was about to die. I was still having some of those, ‘post-coitus gotta pee change the pipes over’ cramps down behind my balls but ready or not, my bladder had to find some relief! To my shock, Kay grabbed my soft cock and said, “I have always wanted to hold a man’s cock while he peed. I think tonight is the night to find out what it’s like to be a man!” With her other hand she grabbed the dong held in place over the front of her hips by a harness and she proceeded to lead me to the bathroom.

Now normally I do NOT have a shy bladder, but when she turned me toward the toilet, stood behind me and reached around me with both hands to hold my cock, while her rubber dick slapped my thighs and a butt plug stopped up my back door… let me just say, this was not a normal time! My balls started twisting like they were going to give me a world class case of blue balls and while I finally did begin to ‘let it flow’ it was not at a normal full stream. There is just something about feeling your sister’s fingers roaming over your already abused cock that while taboo, it is also so damn good!

Kay took some tissue paper and wiped up my cock but instead of taking me to the sink to wash my hands (and hers) she led me over to their over-sized, walk-in shower. She had me get down on the tile floor on my hands and knees and then announced, “You aren’t the only one that has to go.” Without any further warning I feel her pissing all over my back, ass and legs. I cautiously look back to see her holding herself open and letting it fly! This was so far outside of anything I had ever done with anyone, but even more unbelievable to be doing it with Kay. And yet there was definitely something about it that had me moaning as well.

I figured she would turn on the shower when she was finished, but instead, Kay walked around behind me and seconds later, I felt her fingers gaining a good hold on the jewel end of the butt plug and she started pulling it out of me! I had halfway become used to the feel of the plug, but feeling it pull out shot off fireworks in my mind! It finally came loose and almost shot out my ass which made Kay laugh.

Putting her feet to the outside of my knees, Kay then squatted down over and slowly began pushing her rubber dick into my very real ass! The head of the thing slid easily into my ass and he told me to relax and enjoy the ride. Slowly she rocked back and forth, pushing more and still more of the dildo into me until she lodged the whole thing in my ass and I felt the creamy insides of her thighs stroking the outside of my butt.

It all got fuzzy then. Somehow there was water spraying on us both as I felt her slowly fucking my ass and then bringing up both the intensity and speed of our fucking. I was indeed her bitch and she called me that over and over again as her hands ran over my back and slapped my ass. She raked red angry lines across my back with her fingernails and through it all I was conscious of one thing…Kay had my dick getting hard for the third time that night!!
Kay stood all of the way up and pulled her rubber dong out of my ass. “Eat me Bryan! Make me cum like you did the other night!” I flipped around as she leaned against the wall. I put my hands on the wall, reaching between her legs and she sank down, almost using them as a seat for a few moments. By doing so she gave me access to her wet, aroused pussy and I breathed in deeply before wrapping my lips around her clit and sucking her nub and giving it the best tongue lashing I could.

I felt her hands in my hair and she pulled me back and said in an almost possessed voice, “Fuck me. I want you to make me cum and I am going to milk you dry! Now stand up and put that cock in me!”

I stood up and she wrapped herself around me, climbing up my frame until she finally was high enough to get her crotch up to where my hard cock could freely aim for her. She reached down and stuffed the head of my dick between the lips of her pussy and with no more ceremony she sank down impaling herself on my shaft.

I have no idea how long our bodies slapped together under the gentle spray of her shower. I know she came several times before finally causing my nuts to explode and dump what was left of my seed into her cunt. She told me to set her down then and we washed one another and then helped dry each other off before heading upstairs to her bedroom.

We never made it outside to the hot tub. I blamed the wine the next morning and Kay and just looked at me like, ‘Yeah right, whatever!’ We tumbled into bed and soon were fast asleep.

This is part 4 of a 4 part story of what it is like to have a sister like Kay!
She may be too private to allow me to share any of her actual pictures but… damn she does things to me!

Let me know if you would like keep hearing things about us
Hell, request she let me post some pictures of her! Maybe she will listen to you all!!
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