Sharing Bella… with a work colleague.

Sharing Bella… with a work colleague.
Sharing Bella, again.

I know I spend a long time in between our experiences, we’re not the type for doing it frequently. But here is another true story about sharing my gorgeous girlfriend, Bella. (And no, you lucky and un-named Xhamster member, I told you I’d write about you in another story)

So me and Bella have been together a while, it is serious. As usual, not much has changed, a few new tattoos, but that’s about it. Still a gorgeous set of 34DD tits with an amazing bubble butt, and one of the tightest pussies I’ve ever felt.

So, Bella works for a pretty decent company, and as something to reward said employees, the company decides to do holidays for their staff, once a year.

This one, was a four day break away to Edinburgh, hotel, travel and food at the hotel all paid for and you’re allowed to take plus one (me)

Now this company she works for, it’s office based and pretty much full of guys. And skirts in summer, tight black work jeans in winter, so as you imagine, she gets quite a bit of attention, but does nothing particularly back as she doesn’t find any of the guys very attractive. (sorry to dissapoint you)

So the trip was comprised of 14 guys and 4 girls. Pretty big difference, and nearly all of the girls brought a boyfriend, basically there ended up being around 26 people going.

So, we were all going by train, we all had a carriage booked for the long four hour journey down. Which the heating seemed to be on full blast, and Bella wearing jeans, slip on shoes and jumper wasn’t a good combo.

But she decided to run off to the toilets and change into a skirt around half way through, since the heat was ridiculous

Me and Bella managed to get a table seat with both of us sat on the same side, the opposite side was empty.

It was my first time meeting most of these guys, and they were pretty flirty with Bella right off the mark. Which didn’t bother me.

Pretty boring journey to be honest, everyone was pre drinking, including me and Bella, but it’s about half way through it picked up.

One of the guys called Chris decided to join me and Bella and sat across the table. He was a weird looking guy, I personally thought he looked pretty stupid. One side of his head shaved, a lip peircing, pretty much a Skrillex wannabe, but was pretty average looking all that aside. He was also leaving, this was his final week at the company, so this was as much a leaving do for him as it was a party for the others.

“Bloody warm in here innit?” He asked, wiping a light layer of sweat off his forehead.

“Just a bit”, Bella said using one of the leaflets about Edinburgh as a fan.

“Tell you something, mate. You’ve got a good lass here” He protested taking a swig of his beer.

“Everyone says that, supposed there must be some truth to it” I replied squeezing her bare thigh

“Honestly, the amount of people that have asked her out or tried to chat her up is unreal”

“Is it now?” I asked smiling

Bella blushed ” Can’t exactly blame ’em” She said reaching down and cupping her hot, plump tits and jigging them through the jumper.

“With tits your size and arse like that, no you can’t.” Chris replied, looking slightly worried at me after he said it.

Bella took it as a compliment
“All the better for sitting on faces with…” She replied winking

Admittedly it did turn me on a little her not saying MY face in particular.

“Bet you smother someone with that thing”

“Oh God yes, but honestly I could die happy when she does” I replied smirking

“All right, rub it in some more!” he said chuckling

Thankfully the rest of the carriage was quite loud, too, so it drown out this conversation.

“Move over” Bella ordered Chris as she slipped her shoes off showing her soft bare feet.

She rested them on the seat that Chris was on as he sat staring at them.

“Ugh they’re sweaty… too warm” She said in relief

“Hold your nose, Chris”

“Feet don’t bother me at all. The ex used to give amazing footjobs!”

“Where the fuck did that comment come from?” Bella asked laughing.

“Well we was just talking about sitting on faces, how is this any different?” Chris replied

“Sitting on someones face doesn’t make you cum…”

“Depends on the ass” I said

“And whether it’s jiggling on your face” he added.

“You two are disgusting” She responded smirking.

“No, not at all, pussy smells good, the same with ass, it has its own smell. It’s a genuine fetish. And it’s kinky it’s like the forbidden hole” I said getting very matter-of-factly

“To be honest, any part of a womans body does it for me. I just love all of their body” he replied. “Especially feet”

“Even sweaty feet?” Bella asked, grinning and raising an eyebrow

“Especially sweaty feet” he said, trying not to make it too obvious he was looking down at hers

Bella turned and grinned at me then pulled her foot back under the table and stroked it up the inside of his thigh, slowly, making sure she stared at him while she did it.
Chris, didn’t know what to, and had that ‘deer in the headlights’ look about him, before he gasped and his eyes half closed as she reached his cock through his trousers.

“God they’re warm…”

“I’m sweating everywhere” she giggled, “It’s warm!”

“What you doing!?” Chris said getting his breath back

“Just seeing if you were telling the truth” She said grinning like an idiot

Chris looked at me, he looked a little scared to what reaction I was going to have.
I just smirked “She’s a cocktease, mate, try living with her”

“He is telling the truth, I can feel him getting hard” She whispered, just loud enough for me and Chris to hear.

Bella moved her foot back under the table, as Chris re-arranged, seeing the outline of his bulge in his trousers.

“Fucking tease… To be fair we all perve at her in the office. We all say how lucky you are” he said, staring at her neck, savoring every bit of her as he eyed her up. “if you’re ever single and like a downgrade, come see me” he said as we both laughed.

“Anyway, I’m sitting back over there before I cum in my pants” he chuckled to himself.

“Dirty bitch” I smirked at her making sure he was out of earshot

“You love it. He does have quite a nice arse on him, though. Felt like he had a decent sized cock to be fair” She replied grinning to herself.

Needless to say that got me paying attention.

“Well he looks like Skrillex with downs syndrome so he has to have something good going for him” Which made her laugh.

“Did get me a little horny though, I’ll admit”

“Mmmm just a bit.” Bella uttered, grabbing my hand and running it up her skirt

I stroked her gorgeous wet pussy, realising she’d come back without and panties on under her skirt

So, we got to Edinburgh a few hours later and there were minibusses waiting for us.

Getting off the train was hell, since the wind picked up and Bella had to try and not let it blow her skirt up, and show her pussy to all

There were 3 seats at the back, so me and Bella hopped on and Chris decided to join us, he seemed definitely a little groggy, far too many pre drinks, we hadn’t even gotten to the hotel yet.

“Budge up fat arse” He joked with Bella, she grinned and moved

The rest of the bus filled and chatter filled the bus in turn.

“How long to the hotel?” Chris asked.

“About 5 minutes” I replied

“Good, it needs to hurry up because I need a wank after all that chatter of asses and tits in the train” he laughed

“Well we best hurry up” Bella said, wiping her finger across Chris’s lips, to his shock

He recoiled “What is that?” he asked shocked. He already knew what it was, I reckon, he was just waiting for her to say it.

“Don’t be a retard” she giggled. “You know what it was”

Chris licked his lips, and stared at her like a begging puppy.

“Seriously!?” He asked

“Uh huh” Bella nodded

She checked around to see if anyone else was looking, then spread her wet fingers, showing the strings of her gorgeous juices between them.

I smirked, I was loving this. My cock throbbed, even with a slight dull pain from being so hard.

“Told you she was a tease” I laughed.

The bus set off, thankfully it was quite dark so there wasn’t much chance of anyone seeing.

Chris was breathing heathy, his hand over his trousers where no doubt his cock was rock hard.

He kept glancing over

“I can’t smell or taste it any more, I need a top up” he said, almost breathless.

“Well you know where my holes are…” She bit her lip, slightly spreading her legs.

Chris looked like a starved man as he licked his finger.

Chris took the other approach, he reached from behind Bella, she shuffled forwards, Chris slid his hand down the back of her skirt, obviously craving a different hole. I lifted her skirt gently. Her plump cheeks greeting me, she reached around and spread one so I could see, both Chris and Bella stayed staring forward, not wanting to attract attention. He found his mark, I could just see the gap where her tight pink asshole was, and Chris’s finger did too.

He rubbed and rubbed, looking almost like he was going to cry.

Bella thrust her ass back onto his finger, It almost sliding in.

“Stop it or I’m gonna cum” Chris gasped reaching his hand back.

He sat up, crossed his arms and looked straight ahead, breathing deeply.

“That’s all you’re getting” she said, grinning “… for now”

We finally arrived at the hotel, it was already pretty late since we all came straight from Bella’s work after she’d finished.

We were the last to check in, most of the other people had gone out to explore with a few of them left in the lobby.

“Everyone’s off on the piss” Chris said as he collected his card from the desk.

“I’m not, I’m knackered after that trip” Bella replied. “it was way too hot on that train”.

“Boring buggers, I’m off out!” Chris said defiantly.

“You coming, mate?” He asked me.

“Nah I’m good, gonna chill with Bella, a bit rude not to really.” I said with a smile as we started to walk up the stairs with our luggage with Bella in front.

“You could always join us…” Bella said,lifting up her skirt with her free hand showing her amazing ass, jiggling with every step, her thighs slightly wet from her eager pussy.

A smile stretched wide across his face. “You better come out dressed like that if you do”

I was rock hard all the way up to our floor, and so was he!

Chris decided to take the room across from ours.

The rooms were slightly small, but everything we need, a bed against the wall, a TV up front and a small bathroom.

We were stood outside our rooms, we went to his first, still holding our bags. Chris walked up eagerly, breathing heavily as he eyed up Bellas gorgeous thighs on show.

“You can wait here” Bella said as she leaned in.

My heart was racing, I was ready to see her kiss him. Instead as Chris reached his neck out for her lips, she took the room key from him.

She smirked, looking back over her shoulder as she entered the room. Chris took a step in after her, but I grabbed his arm.

“She said wait here” I said smirking.

“Chris let out a big breath as the door shut behind him.”

“Fuck me, I’m nervous”

“Don’t be, I’m fine with it.” I replied

“I’ve never had a threesome” he said looking uncomfortable

“You still won’t be having one mate. I’ll just be watching” I said letting out a laugh

“Fucking hell, I definitely read this situation wrong” he said returning the laugh.

“Well you can always go out for a drink and I’ll spend the night with her” I replied smiling

His confidence came back, he unbuttoned his jeans, his cock hung in his boxers as he stroked it, looking around to make sure no one was coming.

“Not a prayer, mate” he laughed.

“You coming in or what!?” The voice behind the door ushered.

Chris grabbed our bags and Bellas as he used his elbows to open the door.

Bella was laid on the bed, her gorgeous naked tattood body laying there, her tits slowly moving as she grinded on her finger.

Chris still had his buttons unjeaned, which were now down by his knees as he forgot to do them up.

He dropped the bags, as he walked over, his cock bouncing in his boxers, his eyes fixated on her tight, pink wet pussy, her juices running down to her little asshole.

His bare cock poked out his boxers as he unbuttoned them, not a huge cock, but above average. It was thick at the bottom with a long tip, but quite veiny with a small metal ring piercing at the end, which had his thick pre cum running down it.

“that your famous little cock piercing?” she laughed as she breathed out heavily, her body squirming as she stared at his thick bouncing dick, eager to try it.

He didn’t say a word as he stepped out his jeans and knelt onto the bed, his socks and boxers still on as he took his shirt off. He was very skinny, with some tattoos across his body, not her usual type, but what she craved hung between his legs… Not his body.

He grabbed his shaft as Bella smirked. Rubbing the tip of his cock against her little pink clit.

Bella let out a little groan as she reached down and grabbed his cock and slid it down towards her little waiting hole.

“Fuck me you’re tight” Chris gasped as he looked down, his throbbing cock slowly disappearing, Bellas back arching as she took every inch, letting out a groan as her eyes rolled back into her head.

I stayed silent. I was just loving every second of this as I took a seat at the bottom of the bed

His cock now buried in her balls deep, he slowly slid back out, her pussy gripping round his thick shaft, now covered with a white mix of their juices.

“That not hurting?” He said, almost a wisper.

“Just shut up and fuck me” she said, her eyes still fixated looking down at his cock as she gasped, his cock sliding in easier with every thrust. The sound of her wet pussy filling the room, his balls slapping with every thrust as she continued to gasp.

“Oh… Fuck” she just managed to say as her body began to tremble, her pussy gushing with squirt as Chris’s cock was pushed out, rubbing against her pulsing clit…

She rolled onto her side, her trembling legs shut together as she shook, trying to catch her breath.

Chris stroked his cock, dripping from her squirt, the front of his boxers soaked.

Chris grabbed hold of her hips and lifted her up onto all fours, her body still shaking as she obeyed like a good girl. He then pulled her back, her ass thrusted out, her wet little butthole on show, her pussy still dripping.

Bella reached her arm back “Oh fuck wait a se-”

Chris didn’t care, slid his hungry cock back into her as he grabbed her arm and used it to pull her down onto him.

Bella let out a loud groan, almost enough to drown out the next doors television, unable to stop her moans (and not wanting to)

She reached back with her other hand and slid a finger into her tight little asshole, just how she likes it. Chris getting the message grabbed that arm with his and held it there, slamming into her hard as she fingered her tight hole.

“Oh my God..” she gasped, her voice broken by every thrust “Don’t stop!” she groaned, again, loudly!

Her voice left her, her legs slammed shut as her pussy gushed, unable to contain herself, Chris’s was pushed out, drenched in her warm sticky juices, as he grinded against her pink little asshole, her fingers now grasping the bed as she came.

Chris grabbed her hips, and pulled her back, her little asshole sliding down against his shaft as he shot his thick streams of cum, again and again over her juicy bubble but, Bella now rubbing herself as Chris looked down at his cum covered trophy, gasping for air, his eyes almost pained as he throbbed his last drops of cum out, sliding them down her holes.

Bella was breathing hard, just catching her breath as she looked back, her hair stuck to her face.

“You want a picture?” She whimpered.

“Too fucking right” I said, snapping the moment.

“Oh wow…” Chris said, stroking down her curvy hips. “Haven’t come that hard in a long time” He said, his cock flopping down victoriously, still staring at her holes.

“That was good” she said smiling, licking her fingers getting a taste of herself. “That’s my leaving present for you” She with a small giggle.

“I’ll have to come back and leave again” he laughed as he laid on the bed next to her, Bella still on all fours

“Get a towel then you spaz” She said to him.

Chris was the cat that got the cream, he laid there smirking as he slowly sat up, mustering what little strength he had left, wiping down her cum covered ass and back.

Bella stood up, stretching, a small trail of her juice running down her leg.

” That’s why I fucked you in YOUR room” she smirked, looking back at her wet patches on the bed.

Chris stood there, his cock still dripping, his boxers soaked, watching her stick her shirt and skirt on.

“I don’t even get a kiss after all that” he smirked.

“Well there’s four more days left yet” she grinned, as she walked out the room.

I’d not stopped throbbing since this began, my cock was almost painful after all that.

“Still up for that pint?” I said smirking.

“Can barely stand mate, nevermind drink. Gimme 10 minutes and we will”

I walked across to our room, and heard the shower running.

Bella was butt naked, rosey cheeked as she stood cooling off.

“You need to get your cock pierced” she laughed.

“Fuck that, nothing metal is going near this until they invent robot sex dolls” I said, she burst out laughing.

“God that was good” she said hugging me, reaching down and squeezing my cock. “I’m glad you last longer though” she grinned as she looked up and kissed me.

“You want your turn?” she said, biting my lip.

“Can do, but you’re usually sore after we have sex, since I can’t seem to just have a quickie”

I pondered for a second as I reached round and grabbed her ass, kissing her…

“Or… You could always have round two with Chris after drinks?” I grinned…

That concludes it for part one. Until I get part two uploaded, which should be later today.

Any Welshmen in Snowdonia the end of August fancy meeting up and having your own experience with Bella? Completely annonimous of course… Let me know.

As promised… A pic of the aftermath.

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