A married, but promiscuous, female PhD psychology professor, Jennifer, 32, has a steamy affair with her female housecleaner, Carla, 24.

Their summer together and the year that followed were life-changing for them both. Their lust and love was intense and gratifying.

They feverishly coupled three and four times a week while, Ray, Jennifer’s hubby, was on frequent business travel.

The story is arousing and stimulating, and will heighten the senses of men and women, alike. The author hopes you will comment on her story and encourages constructive criticism.

Carla, My Sweet Love
by Scarlett O’Mara
It was early June and the semester was over. All of my semester-ending duties as professor of psychology at our local university campus were done and I could finally relax. I just wanted to let the stress work its way out of my body!

It was Wednesday, and Ray had been gone since Monday and would not return until Saturday morning. It was nearly 9am and Carla was due soon. She would be here most of the day cleaning and doing a little yard work. Since it was going to be hot, I put on a pair of shorts, a halter, and sandals to keep cool.

As I was finishing my coffee, toast, and the morning paper, the doorbell rang. It was Carla. I let her in and we hugged. She was so happy! She had gotten straight “A’s” in all of her classes and her GPA for her first year in the
X-ray tech program was 3.89. I was so proud of her. In another year, she would have her A.S. degree and could prepare for the state test.

While Carla was working in the house, I was out in the garden doing some
cultivating and trimming I had put off for weeks. I had been at it for over two hours and it was getting very hot and I was sweating. Even though I had my sun hat on and was covered with a long sleeve blouse, I was still getting too much sun for a strawberry blond, so I decided to stop, go take a bath, and cool down.

Meanwhile, Carla had been working inside doing the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, vacuuming, and dusting. She greeted me as I came in. I said it sure is hot and explained I was all sweaty and needed something cool to drink. She said she was all hot and sweaty, too, she had just finished vacuuming all the rooms. I invited
her to sit at the bar, to relax for a few minutes. I reached in the refer for two bottles of lemonade and gave her one. I sat next to her and we started chatting.

She said the last several weeks were stressful for her…finals, working, her mother had not been feeling well, but was
better now. I said I understood, things had been stressful for me, too…finals, grading, and all the semester-ending closeouts. I said it was good that we could now both relax a little, at least not have to go to class.

I said I was still warm and was going to take a cool Jacuzzi bath and let the jet streams relax me. Looking at me, she said that sure sounded nice, do the jet streams really relax you? I said they certainly do, had she ever been in a Jacuzzi? She said he hadn’t, but always wanted to try. I asked if she would like to join me, we could cool off, relax in the swirling water, and then wash each other’s backs. She blushed, and then asked if I was serious?

I said, of course, let’s both take a break and relax, she deserved it, she could finish up later. She smiled and said the Jacuzzi had been thoroughly cleaned, and it was ready. I said I would put some of my wonderful rose oil flakes in the water and she would just love it. If she wanted, she could finish up what she was doing while I poured our bath; I would call her when it was ready.

OMG, after two years of thinking about Carla, sometimes lusting over her, we were going to take a bath together!

Excited, I hurried to the bathroom suite and started pouring our bath. I got out two nice bath towel sets, two robes and placed them on the marble table along with several of my nice lotions and powders. I went to the bedroom electronics cabinet and placed several romantic CDs in the player and set the volume so that the music could be heard in the bathroom.
I poured a generous amount of rose oil flakes in the water, and within seconds the entire bathroom was engulfed in romantic aroma. I called to Carla and said our bath is ready. I started to undress. This was going to be a lovely day.

She walked in just as my thong was dropping to the floor. She looked at me, startled, and said I was more beautiful than she had ever imagined, my skin so smooth, so flawless. I thanked her, and stepped into the tub, saying the water was the perfect temperature, for her to slip out of her things and come in and relax.

As I sat in the tub gazing up at her, she slowly took off her clothes, putting her blouse on the half wall, letting her jeans fall to the floor. I could not believe how gorgeous and sexy she was. She loosened her bra, then, dropped her panties to the floor,a beautiful pink that perfectly matched her bra.

She gave me the feeling I was with an angel. Her lovely titties stood straight out, her nipples well defined. Her pussy was gorgeous, slightly carpeted, all peachy and smooth.

I smiled and reached for her hand, telling her she was absolutely gorgeous, as lovely as she could be. She smiled and sat opposite me so we could see each other.

I was so excited, I knew she was lovely, but I couldn’t get over how gorgeous she truly was. She was out of dream; I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

I reached over and turned the jets on low and told her just to lay back and relax, let the jet streams massage her back and soothe her muscles. I suggested she pull up her legs and let the swirling water move around her bottom.

She closed her eyes and said it was wonderful, she was already relaxing. I told her to keep her eyes closed and only think lovely, positive thoughts about herself, how beautiful she was, how intelligent she was, how successful she was, rolling hills and valleys swimming in spring time flowers, nothing negative.

She began to move her hips around, then, up and down, letting the streams massage her all over her lower back and buns, once lifting higher, letting the jet stream pass between her legs, quivering at the feeling.

I slid closer to her and took her hand and asked her to turn around so the streams could massage her tummy and thighs. I got up behind her and slid her toward one of the more powerful jets on the side wall, whispering for her to move into it, to let the stream massage her thighs and pelvis, it would pleasure her and relax her.

She was reticent at first, so I put my hands under her buns and slowly moved her into position so the stream was on her left thigh. Then, I moved her from side-to-side so the stream was intermittently on her pussy, then on her right thigh, then back, again and again, finally stopping so that it was only on her pussy. Her vaginal muscles were contracting back and forth, sending pulsations to my hands.

She eagerly moved into the stream, saying it felt so good, getting closer and closer to the wall, the stream now in her vagina fucking her as she rose up and down to capture her clitty in her movements, in an instinctively perfect rhythm. Her breathing was now heavy, whispering it was wonderful, she loved it so much.

I released her buns and placed my hands gently on her breasts, softly squeezing them, circling her nipples with my finger tips, kissing her neck and shoulders sweetly, then sucking on the nape of her neck. I whispered she was doing everything perfectly, to go slow, relax, to absorb all the lovely sensations, there was no hurry…we had all day…to think only lovely, positive thoughts.

Her breathing was very heavy, saying she has never felt this way, never had anything like this before, it was so wonderful. “OMG! Jennifer, I think I am going to cum!”

Her movements became feverish and jerky, and she groaned, “Oh! God! Oh! God! Oh! Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, Oh! God, OMG, I’m cumming, Jennifer, I’m cumming!….ooooooooohhhh.. aaaahhhhhhh…all, as she twisted, jerked and writhed, splashing water up and out of the tub.

Finally, as Carla slowed and dropped her buns to the floor of the tub, I turned her around. Her eyes were still closed, she was flushed all over, gasping, her mouth open, “It was so wonderful, Jennifer, it was so wonderful, I’ve never had anything like it, OMG, I can’t believe it, Oh! God, it was so good! I loved it so much!”

I pulled her close and kissed her and kissed her, sucking on her lower lip, whispering how beautiful she was in orgasm. I said, “Yes, of course, it was good, you can have more if you want!” She whispered back, “I loved it so much, will you help me have another one?” I said, “We can have one together, we can watch each other!”

I asked her to go back to her end of the tub and lie up against the wall, reach down for the flush-mounted jet on the floor of the tub, pull the head up, and position it so the stream is where she wants it. I did the same on my end of the tub.

Her face was absolutely angelic, beautiful, an expression of complete ecstasy, her mouth open, her eyes closed, her hand squeezing her left breast, her movements saying it all, she couldn’t get enough. Her whispers were sweet and grateful, telling me how much she loved it, she was so grateful.

My stream was deep inside me, then all over my clitty, then back inside, I was in heaven, I was cumming, a long series of contractions. Carla’s facial ecstasy was blurring, I was thrashing and jerking, splashing water. I dropped my buns to the bottom of the tub, my ecstasy mostly subsiding, my pussy still slowly rotating around the stream, absorbing the final tinglings of pleasure! Oh! God! It was so satisfying and wonderful!

Carla was breathing hard, the most beautiful sight of pleasure. I moved beside her and began kissing her and sucking her breasts. Whispering, I told her to take her time, I would be with her, she could languish as long as she wanted, to cum and cum, as many times as she wanted, I would stay with her, then we could do more, if she wanted.

As I loved her and sucked on her neck and breasts, she whispered everything I was doing was perfect, heavenly, not to stop, she was going to have another enormous orgasm, she could feel it building, it was about to happen!

Suddenly, she jerked and twisted, grimacing, gasping and gasping, groaning a long series of “Oh! My Gods” for the longest time, thanking me and thanking me, it was the most wonderful thing in her life, she loved it, it was so perfect, so satisfying, she needed it so much.

As the cool water swirled around us, I kissed her and loved her into her calm, her kissing me back sweetly, telling me how wonderful, beautiful and generous I was. She had fantasized about being with me for over a year when she first saw me in a bikini in the pool, now her dream had come true. I said my dream was coming true, too, I had fantasized about her many times, but there was so much more we could do.

I began to lather her and wash her, first her face, then neck, breasts (oh! so gorgeous), then her back, occasionally kissing her sweetly on the lips as I moved about. I asked her to stand over me and I washed her stomach, her pussy (oh! so sweet), her buns, legs and feet. Finishing, I put my hands on her buns, pulling her to me so I could kiss her honey pot. She was reticent at first, then moved her feet further apart, allowing me to gently put my lips on her vulva, running my tongue up and down her opening, then, onto her sweet clitty, whispering I wanted to love it after our bath.

She washed me all over, kissing and frenching me frequently, saying she was so happy we had finally shared our affection. We dried and lotioned each other, kissing and sucking on each other’s lips, keeping our cravings alive.

I took her by the hand to my bed where we explored the wonders of each other, becoming familiar with each other preferences…kissing, necking, licking and sucking on each other, scissoring, followed by dildo love, all ending in a long sucking finale. We drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. It was one of the loveliest experiences of my life.

Our affair became quite intense. Ray’s schedule kept him traveling, giving Carla and me plenty of time to be together, regularly dating…movies, theater, picnics, shopping, long rides into the countryside, all ending in wonderful sessions at my house, sometimes in the back seat of my Mercedes. We were inseparable, spending warm afternoons around the pool and spa, frequently making love in the water, then in my bedroom

Our affair lasted over a year. After Carla completed her degree and began working as an X-ray tech at the hospital, she met a young radiologist and they fell in love, became engaged, and plan to marry in the fall. We do not get together as often, but when we do it is feverish and ravenous, our pent-up cravings taking hours to satisfy.

Carla and I have great affection for each other, and, I hope we will always be lovers, even if only once in a while. I carry a diptych of us on my phone along with pictures of my other fem lovers, and Ray. I look at our diptych all the time! I will always love Carla and never forget her!

Copyright © 2019 Scarlett O’Mara. All rights reserved. This story is the property of the author and may not be copied, reproduced, duplicated or circulated in any manner or form without the prior, express, written consent of the author. Any violation of this copyright will be adjudicated to the fullest extent of the copyright laws of the United States of America.

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