Sexy Cuckold Vacation

Sexy Cuckold Vacation
After 3 years without a vacation for ourselves, my wife and I were finally able to book a cruise in the Caribbean for an entire week. It was to be a much needed break from a stressful job and the full time 24/7 commitment of being parents. I was also hoping that it would be an opportunity to spice things up a bit. Our sex life wasn’t bad, but the commitments of work and family rarely left us with the time and energy to play. Even then, we had gotten into a rut of doing pretty much the same things. Personally, I prefer sex to be more psychological than physical with most taking place outside the bedroom. There simply wasn’t the time for anything like that. Lounging around on the deck of a cruise ship would hopefully change that. Never in a million years did I envision things would spice up as much as they did.
We booked the cruise about 3 months ahead of time. Visions of my beautiful bride in a skimpy bikini instantly raced through my mind. Jill is a very beautiful brunette with a much better appearance than she gives herself credit for. She has nice full B cup breasts with perfectly sized areolas and long nipples that simply beg to be sucked. Her body is perfectly proportioned and she is in great shape, especially after having two k**s. What I like most about her, though, is her nice heart shaped ass. Once in a while, she’ll get in a certain mood and wear some pretty short shorts around the house that allow her cheeks to barely peek out the bottom. It’s all I can do not to throw her on the counter fuck her brains out right then and there. She’s always been very shy and a bit conservative in her dress, which is great for her role as mother and elegant wife. However, I knew there was another side to her that rarely showed itself but could be enticed into the open under the right circumstances. I was hoping this vacation would help create those circumstances.

Although my wife was pretty conservative in the bedroom, I was not. I had many kinky fantasies, most of which involved my lovely wife the center of attention from other men. I also liked the idea of her being in control. I wanted to please her and I wanted her to do what pleased her. The full blown BDSM and D/s fetishes never really appealed to me, but there were many smaller facets of them that seemed intriguing. Light bondage and even some male chastity interested me. I just didn’t like the whole humiliation part of it. It just doesn’t seem healthy between two people who love each other. If I were to choose a fetish to call my own, it would be the Hot Wife lifestyle with a tiny bit of cuckold thrown in.

After several years of marriage, I finally worked up the courage to tell some of these fantasies to Jill. Fortunately, she didn’t recoil in horror, but she didn’t seem as intrigued by them as I was. I figured that would be the end of it. However, to my surprise and delight, she would on very rare occasions say something during our love making to provoke my fantasies such as “I wish there was another hard cock fucking me in the ass right now” while she was riding me. She would give me that evil grin that let me know she wasn’t completely serious but that there really was an insatiable sexy monster lurking deep within her.

For the next two months I was very aroused at the thought of what she would wear and how she might act when finally away from familiar eyes. I was constantly telling her how much I looked forward to seeing her in her skimpy clothes and what an effect it was having on me. She seemed to notice because one evening about a month before the trip, I came home from work to find her wearing those shorts I love so much. After the k**s went to bed for the night, she disappeared into the bedroom for a bit and came back out wearing one of her sluttiest lingerie outfits that shows off that perfect ass even more. I was already hard from the teasing all evening so once I saw her I knew I wouldn’t be able to last very long.

“What’s gotten into you?”, I asked.

“You have. Your constant pestering about me wearing skimpy clothes and acting like your slut on vacation has gotten me a little worked up. I need some relief.”

With that, she grabbed me by the balls through my shorts and dragged me into the bedroom. She pushed me onto the bed and practically ripped my shorts off. She was definitely not messing around this time and her display of dominance caused my cock to strain even further. This was completely out of character for her and had taken me completely by surprise.

“I have a surprise for you” she said.

“You have more of a surprise than this?” I asked in disbelief.

She then pulled out a set of leather straps and proceeded to tie my wrists and ankles to the bedposts. I could hardly believe what was taking place. Here was my shy conservative wife acting like a woman possessed. I knew this side of her was in there somewhere, but was not expecting it to come out tonight. I struggled against the restraints a little to see how much slack I had to work with. Surprisingly, I had almost none and could hardly move a muscle.

After making sure I was completely secure, she knelt down between my legs and began licking my cock from balls to tip. I was already starting to feel that familiar tightening sensation that precedes climax. I knew once she took me in her mouth, there was no return. Jill is really great at sucking cock but I can usually last quite a bit longer than I was going to tonight. She usually starts by taking just he head into her mouth but tonight she took all 5 inches in one swift motion. She then proceeded to fuck my cock with her mouth slamming her nose and her lips against my groin. After about 30 seconds, I could not hold back anymore and announced the inevitable was about to cum. At this point, she usually pulls off of me and jacks me to completion. She doesn’t really care for the taste of cum and I don’t blame her. Tonight, however, she continued slamming her mouth onto my cock taking all of my cum down her throat until there wasn’t a drop remaining.

“Oh my dear God!” I exclaimed after catching my breath. “Seriously, what has gotten into you?”

“You liked that, did you? Well, you better be able to get it back up because I’m not finished with you yet.”

I was left completely shocked and speechless at her demeanor. She started licking and lightly sucking my cock back to life. I knew, however, that I would not be able to satisfy her. Sure, I’d be able to get hard and even cum again, but I’ve never been able to please her with my average sized cock. I usually have to go down on her or use a vibrator on her to get her to cum. In fact, during our ten years of marriage, she has never been able to cum on my cock alone. She has never said anything about it, but I often wondered if she would be better satisfied with a cock double my size.

Once I was hard again, she straddled and then mounted me. I have never been ridden so hard before in my life. She was literally trying to fuck the cum out of me. I could see that she was getting pretty aroused and hoped that maybe this time she would get the climax she deserved. Unfortunately, I lost control once she began talking dirty to me in an attempt to provoke my fantasies.

“God, what I wouldn’t give for another cock right now. I want to feel completely full. Might as well make it two more cocks, one for my ass and one for my mouth. How would you like to see cum running down my chin and my tits while I ride you and feel another cock rubbing against yours inside of me?”

Needless to say, that was more than I could handle. I exploded into her with an intensity I haven’t felt in years.

“Don’t you think you’re done yet! I’m not done so you’re not done.”

The surprises were just beginning. She lifted herself off of me, swung her legs around and pressed her pussy lips against my mouth. I was a little hesitant since I had just cum in her but I would do anything to please her so I greedily buried my face into her desperate to bring her to climax. She in turn started trying to suck me back to life again. It took a little longer this time but I was able to get hard again. I licked her to two orgasms before she lifted up and mounted me once again. I figured I’d be able to last quite a bit longer this time but I was wrong. The dirty talk was just too much for me.

“I bet I could fit another cock in my pussy along with yours. Oh God, can you imagine two cocks in my pussy at the same time? I bet that would feel like one gigantic cock.”

I was already on the edge. However, for the first time in our marriage I could see that she was actually close to cumming on my cock. All I had to do was hold out just a little bit longer…

“Would you think it sexy to see another man’s cum dripping from my pussy?”

Well, crap. All of this was far, far beyond anything she had ever done before and it was just too much for me. I came for the third time that night tying my previous record. I figured that would have to be the end but I was wrong yet again. Once again she positioned herself over me in a 69. I brought her to three orgasms this time before I was hard enough for her to mount me again. I didn’t think I had another one in me but once again I came much sooner than I wanted. She tried in vain to get me up a fifth time while I licked her to two more orgasms. Once she realized I was incapable of another erection, she plopped down beside me to catch her breath.

“Was that what you wanted?” she asked.

“What do you mean? All I want is for you to be satisfied.”

“I mean, do you like me acting like a complete slut even though it’s just you and me?”

“You know that is a big fantasy of mine. The slutty dirty talk is perhaps the sexiest thing you have ever done for me.”

“Well, good, because that’s all you’re going to get until vacation.”

“What? Why? Can you please untie me?”

“Why? Because I want you to be so deprived and so horny that you fuck me every chance you get while on that ship. I want you to have the best experience of your life.”

“I’ll do that anyway. Please untie me.”

“No, you’d do it once a day, maybe twice some days but it would be no different than it is here. I need you to need me like you never have before. To make sure you won’t take matters into your own hands, literally, I have one last surprise for you tonight.”

She pulled out what I recognized to be a CB6000 male chastity device. I had looked at them online before, curious about what it would be like to have someone else in control over everything including my own body. I never thought I’d actually wear one. I struggled against my bonds wondering how in the world this happened? How did my conservative wife suddenly decide to lock me up and deny me orgasm until vacation. Sure, I had shared my fantasies with her years ago, but she never gave any indication she would entertain any of them until now.

Slowly, each piece was put in place and before I knew it the padlock clicked shut and I was no longer in control. She placed the key onto an ankle bracelet I had gotten her years ago but never wore and secured it around her ankle.

“This is going to stay here until I decide it’s time for you to come out and play.”

All I could do was lay back on the bed speechless as she began to untie me. It was like a dream…maybe a dream come true, but it could just as easily be a nightmare.

I found it difficult to sleep that night, half because I was not used to wearing the device and half because I kept replaying the evening’s events in my mind trying to make sense of all of it. The next morning I found it challenging to shower and to pee but with a little effort I was able to manage. Later that night, I worked up the courage to broach the subject with Jill.

“What in the world happened last night?” I asked.

“I told you. Your teasing about me about wearing skimpy clothing and acting like your play thing aroused me. It also got me thinking about those fantasies you told me about a while ago. I thought I’d attempt to fulfill some of them.”

“You weren’t serious about the extra cocks, were you?”

“No, not really. That was for your benefit, although it got me pretty hot too. It’s not something I’ve really thought about before. Though I must admit, in the heat of the moment, the thought of an extra cock or two turns me on.”

“Were you serious about keeping me locked up in this thing until vacation?”

“That I was absolutely serious about. I want you locked and loaded for our little holiday.”

I didn’t argue. I didn’t want to discourage her exploring my fantasies. Although it was uncomfortable at times, I was able to get through the next couple of days with relative ease. I could feel myself start to get horny again but did my best to suppress it. Thoughts of our wild night made that very difficult. Jill also decided to make it difficult. About three days after she locked me up, she surprised me once again in another one of her slutty lingerie outfits.

“I thought you were going to deny me and keep me locked up until vacation.”

“Who said anything about letting you out or about you at all? This is about me.”

The sight before me and her demeanor made my cock strain against its prison. My balls ached, but I couldn’t even get an erection much less cum. Jill led me to the bedroom where she stripped me down to just my CB6000 and pulled my head into her moist lips. I licked for all I was worth until she had two orgasms. She then had me lie down on the bed on my back and she got on top of me in the 69 position. I resumed my efforts but had to pause when I felt her tongue on my balls.

“Are you trying to torture me?” I screamed?

“That’s exactly what I’m doing. I told you I want you to be locked and loaded come vacation. This ensures you will be fully armed.”

I continued to bring her to orgasm until she decided she or I had had enough or both. By the end I was actually in pain. My balls ached and my cock strained against its confines even more than it did earlier. This was going to be a long month.

The next night was a repeat of the night before, except this time oral administration was not going to cut it. A couple of years earlier I had purchased a couple of dildos a bit larger than me. One was about 7 inches and pretty thin and one was about 9 inches and pretty thick. I had used them on her once before and although she seemed to like them, she didn’t say anything about them and never asked about them again. I took that to mean she wasn’t interested in using them. This night, however, she asked me to fuck her with the smaller dildo while I ate her. I was happy to oblige despite the discomfort it caused me in my cage. About half way to orgasm she pleaded with me to use the larger dildo. The smaller one wasn’t big enough. I slowly inserted the thick life-like phallus into her pussy. I could tell she was enjoying the sensation by the many heavy breaths she took in as I eased inch by inch into her. Eventually I got the entire thing inside of her and began to move it in and out, slowly at first but then picking up speed.

“Oh my! I had no idea it could feel like this” she panted as I picked up tempo. I could see her pussy lips stretched around the thick tool. It was like they were grabbing hold of the dildo trying to keep it inside of her. I leaned down and began to kiss and lick her clitoris which instantly sent her over the edge. She easily reached 5 more orgasms before she had all she could take. She passed out fast asleep on the bed almost immediately after I extracted the thick cock from her pussy.

This continued every night for the next week. During this time my balls had actually grown physically larger and were sore to the touch. I was growing more insane with each passing day desperate to get out of my cage and get some relief. If Jill wanted me ready to fuck like a rabbit, then it was certainly working. Things didn’t get any easier. With a little over two weeks until the cruise, we received a package. I opened it thinking she had bought some clothes to wear on the trip. What I found instead was a 12 inch dildo even thicker than the 9 inch one she had been fucking raw for the last week. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I thought the 9 inch was too big when I bought it, but this thing was going to split her in half. Her eyes were definitely bigger than her stomach, or pussy in this case.

“Oh, wonderful! It came! Prepare yourself for another fun night.” and she flashed me that evil grin of hers.

The entire evening was torture as I half anticipated the night and half feared what additional discomfort it would bring to my aching manhood. Once the k**s were sound asleep in bed, she pulled me into the bedroom and stripped off her clothes. She pulled out the monster 12 inch dildo and began lubing it up.

“You don’t think I can take this, do you?”

“No, I really don’t. I think you’ll get it about 3/4 of the way in before you’ll run out of room.”

“I’ll make you a bet. If I can’t get this all the way in, I’ll remove the chastity device. If I can get it balls deep, anything I say while on vacation goes. Deal?”

I thought about it for a second and figured it was a win-win. “Deal.”

She positioned herself over it on the bed and slowly began lowering onto it. It took her quite a bit of time to adjust to the thickness and after 5 minutes, she only had about half of it in. Another few minutes went by and she had gotten 9 inches, about what I predicted. She seemed unable to progress any further so began moving up and down on it ever so slowly. I could see that she was stretched to her limit and that the thickness was rubbing every nerve ending she had. As she progressed towards orgasm, she began riding it faster and harder. She managed to get another inch but as she reached orgasm she slammed down hard impaling the last couple of inches all the way inside of her. She didn’t even stop to say “I told you so”. She was in a constant state of orgasm and kept slamming onto it until she didn’t have anything left to give. She collapsed down onto the bed beside me and tried to catch her breath.

After she came down a bit, I asked her “What does anything goes mean?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”

The next couple of nights were pretty much the same. She couldn’t get enough of that new monster. Each time it was a marvel to see that huge thing disappear into my tiny wife. It was sexy as hell and I was well beyond discomfort. One night with about a week left to go, she shifted her focus back to torturing me. I was surprised to see that the 12 inch dildo was nowhere in sight. She had the 7 and 9 inch back out. She lubed both of them up and positioned herself over the 7 incher. As she lowered herself, I could see that her aim was off and the tip of the dildo came to rest at the entrance of her tight and perfectly shaped ass. She looked up at me with that evil grin that was becoming much more common and then pushed down. You would think by now that not much would shock me but once again, I was completely taken by surprise. We had done anal only a couple of times our entire marriage and she really didn’t seem to care for it. I didn’t think she’d ever do it again. Once again, I was wrong.

She eventually worked the entire thing into her ass and began bouncing up and down on it. After a few minutes she stopped and grabbed the 9 incher. She leaned back, placed the dildo at the entrance of her pussy and started in with the torture.

“I’ve always wanted to feel a cock in my pussy and ass at the same time. I bet you’d like these to be real, wouldn’t you?”

I could only nod in disbelief. She found a way to position both of them upright and began bouncing up and down furiously. She was cumming in no time and continued through about 5 orgasms at which point she hopped off and set the 7 incher aside. She positioned back over the 9 incher once more but this time directed it to her now slightly looser ass. It took quite some time but she eventually got it all in. To my surprise she was actually able to climax through anal penetration alone. She was exhausted at this point and decided to call it a night.

The last few nights were the worst. She asked me how slutty it would be if she took two cocks into her pussy at the same time and then stuffed the 7 and 9 inchers in simultaneously. The last night for her grand finale, she brought the 12 inch dildo back out and rode it for quite some time before adding the 9 inch dildo to her ass. I didn’t think it was possible but she got all of both into her and actually blacked out from the continuous orgasms. By this point I was beyond discomfort, beyond pain and beyond aroused. I was practically in a frenzy not able to think about anything but my wife’s sweet slutty pussy and that small barely noticeable key dangling from her ankle. Tomorrow was the day of the cruise, the day I was to be unlocked and I could think of nothing else. I didn’t sleep at all that night. I had never gone this long without an orgasm in my adult life and it was a tension unlike like anything I can describe.

I watched the alarm clock progress to 6am and listened as the music started playing. Jill rolled over to spoon me from behind. She reached around and gave my balls a light tug.

“You ready for our vacation?”

“You have no idea.”

“I think I do. That’s the point.”

We dressed and packed then headed to the airport ready for the next stage of the adventure.

But that is a different story altogether.

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