Quick Business Trip

Quick Business Trip
This just happen yesterday, I had to go out of town for a quick business trip to the panhandle of Texas about a 7 hour drive from where I live. I aske my wife if she wanted to ride along with me for the fun of it. She readily agreed to go with me. I told her it might be best if she took an over night bag with her as if it was to late we get a room somewhere.

We woke early AM like 3:00 AM, was loaded and on the road by 3:30 AM. My wife was still sleepy so she relaxed in the passenger seat and drifted off to sleep. I stayed focused on the driving and was making good time. The sun had come up and was beaming into the passenger window. I glanced over to see the sun glowing on my wife’s face and I followed that glow as it made its way down to her chest where you could see her cleavage. Now my wife has very nice breast but when they are in a bra her cleavage is sexier than all get out. I kept looking over at her cleavage every chance I could get and maintain the road. She had a blanket on her she had brought with her. I was getting all horny looking at her cleavage and I wanted to see more of her body, like her thighs. My wife is chunky and has nice size thighs and calves. I have always loved how my wife looks never to complain on her looks. Always dress nicely even in her frumpy cloths. I had to see her thighs so I eased the blanket down until it feel onto the floor board of the truck. I glanced over to see her thighs and legs in the early morning light and I was very happy to see she was semi spread open.

After about another 30 minutes of driving my wife woke up and asked if we could pull over somewhere that had a restroom. We pulled into a gas station I ran in and grabbed me a cup of coffee and a bottle water for my wife while she hit the restroom. I waited on her and once she was out we were back in the truck and on the road. It was not but a few minutes down the road I kept glancing over at my wife and she caught me. “Why do you keep looking over her at me” she asked. “Well I just like looking at your sexy body, you know that” I replied. She just laughed and went on about looking out the window. A few minutes pasted and I turned to look at her and I noticed she had unbutton her top to the fourth button. This not only showed her cleavage more but also allowed me to see more of her bra. I then looked down at her legs and she had turned her body to semi face me in the seat with one foot up on the seat and the other foot on the dashboard. Giving me a great view of her legs and all the way down to the crouch of her shorts she was wearing. I had to look back at the road so not to crash. I can tell you this just in that short of a view my dick was hard. I look over and get a good view and then I have to look at the road, all the time my wife never said a word. She just be looking out the window watching the scenery go by. This went on for about an hour and there where more cars on the road at this hour but still not that many.

I was watching the road and out of the corner of my eye I noticed my wife moving around I did not look over as I was approaching a couple of cars. Once I passed the cars I looked over and at first I did not notice anything. But after a little closer inspection I noticed my wife had removed her bra. Now with her blouse unbutton to the fourth button I could see her breast and noticed her nipples where so hard pencil erasers. Damn they always look good hard and I love it when she is not wearing her bra around the house in a t-shirt with hard nipples. “Lovely view I have to say” I spoke up. “Yes it is nice country out here but a little to flat out here for use we like mountains not mole hills” She said laughing. “Yes we do” I came back. “So what do you like about the view” She asked. “Well I love how they are covered but I can still see them and I can tell that your nipples are hard” She interrupted me “I was talking about the view as we drive through the country not the view in the truck” “Well I have not noticed a view outside the truck I am enjoying the lovely view in the truck and you know it” “I mean you took your bra off” I said to her. “I took the bra off cause it was uncomfortable on me” She replied “Oh well I am happy it was uncomfortable to you and you took it off it helps the time pass better” I said as I chuckled. “Well maybe if I just unbutton a few more buttons on my shirt it will help pass more of the time” “Or will it cause an accident” She said as she unbutton more of her shirt allowing her stomach and the side of her right breast to be exposed even more so. I glanced at her nipples and they seem to have gotten harder and sticking out further. She stretched out putting both feet down on the floorboard and pushing down onto her feet while pressing her back against the seat raising her body off the seat. I watched out of the corner of my eyes as she slide her shorts down to her ankles while leaving her panties on. As I glanced over to look she said “What ever you do please do not wreak or get pulled over with me like this” I just laughed and said “I will try not to honey”

Damn she looked sexy as hell like that in the truck and I was truly having a hard time driving but still managing it all. We where getting into more traffic when my wife asked “Should I put everything back on and in order” I told her it was up to her and that it did not matter to me as I thought it all was a turn on really. Well she made no effort to cover up at all. I heard a few trucks blow their horns and I knew it was for my wife not my driving or maybe both LOL. I was having a hard time concentrating on driving. I caught a glance of my wife moving around in the seat I turned to see her with one hand playing with one hard nipple while the other was deep down in her panties. I had to look up to make sure I was not going to rear end anyone. I looked back as my wife was moaning loudly “OHHHH GOD IM CUMMINGGING BABY IM CUMMING” Her body shock and convulsed as she had her orgasm. I could hardly control myself much less the truck. I then noticed there was a guy in a delivery van next to us looking down onto my wife as she had her orgasm. He was all smiles and gave me a thumbs up as traffic slowed him down and he could not stay up with us.

My wife looked over at me and offered her fingers she had in her pussy and I sucked them clean. Then she put herself back together and asked if we were close to the job site. I told her yes but if she needed a few more minutes to get put together I could drive around. She shook her head no and we pulled into the job site a few minutes later. I told her I would be awhile and that just make herself comfy in the truck and if she needed to use the restroom I let them know in the front office that you might be coming in. I went in and signed in, it was my first trip to this plant and I had to go through some safety training. The young lady at the front desk was the one giving me the training I was still a little hard from my wife’s showing and I think the young lady noticed. I caught her looking at my crouch a few times. I told her my wife might come in to use the restroom and asked if that was ok. She said sure and told me to go tell her she could come in and sit with her as there is no one in the front office but herself and she could use the company. I went out and told my wife this and noticed my wife had put herself together all but putting her bra back on. I went back into the building and out into the plant to my meeting. I was in there for almost three hours. Once the meeting was done I was asked to join everyone into going to lunch. I told them my wife was here and out in the truck waiting on me. They told me to have her join us and I went to ask her is she wanted to join us or not. As I walked into the front offices I saw my wife sitting in the front office with the nice young lady. “Hey how’s it going in here” I asked “oh everything is great we are just having women’s talk is all” My wife replied back. “Hey I was asked to go to lunch with the guys would you like to join us and if not I do not have to go with them” “No I am good her as a matter a fact Lisa asked me if I like to join her for lunch, we were not sure how long your meeting would take” My wife said. “well I go to lunch with the guys and I guess you will be joining Lisa for lunch then” I leaned over gave my wife a little kiss and whispered in her ear “Pay for her lunch please” She looked up and smiled say “I will love you and enjoy your lunch”

I walked out the door and jumped into Johns truck and we all headed to eat lunch at a local steak house. We sat down talking business and man talk while eating and when one of the bosses of the plant ordered beers for the table I was shocked. He looked over at me and said “We allow a few drinks at lunch for the guys in the field as long as they do not get drunk and if they do we just get them home” I laughed and told the waitress what I wanted. We ended up being there for about two hours and I think I had four beers. We returned to the plant and I was done with my business and was ready to leave. I went into the front lobby and no one was there. I sent a text to my wife “Hey I am back where are you” I waited a few minutes with no reply. I sent another text “Hey you ok” again no reply. I went around to the plant side and found one of the guy that was in the meeting. “Hey my wife went to lunch with Lisa and I can not get hold of my wife they are not back yet” He laughed out loud and said “Oh hell if she went to lunch with Lisa you are lucky if she comes back” “Lisa owns is the big boss and sometimes when she leaves for lunch she never comes back” I was shocked “Lisa is the boss I thought she was just receptionist” “Nope she is the one we all answer to she was just covering for the lady who works in the front office she is out on bereavement, she lost her husband a few weeks ago” I just laughed in shock.

I was walking back to the front to my truck when a text came through my phone it was my wife “Hey sorry I was away from my phone” “Are you ready to leave or do I have a little more time to be away” I replied back “What are you doing and if you need more time I guess I can run ito town and find a place to hang out” A slow response came back “Well you can come where we are if you like but we are doing some women shopping” “It is up to you just let me know and I tell you where we are” “I guess I will come to you so tell me where to go” “5002 50th Street a place called Cindie’s” I plugged the address into my GPS and away I went it was about a 20 minute drive from the plant. As I drove I kept looking over at the passenger seat thinking about my wife’s show she did and it was getting me all worked up. I was getting closer and 50th street was a wide street and allot of stuff on it as I got closer I saw a Taco Bell a pizza place and a retool shop as well as a lingerie place called Cindie’s in big bold red sign. I was a little shocked that my wife and Lisa the boss lady would be there. I then though to myself this is a trick my wife is playing on me. So I pulled next to the building and sent a text to my wife. “I’m here” A quick response back “Great come in” “No you come out” hesitation on her reply “I can’t but Lisa is coming out to get you I think” about that time Lisa popped her head around the corner of the building laughing “What you scared to be seen at this type of establishment” I replied “No I thought my wife was setting me up for a joke” “Oh no she is not setting you up for a joke at all but maybe setting you up for some fun later on”

We walked in and right off the bat I did not see my wife anywhere and just about the time I was going to ask my wife stepped out of a fitting room in a lovely sexy out fit. I was shocked and I am sure it showed how shocked I was. “How do you like this outfit” I was about to give my approval Lisa spoke up “Oh my that is very lovely and it shows off your very curvy body nicely and what a turn on it is” I turned and looked at Lisa who was scoping my wife out head to toe. “I agree with Lisa nice baby I love it” My wife turned and entered back into the fitting room a few minutes went by and she popped out again in a different outfit. “How’s this one” Lisa again answered before me “It is ok not near as nice as the other ones you have been modeling for me but it does show off your breast nicely, but as I told you earlier you need to trim up your pubic hairs or better yet shave that pussy” Oh I liked what she had just said I had been after my wife to shave or trim her bush up for sometime now. “Yea I have to agree again with Lisa you need to just shave your pussy baby” My wife rolled her eyes and went back into the dressing room. She returned back out this time in her own clothing. “Well I guess we should be getting back home honey are you ready to leave” Hell I was so hard and in a fog I am not sure what words came out of my mouth but Lisa spoke up. “You can not leave with out buying a few outfits like we talked about earlier” “I know but I am not sure really witch ones to buy and not really sure how well I look in them” “Well how about you and I do a little more shopping and I will send your husband on a few errands for me and we will meet up with him later” Lisa said. “Sounds great is that ok honey” my wife asked. I just shook my head yes. Lisa then turned to me and handed me a list of stuff it was like she planed this or something.

Away I went to get the things she asked for on her list, most of it was just food and wine like she might be having a party or something. After about another two hours I got a text from my wife “Hey have you got all of Lisa’s stuff yet” “Yes I have it all here in the truck just left the last place” “Now what” I asked. A few minutes later my wife replied “2309 Mac Davis Ln” Was all it said. I again put the address in my GPS and away I went and was I pulled up to the Hyatt Place Hotel. I sent a text to my wife to let her know I was there “Come into the lobby we are sitting here” I walked in and there sat my wife and Lisa on a sofa just talking. I approached them and before I could speak Lisa spoke up. “I got a room for yall tonight so you did not have to make that long drive back home” She leaned into my wife and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and then turned to me and kissed my on the cheek and whispered in my ear “Enjoy your night” and she left. I turned to my wife who had this look on her face a devilish look I should say. She motioned me over to her with her right index finger. I walked to her and she kissed me very passionately on the lips and then reached down and grabbed my hand pulling me to the elevators. We went up to the 5th floor and lead me to our room. Once inside the room my wife told me to sit in the chair that was in front of the window. As I went to sit down I noticed for what ever reason the apartments across the street from us. I sat down and my wife said I will be right back and she walked into the restroom. She appeared from the restroom in about 15 to 20 minutes all dressed up nice. “Ok we are going out to dinner so lets go” “Where are we going baby to dinner at” She smiled and said “Lisa is to send you an address in a few minutes” just then ding a text came to my phone “5405 Slide Rd Double Nickle Steak House” I load it into my GPS and away we went.

We arrived and as we got out of the truck and headed into the door my phone dinged with a text message “Tell them you are with Lisa” We walked in and the hostess asked if we had a reservation I said “We are with Lisa” “Yes sir please follow me” She lead us to a private dinning room. As we stepped in there was Lisa another woman and a young man. We were greeted with a warm welcome and shown to our seats. I noticed my wife was sitting next to me and Lisa was on the other side of me. The room was dark and had red and clack d****s along the walls. Next to my wife was a curtain off area and then a door next to that. We sat there and talked and the other two people were introduced to us. Kerry was her name and Michael was his name, but Lisa said to call them K and M only. I laughed about that and I spoke to M “So M what do you do” I asked. He looked at Lisa and she shook her head yes “I work for Miss Lisa and do what ever she needs” “So you work at the plant with her” again he looks at her and she again shook her head yes “I work where ever Miss Lisa wants me to work, like here” Before he could finish Lisa coughed and he stopped talking. Lisa the spoke “That is enough question and answers for right now our dinner will be here soon” Within just a minute dinner was being served. I noticed K and M where doing the serving of the food to each of us. We all sat and ate and drank plenty of wine. Once we had finished eating Lisa asked that K and M make sure we were not disturbed.

At that point my wife stood up and disappeared into the curtain beside her, with out a word being said. With in just a few minutes she walked out in a sexy outfit though it did not rival much it looked sexy as hell on her. Lisa commented “Very nice looking on your curvy body very nice I am very pleased” My wife turned and walked back into the enclosure. Lisa turned to me and said “Did you like how your wife looked in that outfit” I looked at her and with out hesitation “You damn right I liked it hell I loved it on her” “Good you will sure to love the rest” About then my wife stepped out in a more reviling out fit and I almost fell out of my chair. I was in shock my wife looked sexier than any woman I had seen before. Lisa must have noticed my shock and pleasure with my wife’s outfit. “Oh I think your husband is lost in your beautiful look and sexiness” I just shook my head yes. I felt my dick get hard and I mean hard. Lisa looked at my wife and nodded her head in a yes motion and my wife went back behind the curtains. This time it took less times to walk back out and when she did she was in an even more reviling out fit hell she might as well been naked. Again I was in shock and all I could do was just watch her as she walked across the room. Lisa spoke “I think it is that time I leave and you two go to your room” I watched my wife walk back to the curtain and Lisa stopped her “You leave that outfit on just cover it up with that other one” “I think he will enjoy the rest of your evening” She leaned in and kissed my wife on the lips and left. My wife stepped into the curtain and then stepped out in a robe looking outfit that covered the other one up. She handed me about three bags and we walked to the truck. I open the door for her and she turned and kissed me and said “Thank you baby” I just smiled. We drove back to the hotel and again I opened her door and she again kissed me and said thank you. We walked into the hotel headed to our room.

We got on the elevator and my wife kissed me before I had hit the floor #5, The doors closed and my wife continued her kiss, our lips are now working together. I looked in the reflection of the elevator door and watched the robe drop to the ground. I could see my wife’s ass in the reflection and damn it looked good in that outfit. I was so hard I could feel my dick pulsating in my slacks. My wife could feel it too as she reached down and freed it from my slacks working hard to get it out of my underwear and through my zipper front of the slacks. She then reached back and press #2 then #3 #4 and then #5. The elevator started going up stopping at every floor. I was shocked of what she did and at #3 the door open and there was two couples standing there. My wife broke her kiss with me and turned to them “Are yall going up” one of the men said no we are going down “Oh I am going down too” My wife dropped to her knees and took my hard dick into her mouth. The look of those people was priceless. We finally reached our floor. I am not even sure how we got to our door. But once at the door I was fumbling around for the door card and all the time my wife was on her knees sucking my dick. I almost blew my load right there and then. I managed to get the door open and we somehow managed to get inside. Once inside my wife took charge.

“Sit in the chair by the window baby” I sat in the chair I was in earlier and my wife made her way over to me. The chair swiveled and she spun it around so I was facing the open window. My wife bent over with her ass pretty much pressed to the glass. She bent over and took hold of my dick and then went back to sucking on it. She then broke free long enough to tell me “FUCK MY MOUTH BABY FUCK IT DEEP AND HARD” That was all I needed to hear and I went to fucking her mouth to the point she was gagging every once in awhile. I was about to blow my load and my wife pulled off my dick looking at me and said “YOUR NOT CUMMING UNTIL I TELL YOU TOO” I had not seen my wife like this in a very long time but I was very happy she was like this. She then told me “Get up here and kiss me taste your dick in my mouth” I jumped up and kissed her and I could taste my dick in her mouth. Our kiss broke and she then told me “GET ON YOUR KNEED AND EAT MY PUSSY” I dropped down on my knees and my wife turned around with her ass in my face and bent over grabbing the back of her legs. She had her legs spread apart about shoulder width. Her pussy was right there in front of my face I needed no words I leaned in and started licking and sucking on her wet pussy not even noticing that the outfit she had been wear was crouch less. After just a few sounds of eating her pussy I then noticed she was shaven. My wife has never shaved her pussy I was in shock again but never slowed down on licking and sucking on her pussy. “OH BABY THATS IT BABY EAT THAT PUSSY BABY ET IT OHHH GOD YES EAT IT BABY” I must have been doing a good job of eating her as her pussy was so wet it was almost as if she was peeing. “OH BABY EAT MY ASS BABY EAT MY ASS AND PUSSY” I had always enjoyed eating her ass and I wasted no time in doing just as she asked I eat her and then eat on her pussy. My wife must have cummed a half a dozen times.

“BABY FUCK ME BABY I NEED YOUR DICK IN MY PUSSY BABY FUCK ME PLEASE BABY FUCK ME” I stood up think we would move to the bed but my wife stayed bent over and said “FUCK ME BABY FUCK ME RIGHT HERE BABY FUCK MY PUSSY” I eased in behind her and as I did she screamed out “FUCK IT JUST SHOVE IT IN ME AND FUCK ME BABY I NEED IT BABY FUCK ME” I shoved my dick as hard and as deep as I could and my wife almost fell over but caught herself. She grabbed the chair to help brace herself with it. I was pounding her pussy hard and good. “OH BABBY IM CUMMING FUCK ME PLEASE DONT STOP BABY FUCK ME BABY” I felt my wife’s juices explode out around my dick and I could feel it running down my legs, something that had never happen before. Then my wife “PUT IT IN MY ASS BABY FUCK MY ASS AND FILL IT WITH YOUR CUM BABY FUCK MY ASS DAMN IT” I pulled out and shoved the head of my dick into her ass and as I did that I heard her “OH GOD DONT STOP PUSH IT IN BABY FUCKING PUSH IT IN” OH DAMN BABY IT HURTS BUT FEELS GOOD GET IT IN MY ASS NOW” I could feel her pushing back against my dick and at some point my dick popped deep into her ass. “OH GOD BABY OH GOD PLEASE BABY FUCK MY ASS BABY” I went to work on doing just that I had been craving her ass for a long time. I was working my dick back and forth in and out of her ass. Then I felt it that need to cum “OH BABY IM GOING TO CUM BABY” “YES BABY FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR HOT CUM FUCK MY ASS AND FILL IT BABY DO IT GIVE IT TO ME YOU MOTHER FUCKER FUCK MY ASS YOU SON OF A BITCH GIVE IT TO ME” I let out a low moan and grunt “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” as I shot my hot load of cum in my wife’s ass. “OH GOD DAMN BABY YES KEEP FUCKING MY CUM FILLED ASS FUCK IT PLEASE” I did as she asked and the again I felt her juices explode as her ass hole puckered tight around my dick and then pulsate as if it was milking my cock. We stood at the window like that with my dick in her ass for what seemed like a good 5 minutes, I am not sure how long it really was, but my dick just oozed out cum dripping from my dick and her ass. My wife stood up and as she did we both noticed two apartments across the way where there were people standing watching us. We were not phased by it at all. My wife said lets go shower and we walked into the shower and washed each other.

Later on while laying in bed I asked my wife how did this happen. She told me that when she had gotten inside at the plant her and Lisa started talking and “Lisa kept looking at my breast through my shirt and it turned me on and must have turned her on as well. That is when she offered me lunch and while at lunch we talked about stuff like men do. I told her about the drive up and how turned on I got knowing other people were watching me play with myself you know like being an exhibitionist. It turned me on knowing they watched me. Lisa then reached over and touched my breast and played with my nipple. I did not move I enjoyed her touched. She then paid for lunch and we went to some adult stores scared all over town and ended up at Cindie’s. That is where our plan started and you showed up. After that we went and Lisa helped me shave my pussy for you. After I we shaved it I was so turned on Lisa told me to play with it while she watched and I did. I had three orgasms with her watching me. Then she drove me to another place it was a little house where I met K and M and she told them to watch me play with myself and again I did it and go so turned on I squirted when I cummed. Lisa sat there this time and rubbed her pussy through her pants. It was a major turn on and then Lisa and I finished our plan with you and this is how we ended up here and baby I an turned on again. I want you to fuck me again” and we did.

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