The Dwarf & His Sissy

The Dwarf & His Sissy
Friends, family, and church members were arriving at the home belonging to Elder Calvin “Wilk” Wilkerson, Sr. and his wife Ginette. The couple had just purchased their first house – a one-story, three-bedroom, two-bath in a new construction development.

Elder Wilk was an assistant pastor at Tree of Life Church of Holiness of Christ. In his day-to-day job, he was a chef at one of the casinos about 45 minutes away. Wilk was a proportionate dwarf standing at four-feet-ten-inches. He had grown up in the denomination his whole life as the son of a pastor and an evangelist. It was not until he was 21, that he accepted the call of the Lord. Now he was a thirty-two year-old husband and father of two.

Wilk met Ginette ten years ago while she was working at the same casino part-time and earning her undergraduate degree in middle grades education. Ginette had been intrigued by the ruggedly handsome, short man. She turned down his advances several times until she relented and went on a date with him. He was funny, charming, intriguing. Soon, they were inseparable.

The first time they had sex, Ginette’s mind was blown. Not only was Wilk packing an eight-inch dick, but he ate her pussy like no one else ever had. She was in love and when he popped the question along with a pear-shaped ruby and diamond halo ring set in white gold, she could only scream.

“I take that as a yes,” Wilk laughed.
“Yes, yes, yes! God yes,” hollered Ginette.

Now, they were a poster family at Tree of Life. Both were professionals. They were the parents of Madison, aged four, and Calvin, Jr., aged two. They owned a home. Wilk headed up the community action ministry and the food pantry. Ginette taught Sunday School. Wilk doted on his family and worked hard to provide for them. Materialistically, they had nice things too. The house was outfitted with all new furniture. In the garage, there was her silver 2016 Honda Accord and his blue 2014 Chevy Tahoe LTZ.

The guests marveled at the new house and shared how happy they were for the couple. Wilk’s parents were there along with one of his grandmothers. Ginette’s mom was present; she barely had any relationship with her father. The pastor of Tree of Life, Bishop Terry Ross, offered the blessing.

As people began leaving, Wilk held his wife close while the youngsters played. “I love you, baby,” Wilk smiled.
“I love you too,” she beamed. “What time do you have to head to work?”
“In about half an hour.”
“Okay! Well, I’m gonna get the k**s ready for the Christmas parade.”
“I’ma jump in the shower real quick and be on my way. Love you!”
“Love you too!”

WIlk marched his short self to the master bathroom to clean up. He stepped into the shower and lathered his firm body with Old Spice shower gel. Afterwards, he toweled off and got dressed for work. He brushed his hair and headed out the door. “Bye y’all,” he yelled. He started up his vehicle and drove off.

The evening at work was steady as always. Wilk ran an efficient, orderly kitchen. Everyone in the front of the house appreciated it even if those working in the back did not always.Servers could always count on the dishes being ready in a timely manner.

“Chef Wilk,” called out the man’s favorite waiter, Royaly.
“Yeah,” yelled the culinarian.
“My customers would like to see you.”
“Gimme five. What table?”
“Twelve. Thanks!”

Wilk changed aprons and left the kitchen. He spotted the bright-skinned half Puerto Rican, half Black employee. He strutted over. He saw that familiar look on the faces of the customers – like they were not expecting a little person. He was used to it and it rarely bothered him any more. Royalty smiled and introduced him, “This is Chef Wilkerson.”

“Chef,” the older white man started. “The food was amazing.”
“Yes,” added his considerably, younger companion. “Quite delicious.”
“Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it.”
“Tell me. Do you do private events,” the customer inquired.
“On occasion.”
“Here’s my card. Call me Monday.”
“Sure thing!”

Wilk went back to work ensuring things operated smoothly. At the end of his shift, he reconciled the inventory and completed his paperwork. He spotted Royalty wrapping up as well. “You need a ride tonight?”

“That’d be great, chef,” Royalty admitted.
“Car still in the shop?”
“Nah. I let my sister use it tonight,” shared the twenty-four year-old.
“That’s cool. I got you.”
“I bet you do, Daddy!”
Wilk grinned, “Always.”

A few people spotted the short, dark-skinned man walking alongside the five-foot-nine, big booty boi. Wilk was careful not to be handsy on the way to the car. Once inside though, he pulled out his dick and Royalty went to work sucking it as the married man drove. “Damn, baby,” groaned Wilk. Royalty slobbered all over his eight inch rod. “Ah fuck! I need that ass!”

“Pull over, Daddy,” the server begged him.
“Hell yeah!”

Wilk navigated to a dark side road and brought the SUV to a rest. They crawled into the backseat. Royalty pulled down his pants revealing his hefty, round ass covered in red lace boyshorts.

“Ooh wee, faggit,” mused Wilk.
“You like it,” checked Royalty.
“You know I do!”
“Good! You like this ass better than your wife’s?”
“Hey, boi,” Wilk smacked the rotund booty firmly. “You know I don’t like you talkin’ like that.”
“I’m so sorry, Daddy,” Royalty wiggled his butt while rolling his eyes.
“I told you. I love my wife.”
“Yeah! You love her so much you fuck me,” the bottom giggled.
“Damn! You crazy,” the minister slapped the cheeks hard again.

“You better quit actin’ up, boi,” commanded Wilk.
“Yes, sir! I wanna feel that dick,” cooed Royalty.
“Hang on! Let me eat that boipussy!”

Wilk tongued the butt crack and booty hole expertly. Royalty writhed happily enjoying the sensations. Wilk spat in his vixen’s anus and then got up to stick his meat inside the tight, pink rectum. He put on a magnum and pushed inside.

“Ooh, Daddy,” whined Royalty. “I love this big Black dick!”
“This big dick loves this boipussy, faggit!”
“Fuck me, nigga!”
“Oh yeah, baby boi! Give Daddy that sissy ass pussy!”
“It’s yours, Daddy! Fuck me like a bitch!”
“Yeah, bitch! You mine! Twerk them cheeks!”
“Yes, sir,” whimpered Royalty as he bounced his booty.
“This pussy good!”
“You like it?”
“Shit yeah! Turn over.”

Wilk pounded the effeminate boi harder. He grabbed Royalty’s hard seven-inch clitty and began to stroke it. “I wanna see yo’ bitch ass cum tonight!”

“Ohhhhhhh,” cried Royalty.
“Yeah, boi. Shoot that nut. Shoot that faggit nut!”
“Damn, Daddy! I love how you fuck me!”
“Yeah, I’m a freaky li’l nigga, huh?”
“Yes, sir!”

Wilk lowered his face to kiss his sissy slut on the lips.

“I love you, Wilk,” Royalty admitted.
“Naw, faggit! You just love the dick,” he teased the boi.
“Oh, Daddy! Fuck me!”
“Yeah, Royalty. You know I be getting turned on looking at yo’ ass at work!”
“I be thinking about you fucking me every time I see you.”
“Yes, Daddy! I told you. I love your short ass.”
“You crazy. Take this dick, boi! Cum for Daddy!”
“Ohhhhhhhh,” wailed Royalty. “I’m finna skeet!”
“Yeah, boi! Shoot it!”

Royalty spewed cum all over his stomach and into Wilk’s hand.

Wilk licked it up and then kissed Royalty some more. They both swallowed a portion. Finally, Wilk could take no more. He pulled out and shot his load down Royalty’s throat.

The pair cleaned up. Then, Wilk drove his coworker home.

Later that evening, the husband arrived back at his house. He looked in on the k**s in the bedrooms – both were fast asleep. His wife was snoozing in their bed. He took a quick shower then headed out to the living room to watch a little TV.

Early the next morning, Ginette woke him up as she was stirring in the kitchen.

“Hey, babe,” he called out.
“Good morning, sleepy head,” she laughed.
“How was the parade?”
“It was fun. Hey, have you seen Madi’s Build-a-Bear?”
“Yeah! It’s in my truck.”
“Oh okay! I’ll grab it real quick. She was all fussy about it the other night.”
“I bet.”

Ginette went into the garage to retrieve the pricey stuffed a****l.

Wilk had settled back onto the couch.

His wife came running back inside. “Wilk! What the hell is this,” she asked waving an empty gold wrapper.
“Huh,” he answered.

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