You sit awaiting the line of cocks you’d been promised in an ad from the internet. Currently though, there’s only a camera-man and the MC, chatting to asking about your life. You feel slightly nervous with camera, anxious you may be obviously blushing. He makes a comment, “You seem to have a wonderful ass. Do you ever twerk it?”. You giggle remembering the video on Pornhub. “Ah, yeah I do. Wanna see?” The MC laughs, bearing a thick smile, “well of course”. You casually stand from the couch and flick your hair over your shoulder. Deliberately and calmly, you softly swing your hips to each side, slipping your thumbs under your trousers.

Quickly you sloop a finger and undo the trouser button and zipper, letting them slip down. The MC responds with “Wow”. You turn around so he can have a better look. He steps closer to you, he gently places a hand on your cheek, a wave of pricked hair follow. His cool hand hovers over you, as if he were washing his prized sports car. The camera man points the lens down, but then looks at you. You give a quick wink and smile, just for funnsies.

“That is a beautiful ass” the MC says giving it a soft squeeze. He removes his hands and asks “Wanna twerk for us?” You lower your head down, half of your hair following and you begin to shift your hips side to side. You flick your hips upward for the bounce, but just left to your hips. You begin to laugh and just stop, starting to feel embarrassed. You see the MC just nod his head, “That was good. So, we got a group of guys for you today, wanna meet them?” You unintentionally bite your lower lip and feel a blush come along. You flick your eyes to the camera and let out a rushed, “Ok. Let’s do this.”

A parade of men, enter the room from the side doors, each bare naked, all of their cocks a fair and beautiful size. You giggle as they encircle you. The MC says, “You can take your pick beautiful”. You glance about the men, searching the biggest dick there was. they were much of the same, so you decided on the closest one. You go to him and kneel, knowing what was expected. You again, flick your hair back, take the thick cock in a hand and thrust your lips around it.

You start to suck on this stranger’s cock and slowly swing your head grazing the tip against the insides of your cheeks. Your mind concentrates on breathing. Taking soft deep breaths through your nose, involuntarily synchronising them to your movement. A warm sensation touches your shoulder and lightly tugs at your top. Another, scratches at your other shoulder, brushing to finger underneath the sleeve. Eventually both sides of your top are being lifted. With a nasal sigh, you draw the cock out, lower your chin to your chest and lift your arms. The top is then swooped away from you. As your hair tickles your back, you glace the top being tossed to a corner.

You find yourself staring up at the group of men, you count at least 5 of them, although you notice movement behind some, so potentially more. You’re breathing though your mouth now, the taste of pre-cum exhaling from your throat. You involuntarily grin and giggle at what surrounds you. Each of them, fit with slender and/or muscular bodies. Each dick bears towards you, as if each were a spear preparing to pierce you. You figure why keep them waiting. You go the cock you just had, curl a hand around the squishy flesh. A soft beat pulsates onto your palm. You toy softly, running your hand along the underneath before positioning yourself over it and lurch down and brushing against your lips and down along your cheek.

You shoot your left arm out and slap against a hard body, you glance to the body next to you, as you glide, pushing against the muscle of this man’s lower abdomen. You feel yourself being pushed more than him. You slide your fingers down and along his shaft. His cock, much like his body, rigid like stone. You see the veins, and brush a couple fingers against the lump. Gently you tease at his testicles, just thinking it might be interesting to feel. You then stare back at the groin in front of you, a thick vascular vein extends out. You look up, the line from his bulging six-pack veers straight to his brown eyes, staring back. You notice his hand rest against the side of your head, softly pressuring you on. You take your hand from his cock and glide your cock deeper, teasing it against your throat. Your free hand doesn’t remain free as its guided to a new bone.

You stroke both cocks with harsh unison strides over the length of each shaft. A hand tickles your back, tugging at the bra strap. Someone wants the girls out. It seems to take a while, with seeming multiple hands at work, but eventually a release is made and the straps slide along your arm. You find yourself having to drop your hands away from the cocks to pull the bra from your arms. Almost immediately after, a warm grip presses against your left breast. Another hand begins to stroke down your back, brushing against your right shoulder blade.

You feel your hair been pulled and played with, seeming to be weaved around in a single locket. A strong tug from it forces you withdraw from the cock, drool lacing a bridge from it to your lips. It drops licking against your thigh. The tugging seemed to be from the one in front of you. He seems to give you a nod to the right. Before turning your head to the right, before you comprehend, a cock is pressed against your lips. You obey and widen your lips, but it bursts your mouth wide and starts to choke you. Immediately you take a breath using your nose.

For this monstrosity, you just try to move softly, tease your tongue to where it can reach. A hand presses against the back of your neck, but you resist. This is all you can handle. You feel the cock on your left retreat, but another one soon fills it. This is one isn’t as thick, but it extends further.

You begin to hear grunts, and deep murmurs of: “Oh yeah babe” and “mmm, so good honey”. Although from who and where is hard to determine. The slushing of the cock on you, along with your own little whimpers and breathing make it difficult. You hear the words, “Time to set her up?”, and you recognise the MC says I need a cum shot first.
Eager to get things going, you push the monster cock deeper down and rush to move your head back and forth. Another hand takes a play at your left breast, cupping it before pinching at your nipple. A thick burly hand presses against your cheek, you look at the big man before you, and deliberately stare up and lurch your head back, drawing his cock out, popping at the tip.

Extending your tongue, you lick beneath his penis, and slide it down his shaft as you move your head forward towards him, withdrawing your tongue as your lips seal over his dick. You see him smile down, stroking your cheek with his thump. He then rears his fingers to pull you in. You then continue your slushy movements and feel a burst of warmth explode into your mouth. He then withdraws his cock, you hear the MC say, “Open wide for us”. You turn to the camera and open your white frothy mouth.

You lurch your head back and proceed to swallow it all, letting out a long breath bring your head down, smiling and giggling as you do. You feel a hand grip your left arm, and pull upwards. You see the group of men walk to your left where a table stands, a couple of them jerking as they walk. You stand up and saunter to the table. You start to lift your legs to get on top. A collection of hands reach for you and seem to guide you steady. It’s not a big table, your legs tangle off the edge as you positioned to lay. As you begin to find yourself to be comfortable, your head is lifted and pillow seems to be placed underneath, ‘a nice gesture’ you consider.

You proceed to extend your arms out and onto two stomach. There you linger, drawing your fingers along the curves of their abdomen muscles. You caress with the front of your fingers, grazing along their hard-leather bodies. A warm sensation streams through your body, seeming to excite your skin, pricking the hairs of your body, as if taken by electricity. You sink your hands down both, gravity seeming to be increasing intense. You brush against their sharp almost-shaven bushes and rest your hands on top their cocks. Neither of these two were as rigidly hard as some of the others, but still held a firm and thick form for you to grasp. You proceed to roll your hand along both cocks, stroking again in unison, seems to be a habit. You flick your right leg around slightly, trying to nudge someone to take the front position.

A hand glides along your leg, brushing against your knee and thigh. A warm soft object bounces against your forehead, and you peel your eyes back to see a cock drift away. Another hand begins to graze your other leg, this one softly pulls your leg outward. You feel your right breast be pinched, shaken and dropped. You lift your head back to her chin and stare at the numerous hands flirting against your body.

One of them skirts up your inner thigh and strokes along the middle of your underwear, spreading between the camel toe. You make a whispered moan as the hand circles against your covered pussy. A fingernail scratches at your hip, flicking underneath your underwear and attempting to draw the side down. The hand at your pussy drifts to the other side of your panties. Both sides join forces and drag your panties down. The inside sticks to your wet pussy before being hauled away. Your legs are then lifted vertically by a cluster of hands as a man takes position. You notice the camera skirt to your side to get the shot. You continue to peer down and watch as a man seem to guide his cock towards you. A hard object presses against the walls of your pussy and squeezes through, grinding along the inside.
His cock presses through, driving his full length into you. You let out a moan as his tip presses against the inner walls. Slowly, he retreats outward, sliding his shaft against the walls before bellowing back in. He takes up this routine as he clamps a hand at your right side. You see a cock swing towards you and tap at your left cheek. You turn your head towards it as it slowly docks into your mouth. Your mouth widens more than expected. His cock grinds against the roof your mouth as his hard tip tickles the back of your throat. A hand envelops your left breast, seeming to hold it from moving. A hand sheathes itself in your hair and pushes at the back your skull.

You clench on the shafts on either side of you. Their now stiff cocks hold their form, their pulses reverberate through your palm. A series of hands take grip of your legs, plucking them into the air. Whoever is at your front, intensifies his pace. Much like a steam engine, he slowly builds up speed, eventually he’ll be pounding into you like a drum. However, at this time, he keeps a moderate tempo. You notice your left breast drop, relinquished from the grip of the big hand. However, freedom was quickly replaced by a fierce slap at the underside of your boob. You exclaim a moan, wrenching your face eyebrows and rear. The hand once again blankets the breast, softly rubbing the point of impact with two fingers.

You stare at the tanned skin of the man whose cock you’re churning around with your tongue. You notice the hand at your side fade away. Both your legs seem to be transferring owner and by the synchronous pressure being placed and the increase in tempo, you assume it’s the guy at your front who has the full rein. You also notice quickly, he plans to use the full capacity of it. His thrusts pound into you with clapping of skin liking to an applaud of a large audience. You gargle a moan at each lunge, as you do, small chuckles seem to ricochet around you. “You like that babe?” a guy’s voice asks. You moan a “mhmmm” trying to infer yes. No voice responds with any acknowledge to you.

Hands continue to stroke you, like you were a cat, particularly against your stomach and breasts. Such hands were a mixture of warm and cold fingers, sending tingles vibrating along your skin. Although you recognise the difference between a cock tapping you and a hand or finger. The stiff rubbery textures often warmly lick against you, or prod lightly into the side of your legs or hip. As one of your hands strokes upward along a shaft, the head tickles against your palm in between your thumb and fingers and a warm slick follows you as you skate back down. You feel the cock vibrate as if it was erupting, you realise near instantly, it practically was. A splash tickles your side, right under the rib. You immediately pound at it hard, and another splash crashes on your chest, under your neck. The slick accumulates and curls around your palm to the back of your hand. The cock then seems to soften, going limb. The job is done, it can go now, so you let it and leave your hand to tangle, lathered with cum.

The cock in your mouth breaks from its usual perpetual motion and recedes away. You attempt suck on it as it leaves and immediately you feel air gush in, and your lips linger with a tingling sensation. The pounding on your legs also slows, you turn your head to see the camera facing you with the MC beside it. “You gonna finish that?” he asks pointing at your hand. You lift your hand and giggle, “Ofcourse.” You place your fingers in your mouth and suck the cum from your hand, and lick it off the back of your hand. The MC points to your chest, you collect that lot and do the same. “Gooooood girl” he says, slowly, almost as if he was talking to a dog.

Once you finish, your pussy proceeds to be pounded, and your hand guided to a cock, but you turn to receive the mouth cock, and it seems to have disappeared from you. However, in turning you notice the couch that was behind that man whose cock you were inhaling, a few guys are sitting at it, one of them stroking his cock as he stares at you. You feel your butt lifted from the table, heaved by your legs, then dropped, half tangling over the edge of the table. Your thighs begin to strain as your legs are pushed back towards you. A quiver strikes at your legs as the cock licks along the G-spot. You relinquish the cock in your hand and grab both your legs by under the knee.

Others seem to take note and a few hands grab hold of your thigh, a couple of them stroking your skin. You drop your hands from your legs, the others hold your thighs up, however the tingling of each jab into your pussy continues to pulsate along your ass and thigh. Your hands don’t remain free, they never will. You immediately curl them into a fist around two cocks and resume beating them in a rhythmic slide of hands. You feel as if it’s easier than before, sensing your palms being lathered with remnants of slick jizz and pre-cum.

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