The Beginning- Part 17

The Beginning- Part 17
Getting things done, the wife’s way.

We went to MIL to pick up our son. MIL wanted to know if we really spent the night in a hotel with a black man. I told her yes. All we had was a kings size bed. Karen got to sleep in the middle. I left it at that.

Finally Friday we get home. All Karen can talk about was how we were going to have a new baby in the house. She was making a list of what she wanted done in the spare bedroom. She said the first thing we need to do is get the room painted.

I was laughing to myself about a story on Xhampster I read. White husband had no problem getting the black painters to do the work The painters got paid in married white pussy lol.

I made a few phone calls to get the ball rolling on getting a new addition to our family. One thing I learn was from start to final adoption will take a good year to do. But I was given a work around it if we could find the right couple who wanted their baby up for adoption. I told Karen what we had to do was find a c***d who we can be the foster parents to. We can raise the c***d as our own while we wait for the paperwork to come thru. Only down side is if the biological parents change their mind in the year we foster care we can end up losing the c***d. Karen was willing to take the chance.

Saturday morning rolls around. Karen tells me she needs to go buy the paint today. She made a phone call and lined up for a couple of painters to come over and paint Monday. Our son will be at MIL Monday.

I am getting a little aroused. I grabbed my wife’s breast. She pushes my hands off of them.

“You know honey I need to start replenishing my milk in my breast. I may need my breast full of milk for refreshments served to the black painters” Karen said.

All I heard was black painters and my mind was drifting off to my wife being by herself in our house with a couple of black men as I mounted her.

“After I give the black men your hard earned money for painting the room, they might want something else for your wife. Maybe they want to fuck me like you doing except their black cocks will be bigger and harder than the one fucking me now” as Karen was whispering and tonguing my ear.

Yep. She sure did push my “Cum now” button.

Karen and I jumped into the shower. Once finished showering I dried her off. I then applied body creme to make her skin soft for the rough black hands of the painters in a couple of days. I looked at her stretch marks on her sagging breast as her nipples were pointing straight down. I then applied nipple creme to her sore and bruised nipples from the attacked they encounter by black men while we were on vacation. I have to say she looked beautiful standing naked in front of me.
We took it easy for the rest of the weekend. It was very relaxing now we are back to our old selves. Sunday we went to the park to let our son feed the ducks. He was throwing bread into the water and 2 black ducks came over to eat the bread. As soon as the 2 black ducks had their fill of bread they chased down a white duck and started taking turns mounting her.

I looked at Karen and told her this sure looks familiar.

She laughed back “Just like anything typical male in the color black . Once they get their bellies full they want to move on to something else.”

We stayed for about an hour just holding hands and walking along the edge of the pond. It was a nice family outing.

Here it is Monday morning. Karen got up a little early so she could take a good shower
For the day. When she stepped out the shower I dried her off. I then did my routine of rubbing her down with body lotion. She was very soft and smelled good. This is the way I wanted her to smell and feel for the black painters. I then rubbed her nipples with nipple crème. I then pinched them a little so they be poking out. I handed my wife a matching pair of panties and bra. Lacy black was the color I picked out. It will look good against her pale white skin and look even better when I see a set of black hands remove them.

Karen then wore a button up shirt and a pair of jeans. Perfect to cover up her goodies. Besides MIL was coming over to pick up our son and we did not want to make it too obvious what will happen later on.

You can count on it my wife will be getting some niggar dick later on. How she will sub duce them is still unknown. That is one of the most erotic part about Karen is the many ways she lets them know she wants to be fucked by them. I would not have it any other way.

As I was leaving out the house MIL was coming in. I asked if it be alright if she was to watch our son for the night. I did not want him to be expose to paint fumes. Of course she said yes. Then MIL wanted to know if the painters were black. I told her yes. Then she wanted to know if I was alright with her by herself with the black men. I told her yes it was okay. Then I asked MIL should I have a reason not to trust my wife? She said no just strange all the time it seems black men come to the house when you are am at work.

I told Karen bye and to call me when the painters arrive and when they finish. I then told her I maybe getting home early today. MIL gave me a thumbs up.

Karen called to tell me the painters just got there. They moved some of the bedroom funiture out the room. They laid the mattress against the living room wall which made it easier for them to work. I had cameras hidden in living room, down the hall, our bedroom and in the kitchen. I just don’t know where my wife will be spreading her legs.
She left out the living room going into the kitchen to start some cooking. After she left the 2 painters were talking to each other about how they would love to get some of dat ass. I had my office door close so I can watch on my phone when things get dark.

The painters did finish up in 4 hours. Karen called to say they were finished painting. It was lunch time and she fix them a meal. They were to move everything back into the room after lunch.

The 2 black men went to the bathroom to clean up and get out their painting coveralls. Karen invite the two into the kitchen to have lunch with her. She served them a plate of baked chicken, fresh mashed potatoes with homemade gravy and corn. She opened the frig and asked them if they wanted a beer. Of course they said yes as my wife opened the beer and poured it into a glass. Bad enough my wife will be opening her legs and sucking them off but she is giving them my beer. My dick just got hard.

Everybody was finished eating. Karen went to the frig for another couple rounds of beer. She got couple for herself too. She went back into the kitchen and again served the beer to the black men. He asked them if it was okay if she drank with them, Of course they said yes.

Karen was telling them how nice the newly painted room look. She handed the check to them saying her husband will be happy with their work.

“Sometimes my husband can be a little picky about things. For instance he picked out all the clothes I had to wear today because he knew I would have over some painters who were black.” Karen said.

Both painters laughed. They agreed that they would do the same thing if strange black men came around their women.

Karen asked if there is anything else they needed. The men said no that they were full and had enough beer. Karen got up and went to the living room. The two black painters told her they would be there in a couple of minutes.

After Karen left the 2 painter were talking again to each other. One said to the other after that meal she fixed them getting a little pussy would be a good dessert and again they laughed. They gave a hard look at my wife’s’ ass as she left the room. Her jeans were tight and her big beautiful ass was out for the taking. I just do not give my wife’s ass enough credit for attracting black men.

The guys were still laughing when Karen walked back to the kitchen. Things got quiet once she walked in.

“ I hope you guys don’t mind me standing here in my black lacy bra and pantys. My husband by all means wanted me to wear this for you. I did not want to disappoint my husband” Karen said.

The two black men were still sitting at the table. Karen came over and sat in one of men’s lap. She gave him a deep french kiss while reaching over to rub the crotch of the other black man. Karen then had four black hands rubbing her breast and playing with her ass.

Karen stops for a second. She turns her back to the black guy kissing her. She reaches back raising her hair up so he could get to her bra snaps. Without a word he knew what she wanted as he unsnaps her bra. She then has her arms out so the other black man can remove her bra from the front.My wife’s breast swing free for the black men to take.

The two black men gets out the chair. They hold Karen up as she removes her panties for them. They place her back in a chair. She then had a black face sucking on each nipple. They parted her legs open. One was fingering her pussy while the other one was rubbing her clit.

My wife moaned as she was reaching for her first cum of the day. They were sucking her milk and biting on her nipples. One of the painters got up and removed his clothes. His hard black cock beelined towards my wife’s mouth. She took him in her mouth. The other black painter released Karen’s nipple so he too can remove his clothes. He then places his hard black cock close to my wife’s mouth. She lets the first black cock slip out her mouth so she can start sucking the other. While she worked her mouth between the 2 black dicks the 2 painters were pinching her nipples and finger fucking her.

My wife got up after having her second orgasm. She walked down the hall towards our bedroom telling the black painters to follow her. They were right behind her rubbing and slapping her ass as all 3 walked into our bedroom. I would had rubbed one out but I was at work.

One of the painters started to pull back the cover on the bed. Karen stopped him.

“I want those black cocks to fuck me on top of the cover my husband sleeps under.I want my husband to see all the cum stains on the cover from when your black cum drips out my married white pussy” Karen said.

The two black painters grabbed my wife and all three ended up in the bed where I lay my head every night. One of them grabbed Karen’s legs to where he could implant his black cock in her. He and my wife started fucking hard. Within 5 minutes in my wife he shot his first load of black cum. As his dick got semi soft he pulled out where a wad of his cum dripped onto the covers.

As the first painter was moving from between my wife’s legs the second one was there to take his place. Again no foreplay just straight hard fucking. He lasted just a long as the first black cock and sent a heavy load into my wife. Again as he was withdrawing a load of black cum was leaking out my wife into the bed covers.One painter held her legs open while the other held her pussy lips open so Karen could squeeze out a big blob of cum onto the covers.

For the next 3 hours they took turns fucking her. Karen would just suck one hard as the other one was fucking her.None of the black men cummed in my wife’s mouth. They were saving it all to drip out her pussy.

The only problem I had with this is I won’t have much cum to eat if all the leaks out. I shouldn’t complain because they sure are fucking my wife good.

It was time for me to leave work. I could not walk out the office with a big lump in my pants.
I used this one simple trick that the Donald hates. I pulled out a picture of my MIL. 2 seconds later
I was walking out the office. Should last till I get to my car.

Once inside my car I grabbed my……smart phone so I can watch. Karen was on her belly with a breast hanging over the side of the bed. I could see a painter standing on side of bed leaning over. His black hands were around the hanging breast and his big old blue gum lips working on the nipple. The other painter was fucking her from behind as she laid flat.

I called the house. Karen answered the phone. Once she realized it was me she put it on speaker phone. I could hear her breathing hard like she was running a race. I could also hear the slapping noise made from some black balls hitting her ass..

Hey hon are the painters doing a good job I asked her.

“Does it sound like they are” Karen replied.

Good. I will be home in a few minutes. Tell the painters not to finish because I want to see them fuck you in person I said before hanging up.

I had to shut the phone off as I drove off. I did not want to be another distracted driver looking at his phone. I guess the news report will say”Husband wrecks car while looking at live streaming of wife getting black dick. Weather at 11 o’clock”.

I get home. Walking down the hall I can hear the sounds of my wife getting 2 black cocks. I opened our bedroom door and my wife is on top of a painter while the second painter has her pushed down from behind. They both have their cocks in her pussy. Great I thought to myself if I think her pussy is loose after fucking a black dick could you image of what will be left with 2 black dicks in her pussy at the same time?

I got undress and sat on edge of the bed to watch and jack off. The painter on top grunted and shot a load into my wife. He pulled out . The painter on bottom re posited Karen on her back and was fucking her missionary style. Just looks so good with my wife’s white legs up in the air and a black man between them. He too grunts and dumps a load in her.

As soon as he removes his black dick out my wife’s pussy I get down between her legs to eat the two loads of cum just deposit in her. I sucked and licked it all out of her. No way I was letting these two loads end up on the bedroom covers.

The 2 painters get up and dressed. I climbed on top of my wife to fuck her. I tell her how much I love her and how sexy she looks with a black dick in her.

She starts to tell me how much she loves having a couple niggard dicks cumming in her. Of course my button has been pushed.

I get up and dress.Karen goes jump into the shower. I walk over with the painters to the room they just painted.

The painters started to move the furniture back in. I stopped them and told them not to because the wife wants new furniture for our new baby we were going to adopt. As you can see what the wife wants she gets. We all laughed.They wanted to know what we were doing with the old furniture. I told them they could have it.

I helped them load it into their truck. They told me any time I needed a room painted they would do the labor for free as long as your wife will be fixing the lunch for them.

I told them if I needed any more painting they will be called but I will pay the going rate. I will not be much of a man to use my wife for free labor. Just put a smile on her face before you leave.

I get back in the house. Karen just got out the shower. I took out the body creme to rub all over her. Then I applied nipple creme to her sore and bruised nipples.

“You know the black painters said I smelled good and my skin was very soft. They said my nipples taste so good in their mouths.” Karen said as she started to jerk me off. I camed.

My wife asked me to change the bed covers. As I was removing the soiled ones my dick again got hard thinking of how it got stained. We both had a good night sleep. The next day off to work I went. Karen and her mother went shopping for new curtains and rugs for the room.

I get home. Karen shows me the stuff she got for the room. I told her I will install the curtains and what ever else she has the next day. It will give me something to do Wednesday evening while she goes to her model routine. Karen tells me she needs it done today and we have other plans for Wednesday.

“We have to meet the people who are in charge of foster care. They want to check out the house and interview us” Karen said.

I fix up the room. Karen was just like a mother hen getting all broody looking at the room.

We meet the people in charge of the foster care. They looked over everything and interviewed us. They were impressed with what they saw. They said it looks like a stable environment for a c***d. But what they really liked was when we said we do not want any money raising a foster c***d and we would like to adopt the c***d we raise. Looks like we are in.

We were told all we had to do was pass a background check and if we found a c***d in foster care we want to adopt to let them know. They will be sending some information on a few babies available.

We are on track and again the wife had a big smile on her face. Let’s just say I got lucky that night.

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