A Sorority Girl Seduction Pt. 02


It was a week since she went into a lesbian club and had her first sexual experience with a girl. In the days that follow, she noticed the change within her when around other women across the campus. She started noticing other women’s bodies in ways that she had never done before. She saw an attractive woman reading a book on a bench wearing a short skirt. Alicia couldn’t keep her eyes from the woman’s thighs, and when she opened them for a brief moment to get more comfortable, she exposed her white panties to her. Licking her lips, Alicia felt a strong desire to press her face between the girl’s legs.

The same thought occurred to her after she gave her ex Roger a blowjob and wondered if all of them tasted the same. Roger was the only man she ever had sex with, but that was a different story altogether with women. Even that Alicia had sex with two girls on the same night, she only performed oral sex on one of them. It surprised her how much she got into it, licking another girl’s pussy.

In the showers, she got to see things that men wished that they could and only was privileged to it because she was a girl. Showering with a group of girls wasn’t something new to her, but it was the first time she ever paid attention to their bodies. The realization that other girls like her have been in the same situation as she was in now. They could hide in plain sight, getting to admired other girls’ beautiful bodies without anyone being the wiser. The downside was that she couldn’t let her desires be known because some would’ve shamed her over it.

Alicia knew some of them wouldn’t mind or might even be willing to take it a step further. They were in college, after all, where some experiment with the boundaries of their sexuality. People today are more progressive with the idea of being gay, but she knew that some weren’t. Alicia wasn’t sure if she was gay now or what she was feeling was just the aftermath of having great. After having sex with Roger, she felt similar sexual feelings toward other guys in her school.

What bothered her more than facing a shift in her sexuality was that no one asked her what happened in the club. While waiting for the pinning ceremony to welcome her into the sorority, Alicia got the answer. She noticed a familiar face in a photo on the wall belonging to the waitress that fucked her. She knew that it couldn’t be a coincidence that a former sister of the sorority she was pledging herself to came onto her.

The idea that her lesbian seduction could’ve been a plan by the sorority frightens her. Alicia didn’t know if this was some twisted joke that they would reveal during the ceremony. She wasn’t ready to let Kate know what happened that night and how it changed her. Alicia was sure that Kate wouldn’t end their friendship over something like that but didn’t want to risk it. Alicia couldn’t bear the thought of Kate rejecting her for all the things she did or wanted to do with another woman.

When the ceremony started, Alicia scan the girls’ faces kocaeli escort in the room to see what she suspected was true. She saw no signs that any of them knew what she did and felt herself start to relax. Maybe it was a coincidence that she was fucked by a girl who once attended the same sorority that she was in now. Pushing her fear aside, she let herself enjoy the moment she was in and thinking that her secret will stay hidden.

Alicia found that all new girls to the sorority would share a room with a sister to help them adjust to sorority life. The new roommate that Alicia will have to share a room with and be her mentor during her first year was Kat. They spent the rest of the night drinking wine while getting to know each other better. The change in the girl’s behavior from last week convinced Alicia that her action was all an act. Kat was too well-mannered and polite to be the wild girl that she first came off as.

It didn’t take Alicia long to move her things into her new room, and while she unpacked thought about her sexuality. Few things were clear to her now; one sleeping with another girl has awoken desires within her, two she was still interested in men, and three being with another girl was something that she wanted to pursue again. What wasn’t clear to her was how she would balance her new life without anyone knowing about it. Kat told her that the sorority was okay with lesbians, but Alicia didn’t know if that was just an act.

When the day came to an end, Alicia slipped underneath her covers, exhausted from moving into the sorority. The sleep that came for her didn’t stay long found her slumber disturbed by someone wearing a sexy tank top and skimpy pink panties climbing into the bed with her. There was enough light in the room to make out that the girl was Kat. She didn’t resist as the girl got underneath the covers pressing her body against her own.

“A little birdie told me that you kissed a girl and liked it,” Kat told Alicia seductively. Alicia realized that her first instinct reaction to that photo earlier was right and that the sorority knew the details of what transpired within the club. “That is not all I heard. You liked it so much that you left with another girl,” Kat stated while unbuttoning Alicia’s PJ top in a playful matter. An exciting electrical sexual energy shot through Alicia’s body, bringing it to an aroused state. She could feel her nipples stiffening, and her panties were becoming wet.

The reluctant way that she was responding to Kat’s actions made her realize how easy she was. It didn’t take much to make her willing to let another girl explore their carnal fascination with her. Kat could have her anytime that she wanted but played with her like a cat with a mouse. The opening of her PJ top was open wide enough for a thin line of flesh to be exposed. Kat slid one of her fingers down that opening, barely touching her skin until she got to her stomach. She slid her hand underneath her PJ top to caress her belly with light seductive kocaeli escort bayan touches.

Alicia felt her skin prickle from the pleasure of being touched in such an erotic way and let out a light moan. The sensation of being touch by someone taking their time with her body and not rushing things made Alicia’s burned hotter with desires. Kat playing with her belly, pushed her PJ to open further till it slid off her body, revealing her left breast. Having her breast exposed gave her a sexual thrill, and she hoped that Kat would give it some attention.

Kat ignored her breast and laid her head on her shoulder while snuggling closer to her. She could feel the girl’s hot breath against her neck, arousing her to the point where she wanted to scream. The way that the girl was teasing her was making her boil over in heated passion. When Kat ran her hand underneath the covers, she thought the teasing would stop, but she was wrong. It went on, wrapping her fingers around the string of her PJ bottom playing with it as she spoke.

“Can I asked you a question?” Kat asked innocently.

“Yes… Yes, you can,” Alicia replied to Kat while struggling with her words. After the first word, a lump form in her throat, and she had to force the rest out. There was no hiding the fact that Kat’s seduction was working on her.

Between each word that Kat spoke, Alicia felt a soft kiss on her neck, and the string on her PJ pulled loose, “Do…you…like…the…taste…of…pussy?” Alicia replied in shock, “What!” She knew just what Kat said but was afraid to answer honestly. Kat didn’t repeat her question right away; instead slid her hand into Alicia’s PJ bottom long enough to get her fingers wet from Alicia’s juices. The sensation of having a finger in her wet pussy was a welcoming relief, and she let out a whimper when Kat removed it.

It was taboo to let Kat traced her finger coated with her juices across her lips and suck on her finger. Smelling the sweet aroma scent of her pussy on the girl’s finger and tasting the juices that were on it excited her. Opening her legs as Kat positioned herself between them, staring into her eyes, waiting for her to speak. She knew what the girl wanted to hear and that the teasing would go on until she did. Kat exposed her right breast and traced the outside of her areola with her finger.


“Yes, what?” Kat continued to tease Alicia.

“I love the taste of pussy! I love the way it smells and how it feels around my tongue as I licked the juices from it,” Alicia blurted out in desperation to end the girl teasing.

Kat gave Alicia a passionate kiss that she fully surrendered to and got lost within. She was barely self-aware that Kat lifted her from the bed to remove her PJ top; while kissing her neck and shoulder with hungry lips. Kat broke their embrace to remove her shirt, but Alicia attacked the girl’s breasts as soon as they were visible. She sucked on Kat’s nipples as if they held the life-saving kocaeli escort nectar that she needed to survive. Switching breast Alicia gave the other one the same equal devotion as its twin.

The hunger that she had for those breasts was so intense that she had to be pushed away from them by force. The desire to keep sucking on them still linger inside her, but she knew there was a better place where her lips could go. Before she could fulfill her desire, Kat pushed her against the bed, kissing her neck once again. Kat whispered into Alicia’s ear, “I can’t wait to taste your delicious cunt and make you moan like a lesbian slut that you are.” The girl kissed down her body in a wild passion sucking on her breasts briefly before yanking down her PJ.

The covers were fling from their body as her PJ and panties went flying in a different direction. Kat spread her legs apart, kissing and teasing her with a much experience tongue. Kat waited when Alica was at the point of breaking before she started licking her cunt. Kat knew how to make her lover feel the maximum pleasure and prove that her tongue was mightier than any guy’s cock. The orgasm that hit her made her arched her back in ecstasy and screamed out a loud moan.

Kat retracted herself from between Alicia’s legs and walked back to her bed, slipping off her panties before sitting down with her legs spread. “Why don’t you come over here and show me what you got?” Kat said, beckoning Alicia to join her. Alicia didn’t hesitate to get on her knees in front of Kat to lick her pussy. The girl leaned back, holding onto her head as she wiggled her tongue around the inside of her cunt. Hearing the girl moaning from what she was doing made her want to try harder to please her. Alicia kept licking until Kat had a series of orgasms.

“Not bad for a beginner, but there is some room for improvement. Don’t worry; I will teach you some techniques,” Kat said excitedly.

For a week, Kat taught her many things nightly while sharing their bed. She soon found out their lovemaking didn’t stay between them, and the rest of the sorority besides the one just joined it knew about it.

Cindy was the president of the sorority and called a meeting to discuss it. There were six girls in the room with her to bear witness to her coming fate. She discovered a secret about her sorority that day as she was pushed against Cindy’s desk and had her pants and panties pulled down to her ankles. All the girls were lesbians or bi. It was their goal to turn all of their sisters into one of the two.

The girls took turns fucking Alicia with a strap-on against the desk while telling her that she was their pet now. She was repeatedly fucked by her fellow sisters throughout the month, and one of them was bold enough to slip in the shower with her. The girls’ attention toward her lessened when another girl got seduced within the sorority. It didn’t take long after that for her friend Kate to fall prey to them too.

Things settle down after the last of the newly recruited sister was seduced. Alicia never thought joining a sorority would be so educational and learned a lot within those walls. Over the years, Alicia attended college; she will never forget the best part was being an Alpha Delta Pi sorority sister.

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