An Innocent in Paris Pt. 07



This the story of a gorgeous, sexy, but inexperienced eighteen year old English girl encountering the many temptations of life in France. She discovers her true sexuality; she is tempted by certain recreational substances. She is on an exciting but dangerous path….

The story so far… (better if you start at Pt 1!)

Marie was a young student from Exeter, England, about to start her degree course at the Sorbonne University in Paris. A county (state) level tennis player at home, she visited the university’s tennis club. There were unexpected consequences.

Still a virgin at eighteen and in the first week of university life, she encountered a whole new world. In just a week she lost her virginity to Jerome, made love to Chantal and that was just the start…

Chantal, the secretary of the University Tennis Club had invited Marie for a trial game that Marie won easily. They ended up in the club bar and over the next couple of hours they drank far too much wine for Marie, and in an alcoholic haze she invited Chantal back to her apartment.

She was getting inexplicably aroused by the gorgeous Chantal.

They drank more, and a confused Marie could feel herself becoming increasingly turned on by the warmth and closeness of Chantal’s body. By the end of the evening the very inexperienced Marie had drunk far too much, smoked her first cigarettes, and Chantal had become her first ever female lover.

The strength of their relationship, and feelings for each other was growing. The girls exchanged rings as a symbol of their commitment and their love for each other.

Chantal’s father’s friend, the Russian Oligarch Dmitri, invited the girls for a weekend on his super yacht moored just outside Monaco. They entered a world of wealthy indulged celebs including the famous international sit-com actress Jennifer Armstrong. In this new world where anything goes. Dmitri asked them, as a favour, to entertain the celebs; the girls were well rewarded…

Dmitri invited them to return two weeks later to entertain the two daughters of a Spanish senior politician with whom he was negotiating a lucrative business deal.

The weekend was a life changing success for the sisters as they explored a new world of unrestrained sexuality… and certain substances.

Danielle a fellow student and her sister Jade are also making money as drug couriers; Chantal and Marie refuse to get involved. A few days later, Jade vanishes.

Marie’s interest in BDSM is growing, as are some other more dangerous habits…


As Dmitri’s private jet took off from the Nice Airport VIP terminal, Marie could see below the beautiful scenery of the Cote D’Azure and behind the vast range of mountains, some peaks showing the first of the winter snow. As it passed over the seaport of Marseille she felt the luxurious jet turn north on course for Paris.

How her life had changed. Three months ago, she was a naive eighteen year old student in Exeter England, a junior county tennis player, a virgin with a teen boyfriend in whom she had no interest. Her lover, Chantal, had completely changed her life.

She was happy and in love; they had exchanged rings. They were partners…

“Ok babe?” She felt Chantal’s hand on hers.

“Mmmm, very ok.” She squeezed Chantal’s hand.

“We’ll be home in three hours, babe.”

“Hi ladies… any drinks, champagne… anything?” Svetlana appeared from the galley.

“Two glasses of champagne please Svetlana.”

“Your favourite Cristal, Chantal?”

“Yes please…”

Marie’s body was telling her she needed a relaxing cigarette. She resisted it for a couple of minutes, but then put one between her moist lips, passed one to Chantal and lit hers, inhaling deeply as she could, devouring the addictive smoke. It felt so very good.

Svetlana put the cut glass champagne flutes on the side tables and carefully filled them.

“So we’re seeing you again soon for the Equinox party?”

The girls knew nothing about it. They looked confused. Svetlana realised she had made a mistake – they didn’t know. She was worried now. Dmitri would be angry at her mistake.

“Sorry ladies, forget I said that…please forget it.” Almost panicking, she quickly returned to the galley and stayed there until they touched down in Paris.

As they were about to disembark from the private jet, Svetlana emerged from the galley and hugged them both.

“Please forget what I said. I hope we’ll meet again soon.”

Chantal quickly retorted, “We’d love to see you again soon, Svetlana.”

As the girls left the jet and walked towards the terminal, they passed three men in suits and dark glasses walking purposefully towards the jet. They looked anything but friendly. Slightly nervously, they just looked ahead, passed through the terminal, and boarded the usual chauffeur driven black Mercedes back to Chantal’s apartment.

They were very happy to be home, together, once again in their own private world.

“Shower and change into something sexy, babe.”

“Mmmm, yes.” Marie was getting turned on.

She took her lover’s hand and led her to the bedroom. tuzla escort She unzipped Chantal’s tight dress and let it drop to the floor. How she loved that perfect firm athletic body. Then she felt Chantal’s hands undoing and pulling off her own dress. She just couldn’t resist the temptation. As their lips touched, her tongue penetrated deep into Chantal’s mouth. She loved the closeness, the intimacy, exploring this part of her lover’s beautiful body.

She felt Chantal pull her tightly into her, one hand in the arch of her back, the other on her butt.

While their tongues were still, exploring deep into each other’s mouths, she felt Chantal’s hand moving down, inside her panties towards her crack. She knew what was coming… she felt a finger massaging her rim. She held on tightly to her lover as she felt the finger slowly and gently penetrate her.

Her whole body was now in a state of pure heightened sensitivity. Soaked between her legs, an orgasm was starting to build. She was overcome by the intensity of her emotions and sheer happiness. She cried out as her overstimulated body climaxed.

She collapsed onto the bed. “Oh my god! What are you doing to me?”

“Making love to you, beautiful sexy babe.”

Chantal opened the safe and took out two glass pipes and a bag of the forbidden weed. She carefully ground the buds and packed the bowls.

“Put this between your sexy lips babe.”

Eagerly Marie took the pipe and took her lighter out of her bag. She gripped it firmly between her soft lips… she was ready for this She bought the flame to the top of the bowl and sucked. The weed ignited and the addictive smoke rushed up the stem of the pipe filling her mouth then her lungs. Slowly she released a cloud of happiness.

“Mmmm this is sooo good!”

Chantal was happy. The weed was starting to do its work and next to her was her babe, the love of her life. Had she really corrupted her, introducing her to girl sex, weed and the magic white powder? From schoolgirl to smoker… all in a few weeks. And the sex games, the bdsm… tomorrow they would visit a very special store.

The marijuana was making her feel horny. Her babe had cum, but she hadn’t…and needed to. Now, completely stoned, her world became a very happy but needy place. Her body was tormenting her… she was feeling sooo horny. She knew what she wanted. She slipped off her panties and sat on the side of the bed

“Babe, I need you.”

Marie was stoned, almost out of it

“Come here babe…” She opened her legs

Instinctively Marie knew what her lover wanted

“I’m coming… you want to be licked…”

“Yesss, now…”

She knelt down in front of Chantal.. Chantal gripped her head tightly and pulled it up between her legs. Marie could smell her juices. Chantal was ready… Marie forced her head further forward. She could taste the warm juices as her tongue passed over her lover’s vagina. Chantal, stoned and out of control was gasping loudly; Marie kept licking… then let her tongue touch Chantal’s clit.

Then Chantal’s body shook and she cried out as she repeatedly climaxed.


It was 8.00. Marie was making breakfast when Chantal’s cellphone rang.

“Chantal, it’s George.”

“Good morning George.”

“It’s not a good morning… Dmitri asked me to ask you if you saw Svetlana being questioned by the police.”

Chantal thought for a moment, then she remembered, “We passed three guys in suits walking towards the plane but thought more of it. What has happened George?”

“They were questioning her about a Russian guy in Marseilles. They thought she might know him. He’s part of the French Russian Mafia – a very bad guy. Dmitri knows him from past business dealings and wants nothing to do with him. She’s never heard of him.”

“What’s he involved in?”

“Lots of nasties, including human trafficking.”

“Is Svetlana ok? Where is she?”

“She’s on her way back to Monaco, shaken, but ok. A phone call from Dmitri to a government minister fixed it. If you do hear anything Dmitri ought to know about, phone me straight away.

“Of course.”

“You did a good job with the Spanish sisters. They told their parents how well you looked after them, what a great time they had, what a good guy Dmitri is. And, he’s just heard he’s won a massive construction contract from the Spanish government. Dmitri’s very pleased with you both.”

“Thanks George, we love working for him. Thank you for giving us the opportunity.”

“Svetlana will contact you to arrange dinner with him. He has something in mind…”

The call finished.

“Babe, George has been on the phone….”

Chantal repeated the telephone conversation to Marie They concluded there was little for them to worry about, but just to be careful as they were mixing with some not so innocent high profile people.

“Babe, after lectures today we’re going shopping.” Chantal knew a very special shop…

“What for?”

“Some special toys for you babe…”

“You mean….”

“Yes, you like our dungeon games, don’t you babe?

“Yes… I think so…”

Marie was getting curious, excited and a little scared. She lit a cigarette pendik escort and relaxed.

“You’re corrupting me…”

“And you love it…”

“Mmm, yes.”


There is a bdsm shop discretely tucked away on Avenue Jean Aicard, a small street in the Saint Ambroise area of Paris. Chantal had been on their web site and knew exactly what she wanted.

As they entered Marie felt she was entering a dark, scary world with a strange smell. She gripped Chantal’s hand tightly. As her eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room, she remembered Jen’s dungeon.

“Your order is packed Mistress.”

A nervous, strangely made up young girl appeared, dressed in a short black leather dress, black studded collar and fishnet tights. She turned to Chantal, “Would you like to check your order to make sure it is satisfactory?”

“Yes, show us the order.”

The subservient young girl went to the storeroom to collect the purchases. Marie was getting nervous.

“This, mistress, is the sensory deprivation hood. Here is the Hitachi Wand you ordered. Your dresses, stockings, gloves and beautiful shoes are here… and here is a little gift for you to open when you get home. My mistress would like your permission to email an invitation to you for our next private party.”

“Tell your mistress we shall be happy to receive her invitation.” Chantal was getting curious, but decided to say no more and wait for the email.

They left the shop, Chantal carrying the purchases.

Marie was getting excited. They were venturing deeper into bdsm. She was aroused and a little frightened, but she knew her lover would look after her.

“What is a sensory deprivation hood, lover?” Marie was curious.

“You enter your own private world babe…we’ll do it tomorrow…”

On the way home they bought a feast of take-away sushi and desserts. Chantal opened a chilled bottle of her favourite Cristal champagne

It was a warm autumn evening. Marie set the table on the balcony. The girls talked, ate and drank champagne.

There was something troubling Marie, “Are we weird doing bdsm?”

“Why weird babe? Don’t you like it any more?”

Marie paused for thought, “It is weird… it hurts a lot when you do things, but it’s exciting in a weird way. Scary, but… addictive…. love it when you’re inside me.”

“Tomorrow night we’ll do nice things babe.”

“Mmmm yes.”


The following day both girls woke up early to go to their lectures. Marie looked like a typical student, wearing skin tight jeans, a white tee shirt and trainers. Chantal dressed identically except she had a dark blue Armani top. By now their friends at uni knew they were together in a relationship. They would have been shocked if they knew about their other life.

However, Sandrine, one of their uni friends, a Jen Armstrong follower on Instagram, was surprised to see an Instagram clip of two girls, who looked remarkably like Chantal and Marie, playing tennis with Jen and a partner.

Marie was looking forward to the evening. She was curious about the leather sensory deprivation hood. Laced up the back, complete with adjustable straps there were soft leather eye pads, larger soft ear pads and leather padding mounded around the contours of the wearer’s mouth. There was a cigar size hole for the occupant to breathe through the mouth, and a similar vent concealed under the leather nose cover. It looked dangerous and scary.

She wasn’t sure how the Hitachi Wand worked…

Chantal had already arrived home and prepared for everything. On the bed were the ropes and cuffs and hood. She was wearing a tight leather little black dress, smooth fishnet tights, and 4″ heels.

Marie arrived back at the apartment and saw her lover…

“Oh my god… you’re… amazing.”

“And so will you be babe… your sexy new clothes are on the bed.”

Chantal had prepared the bedroom. The curtains were drawn; the room was warm and dimly lit. The duvet was covered in a black satin material. There was a heavy smell of burning incense. It was like entering an unfamiliar and even slightly threatening world.

There on the bed was a short black leather skirt, a leather bra and some sheer hold-up grey stockings and some black Jimmy Choo trainers. She quickly changed. How she loved the feel of the smooth soft leather against her skin. The bra had circular cut outs, exposing her erect nipples. She pulled the stockings to the top of her firm thighs. The trainers with their discrete silver decoration completed the outfit. She looked and felt good.

Chantal had drawn the living room curtains. The room was now lit by soft flickering candlelight.

“Babe… you’re beautiful and sexy…”

“God, so are you, lover!”

She felt a dampness starting between her legs.

She continued, “I want you to make love to me tonight… do new things…”

Chantal took a loaded bong out of a cupboard.

“First… some happiness. Ready babe?”

“Yes, very.” All day she’d had a nagging urge for some marijuana. This was perfect.

Chantal lit the bowl, filling her mouth with the beautiful smoke. Marie was ready. This was what she really needed, a perfect start. Chantal aydınlı escort exhaled the smoke and passed the bong to Marie who sucked in as hard as she could, filling her mouth and lungs…

“Oh my god, this is so good.”

She passed it back to Chantal. Both girls had a second toke.

“Now we start babe…into the bedroom, sit on the chair facing the wall”.

She continued, “If you want to stop just scream quickly three times and I’ll take off the hood.”

“Ok, don’t hurt me too much…this is a first time… I’m scared.”

“Ok babe, you know the signal if you want to stop.”

Chantal had already loosened the laces of the hood. Marie felt it being slid over her head, covering to half way down her neck. This was getting scary. It was completely dark. She felt Chantal tightly lacing up the back of the hood; now she couldn’t see or hear anything. She felt the straps around her head being tightened. There was just an inch and a half diameter hole through the pad that was tight against her lips so that could breathe through her mouth. She was starting to panic.

Chantal led her to the bed, guiding her onto her back. She felt the cuffs being attached firstly to her arms, then her legs and then something like a cushion being put under her butt. The ropes were fixed to the four corners of the bed tightened, forcing her legs wide apart, then her arms.

No amount of marijuana could stop her being scared. She couldn’t see or hear anything. She couldn’t move. This was what they meant by sensory deprivation. She was frightened, very frightened. In a state of panic her heart was pounding and she was getting short of breath. It was weird. No sound, complete darkness, lips trapped by the soft leather pad inside the hood. She could hardly move; her legs wide open, her vagina exposed, completely helpless. She started crying, but the tears had nowhere to go.

Then she felt Chantal’s lips softly caressing left breast. Her nipple was being gently squeezed between her lover’s lips, the tip being massaged by her warm moist tongue. Now she was feeling completely different as she moved from fear to an overwhelming euphoria.

Her body’s sensitivity was growing… without sight or sound everything was focused on touch. She felt Chantal move to her other breast, this time sucking like a baby taking her milk. How she wished she could feed her lover… perhaps one day…

Chantal changed breast and continued sucking. Was she thinking the same… to have her love drink from her breast would surely be the best thing ever. The thought of this was making her increasingly needy.

After a few minutes, her nipples slightly sore, she felt Chantal move away, only to feel hands moving down her right leg until they wrapped themselves around her foot… and now she could feel a tongue exploring between her toes, one by one kissing and sucking them, first one foot, then the other. Being in a dark soundless world her sense of feel was taking over. Every sensation was being amplified… and it was making her increasingly horny; now she was soaked between her legs.

Again, she felt Chantal’s head move away… to reappear between her thighs. One leg at a time she felt her kissing and licking, but never less than an inch away from her vagina. How she wanted her lover to lick her clit, but it wasn’t to be. Chantal was teasing her and she was helpless. Up and down the inside of her thighs, her lover’s tongue was tormenting her. How she wanted it deep inside her soaked vagina.

Her horniness was at an unbearable level. “Please, please, please…” She wanted to cry out… but she couldn’t.

It stopped. Then everything changed. She felt the first nipple clamp being tightened onto her left nipple. It hurt. Then the right nipple. It hurt a lot. She felt the silver chain connecting them being pulled upwards as if her nipples were being forced from her breasts. It must have happened ten times before it stopped. She was scared — without sight or sound the pain was so much more intense…

Nothing happened for a full minute. Her nipples were throbbing, really hurting.

Suddenly she felt a sharp pain at the top of her right leg, and again, and again. Then it stopped. She knew this was the paddle. She guessed what might be next… the whip with its painful tails.

But she was right and she was wrong. She felt the tails firstly stroking her breasts. She knew what was coming and tensed up…but instead the tails were now gently stroking her stomach… still no pain. She was confused. As the tails stroked her mound she started to panic, tears coming from her eyes, soaking the soft leather of the hood… surely her lover wouldn’t…?

Then she felt something that felt larger than Chantal’s vibrator stroking the inside of her legs. Then she remembered, this was the Hitachi Wand Chantal had bought at the bdsm shop. It felt so good. The sensual vibrations between her legs balanced the pain being inflicted by the nipple clamps. She felt the massaging top of the wand moving closer and closer to the top of her legs… then massaging her vagina and touching her over excited clit. Her confused mind tried to cry out, “Oh my god! Oh my god!… this is….” But the words were trapped, gagged inside her body. Seconds later she experienced one of the strongest, never ending, orgasms of her life. Her body repeatedly convulsed, restrained by the ropes and cuffs. Eventually lay there, exhausted.

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