Brad Bardulf: The Werewolf


Disclaimer: The story, the characters are purely fictional. Any resemblance to someone is co-incidence. The author at any point shows no discrimination either by race, colour, gender, identity or ideology. All fictional characters are at least 21 years of age.

Warning: Contains adult themes, sexual content. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Brad Bardulf: 35 year old man living with his husband in Edmonton, Canada.

Chapter 1

She was surprised when I asked her to meet my husband on a cold day. Betty wanted to spend her Saturday in her warm bed but she agreed to meet Brad. Betty came over to our house in a gray overcoat after just when I had put the lunch in the oven. She warmed her hands as she greeted my husband Brad. She was indeed surprised to see him after a year. Brad looked so stunningly different. He was very attractive.

Betty witnessed Brad’s makeover after his return from his Euro trip. Betty remembers Brad as a simple man with fine looks and a very neat appearance. Even, I can remember now Brad’s look was very classy. She looked at us and uttered, “Brad, when did you come back from your Europe trip?

Brad said, “I came back a week ago.”

Betty adjusted her blonde curls behind her ears and said, “You have changed a lot Brad. You were gone for more than a year. Where did you go exactly Brad? I know you have been in contact with Tommie but got away for so long. Tommie said you have been away from your circle of closest friends. Tell me all about your trip.”

Brad said, “I had been to visit family in Eastern Europe and in Scandinavia. Betty, Tommie and I have something important to share with you and remember you can’t laugh and you can’t get scared.”

“Scared? No I won’t be. What is it about?”

I began to speak but Brad continued, “We have a favor to ask of you and we can only ask you because Tommie trusts in you and I do too. I have something to reveal it to you Betty. It’s connected to what I’m going to ask you.”

Betty continued with a confused grin, “Listen to me Brad. Tommie and you are good friends. If you want to ask me, I’ll happy to listen to you. You can ask me.”

I checked with Betty if she would like to have a glass of wine.

“Betty, I have something to share which is very surprising. Indeed unbelievable. I am a not as you think you are. I know you wouldn’t believe. This is the reason I was away travelling to many parts of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. I know you can’t believe what I’ about to tell you.”

“Brad you are scaring me. Please go on.”

“Betty unlike you and Tommie, I am not the same. I am not a normal man.”

She asked back, “Not a normal man? I don’t understand. You guys are scaring me more now.”

I requested her not to be scared, as she took the glass of wine. She didn’t sip but rested it on the floor next to the couch. Her gray eyes seemed horrified with an unknown element of fear.

“As it might sound very stupid or like a prank, I am not normal as you think I might look or think.”

“Brad, if you cannot say, don’t! It’s not the right time for it, I guess.”

“I want to say it because we have a favor to ask of you.”

“Then say it Brad. I drove for an hour to meet you.”

Brad leaned forward and held my hand. He looked at me and then at my friend. “I am a werewolf.”

“Guys. What’s this joke? Are you all planning for some costume party? Halloween is so over.”

I intervened, “Whatever is Brad trying to say, is so true Betty. He’s not joking. I know my husband for the last ten years or more. Brad is right; he’s a werewolf.

She rose up. I saw her wanting to leave. Brad asked her, “I know you won’t believe. Let me show me some pics.”

I pleaded my friend to sit down. She did not listen to me but she again adjusted those blonde curls behind her warm ears. Her face had turned red.

I took an album from the shelf and gave it to my husband. He opened it and showed her an old map. I sat next to him and he said. “Betty, we are a clan of people who lived in Eastern Europe for more than 4000 years. This is what you see in the album and this is what you have seen in the movies or read in the books. My ancestors lived in secrecy all throughout several generations and till now. Nearly 2,000 years ago, we moved to different parts of Scandinavia to live in peace. I mean, lived in secrecy as a clan in the Fjords of Scandinavia. We hid that we are werewolves and we continue to do. My great-great-grandfather came to this country and be put down roots here as large swathes of this land was wilderness. I am Bradley von Bardulf of the Trovagfjord clan.”

Brad flipped that old album of maps and several photos. He flipped to the page where he showed the pictures of his great grandfather.

“This is my family when they came here from Scandinavia. In this pic, you can see my great grandfather. The tall one on the right was the clan chief.”

I saw the photo and saw how much Brad bore resemblance to his forefathers with his dense beard and uşak escort long hair. I hope my friend Betty saw this resemblance.

Betty said, “Brad, how this can be true?”

I said, “I do know the movies made it hard for you to believe but I don’t blame you. You know Brad is a serious man. He’s fun but not a man who would play any joke. Betty, please calm and not panic. Brad means no harm because we are friends even if Brad is half wolf.

Betty picked the wine and took her first sip. “So do you transform into a wolf?”

“Yes I can transform. That legend is true. On the full moon day I do transform from human form to a wolf form or whenever we are happy or angry.”

I don’t think she heard Brad’s last reply. She pounced at me with the glass in her hand. She was bewildered. She looked at me with mystified eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me this? I thought we shared everything as friends.”

“Betty we are good friends but it is not my secret to tell you.”

“Oh shut up Tommie.” She sipped and asked “And Tommie, are you a wolf? A werewolf? An animal? A monster in human form?”

“No. I’m just a human. Brad is the werewolf.”

“So he didn’t bite you or scratch you and transform you?”

I again pleaded her to calm down. Brad added, “It doesn’t work like that. Werewolf bites won’t transform a human to a new werewolf. Werewolves are born and never transformed. The legend of silver daggers, silver bullets have no relevance to the actual reality. We are mortals but we heal fast. We barely get sick and naturally have a lot of hair as humans.”

Brad flipped another page of the album. He continued, “Betty, we love and we care. We evolved and we stopped hunting animals. As a man or as a wolf, the werewolves that I know won’t even hurt a fly. We have adapted to live in this century. We are just unique or special because we are capable of transforming from wolf to human. The legends are true but a lot were fabricated to make us look more as animals and too fierce. I look different now because there’s a reason.”

Brad rose and came close to me. He looked at Betty and said, “Tommie’s love makes me a much better man. As a werewolf, we have the ability to love someone unconditionally and it makes no difference if that’s a man or woman. Tommie is that special love and it will never go away. Don’t be scared of us. We are your friends Betty.” Brad kissed me.

The oven alarm was loud enough and I knew the lunch is ready. I persuaded Betty to join us.

Chapter 2

The blonde barely touched her food. I am sure she was surprised at Brad’s increased appetite. Once he was a man of healthy food and salads.

“Brad, why are you telling me now? You had known me for the last three years, but why today.”

“Betty, for the last one year I have been traveling to meet the different clan members. Around 30 clans still occupy the Fjords of Scandinavia. I was given a ticket by my father and he asked me to go visit. I was trying to understand all about me and when I about to attain my ‘Werewolf Vigor’.”

Betty asked, “What does it mean by Vigor. Do you know Tommie?”

I looked at her and said, “His eyes. You see Brad’s eyes are no longer brown. It started to looked greener. Brad’s father thought he is reaching his Vigor. He had to go away and I remember when Brad’s brother did the same a few years ago.”

Brad added, “Betty, I am 35 years old and I realized when I have started to attain my Vigor as a human and a wolf. Eyes color change is the indication. In my family, we start to acquire greenish eyes. You can see these aquamarine eyes.”

Brad continued, “I have seen this with my uncle and brother. My parents, grandparents had such experience as werewolves. I have explained this to Tommie. I told him when I noticed the eye color change. That’s why I had to take this trip all by myself for self-discovery. Some clan leaders, I had meet, give me advice and a lot of reasoning. It’s about becoming a more mature, careful, and compassionate as a werewolf. Like self understanding when we turn into a wolf.”

Betty, “Are there any other werewolf than your family? The werewolf kind?

I said, “There’s a clan living in south of where we stay.”

Brad added as I watched Betty sitting without ease, “Different people attain their Vigor at different ages. Some attain in their twenties, some in their thirties like me and sometimes even in their forties. It is all part of who I am, as a human and as a wolf.”

I said, “This is very similar to what you have heard in legendary books about vampires and werewolfs. There are many things as humans we understand pretty late. Brad needed help to understand as a werewolf to be a normal man during his Vigor.”

Betty said, “Never had anyone reveal me such a scary yet unbelievable truth of their life. Not in the 24 years of my life. Are you not scared of him, Tommie?”

“Yes Betty. This is true. I am scared if he transformed when he gets angry. That is one of uşak escort bayan the purposes of attaining Vigor. He can now choose not to transform into a wolf. When Brad told me that he is a werewolf, I believed nothing. Brad introduced me to the legends, folklore and introduced me to other werewolves. I don’t know about vampires but I know Brad is a werewolf and yes he is a werewolf. Many of the legends are indeed true.”

Betty hastily took two bites of the broccoli and looked at Brad. She said, “Look at you Brad. What happened to your physique? You are beefed up. You have a long hair and a long beard. You always used shave neatly. Is it part of you becoming Vigor? Or is it a werewolf style statement”

I looked at her and suddenly found it very dumbfounded. I said, “No, it is not Betty. Brad looks stylish but it is just part of a phase of his Vigor.”

I have known Betty for the last three years. She used to work with me before. I appreciated her wit and her ability to be patient, even when she discovered there is a werewolf in her midst. She is smart and a charmer.

Betty pushed the plate aside and again adjusted her curls. “How can I help you Brad? Does Tommie need my help too? Are you in pain? Tommie did not tell me anything. What can I do?”

Brad drank his water and he spoke softly, “Listen to be Betty. As part of attaining Vigor, I need to look for up a potential woman to start a family. Tommie and I are hoping you could be that woman. You should be puzzled by we decided to ask you. It is for the best. It’s we trust you and the next you have great genes. Your family has great longevity genes. You great-grandparents are hale and hearty.”

“With me? You want it with me?”

Brad concluded, “Yes Betty, with you.”

Chapter 3

Betty’s patience made her not to react because she sat there very curiously. I felt she thought we were still playing a prank on her. Or, did she really believe us?

Brad look at me and then replied to her, “We try not to mate with another werewolf to retain more human traits in our offspring. The chances of finding the one in another werewolf is rare and it is hard to find before my Vigor period gets over. I have my Tommie but we cannot have a family of our own. I need to make have our own werewolf family. My progeny will be werewolves too. They will inherit. I need your help.”

Betty said, “The one? Is that the reason you chose Tommie? I am still processing the fact my friend’s husband is half a man and a half a wolf. I can’t imagine a family right now and in your mind, do you have somebody else.”

“Tommie just had you in his mind, when I disclosed the idea of starting a family.”

Betty looked angrily at me and asked Brad, “But why is it now you have to start a family during your Vigor? You don’t seem ready?”

“Yes, that’s true. We have to start because this is the time my offspring will inherit the greatness of human and wolf traits. I need to try before my Vigor ends.

She still looked at me and asked, “How long will your Vigor last?

“It lasts for 16 full moons.”

“Full moons?”

Brad added, “Yes. This full moon legend is also true. I have spent 14 full moons already. I need to try to mate within the next two full moons.”

“During the full moon, do you transform?”

“I do transform but it is optional. We do it because transforming helps us transition into a better shape and acquire better health. It’s like a workout. But it’s always optional.”

My husband’s reply put Betty at ease and she looked at me. She asked me, “Tommie, have you seen Brad transform into a wolf?”

“No Betty. Brad does this transformation in the woods, along with his family and clan members. But it happens on the full moon night. He once lingered around our house as a wolf and he howled. The howl woke up the neighborhood. He was so loud. He tried not to scare the neighbors again and stayed in the woods. He likes being free, where he can howl looking at the moon.”

“Why on the full moon night and not on any other night?”

“Practically, the moon makes the night very bright and we can run around the woods, run and have fun. The moonlight makes us transform very quickly. We draw the lunar energy. Remember we no longer hunt. My transformation lasts for nearly 4 to 5 hours. Sometimes longer.”

Brad rose and fetched another wine bottle. As he rose, I saw that my husband has bulked and his eyes so were sparkly green. Brad said, “Wednesday is a full moon night. You can come by the lake and I can transform. Make sure you don’t bring anyone. Tommie will bring you there.”

I added, “Part of choosing you is also that we trust you. Don’t tell anyone. You don’t have to decide about starting a family with Brad but you can think over it.”

Betty shrieked, “I never thought until now about having a family of my own and you want me to have a werewolf family? Don’t expect me to say yes, Tommie.” She paused and asked, “Brad how are you planning to get escort uşak me pregnant? Clinical trials?”

Brad said, “Betty no. The usual way. The natural way. By having sex.”

She again shrieked, “How on earth? You are gay and married. How can you have straight sex with me? Are you straight now?”

“Gay guys just don’t go straight. But Brad is a gay werewolf and not trying to go straight.” I said.

I continued, “Brad and I never thought about this. But Brad is sure and I support him. If you are ready, I will be more than happy to support you Betty.” I moved over and kissed Brad as he was pouring himself a glass of wine from the new bottle.

Brad continued, “I know, you had a lot to decide. We don’t expect you to agree. But I need to have sex a day or two days after the full moon night. Let me explain. After my transformation, I will be clearer in my mind. I will be more virile and won’t get tired. I will produce more quality sperms to impregnate. Four days of after my transformation, I will not produce the best sperms. I have just two full moons before my Vigor is over.”

“Tommie. What if I don’t want this? What if I don’t agree?”

“We are planning to ask Alison, if you say no. I am sure she will say yes to Brad. You know she’s after Brad, especially after seeing him with a beard. If Alison says no, we plan on talking to Debra.” I added more, “Honey, we love you and will respect whatever your decision is. We love you to be part of our family. My only request is you maintain Brad’s secret.”

“Alison? That’s not a bad choice but she’s not perfect.” She looked at Brad and said, “I am scared and confused.”

Brad said, “Next Wednesday come by the lake and watch me transform. It will be Tommie’s first time too to watch me transform into a wolf. Then you can decide. Maybe you will believe me.”

Brad became edgy and looked at me. He said, “Listen Betty dear. There one more thing Betty. I was born with two other siblings at the same time. We are fraternal and you have seen my brother. He looks different. So, if you are agreeing to go ahead with my request, you may end up bearing two or three of my offspring at the same time.”

I am sure Betty couldn’t make up her mind, as she pushed her blonde curls again behind her ears.

Chapter 4

I picked up Betty the following Wednesday and drove her to the lake. The night was awfully cold and wintry. The sky was clear and the moon was bright. It was a beautiful, moonlit full moon night. The night has some essence of romance but the bitter cold wind made me stay attached to my coat. My husband had gone to meet his clan member before sunset. Tonight, I will see the version of my husband that I have only heard and watched in movies.

The night was very dark and the woods surrounding the lake was noisy from the swaying trees. Suddenly I heard a cry. The noise got closer and cry sounded more like a howl. Brad is here. Betty and I got out of the car and we hurried out. The howling got louder but still distant. From one side, I feared it could some animal or a mountain lion. Betty feared a ghost. The silence disappeared.

The silence again grew louder. I could hear the rustling leaves and insects buzzing. I felt Betty hold my hand. I looked at her. She was pale in her porcelain skin and the moonlight made her hair shine.”

Betty said, “I hear footsteps Tomm…..”

I know she did not even finish my name when I heard the heavy footsteps.

From the tall pines, I could see a tall figure walking towards us. Like a bear. It got closer and much closer. I heard another distant howl. The bear like figure walked and the moonlight started to reveal some glimpse of the approaching beast. The moonlight shone brighter to reveal a fierce looking man. He had his hair open and bare-chested. He is a larger man, wearing only his boxers. His beard was so wild and his eyes glowed. The unique, aquamarine eye glow.

“That’s Brad. That’s Brad,” Betty hissed.

I know that is my husband in his most wild form and still human. He stood thirty feet away. I felt her clench my palm in fear. Suddenly, Brad turned towards his left and knelt on his one knee. I got to visualize his body undergo a metamorphosis with sudden hair growth. His muscles grew wider on his hands and arms. His teeth grew longer and beast like. Under two minutes, he transformed into the wolf, under the canopy of the bright moonlight. There, he is as a wolf, covered with a white furry body, with claws, canines and a growling face. The same aquamarine eyes.

The wolf immediately looked up with his long mouth at the moon and howled. The animal stood over six feet. The sound almost hurt my ears and it was louder than thunder. The wolf looked back at us, it growled and then it howled again. Thunderous howl! The wolf sprinted towards his left direction leaving squalls from his footsteps.

I looked at Betty and she stood there ice cold with a smirk.

I asked, “Did you see that Betty?”

“Yeah. Fuck yeah. Brad is a werewolf. A real werewolf.”

“Yes. It is my husband. That frightening howl, did you hear from that beast? My dear husband, who can sing and play music was growling at me tonight… as a wolf.”

My eyes grew weary and so were my senses. I could hear more howling in the wilderness.

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