But She Is Straight?


Jayne was looking forward to finishing college. She had done all of her coursework bar one and was finishing that day. She always aimed to get high grades but could feel her focus waning as the day grew on. Realising she was just too excited to make her coursework any better she sent off the work and left, with nothing but the bright summer and university to look forward to.

Her celebrations were vast, she drank too much and fucked many boys. She was a very pretty girl and never failed at getting male attention. She had long brunette hair that was never a strand out of place, her face was slim and flawless, she was beautifully tall and athletic, curves where they were meant to be and with obvious muscle definition. Jayne always wanted to please boys, her libido wasn’t very high but she didn’t like letting boys down or leaving them rejected. She knew that people were calling her names because she had slept with many men, but the way she saw it, she was simply helping men quench their thirst with no regard for her own.

She was keen to find herself a lover, but she never found success. Short relationships, perhaps, but nothing longer than a month. Jayne just assumed she was simply not old or mature enough for a relationship and didn’t dwell on the subject much.

In August, her hard work had obviously showed up, her results were the highest in the class! This meant that she had a pick of all of the universities she had applied for as they all said they would take her in. She settled on London University. Far enough from her home in Wiltshire, but not too far. Grinning from ear to ear, she applied for halls accommodation, not affording a room to herself, so she had to get a twin room, which made her even more excited as Jayne loved to meet new people, and what better ways than living with them!

Finally the time had come for Jayne to go to university. She packed all of her bags and her parents drove her to London, where she promptly said goodbye and excitedly went to her room. The room was quite small, with a bunk bed, two desks and two drawers. She had opted for the en suite bathroom as a little treat and it was small, with just a shower cubicle, sink and toilet. Though small, Jayne had already taken to love her little place.

Jayne was first to arrive at halls and she was beginning to get nervous about meeting her roommate and others in her halls. She unpacked her bags and called dibs on the top bunk- she always had top bunk. She still didn’t see any sign of her roommate, and all this excitement of moving had made her a little horny. Stretching out on the bed she tried to evacuate all horny thoughts from her head, but it just made it worse. Figuring she was going to be alone for a little while, she slipped her hand down her trousers, undoing the button and fly zip.

She felt her clit and, as usual, marvelled at how soft and silky she felt beneath her fingers. As she started rubbing, she felt the tension growing insider her body, she felt herself getting wetter, she was hyperaware of her ragged breathing. She hadn’t had a decent orgasm in days!

Just when Jayne was really getting into it, she heard a door slam and somebody talking, saying goodbye. Jayne removed her hand as fast as she could and did up her jeans just as the bedroom door opened.

They girl that was stood in the doorway was quite short, with curly brunette hair and had a very slim figure. She paused to analyse her surroundings and noticed Jayne on the top of the bunk bed. She smiled politely and realised that Jayne was a bit red in the face, and she was out of breath, her face held an expression of that of a rabbit in the headlights. She thought that Jayne was ill or something, so she simply asked “Are you alright?”

It was a simple question, but it shocked Jayne, as she was certain that this girl had seen something, but it appeared she hadn’t, so she just went along with it.

“Yeah, I’ve just sorted out my bag and it’s left me a little tired,” she replied, “I’m Jayne by the way.”

“Annie, pleased to meet you,” said the other girl. “I see you have claimed top bunk, so I’ll sort my stuff out on the bottom, ok?”

“Yeah, fine by me. Sorry, adıyaman escort I always have top bunk, hope that’s ok.” Said Jayne meekly.

Annie raised her eyebrow and replied “ok but I get first dibs on the shower in the mornings,” to which both of the girls giggled and agreed upon.

As Annie sorted out her bags, the girls chatted, and got to know each other, and Jayne knew that Annie was going to be a close friend of hers. That night, they went out to celebrate moving in together and they both got quite drunk. Jayne told Annie about her slutty alter-ego, to which Annie just giggled nervously and asked “how do you have the confidence to take a man back to your place, though?”

Jayne contemplated this for a while and she eventually replied “I have a morale on life; if you want to do something, do it. If you never take that chance and you never try, then you’ll never get what you want. Yes, you stand the risk of embarrassing yourself or creating an awkward situation, but that a risk I’m willing to take.”

Allow replied in a low whisper “that’s so inspirational,” and she got lost in unfathomable thought.

A few days later, Jayne was feeling the strain of her not-so orgasm. Sharing a room with Annie was nice, she was chirpy and always happy, but she never left Jayne’s side. Just as Jayne was getting desperate, Annie announced “I’m going to the library, come with?” To which Jayne eagerly but politely declined, knowing full well that this alone time was the best she was going to get.

As soon as Annie was out, Jayne prepared her time to herself. Jayne loved watching porn, a secret that she always kept to herself. Calling up her favourite porn website, she selected the ‘reality section’, loving the thought that it could happen. She watched lesbian porn once, and it was with a boy, whom she was close friends with and she turned it off after four minutes. Not because it didn’t turn her on, but because it made her incredibly wet, and she was so embarrassed that lesbian porn turned her on. Over time, she figured it was a one-off situation and she was as straight as they come.

There were lots of videos in the sections she looked in, reality, amateur, couples etc, but none of them really stood out to Jayne, which was unusual, she usually had to choose between 10. Not letting herself get even more frustrated, Jayne took serious measures and entered the ‘lesbians’ page. She instantly found a video and proceeded to watch it.

Jayne found herself getting wet incredibly quickly, and played with her soaking clit, screaming and moaning along with the video. She writhed in pleasure and came, hard and fast, giving her the most intense orgasm she ever had, so strong it sent waves over her body for over half an hour, and her clit was still sensitive for an hour.

Unfortunately, Annie was back in the room 15 minutes after Jayne’s breathtaking orgasm, and when she opened the door, a sweet smell greeted her nose, one she recognized, but couldn’t figure out what it was. Annie noticed Jayne on her bed, looking breathless, content and very flustered. She knew instantly what had happened and felt a little jealous, she hadn’t had a release in days either. Annie cleared her throat to let Jayne know she was there, and Jayne jumped in shock, which sent shockwaves through her sensitive and throbbing clit, making her moan quietly.

Bright red in the face Jayne muttered “I’m so sorry,” to Annie, to which she replied “it’s ok, looks like you’ve had fun. Go take a shower, we’ll go out for dinner tonight, my treat.”

Surprised that Annie slid off the subject so rapidly, Jayne thankfully stumbled to the bathroom, giving little moans as she went.

Annie giggled to herself, finding Jayne very humorous in her state of awkward pleasure. She settled on her bed and noticed Jayne had left her phone on the bed, still lit up. On the screen was a very hot scene of two girls, 69ing together. Annie was shocked that Jayne was into that, she seemed 100% straight, but in a way, Annie was relieved. She never told Jayne about her closeted homosexuality, and seeing this somehow made Annie feel a lot more confident escort adıyaman about telling Jayne.

Jayne emerged from the bathroom, a lot more stable but still obviously squirming every time her legs moved. Jayne was wearing her silk bra and matching panties, and her wet long hair looked beautiful on her fair skin, and Annie tried to look elsewhere or even in Jayne’s eyes, but she couldn’t stop staring, Jayne was beautiful!

Jayne noticed Annie staring and felt herself get turned on again. ‘What is going on??’ She asked in her head, ‘it was probably that orgasm, I am not getting turned on by another girl staring at me, I am straight!!’ But even she was beginning to doubt herself, and Annie was sure that Jayne was bisexual.

An hour later, the girls were sat in an Italian restaurant, in total and awkward silence.

Jayne broke the ice; “I’m sorry for what you saw earlier, I think we both do it, I just really needed that release. I admire your resilience, you must be bursting!”

“Its ok,” replied Annie, “I understand, I am quite feeling that strain too, it’s driving me crazy!”

“How much did you see?” Asked Jayne.

“Only you looking happier than a paedo in a playground and you moaning every time you moved,” giggled Annie cautiously.

This made Jayne giggle a lot, she went bright red and muttered her apologies again.

“Honestly it’s fine, it was quite funny,” said Annie, “but I do have a question for you.”

“Oh? Spill” said Jayne with curiosity.

“I noticed you left your phone behind when you went to the shower and I what what you were watching. I thought you were straight? I mean, it’s fine if your bisexual, I’m actually… I’m gay myself… so you can talk to me if you want to.”

Jayne was shocked at what she had just heard, and she tried forming sentences to blurt out “your… gay? I’m not… I’m straight… I think… I just like girls… with other girls… not me I mean..”

“Woah, calm down girl, your babbling. I’m sorry if I offended you. You obviously don’t even know what you are at the moment, and I’m sorry if I shocked you by coming out like that. You are very pretty though and if you ever need a hand deciding what you are… I’m sure I can help,” winked Annie smoothly.

“Umm… thank you… but I’m pretty sure I’m straight. So how are you liking the pizza?” Jayne changed the subject quickly.

That night, Jayne couldn’t sleep. As she lay still, as not to disturb Annie, she had many questions in her head; is this why I don’t really enjoy my sex with boys? Is this why my libido is so low; I’ve been with the wrong gender? Does Annie like me? Would I have sex with Annie? This last question shocked Jayne, as she had not thought of that before, but the idea of it make Jayne uncomfortable, because it was turning her on… a lot.

Jayne figured she would need to kiss Annie to figure out her true feelings, but no way would she do that by asking! Eventually the impulse got too high, and she climbed out of the top bunk and stared at a sleeping Annie.

Before she could back out, Jayne slowly bent over Annie and kissed her tenderly and slowly on the lips. Her mouth was on her lips for a long time and she had to will herself away. Instantly Jayne knew her answer. That single kiss turned her on more that any man has. She retreated back to her bed and lay there, awake all night, staring at the ceiling.

Annie was woken by a kiss on her lips. It was a girls kiss, and by the feel of it, it was Jayne’s. Knowing it was a good idea, Annie kept her eyes closed until Jayne climbed back into the bed above her. Annie had her mind bombarded by thoughts and feelings, but she knew that Jayne was experimenting on her, when she couldn’t get embarrassed. This thought turned on Annie immensely, and she could feel her pussy getting soaked.

When she thought Jayne was asleep, her bed was still and all she could hear was breathing, Annie took off her pajama bottoms and slowly worked their way toward her shaven, wet slit. As soon as her finger touched her clit she gasped… She hadn’t touched herself in days, and was craving a long and hard orgasm, much adıyaman escort bayan like Jayne’s.

She began working on herself, first slow, trying to control her moans that were getting louder and louder. Little did she know, Jayne was still awake, and hearing Annie pleasure herself turned her on a lot, and made her want to join in. When Annie was close to orgasm, Jayne wanted to get Annie’s attention, to see if Annie would invite her to join, she was much too shy to simply ask or take over. So, Jayne climbed down the bunk bed, making sure Annie could hear the creaking bed. She purposely left her raised leg against one of the bars for a second longer, so Annie had full view of her wet panties. Jayne then walked to the bathroom.

When Annie heard the creaking of the bed, she froze, devastated that Jayne had probably heard. She covered herself and stared into the darkness, worried about what might happen. She noticed Jayne’s leg, coming down onto the floor and a dark shape connected to the leg, which she soon realised was her panties, that were soaking wet and floated there for a lot longer than usual. The panties were eventually followed by Jayne, going to the bathroom. Annie suspected that this was intentional, and Jayne was hinting she wanted to join, but she wasn’t sure, she needed another sign. Right at that moment, Jayne emerged from the bathroom, wearing nothing but a bra and holding the wet panties. She pretended to act as though she didn’t know Annie was awake and threw her panties… Right in the middle of Annie’s bed. “Oops,” she said quietly. She reached out to grab them, but her arm was gripped by Annie’s soft hand.

“Looking for these?” Asked Annie, with a smirk on her face.

“Yeah, sorry, they got a little damp,” replied Jayne meekly.

“I can see that. You want me, don’t you?”

“Yes.” Jayne said ever so quietly.


“Yes, Annie. I want you. So much!” Shouted Jayne.

“Thats all I need.” Annie said enthusiastically. She lifted her face up to kiss Jayne. Jayne hesitated for a second, but realised she needed Annie too much to care anymore, and she returned the kiss. Jayne loved the feel of a woman’s softer pair of lips on hers, a smoother tongue in her mouth and a wave of passion she had never felt for anybody before.

Annie pinned Jayne down and sat on her, both of the girls had their pussies on show, and there was a damp patch on Jayne where Annie was sat. Annie swiftly removed her own bra and took off Jayne’s bra with ease. She explored Jayne’s body with her mouth, starting at the neck, kissing and licking it, making Jayne visibly aroused. She moved down, nipping at her collar bones. Eventually, she reached Jayne’s beautiful DD breasts, twice the size of her own. She nibbled down to her nipple, where she suckled and nipped, and it made Jayne crazy. “Please, please Annie, please,” squealed Jayne, pleading Annie for sweet release.

Annie needed no more persuasion, as she slid her hand down Jayne’s shaved pussy, feeling how wet she was, feeling her soft clit, where she rubbed slowly, still nibbling down her body. At this point Jayne was convulsing every time Annie slid her finger over her clit. Her mouth had reached Jayne’s labia, and she stuck her tongue out into her slit.

This drove Jayne crazy as she screamed and moaned Annie’s name, not caring for her neighbours. Annie sucked on Jayne’s clit, teased it, and inserted two fingers into Jayne’s tight pussy, pumping hard. It didn’t take long for Jayne to get an orgasm and when it came, Jayne screamed Annie’s name loud, and shook violently. Jayne got lost in the intensity of the orgasm, and she kept getting waves of pleasure, making her conclude each time. Jayne eventually came to about ten minutes later, when she noticed Annie sat opposite her, smiling and masturbating furiously.

Jayne swiftly got up and held Annie’s busy hand, telling her to stop. She maneuvered Annie so she was sat on Jayne’s face, a position both girls enjoyed. Jayne delved her tongue into Annie’s pussy as far as she could manage, and sucked up all of her juices, which were sweet and salty. Annie moaned, and squirmed in pleasure. Jayne then focussed her attention to Jayne’s throbbing clit that begged her attention. Jayne sucked and nibbled on the little nub, and in no time at all, Annie screamed Jayne’s name and fell onto the bed in a heap, panting and shaking.

“Where did you learn that?” Asked Annie.

“Oh just in a porno I watched,” giggled Jayne.

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