Camping , Coitus Pt. 02 – Girl Talk


Author’s Note: This is a continuation of a story I wrote in the Erotic Couplings section. This takes place the morning after Tyler proved to Jasmine he is bisexual and right before Scott and Kelly arrive at the campsite. I have decided to make three more parts. This story is of course under Lesbian Sex, the third one will be Gay Male and the last one will be either Erotic Couplings or Group Sex. Also the intro to this story will be copied onto the third part but this side will be from the women’s side while the third part will be from the men’s side. Characters are fictional and are over the age of 18. This is a fictional story that involves use of toys on men and women. If you don’t like that or don’t like a bisexual man or a bisexual woman then click off now. You’ve been warned.


“We’re going to have so much fun this weekend just you wait.” Kelly said while pinching Scott’s cheek. They were almost at the campsite that was already occupied by their friends Tyler and Jasmine. They had been there many times before and had even decorated it a bit since it was their own little spot in the wilderness. They had put lots of stuff their like a couch that could become a bed, various cooking utensils, a few lighters and hidden in some areas they had weed, LSD and ecstasy. They would be spending the week there enjoying the great outdoors as well as each other. What Scott didn’t know was that Jasmine and Kelly had planned to turn Scott and Tyler bisexual since they both were bisexual as well.

Kelly and Scott are white catholic Americans. Kelly is a blond with blue eyes and is a drop dead babe. She’s curvy, posses two Double D’s and has a much bigger ass than Jasmine. She’s 145 lbs, 5ft 6 and is to most people a 10/10, to Tyler she’s a seven. Scott has short brown hair, golden eyes, an 8 pack, is very buff, 6ft, 215 lbs and he has a 6 inch dick and a bubble butt. Scott was really looking forward to this week as well. Kelly said she has some kind of surprise for him tonight and he’s excited but he’s also nervous. The night before he was supposed to tell Kelly about his bisexuality and how him and Tyler have been having sex on the side but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“I can’t wait to see what it is baby.” Scott said with a smile. “I love you.” Kelly kissed him on the cheek since he was driving.

“I love you too Scooty.” Kelly teased while tapping his nose. “Look we’re here.” They rolled up next to Tyler’s Lincoln Navigator and got out of the car. They saw Tyler and Jasmine sitting comfortably on the couch eating some eggs and toast (Tyler’s car had some plug outlets so he was able to use plug in stuff like a toaster) and drinking some fresh brewed coffee. Tyler was in a pair of gym shorts and his sneakers and Jasmine wore her bra and panties from the night before as well as some purple sneakers without socks. Scott was wearing cargo shorts, a light blue t shirt and flip flops and Kelly was wearing jean shorts that clung to her ass, a short tank top that hung above her belly button and barely covered her breasts, a pink hat that was on backwards and fishing boots. They were planning on doing some fishing and the girls were very competitive when it came to fishing unlike the guys who relaxed while fishing.

“Heeeeey.” Jasmine said as she got up to greet them. She hugged Scott than gave him a kiss as Tyler and Kelly did the same and then Jasmine pulled Kelly into a big hug. Tyler and Scott started also hugging since they were close friends (who occasionally fucked) and Jasmine pulled Kelly into a deep kiss. Kelly’s back was to Scott’s as his mouth was ravaged by Tyler and could feel his finger tease his ass. Jasmine smiled at that and eventually they all stopped. “I’m happy you both are finally here, now we can start this week off right. Tonight we’re gonna party.” Jasmine said.

“Hell to the Yes! We got alcohol, drugs and food for days! As well some other special items.” Tyler teased as he pulled Jasmine into a fierce kiss as they groped each other. Kelly and Scott were very turned on by what was happening but they were very hungry and the smell of eggs and coffee.

“Well we would love to but we were wondering if we could get some of that breakfast, we didn’t have a chance to eat.” Scott stated.

“Yeah no problem, we can whip up a batch for you guys but we need more firewood. Tyler, why don’t you and Scott go get some and Kelly and I can catch up on the last 24 hours.” The two men nodded and went off into the woods where they would have their own intimate conversation. (A/N see Part 3 for their adventure).

Girls side.

The girls sat down on the couch and started talking about their previous days. That’s when Jasmine asked the big question. “So how was your reaction afyon escort to Scott last night?” Jasmine asked giggling and stretching her arms down between her legs.

“What do you mean?” Kelly asked with a confused expression.

“I mean were you shocked at first about he told you? When Tyler told me I was floored, but the sex afterwards was amazing. We’re going to have so much fun this week.” Jasmine said still smiling.

“I literally have no idea what you’re talking about Jas, did you spike your coffee this morning?” Kelly questioned a little concerned.

“Yes I added some alcohol to my coffee but I’m talking about what Scott told you last night.” Jasmine said.

“He didn’t tell me anything besides how much fun we’re going to have this week after we fucked. That’s it.” Kelly stated.

“He didn’t tell you he’s bisexual?” Jasmine asked.

“WHHAAAAAAT!” Kelly shrieked. “He is not bisexual, even though I want him to be.”

“Well let me tell you something sweetie. He is. And so is Tyler. They’re both bisexual and they have been fucking behind our back since we started our sex life with them.” Jasmine claimed.

“Don’t lie to me bitch, I know you are just playing and this is some joke you and Tyler made up.” Kelly exclaimed.

“Hey! Watch out before you start calling people bitches you slut!” Jasmine yelled.

“Watch your dirty mouth whore!” Kelly yelled as the girls started grabbing and pulling at each other. They were both getting turned on by the mini fight but none were willing to show their true colors.

Jasmine grabbed Kelly’s shirt and ripped it open, letting Kelly’s natural DD tits hang down. “No bra, you really are a slut.” Jasmine said teasingly as she fondled her tits and tossed away her hat.

“Well at least I have the decency to be wearing clothes unlike this!” Kelly shouted as she ripped off her bra and panties, revealing Jasmines dripping pussy. “How cute, the whore is getting wet at being told how much of a slut she is.” Kelly started rubbing and smacking her clit.

“Well if you like touching it so much why don’t you suck on it! Jasmine shouted as she forced Kelly’s face into her cunt and wrapped her legs into a headlock around her, keeping her there. Kelly tried to squirm but her legs were up and Jasmine had a tight hold on her arms and neck. “You can eat me out while I tell you about how our boyfriends are bisexual studs and how the week is going to go. Then maybe if you’re a good bitch I’ll fuck you.” Jasmine said as she fondled Kelly’s right tit with one hand and sucked and fondled her own with her other hand. Kelly could only moan in agreement.

“Good, now let me tell you what Tyler told me. He told me he was bisexual and I, just like you, didn’t believe it. He then went on to tell me that he and Scott had admitted to each other years before they were bisexual but they never did anything together, up until the night they had their individual dates with us.” Jasmine narrated. “Before I continue I’m going to cum first, make me cum then you can stop and I’ll finish telling you.”

Kelly started rapidly tongue fucking Jasmine until her face was drenched in cum. Jasmine released her grip on Kelly but pulled her so that Jasmine could lick up her pussy juice. After the tongue cleaning the girls were now lying down. Jasmine had her head on the armrest while Kelly laid her head down on Jasmines stomach. “Thank you for letting me eat you out Jas.” Kelly said.

“No need to be thankful, just don’t say things like that again cause we both know I’ll win. Got it bitch?” Jasmine declared.

“Yes ma’am, I am your loyal slutty servant.” Kelly said back. “Now please finish telling me how our boyfriends are supposed bisexuals.” She said as she snuggled her head a little closer to Jasmines breasts.

“Sure thing. Anything for MY slut. So apparently our boy toys were nervous ass virgins a couple nights before our big dates. They ran through some whole scenario of how the night would go. They eventually got to the sex part. And they fucked all night long. They cummed in and on each other all night long. They fuck whenever they hangout. And for all we know they’re out in the woods fucking right now, like a couple of bisexual rabbits in heat.”

Kelly wiggled up to Jasmine’s tits and started rubbing her chocolate nipples. “Mmmmm those naughty boys. Was it actually true or was that Tyler’s way of seducing you onto his cock? It definitely would’ve worked on me.” Kelly said before she started to lick and suck on Jasmine’s right tit and fondle the left.

“Well at first I thought he was BSing but then after one of my world famous blowjobs I strapped on the Monster Rod. I filled his ass with afyon escort bayan it and he claimed it’s bigger than Scott’s dick and started to let me fuck him. He was pissed and claimed I was slow and so he pushed me onto my back and started bouncing himself up and down. It was such a hot sight I had cum when it happened. Tyler with a dick in his ass is one of the greatest things I’ve ever witnessed. After like five minutes of fucking him he jizzed all over me and licked most of it up. He left some so we could have a cummy kiss.”

Kelly pick her up head and asked “What happened next?” She then swapped sides and started sucking on Jasmine’s left tit and rubbing her right tit. Her leg also pressed up against Jasmine’s dripping pussy and felt her juices flow down her leg.

“Mmmm keep sucking like that and I’ll tell you anything.” Jasmine moaned as she slipped her hand into Kelly’s jean shorts and started rubbing Kelly’s asscrack, occasionally slipping a finger or two into her asshole. Kelly kept at it like instructed. “So after that Tyler had reached out side the tent and presented a huge double ended vibrating dildo. Apparently Scott and him use it all the time.”

Kelly squirted a bit just at the thought of that. “Can I see it?” Kelly asked. Jasmine pointed at the tent and Kelly rushed in looking for it while Jasmine reached into an open bag and took out the Monster Rod strap-on. She put it on as Kelly was coming out with the massive toy. “Oh my god. This isn’t any double ended dildo, this is the King Dick Vibrating Double Dong. This thing is so long, big and sexy. Just the sight of this makes me wanna cum.” Kelly said as she noticed Jasmine wearing the strap-on. Kelly dropped to her knees as she was so weak from the hornyness. She also orgasmed in her shorts so there’s that. “What did he do to you with the big dick?” Kelly asked as she started crawling towards Jasmine while her cunt was gushing.

Jasmine waited on the couch while she spoke. “He had us both occupy an end of the dildo with our asses.” Jasmine said as Kelly reached her. Jas could see her crotch area was soaking wet and started helping her out of the shorts. “We fucked each other hard with the cock in our asses, our asses smacking loudly every time they connected.” Kelly had discarded her boots and now they finally got rid of her shorts. Jasmine smacked her bare ass and licked her pussy a little, getting a taste of her handiwork. “Then Tyler pulled me on top of him and with the dildo still in our asses he slid his rock hard cock into me and started fucking me.” Kelly was now sucking on Jasmines toes after pulling her shoes and socks off. “And we fucked for a while until we both finally came.” Kelly was furiously masturbating while she started licking the strap-on. “And before we ate breakfast, I fucked Tyler again with the rod. And I made him cum everywhere. He even added his jizz to the eggs and coffee.” Kelly came during that last sentence and was now squatting above the strap-on. “And now after I fucked him to completion, I’m going to do the same to you.”

Jasmine yanked Kelly down onto her fake dick and started fucking the shit out of her. “Oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes!” Kelly moaned. Kelly and Jasmine had fucked many times before but this time was different. This time they fucked while thinking about all the sexy fun and they’re going to have this week. “Oooohhhhhhh.” Kelly came from the sweet fucking but Jasmine wasn’t finished just yet. She pulled out of her pussy and shoved her monster rod into her ass. “Ohhhhh fuck yes, that’s it, right there. Fuck me yes.” Kelly moaned.

“Yes that’s right. Moan whore. Moan from the fake dick in your Ass. I know much you love this. You’re a whore for loving this aren’t you?” Jasmine seductively said.

“Yes I’m a whore!” Kelly shouted.

“You’re not just a whore. You’re my whore. And like the whore you are you’re going to do whatever I please for the whole week. Isn’t that right whore?” Jasmine said.

“Yes I will do whatever you say.” Kelly said.

“Good. First when we’re fucking you must answer to whatever I say. Second you must call me Master or Mommy or Mistress whenever you address me or else there will be consequences. Got it slut?” Jasmine exclaimed

“Yes mommy, I will answer to what ever you say mommy.” Kelly said while on the verge of cumming again. “I’m about to cum again mommy just for you.”

Before she could squirt, Jasmine stopped fucking Kelly all together. She stood up and removed the strap-on before lying back down on the couch in a spread eagle position “You’ve been a greedy cum whore since I started fucking you. I’ve cummed only once while you came at least three times. I want you to eat me out some more. escort afyon And don’t you dare make yourself cum.” Jasmine said.

“Yes mistress.” Kelly said as she started eating out Jasmine. Since Jasmine was already mega horny from the fucking she just provided, she came early onto Kelly’s face. Before Kelly could lick her face clean, Jasmine lifted her up and brought her into a 69 position. They both were now eating each other out and they loved it. Jasmine didn’t love it when Kelly came on her without warning her.

“You fucking stupid bitch. I wasn’t ready for that. Now I’m going to punish you.” She started smacking Kelly’s ass but she giggled every time her ass got smacked. “Oh you like that don’t you bitch? Let’s see how you like this!” Jasmine said as she made a fist and shoved it into Kelly’s asshole.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPHHHHHHH!!” Kelly’s screams were muffled by Jasmine’s pussy that squirted onto her face. Kelly was getting fistfucked as well as face cummed. She in so much pain but she was enjoying it. Jasmine got her arm in there and rapidly fistfucked her. “Fuck I’m cumming!” Jasmine yanked her arm out of Kelly’s ass and held her hand under Kelly’s pussy. She squirted onto her hand and Jasmine made her start tasting a combo of her pussy and ass juice. Jasmine then started slapping Kelly’s face and tits.

“This is what happens when you disobey or don’t warn me when your little bitch pussy is cumming.” Jasmine said as she grabbed a bottle. Kelly as mentioned before as really big tits and one time they learned that she can lactate even though she’s never been pregnant. Jasmine took the bottle to Kelly’s right tit and started squeezing. She produced some milk into the bottle and preserved it. They weren’t going to use it now, they would use it later during the week. Jasmine did start sucking the milk out the tit that was producing it. She used Kelly’s milk a lot and she really loved drinking straight from the tap… or tit in this case.

She pulled off and after swallowing some she spat the rest in Kelly’s face. “Such a good slut aren’t ya?” Jasmine had questioned.

“Yes I’m a good slut.” Kelly said. “I will always be your good slut. I am yours and my body is yours for you to do whatever you please with it. I am your sex slave.”

Jasmine smiled and fiercely made out with her. She pulled off and grabbed the double ended dick and shoved it in her own ass. “That’s what I love hearing. Come over bitch and join me in fucking this dick.” Jasmine demanded. Kelly obeyed and was able to ease her ass onto the other end after her recent fistfucking. Jasmine turned it on and made out with Kelly and fondled her breats. After a couple minutes of that Kelly squirted on their legs. “I knew that would happen. I was waiting for that I could do this.” Jasmine said she forced Kelly onto the couch.

With the dildo still filling their asses, Jasmine intertwined their legs together and started scissoring. They loved scissoring each other, they did it every time they had sex. But this time it was hotter now that they had a double dong in their asses that on many occasions made their boyfriends orgasm, coating the dildo with their ass juice every time they used it. “Ooooohhhh. Ooooh. Ooohhh fuck yes. Ah. Fuck. Fuck this so fucking good I’m going to cum again!” Kelly said as she squirted. Jasmine was able to hold out longer and decided something better. She stopped so she remove the dildo from their assholes. She then put one end up her vagina and shoved the other end in Kelly’s and went back to the scissoring. Kelly came again from that.

They now had been scissoring with the dildo shoved deep in their pussies for 15 minutes. Kelly had cummed another two times while Jasmine was on the brink of cumming. “Oh fuck. Mistress Jasmine, I’m about to cum again and I feel like I’m gonna pass out.” Kelly moaned.

“Just wait for me girl. I’m about erupt myself.” Jasmine also moaned.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh FUUUUCCCCK!!” Kelly yelled.

“Fuck yes baby. Right there. Ooohhh YYEEEEEAAAAH!!” Jasmine yelled.

They squirted furiously onto each other and the couch. They stopped and collapsed on each other with Kelly on top. Jasmine removed the dildo and started shoving Kelly’s side into her throat, tasting her girlfriends pussy juice. She pushed the other end into Kelly’s mouth and when their lips connected they started making out while the dildo was still in. They eventually pulled off for some air and they discarded the dildo onto the couch while Kelly snuggled her head onto Jasmines breasts, using them like a pillow.

Jasmine kissed Kelly’s forehead and played around with her tits for a bit. “Mmm I love you Kelly. You’re the best girlfriend a girl like me could have.” Jasmine said smiling.

Kelly had apparently passed out cause she replied with a loud & long snore.

“Greedy bitch.” Jasmine commented annoyingly. She thought about how she would punish her later when she heard someone running in her direction.

To be continued…

I hope you all enjoyed!

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