Confession Ch. 11


Over the next week the excitement built in me. A nervous energy seemed to have taken over the whole household. On top of that I had received the package from e-bay and was very keen to try it out. I helped Jerome with his packing and found it hard to contain my excitement. I was all but skipping around the house naked almost all the time and when Cathy caught me hanging the washing naked again I didn’t feel in the slightest embarrassed. In fact if anything I found myself strutting a little for her.

“Hey you. I see you’re enjoying the sunshine again.”

“It’s a beautiful day. I had to take advantage. Have you got time for a cuppa?”

“Sure I’ll be over in five, just got to finish hanging my own washing.”

“I’ll go put the kettle on.”

I hung the rest of the washing then went inside. I flicked the kettle on on my way past and was about to go put a dress or something on when I realized I didn’t have to. It’s not as though she hasn’t seen me naked before, I thought to myself and I felt a little shiver of excitement go through me as I thought about strutting around the house naked for Cathy and making sure she gets a better view of my body than just over the fence.

My nipples were hard and my pussy was tingling as I thought about it and I could feel the nervous excitement of doing something new. That’s when the doorbell rang. As I walked towards it I could feel my slippery folds sliding against each other as my pussy got wetter.

Cathy stepped in as I opened the door for her. She blushed a little at first which I found really endearing but she did her absolute best not to look shocked. It is an unusual experience to find yourself next to someone completely naked but she handled it well. I know it’s not the reaction I would have gotten from anyone else in my friend group.

At first there was a certain amount of tension aydın escort as she got used to the fact that I was completely naked. I felt a little uncomfortable as I worried that perhaps she was just checking out what the crazy neighbor was doing. Eventually she admitted to feeling a little unusual sitting there talking to me while I was naked but she wasn’t embarrassed or put off, it was just unusual in the sense that it had never happened before.

I offered to go put something on but she insisted that I stay as I was. I laughed and told her that she was welcome to be naked herself if she wanted. I saw a moments hesitation where she seemed to give it some serious consideration but then ultimately she declined with a giggle.

Eventually we both lost our self consciousness as I told her more about my photography and I could see that Cathy was getting closer and closer to agreeing to model for me and I did my best to sell her on the idea. I just can’t do what I really want without a model. I dropped several more hints throughout the conversation and when she still didn’t take the bait I outright asked her again if she wanted me to do some shots of her. Again she was very hesitant until I explained that they would just be normal portrait shots unless she wanted to get naked of course. At least she didn’t run away this time and I saw that flicker of intrigue flash in her eyes again and I suspected I would be taking all kinds of lovely photo’s of her before long.

Mid conversation the clock in the hall chimed three o’clock and I cursed myself for not paying more attention to the time. I excused myself and returned a few minutes later in a skirt and shirt. She looked at me confused and perhaps a little disappointed.”The kids will be home soon and well to be honest neither they nor my husband know I do this. It’s a new aydın escort bayan thing for me and somehow I just don’t think they’ll understand.”

“Oh, I see. I thought this was something you had been doing for a long time. You seem so confident in your own skin.”

“Well actually you’re the first person I’ve been naked in front of with the exception of my husband.”

I sure as hell wasn’t about to mention Ben.

“Oh really? Ooh I feel quite honored.”

We laughed and the whole situation seemed a little absurd.

“I actually get quite disappointed now when three o’clock comes around. Not that I don’t want to see my kids but I am loving this new found freedom I am having. It’s quite exhilarating.”

“Well you have certainly made me curious. I suspect I may even try it myself one of these days.”

That was definitely a step in the right direction.

“Well I highly recommend it. There is one thing about it though that I feel I have to tell you about. I hope this doesn’t weird you out at all.”

“Seriously? I have been sitting here looking at your naked body for half the day. If I was going to get weirded out I wouldn’t have come over here in the first place.”

I chuckled as I realized she was right but it was still something that I was nervous to mention.

“Yeah that’s a fair point. Well, see, the thing is it can be quite arousing knowing someone other than your husband has seen you naked and it is quite addictive.”

“You know there are a couple of things I want to ask you about that.”

“Sure go ahead.”

“Are you like constantly turned on?”

“Not constantly but yeah, a lot.”

“Wow. That’s amazing, isn’t it tiring being turned on for so long?”

I chuckled as I thought about what it was like to be constantly wet and aroused. It was escort aydın a lot of fun and edging all day was incredibly arousing but yeah I guess in it’s own way it could be a bit tiring.

“Well I guess it can be a bit but it’s a lot of fun too.”

Cathy blushed a little as she thought about it.

“Does it turn you on having someone looking at your naked body?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Even women?”

“Uh huh.”

“So you’re turned on right now?”

“I have been all day but I promise to keep my hands to myself.”

We both laughed and Cathy blushed again. She paused for a bit as though she was building the courage to say something.

“for what it’s worth, I have been too.”

A knowing look passed between us both and we sat there in silence for a minute as we both seemed to consider the possibilities. I was the one to break the silence.

“So what do you think about modeling for me? Would you be interested?”

She blushed noticeably and looked down at her feet.

“I won’t say that the idea doesn’t intrigue me but would you really want me as a model?”

“Of course I do. I asked you didn’t I? I’m very interested.”

“Yeah but surely you want someone younger, fitter, more attractive.”

I held my hand up stopping her in her tracks.

“Why on earth would you think that? I want a model who is real. Not some silicone Barbie doll or a teenager of questionable legality. And while we are on the subject, why on earth would I think you were unattractive? Like I said, I’m very interested.”

I deliberately left it ambiguous as to what I was interested in because right at that moment I was interested in all kinds of things. I watched as she churned through the thoughts swirling in her head and I could see the moment she decided to do it. She looked me right in the eye and smiled.

“I’ll do it but we need to work some things out. Let me think about it tonight and I’ll talk to you tomorrow okay?”

“Of course. Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

“Well seeing as your family is going to be home soon I better get going. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

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