I was standing outside the door of my new boss. The door was shut and I hesitated to knock. Frankly, I was apprehensive. The transfer had come suddenly, moving me from a job at once familiar yet confining to a promotion that would thrust me on a much more visible stage. I knocked, and was told to come in. I walked up to the desk and said, “Hi, I’m Fran, your new assistant.”

“Welcome, I’ve been awaiting your arrival. I’m Sherri, and I’m glad you’re here.” With that, she got up and walked around the desk to give me a hug. After the hug, she shocked me by leaning down and kissing me on the lips. I’m 5’6″ without heels and she was at least 3-4 inches taller than I was, even before the heels she was wearing. She was immaculately dressed in a flowing dress and tall, black heels.

“Close the door, Fran, and let’s discuss the job.”

I did so and she guided me into one of the chairs in front of her desk before setting in the matching chair.

“I realize this position will be different than your last, but it comes with certain perks you might like and enjoy. You’ll be on time or preferably early daily. I expect you to wear a dress and heels daily, along with thigh high stockings. I think that when we dress well we perform at a higher level. You will be promoted to senior executive assistant with a commensurate raise, extra vacation, and travel opportunities. Before I go further, please lock the door.”

Bewildered, I rose and locked the door. I returned to my chair.

“I have other needs from this position. When asked, I expect you to enter, locked the door, come to the side of my desk, unzip your dress and let it fall to the floor, remove your bra, and stand before me in the smallest thong you have. Then you will kneel beside me, remove my thong, pull my dress to my waist, move between my thighs and begin licking my black pussy. If this shocks you, I understand. You may choose to transfer to another position in the company without prejudice.” With that, she removed her own thong and raised her skirt to her waist. I found myself staring at a bald, black pussy. I looked up at her, our eyes meeting, then my eyes moved back to gazing at her pussy. I’ve never found women’s pussies all that inviting. I kept my own shaved, preferring the look. I found myself staring at her. I was captivated, mesmerized if you will. I stood there, frozen in time.

“If you agree, your training begins now by your removing your kocaeli escort dress and bra and kneeling before me. I numbly reached behind me and unzipping my dress, pulling it off my shoulders and letting it fall to the floor, then unfastening my bra and putting it on top of my dress. I moved in front of her and knelt between her thighs.

“I think you are going to enjoy chocolate pie for dessert.”

I leaned in and inhaled her essence, then leaned even further in, opened my mouth and licked my first pussy. I had kissed a woman several times earlier in my life but never went further. I found I liked the taste. In all honesty, I found it intoxicating. I realized I was no longer straight. I was at least bi-sexual, or heaven forbid, even lesbian. What would Michael, my husband, think? I licked her clit, kissed and sucked her vaginal lips and used my tongue on her vagina. She was very wet.

“I love turning white women. Give them a taste of black pussy and they can’t get enough.”

I kept licking, kissing, and tonguing as I heard more and more moans coming from Sherri. She wrapped her hands around my head and pulled me deeper into her to the point it was difficult to breathe. She orgasmed loudly, released my head and let me pull away from her.

“Was this your first time? You did well. I’ll show you what I like and don’t like, though you’ve already hit all my favorites.”

I still knelt between her thighs, marveling at the contrast between her dark skin and my near-albino skin. I’m Scandinavian by birth with very white skin and white blonde hair.

“As much as I loved this time. It’s time to get dressed and get to work. This is one reason I expect you here early.”

I dressed, we hugged and kissed again, this one a longer, more intense kiss, then gently she licked my face of her juices. She pulled a towel from her desk and told me to wipe my face.

It had been the strangest job interview I had ever had.

When I got home, Michael asked me over dinner if I liked my new boss and job.

“I think so, but it’s still early. She’s got very definite ideas of my job performance.”

“How is it working for a black woman in a white, white male company?” he asked.

“So far, so good,” I replied.

The rest of the week was more of the same. I arrived early, was called into her office, locked the door, walked over to her desk and removed my dress and bra and stood in front of her in kocaeli escort bayan my skimpy thong. I then knelt, reached under her skirt and removed her panties, pushed her skirt to her waist and dived in. I found myself craving this. I was being submissive, a submissive to a strong black woman. I loved it. I was largely submissive to Michael in the bedroom. This was no different.

Two weeks later, we had settled into our roles. She complimented my pussy-munching skills and I glowed with the praise.

“Reggie and I want you and Michael to come for dinner.”

I was surprised, thinking the roles between us distinct, but agreed to Saturday night.

Saturday evening came and we walked into their beautiful home in the hills. We brought two bottles of one of our favorite wines, drank both at dinner with our hosts, and shared yet a third bottle after dinner. Her husband, Reggie, was a hunk of a man, tall, strong and well-muscled.

“Fran, come with me. There’s something I want to show you.” She guided me into their luxurious bedroom, turned to me, kissed me again (I found myself melting into her every time she’s kissed me), and told me, “Strip.”

I was of course wearing a dress, heels and thigh highs. I hurriedly stripped naked. When I turned back to her, I gasped. She stepped out of their walk-in closet. She, too, had stripped and had donned a big black strap-on, which only added to her dominance.

“On the bed, on hands and knees.”

I assumed the position and felt her kneel behind me and line up the strap-on with my pussy. She slowly pushed in, allowing me to get used to the size before moving deeper and deeper until she was all the way in. This thing must have been 9″ long. I had never felt so full. When she pulled back until only the tip was inside me, I felt suddenly empty. She pushed back in, then began to fuck me slowly, with deep strokes. Minutes passed as I became more comfortable with her size she increased the speed of her fucking. I felt an orgasm building. I was shocked as I had never had a vaginal orgasm in my married life. It rolled over me like a wave as she continued to pound me. A second orgasm came shortly after. She pulled out and I fell to the bed, exhausted and overwhelmed with sexual release.

“That’s what real fucking feels like. Just wait until Reggie fucks you. It’s a religious experience.”

She cuddled with me for a few minutes, kocaeli escort then rolled up on the bed, offered her hand, and said, “Let’s go see what the guys are up to.”

“Like this?”

“If I know Reggie, he’s got your husband stripped and sucking his big, black cock. White guys just can’t resist that magnificent black cock. It brings out the submissive in them.”

“No way! Michael’s as straight as they come.”

“You were, too, until a month ago. Now look at you.”

Hand in hand, we ventured down the hall and peeked around the corner. I was shocked! Sure enough, Michael was naked, on his knees and sucking Reggie’s cock. It was the biggest cock I’d ever seen and he was having difficulty fitting it into his mouth.

Sherri leaned towards me and said, “Pretty amazing, huh? Reggie knows his men.”

“I’d never have believed it if I didn’t see it.”

“Wait until he fucks him and he squeals like a woman.”

We stood, hand in hand, as Michael continued to suck his cock. After a few more minutes, Reggie stood up Michael and led him over to the couch and placed him on his hands and knees. He reached over to a table and got a small bottle, which I took to be lube. He squeezed some on Michael’s ass and rubbed it down his crack, using one finger to push it into his ass, then lubed up his cock and settled in behind him. He pushed and went in a small way, then stopped for a short time before resuming pushing in inch by inch until he was all the way in. Like Sherri had done to me, he started slow and sped up minute by minute until he was really pounding him. Michael had gasped, moaned, grimaced and cried out as Reggie fucked him, until Reggie pushed all the way in and bellowed as he came. He fell on Michael’s back and stayed there for a few minutes before pushing off him and standing up. As he stood, he caught sight of us and looked me up one side and down another.

“Sherri said you were beautiful but she minimizes.”

Michael also stood, looked at me and gasped again, this time surprised to see me naked with Sherri, holding hands as Sherri nuzzled my neck.

“I told Fran she’s next after you recover while I take my turn fucking Michael. We’ll get them broken in soon.” Sherri led me over to Reggie and took Michael and led him toward the bedroom.

Michael noticed the monster strap-on for the first time and hung his head.

An hour later, Reggie rocked my world while I had multiple orgasms before he filled me with his cum.

“Plan on coming back next weekend for a follow up,” Sherri said to us as we left. As we drove away, I turned to Michael and asked him if he wanted to return. He smiled and said yes and our lives were forever changed.

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