I’m Bi-curious…


I’m bi-curious…

Would you like to experiment? – w4w — 25

If you’re not busy this afternoon, I’d like to come over to watch a movie. We can pour some drinks and relax together on the sofa or bed. If that’s all you’re comfortable with on our first meeting, we can stop things there, but I’d really like to be able to hold your hand. I’m sure I’ll be sitting there fantasizing about running my fingers through your hair and moving my lips down your cheek, along your ear, and across your neck and shoulders. I don’t know if I’ll be very shy or very bold, but we can decide how far we want to take things as the evening progresses.

I’m slim and attractive and if there is a mutual attraction, I’m sure we could make each other feel amazing. If this ad is up, I’m looking for a girl to meet today for a couple of hours or an afternoon. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Let’s start by exchanging pics. Please give me an idea as to where I’ll be meeting you. Thanks 🙂

I glanced at the kitchen clock; it was ten o’clock. The ad had been posted on Craig’s List only eighteen minutes earlier. I gently placed my coffee cup on the kitchen table and dropped a hand to my lap. A strange and wonderful feeling was slowly building between my legs. I slipped my hand between the folds of my robe and began to feel myself. The tingling immediately intensified and quickly shot from the point my finger was touching to the pit of my stomach.

My left hand slowly moved from between my legs back to the keyboard as my right hand cautiously maneuvered the mouse pointer over the reply button. CLICK, I tapped the key. The reply screen popped up and the cursor began to flash impatiently, waiting for my thoughtful, witty and inviting response.

My stomach went from butterflies to all out flip-flops. I had never been with another woman — well, that’s not completely true. Thom and I once had a three way with a girl friend of mine. But that was years ago, and I really only touched her, massaged her I guess you’d say. We didn’t kiss or make out or anything like that.

The thought of another woman running her fingers through my hair suddenly intrigued me. I imagined that woman moving her lips down my cheek, along my ear, and across my neck and shoulders. A naughty tingle quickly radiated throughout my body. I didn’t know if I would be shy or bold, but I certainly was curious. Maybe she would then move her lips to my breasts, over my belly, and then down to my…

My fingers started to type.

Hi, your ad is still up so I hope you will consider my response. I’m 35, married, two kids (both in school until 3:30) and my husband is at work. I’m athletic, my family says I’m attractive, and I’ve never been with another woman. But I too am bi-curious and I think I would love to watch a movie with you.

I reread it four times before hitting the send button. I took a deep breath and then a swig of coffee. The coffee had gotten cold, and my stomach was now doing full blown cartwheels, but I forced a hard swallow and stared at the computer screen like I should receive some sort of instant response.

The longer I stared the more I got thinking. Was this a fake posting or some sort of scam? Would I end up in some sort of data base of Desperate Housewives or worse? What if she was a skag, or a pervert, and what if my family found out? What if Thom found out? Well, he probably wouldn’t care — he’d just be hurt that I didn’t include him. But jeez Cheryl, the fucking Internet — what was I thinking?

Just as I was about to get up to freshen my coffee, I heard it: Ding — you have mail.

My stomach leaped up into my throat as my butt came back down hard on the kitchen chair. I stared at the screen for what seem like forever, but I’m sure it was only seconds. My hand moved the mouse to the waiting e-mail, and I double clicked.

Hey… Thanks for writing me back. I know you’re taking a chance, but you sound nice and yes, I’d love to watch a movie with you. I live in the West Campus area; I have a car and am available all day. I have every Wednesday off and my boyfriend is at work. Send me a pic and let’s meet for coffee.

Immediately following was a picture of her. And as described she was slim, mid 20s, with long auburn hair parted down the middle that hung more than halfway down her back. She had an inviting smile, creamy white skin with a hint of freckles and was wearing a black blouse unbuttoned enough to show a beautiful cleavage. And yes, she was attractive, very attractive in fact and I wondered if this was really her. Her response was so quick I figured it probably was, but of course a quick response could have just as well meant the opposite.

But I felt somehow committed now and besides, it was just coffee. I quickly hit the reply button and typed:

It’s 10 now, how about the Swedish Hill Bakery on West 6th at 11:30? — Cheryl

I then attached a picture of me, wearing a bikini, taken last summer in Cozumel. I know it was a little racy, but what the hell. If we’re going to be getting escort kocaeli together for making out and whatever, she might as well see what she’s getting. Besides, even though her picture could have been a school or employment photo, it was hot, and I was very intrigued.

I literally held my breath waiting for a response: Ding — you have mail.

Sounds great, see you there. — Erin. PS You look hot!

Jeez, I’m ten years her senior and she thinks I look hot! I was hot, I was blushing like a frigging schoolgirl, but at least I know her name now. Erin, the traditional name for Ireland, well that explains the red hair and fair complexion. But if I’m going to meet her by eleven-thirty, I’d better get my ass in gear.

I literally ran for the bedroom, dropped my bathrobe on the floor, flung my night shirt on the bathroom vanity and dove for the shower. I was totally blushing now, and a warm pink glow covered me from head to toe. A sharp tingle shook me as the cool water began hitting my rosy skin. I lathered quickly and scrubbed vigorously paying particular attention to ears, neck, and shoulders, all things she mentioned in her ad — as wells as pits, tits, belly button, ass (you know what I mean), and of course Miss Kitty.

As my fingers lingered momentarily on my pussy, and I wondered, would we get that far on our first date? Would she actually like me? Would there be a mutual attraction as she mentioned in her ad? I am ten years older than her, and my pussy… I know most girls shave completely these days and running my soapy fingers back and forth across my hairy coochie reminded me that I didn’t. I just recently had a bikini wax, but only to the bikini line. And though it’s trimmed into a neat little triangle, I still have a rather full bush of brown and curlies that I’m not sure today’s young girls would appreciate or find sexy.

Quickly running the towel over my body, I decided to forget about the bush, and besides, I couldn’t do anything about it now. I slipped into a sexy pink lace thong, blue walking shorts, a white blouse, sans the bra of course, and cute leather flip-flops, which slip off as easily as they slip on.

After parking the car and shoving coins into the meter, I nervously approached Swedish Hill at eleven-thirty on the dot. Trying so hard to be cool and collected, I pulled the door to the bakery, stepped in and nonchalantly glanced first left and then right. And there she was, sitting at a table, with a latte already in hand and a smile on her face as big as the Emerald Island itself.

Approaching her I stuck out my hand and asked, “Erin?”

“Yes, and you must be Cheryl,” she responded as she firmly gripped my hand. “It is so nice to meet you. Do you want a latte or something?”

I realized we probably weren’t going to have lunch and I’m not sure my stomach could take it anyway, so I ordered a Chai tea and sat down next to her. Her smile was absolutely infectious and within a few minutes we were chatting and laughing like old friends. I couldn’t help but worry that people were looking at us, noticing our age difference and guessing at the lascivious nature of our meeting. But Erin assured me that no one was looking at us and besides who cares.

In appreciation of her comforting words, I placed my hand on hers and smiled. She moved her hand to my thigh, squeezed once and responded with an alluring grin. I broadened my smile, and she moved her hand up my leg, squeezed again and said, “Do you want to watch that movie now?”

I quickly nodded a cautious but emphatic yes. And off we went.

She followed me to my house and parked behind me in the driveway. I decided not to park in the garage so that if any neighbors noticed her car, they’d also see mine and not get suspicious. She followed me in the front door and stood in the middle of the family room surveying her new surroundings while I poured us both a glass of wine.

With wine in hand, I joined her in front of the TV where she was studying our collection of DVDs. Thom sorts them alphabetically by title, not by genres. She seemed impressed, but clearly wasn’t finding anything that sparked her interest. I handed her the wine and asked, “Anything in particular you want to watch?”

She slowly shook her head no, and then I added, “The adult selections are upstairs.”

She turned and looked at me a little surprised, paused for a second and said, “Well, that’s intriguing, but I was thinking more of a chick flick.”

I thought for a second before asking, “How about Girls Just Want to Have Fun?”

A huge smile spread across her face as she slowly continued her scan of the collection.

“Have you ever seen it,” I asked.


“Well, it’s pretty cute. It has Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt in it. It’s about two small town girls that both love dancing…”

She spun around and blurted, “That sounds great.”

We quickly snuggled down on the couch together as the movie started, but with one arm over my shoulder and the other on my lap, I quickly realized her mind was gölcük escort not really on the movie. We could have been watching Patton and I don’t think she would have noticed.

We weren’t even through the opening credits and half a glass of wine before she started nibbling on my ear and slowly running her hand up and down my bare leg. With every pass of her hand, she reached further and further up under the leg of my shorts. I tried to pretend I was watching the movie, but I have to admit, it was very hard to pay attention to the TV as my thoughts were also obviously elsewhere.

I was starting to get aroused as Erin’s nibbling on my ear and neck became more persistent and stimulating. I took a long slow sip of wine and as I turned my head toward her, her lips suddenly met mine. My heart raced as I felt her tongue prying its way into my mouth like she was attempting to taste the wine I had yet to swallow. I gulped hard and opened my mouth allowing her in. I reached blindly to place my wine glass on the end table and after setting it down, instinctively wrapped my arms around her body.

She nudged me over on to my back and quickly began to cover my body with hers. This wasn’t really what I was expecting as somehow, I thought we’d get naked first and then take turns exploring each other’s body. But I really had no idea what I was doing, and her taking the lead like this was actually a relief. She clearly knew what she was doing, and it felt so good — who was I to protest?

Relax, learn and enjoy, that was suddenly my new mantra.

Her kisses soon moved from my lips to my cheeks, chin, neck and then shoulders, just as her posting had suggested. But her kisses were clearly moving south like the steady advance of Sherman’s Army, and I was in no position to resist. Her nimble fingers made quick work of the buttons on my blouse and as my skin was glowing pink with anticipation, her warm breath and sloppy wet kisses actually cooled and comforted me.

Since I was deliberately bra-less, it took her no time at all to reach my nipples. She circled one with her tongue and then the other. Cupping each breast, she ever so lightly kissed them each in turn. She continued this pattern of kissing, sucking, nibbling and generally massaging for several minutes before continuing her march of kisses down my ever-tightening belly until she reached the waist band of my walking shorts.

All throughout this amazing worship of my body, I was massaging her back with both hands, exploring each rib and every vertebrate of her spine. I had started with her lower back when her kisses were up around my neck and as she was now exploring my belly button with her tongue and kisses, my hands were now on the back of her neck. Her next step was critical, and I released my grip so as not to hinder her further exploits.

Raising her body, she placed her open palm firmly on my crotch and with the other hand started unsnapping the buttons on my shorts. With deliberate slowness, she pulled down my zipper. I instinctively raised my hips and within seconds my shorts and panties were off my hips, down my legs, over my feet and unceremoniously tossed to the floor. Her T-shirt followed almost instantly. Massaging her back, I had already discovered she was also bra-less, but to my pleasant surprise she was also very nicely endowed. I’m not sure how she got away walking around in public like that without foundation wear. I’m sure her youth and the fact that she’s never had kids help, but I was still amazed.

Her tongue quickly returned to its previous position, and it was just moments before she was licking carpet. She had a firm grip on both of my legs and was artfully massaging my inner thighs with her thumbs. I gasped for breath as her probing tongue first touched the top of my clit. She dipped her face between my legs and nosing my slit, I heard her filling her lungs with the pungent smell of my soaking wet kitty.

I moved my hands to her head and as I began a slow rhythmic massage of her scalp, she began the slow and methodical exploration of my pussy with her tongue. She started out very much like Thom had hundreds if not thousands of times before. It was a familiar and delicious feeling when she kissed my slit several times and then turned her head slightly sideways and inserted the tip of her tongue. My entire body began trembling with the pleasurable sensation of safety and familiarity, mixed with the thrill and excitement of new exploration.

As I began to feel her hot breath between my legs, she began to gently slide her tongue up and down that slippery crack. I could tell that she was spreading her saliva and my own rapidly developing juices just the way Thom frequently did. But that’s where the similarity ended. At this point, Thom would normally give me one long slow lick with the broad flat of his tongue all the way from my perineum to my clit and then pounce all over the poor little nub. Erin however, continued to tease me by returning to my aching outer vaginal lips. First, she would place a sloppy izmit sınırsız escort wet kiss on one of the fleshy folds and then slowly and leisurely lick it clean, before repeating the process on the opposite side.

She repeated this procedure four or five times mercilessly teasing me by getting closer and closer each time to my throbbing clit, but skillfully avoiding it. My pussy was absolutely quivering by the time her tongue finally parted my vertical smile. And then like Thom, she started at the perineum sending shock waves up my spine all the way to the base of my skull. But instead of moving quickly to my clit, Erin rolled her tongue into a sweet little tootsie-roll and ever so slowly worked it in and out fucking me with her tongue. It was the most amazing feeling, and my clit was now aching for its turn to be pampered.

Erin repeated this entire process again before her tongue finally reached my engorged clit. When her magical oral appendage finally touched it for the first time, shock waves again shot throughout my entire body. My eyes rolled back in my head, my entire body shook uncontrollably, and it was all I could do to stop myself from screaming at the top of my lungs.

Her thumbs now moved up from my inner thighs to my outer lady lips where she continued her slow and circular massage, as her tongue began playfully darting above, below and all around my now swollen clitoris. I have always loved having my pussy licked, and like the old saying goes, ‘The worst licking I ever had was wonderful,’ but this was just fucking amazing. Not only was I overcome by her obvious skill at the oral arts, but also her feminine softness, the smoothness of her cheeks, her obvious understanding of the female anatomy, and that wonderful feeling of sisterhood. There was an amazing sense that she ‘knew’ how to please me and that she wanted nothing else in return.

It was only moments before I felt my first orgasm building deep in my groin. As my body began to tremble uncontrollably, she instinctively slowed her oral manipulation. She must have sensed the impending explosion and just held me at that magical point for what seemed like an eternity. And when her feminine intuition told her that I couldn’t bear another second of that sweet torture, she plunged her tongue deep inside me. I gasped for air as the tip of her nose touched the tip of my clitoris for the first time. She couldn’t quite reach my G-spot with her tongue, but she tried, and the resulting explosion was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life.

I let out a scream of passion that I’m sure the neighbors probably heard. My entire body shook in violent waves of ecstasy, my toes curled, and my fingers dug deep into Erin’s scalp as my climax shot with the force of a tsunami down her throat. My legs tightened around her body as I tried to control my shaking. And as I slowly regained control of my breathing, I wondered if I had somehow smothered or drowned her. Apparently, I hadn’t, as she continued to lovingly lick my soaking wet coochie and bring me back down slowly from the peak of ecstasy to a simple plateau of euphoria.

I lost all sense of time as she covered my entire body with traveling kisses from my ears, to my neck, my breasts, my stomach, my thighs, my calves and even my toes. My whole body was humming with pleasure and when she felt it was time for another orgasm, she would return her attention to my quivering pussy.

For her second act, Erin gently inserted two fingers deep inside me and with the classic ‘come hither’ motion, massaged my G-spot until she sensed that undeniable eruption building again deep in my belly. As each orgasm approached, she would then quickly return her face to my soaking coochie and by placing her mouth tightly over my throbbing slit, she would hungrily consume every last drop of ejaculate by lovingly licking me clean and dry like a mother dog tending her pups. She repeated this process three or four times until I virtually lost consciousness.

I’ve had many love making marathons in my life, but I don’t remember ever having so many mind-bending orgasms in such a short period of time. I finally glanced over at the TV to see that the movie’s closing credits were running. Erin had kept me in a constant state of utter stimulation for almost two hours. I reached for the TV remote to turn it off but couldn’t quite grasp it. Erin, still on top of me, snatched it from the coffee table and clicked off the TV.

As she returned to her former position, I grabbed her hips and pulled her forward so I could kiss her absolutely glorious boobies. The luscious orbs hung delightfully over my face as I gently kissed first one and then the other. Erin’s soft moans clued me in that I must be doing something right, which alone almost brought me to another orgasm.

Moving my hands down to her hips, I realized that she still had her pants on. One of us was clearly over dressed and I needed to quickly remedy the situation. She was wearing linen white martial arts or yoga style crop pants that extended to just below her knees and tied with a draw string at her waist. As she was still holding her body over mine, I pulled the loose end of the draw string, and luckily, the knot slipped away. I immediately began to push those pesky pants down towards her knees.

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