Letters: Something’s A Bit Queer 13


Vickie returned with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. “What is that,” Anna asked as she sat up in bed. “This is a Freemark Abbey. Greg and I discovered it on a trip to Napa last year. It’s a ’17 so its still softening but it has a big flavor,” Vickie explained.

“You know a lot about wine,” Anna replied.

“Well, what can I say… I’m a victim when it comes to grapes,” Vickie smiled.

“Did we finish that champagne?” Anna inquired. “It was very good and I don’t normally like champagne. It typically gives me a headache.”

“That’s because you drink that cheap stuff. That’s the Lady Veuve … Madame Clicquot. There’s a story I’ll tell you sometime. No, we have a little left. Thought we could have mimosas in the morning for breakfast. I put it up when I went down to the kitchen,” Vickie answered holding out a wine glass for Anna.

“I want you to finish telling me about Ashley and then maybe bedtime. I’m beat after what all we did today,” Anna shared.

“Where was I in the story?” Vickie inquired.

“Well Elaine spanked you for being such a bad girl, wandering off to that fraternity and sorority beach house but she said she wanted to meet Ashley. You said she was stunning! Blonde, a little older…. and you were really taken with her,” Anna added.

“Yea, she was,” Vickie confirmed. She was a junior at Auburn. A little Alabama girl and yes, she was a really gorgeous lady. Sandy blonde hair that fell to her shoulders, bronze skin, and dark brown eyes. I was totally smitten with her.”

“Elaine had told me to invite her back to the house so the next day I headed out to the beach and set out my towel near their house. Later that morning she came out with several other girls. I still remember the yellow two piece she was wearing. She wasn’t very big, maybe 5’3″ but she had a tiny waste… maybe 26″ so it really accentuated her hips.”

“She laid out her towel along with some other girls and I struck up a conversation with her. I made my move about lunchtimes telling her that Elaine was making sandwiches and really wanted to meet her and thank her for getting me home the day before.”

“I could tell she was unsure about it all but I told her we wouldn’t be long and she could come right back down. I still remember her smile. She had such a pretty smile. Anyway, we left our towels and walked back up to our place.

“I was wearing a little orange bikini but it wasn’t cut like Ashley’s which really showed off her gorgeous figure. We showered the sand off our feet and then went up. Elaine met us at the door. Brad had scheduled a round of golf so we had the place to ourselves. Elaine had made up a plate of egg salad sandwiches which really hit the spot.”

“Elaine was very engaging and made Ashley feel really comfortable asking about school and such but they really hit it off when they started talking about Greek Life. Ashley shared she was a “KD.” I didn’t know a thing about sororities… which I later did get involved with in college…but not then. KD was Kappa Delta. Elaine shared she had been Chi Omega at UNC Chapel Hill. It was the oldest established sorority at the University.”

“They really got into a conversation talking about campus life… and it really bonded the two. Elaine shared she had mixed up some strawberry margaritas and she brought some out to the back porch. They were awesome and we all had a couple with Elaine and Ashley continuing to talk about Greek life and their sorority experience.”

“Elaine commented Ashley on the bikini but also noted her very dark skin and asked if she was careful and used a sun screen. That’s when Ashley informed us her Grandmother was native Indian. Her grandfather had married a Seminole and her mom was pretty dark skin as well though her brother took after his dad.

“It was perhaps into the second margarita that Ashley said how great they tasted. Elaine shared that she loved tequila and back when she was active her sorority the “in thing” then was shots. Ashley said she loved shots. Well, the next thing you know Elaine is cutting up limes and the two were doing shots of tequila. I bowed out and just watched them do a couple. They were really having fun and I could tell, Elaine wasn’t acting. She was really having a ball reliving her past days with a sorority girl.”

“Then Elaine mentioned how they would get wild and do these body shots when things got a little later into the evening. She asked if some of the sorority sisters still did that? I could tell, as did Elaine, Ashley was not real familiar with body shots so Elaine explained you poured the shot sometimes in a glass but more often in the belly button and the recipient licked the salt off the neck, slurped up the beverage from the center of the belly, and then took a lime from the giver’s mouth.”

“I knew where this was headed and watched as Ashley pondered everything Elaine was telling her. I also saw the effect the couple of margaritas and now shots were having on my young friend. It was also kurtköy escort having an impact on Elaine too as she had undone a few more buttons on her blouse. I had not noticed when we had first arrived up from the beach but Elaine was not wearing a bra and her hardened nipples were clearly evident to me under her top.”

“Here, I bet Vickie will help us out. Want you sweetie,” Elaine asked not really looking for a reply. She had me lay down and she took one of the limes and put it in my mouth. She turned my head slightly, licked my neck and then added salt where she had licked and then she opened the tequila bottle and poured some directly into my belly! She had me suck in my stomach but once she poured the golden liquid, I accidently shrieked and started laughing and the tequila ran down the sides of my stomach! Well, Elaine just laughed and said that was practice but sternly told me, this time suck in your stomach and be still!”

“Well, I did as she instructed and the tequila gathered in the hollow of my belly. Elaine sucked my neck getting the salt in her mouth, bent down, slurped up the tequila, and then hovered over my mouth, lowered her lips to mine and took the lime from my mouth. But not before lingering a minute in a small kiss.”

“I’m not sure who was more blown away — me or Ashley. I looked over to see her mouth open and her eyes rather glassy.”

“Elaine sat up and said, “Damn ladies! That was great. I haven’t done that in twenty years!!! Wow!” Then she looked over at Ashley and said your turn.”

“For a minute I thought Ashley might say she would pass. She had a real look of hesitation and I think that’s what was on her mind but Elaine wasn’t having any of that. She merely turned my head a little, licked my neck again, gave me a slice of lime to put in my mouth and then poured a shot of tequila in my belly button. This time I was prepared and drew in my breath and allowed my stomach to cave in so the beverage pooled.”

“I looked up at Ashley and her eyes were big as saucers but I think she knew she was past the point of stopping. That and the tequila was really kicking in and whatever inhibitions she had were clearly diminished. Well, she bent down and licked my neck with her warm tongue. It was one thing having Elaine do that. I was used to that now but here was a girl that I wanted, desired, sucking my neck. It took all the restraint I had not to turn my face and kiss her. But I didn’t!”

“Anyway, she bent down and like Elaine sucked the tequila from my belly. I felt it run down my sides and I felt a throb in my pussy. Damn I wanted her in the worse way. She rubbed her lips all over my belly and then swallowed and bent down to my lips. I know I was supposed to give up the lime but I held it in my mouth for just a moment as our lips came together. Again, I wanted to plunge my tongue into her mouth but I knew Elaine had a plan so I gave up the lime.”

“Ashley sat up, threw her head back, her long blonde hair crashing on her shoulders. Then, withdrawing the lime exclaimed ‘Fuck!’

“Elaine looked at me and asked are you sure you won’t join us? It’s a lot of fun…”

“We both knew what I wanted but I still played all timid allowing Ashley to join in urging me to play in their drinking game. I put up a big act. Hell, Academy Award stuff! There was nothing I wanted more but I acted like I wouldn’t do it. Ashley pleaded with me saying ‘fair is fair.’ You need to take a shot from me!”

“That was what Elaine had hoped for and before Ashley could change her mind, she had her lay down on the floor. She was so fucking beautiful! Elaine bent down and licked Ashley’s neck, lingering far longer than she needed to but she took her time. Then she applied salt where her saliva had left its trail. When Ashley turned her head back to me and our eyes met, I saw the sparkle in her eyes.”

“Like me she sucked in her tight belly. She was so small. Ashley had a tiny waist so there wasn’t much pocket for the tequila and she giggled spilling some so Elaine had to do a second pour. Before it ran over the side, I bent down and buried my face in her belly and even let my lips travel a little south just to the fabric of her bikini. Her skin was so soft! Swallowing I moved up to her face and lowered my lips to hers!”

“Oh my God,” Anna shot. “I bet you were in heaven then!”

“You’re not kidding. I sucked at the lime but I never took it from her mouth, letting the juice fill both of our mouths, my lips on hers. Her fucking lips were so damned soft… plump, wet, soft. I was so fucking turned on! When I raised up, I could see she was too. She sat up removed the lime and said, Damn!!!”

“Elaine decided to seize that moment and commented how plump and soft Ashley’s lips were and then she looked at Ashley like she was going to ask a question, paused and said never mind.” I knew the intent was to create curiosity in Ashley and it worked. She asked what Elaine was going to say. Elaine asked if the girls back in aydıntepe escort her sorority kissed. She said sometimes back in her college days, the sorority sisters would sometimes get together and practice kissing — did “KD’s” do that?”

“I started to laugh at Ashley’s reaction. It was rather blank and then she said no, we don’t, I mean we’ve never, I’ve never done that…. She was really flustered. Elaine sort of chuckled and said, well, we were all real close. And I guess it was a different time and all. But wow, you do have soft lips. Let me ask you, would you mind, she started. I mean, we could pretend it’s a shooter??? Just a quick peck. We can stop anytime, Elaine asked.”

“I saw the look on Ashley’s face. Part of her wanting to say sure and the other thinking no, this is strange. But Elaine moved in close and said, would that be okay?”

“Ashley didn’t respond, she sort of just stared and then slowly, very slowly nodded her head. Before she could change her mind, Elaine leaned in and kissed her. It was soft, slow, the two of them hardly moving. Sort of in place and then ever so slowly, Elaine moved her lips. Elaine was a gorgeous, sexy woman and Ashley was so fucking pretty. They looked so hot together. I think Ashley was going to back away but Elaine simply moved with her, her left hand coming to rest on her bare side just under her breasts.”

“Elaine’s thumb moved over Ashley’s top, very slowly. I could actually see both Ashley’s nipples hardening under the thin fabric of her yellow bikini. Then Elaine let her tongue slide into Ashley’s mouth. I was just inches away and saw Ashley’s eyes open. She seemed startled and again it appeared she was backing up a bit, almost retreating but Elaine gave no ground and simply leaned in and in doing so probed further.”

“Ashley gave a few muffled moans and Elaine let her thumb move quicker over the nipple now very pronounced under her top. It was Elaine who finally broke their kiss. I could see Ashley was almost limp. That was so good Ashley. I had forgotten what it was like to kiss another girl….it’s been so long, Elaine said winking at me.”

“Once Ashley caught her breath she admitted she’d never done anything like that before. Elaine simply dismissed that and said she and her sisters used to kiss like that all the time. That’s when she looked over at Ashley and said we should break Vickie in. Show her what sisterhood is all about. She’ll be headed off to college in a few weeks.”

“Here Elaine was acting like she and Ashley were double teaming me when all along I knew she intended that she and I would have our way with Ashley in mere minutes…”

“Where is Elaine now?” asked Anna. “I mean do you two still talk or get together?”

“You know it’s been a while but I did call her on her birthday a few years ago,” Vickie answered back, drawing a sip from her wine, and setting it back on the nightstand.

“Anyway, I put on this face like I was so unsure. But you know I was dying to have her kiss me. When Ashley said come on, it’s your turn, wow! Now it was her idea!!!”

“I remember smiling and saying well all right. Elaine directed the scene and instructed Ashley to lean in and kiss me while telling me to get ready. The moment her lips touched mine it was like a jolt of electricity from my lips to my pussy. Damn I was so excited! Her lips were soft. To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever kissed a woman with lips as soft as hers.”

“Including mine,” Anna pouted.

“Yours are nice but this was spectacular! I heard Elaine tell Ashley to use her tongue…stick your tongue in her mouth sweets. She did just that. We both went at it, trading whose tongue was in whose mouth. Fuck it was hot. In the meantime, Elaine had taken a strategic position behind Ashley. I heard Ashley whimper and opened my eyes to see Elaine had raised Ashley’s bikini top over her breasts and was rubbing her bare breasts, stopping occasionally to pull on her now erect nipples.”

“Fuck,” said Anna. “You’re getting me so excited with your story. I hope you don’t mind if I play,” she cooed as she took up a position between Vickie’s legs.

“No baby, I don’t mind. You want me to finish though or do you have other plans?” asked Vick.

“No, please keep talking but maybe I’ll play a little,” Anna smiled back.

Vickie started back with her story as Anna lowered her head to Vickie’s tasty pussy. Obviously the older woman was aroused as she retold her encounter and Anna wasted no time parting her lips and letting her tongue slide through the plump lips she had come to savor.

“Ummm that feels so good. Okay, Ashley was allowing Elaine to rub and play with her breasts and made no effort to stop her. Once Elaine knew there was absolutely no turning back for her, she unsnapped the bikini top and pulled it free of her arms. I wondered if Ashley would try and stop her, or maybe slow her down but she didn’t. She didn’t break our kiss, just some muffled whimpers as Elaine toyed tuzla içmeler escort with her nipples.”

“Then Elaine grabbed a cushion off the couch, lowered Ashley’s head down as I moved with them. I let my head slide to the side of her neck kissing her neck and then, I saw her gorgeous breasts, capped off by two really pretty erect brown nipples. I couldn’t help it. I slid down and let that nipple fill my mouth. Ashley really groaned now and reached down and cradled my head.”

“Elaine’s hair was moving across Ashley’s chest and that’s when I saw that she had bent down and was kissing Ashley upside down! So while she was kissing her, I was sucking on her nipples moving from one breast to the other. I figured there was no time like then and I decided I wanted to do what you are doing to me now!”

Anna looked up from Vickie’s pussy and smiled. Then she went back to work running her tongue up and down her slit, stopping to swirl the hot tongue around her clit, sucking the little bud into her mouth drawing a sigh from Vick.

“I trailed kisses down her belly that earlier held the tequila. I could still taste remnants of it as I moved further south. I didn’t even bother removing her bikini bottoms! I simply moved it to one side exposing her pussy as I let my tongue push into her hot slit. She was every bit as delicious as I had hoped. I used my thumb to pull the fabric out of the way and was excited to see that she was shaved bare. I let my mouth collapse over top of her hot moist pussy before pushing my tongue as deep as I could.”

“Finally I sat up and pulled on the skimpy bikini bottom, pulling it down her shapely tanned legs. Removing them I threw them aside and looked down at her pretty pussy. She was shaved smooth and had such a gorgeous little cunt. It glistened in the light with the little clitoris poking through her lips begging to be sucked. I lay back down between her legs and began licking, sucking her moist little pussy. It’s what I had been thinking of since I met her and now I devoured it with a passion.”

“Elaine raised up from kissing her and took note of what I had been able to do while she distracted her. ‘That’s so fucking hot Vickie. Eat her pussy. Show Ashley what I’ve taught you. She needs to know how good another woman can make her feel. Show her!”

“Ashley was moaning as she held my head in her hands almost guiding me as I sucked her swollen clit into my mouth, letting my tongue bath over it, savoring her juices. Elaine kept coaching me, urging me to take her to heights she’d never known. ‘Eat that pussy. Do her baby’ she urged.”

“Elaine was cradling Ashley’s head in her lap, running her fingers through her soft blonde hair. “Does that feel good Ashley? Is Vickie making you feel good? You like her eating that sweet pussy of yours?’ my lover kept asking. Ashley didn’t respond with an answer. She merely moaned and panted as I worked two then three fingers in her hot hole while sucking on her now enlarged clit poking through her lips.”

“Go in the bedroom baby and get our cock. It’s time we initiated our sister,” Elaine directed me. As I rose to go into the bedroom, Elaine bent down and kissed Ashley again. I could hear their lips smacking, the sounds of passion as I went into the other room. I walked back into the den to find Elaine bent over Ashley, sucking on a nipple while she played with another with her fingers. Elaine’s pussy was only inches from Ashley’s face. From my view I couldn’t tell if she was looking at it or not, but I could only imagine she was.

“I cinched up the strapon selecting a smaller dildo — about 7” to penetrate my new lover. It wasn’t necessary but I stroked the shaft with lube and then knelt between Ashley’s legs. Elaine was still holding Ashley’s head in her lap, stroking her hair as she smiled at me. In the meantime I looked at Ashley. She looked so sweet — pensive, perhaps scared, but so sexy.

“Elaine looked at me and told me to go ahead — initiate her baby, Bring her into the real sisterhood. Ashley looked up at Elaine, biting her lower lips, but at no time, none, did she ask me not to. She merely looked back at me with her big brown eyes. It was her unspoken consent.”

“I rubbed the head of the cock between her plump pussy lips and then let it slide in. Ashley closed her eyes and I moved in deeper, letting the phallus move all the way in until our bellies moved together. Then like Elaine had taught me, I moved in and out. Elaine reached over tweaking my nipples. It sent an electric shock to my feet and I dug in, pushing harder, faster as Ashley began panting.”

As Vickie told her story, she too had to stop as Anna worked her pussy with her fingers and tongue. “Fuck baby, I’m not sure I can tell the story, you’re getting me so fucking worked up!”

Anna raised up, taking a break from her oral assault. “Okay, I’ll give you just a few minutes, but your pussy is so good,” Anna teased.

“Well, Ashley was really getting into it. She looked so precious, so vulnerable under me. I leaned down and kissed her and she kissed me back. Pushing her tongue into my mouth as she wrapped her slender legs around my back. ‘Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,’ Ashley begged signaling her complete submission to me.”

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