Love , Prostitution Ch. 04


Emily wakes to the sweetest kiss and thinks she is still dreaming, but rubbing her eyes in disbelief she sees it is Sansa that has kissed her. Oh happy day! She smiles up to her, who is also smiling and is offering her morning cup of tea. They exchange greetings and Emily pats the bed beside her in invitation for her to sit and chat, which she does with a broad smile. Emily tells her that she has the most beautiful smile, which makes her seem all the more beautiful. She then says to Sansa that she thinks they need to discuss their relationship. Emily takes her hand and kisses it, then holds it to her heart saying nothing is wrong, that she is just concerned for her and wants to be sure that she has similar feelings, because she has fallen in love with her. Sansa listens carefully and says she feels the same and is so very happy that they share these feelings. Emily asks if she wishes their relationship to be short term … or longer … perhaps … permanent? Sansa gasps at the question and Emily wonders if she has gone too far and spoiled things, or worse that she has frightened the women she loves. Sansa responds in the quietest whisper that she could not be happier than if they were in a committed, exclusive and permanent loving relationship together. Emily smiles lovingly at her and says that is what she wants too, above all else, to spend their lives together. On that they embrace for the sweetest kiss ever, effectively having become engaged.

Emily says that: “As a lesbian she has entered an exclusive life partnership with her beloved Sansa and will never entertain intimacy with another woman”. They have many things to discuss so that their lives are not ruined by scandal, family rejection or anything else, but now as a couple they will think about things together. The first thing, until better arrangements are made, is that both must be equals and she invites Sansa to call her by name when in private, just until they can safely ‘come out’ together and someday she hopes, when it becomes legal, they can be joined in civil partnership as a church might be unwilling to marry a same-sex couple.

Sansa embraces her and they melt together in the sweetest long kiss then whispers that she adopts Emily’s mantra as her own. After that they agree that they should act as normal. Sansa attends to her every need and Emily says that somehow, someday, hopefully soon, she will be able to do the same for her Sansa. The two go through the morning rituals as happy as they have ever been. As she is due in court at 2 p.m. Sansa dresses Emily in her black sari and white choli.

At breakfast Emily is greeted by her Uncle and Auntie and her beaming smile begins to fade as she sees that they look concerned about something. She thinks it unlikely that they know about her attachment to Sansa, but a large house with many servants can be a difficult place to keep a secret. Uncle Sanjit pulls out a chair and asks her to sit with them. The servants are busy serving breakfast around them and she relaxes a little, thinking anything regarding Sansa & Emily being together would not be discussed while servants could overhear. She sits and looks to Uncle & Auntie and asks if anything is concerning bartın escort them. Uncle Sanjit, as head of an Indian household & her employer, replies that it seems that all the newspapers have reported on the trial proceedings of yesterday.

Emily nods while continuing to listen carefully. He asks if Emily noticed the artist in the courtroom and Emily confirms that she did. Uncle Sanjit says that the artist drew a portrait of Emily. She nods replying that she thought the artist was sketching her, she also thought the artist sketched the lead prosecutor and others too. Uncle Sanjit congratulates her on her keen observation during court proceedings and tells her that all the newspapers have chosen to include Emily’s portrait with their reports of the case … He pauses briefly and tells her that the reports are featured on all the front pages and suggests she should see them. Emily nods and starts to read as she takes frequent sips from her cup of tea, which is refreshed every time it is drained.

When she has read them all, she expresses surprise that they have bothered so much with an unknown pupil barrister who did nothing in trial where it would be seen, unless … maybe … it is because of her connections with Uncle Sanjit. He tells her that she has a quick and perceptive mind and confirms her familial relationship to the Chief Justice is likely to be the cause of the interest in her. They had foreseen the likelihood and arranged a bodyguard for her as a precaution. Emily feels that she hasn’t heard the full story yet and asks if there is more they wish to tell her. Uncle Sanjit says there is something else. The Police Commissioner, who is another of his cousins and therefore also a relative to Emily, has received intelligence that news of the court case that saves the 11 defendants from life imprisonment and only delivers a term of 10 years imprisonment has got out, even though the deal has not yet been formalised by the judge in court. He has been advised that a fringe group wanting the life imprisonment sentence and another fringe group wanting acquittal, are outraged and may turn to violence. The intelligence service recommends armed police protection officers be assigned to each person at risk. The Police Commissioner has decided in your case and after publication of your portrait, that it is better to be safe than sorry and has assigned 2 armed police protection officers to you, they have already arrived to ensure your protection, dear Emily.

Emily reflects on what she has been told and, stunned at needing 2 PPOs after just one day in court. She asks Uncle Sanjit if he and the whole family also are considered to be at risk and what he thinks may be the safest options. He smiles and thanks her for her consideration, 2 PPOs had also been assigned to him, making 4 PPOs in all plus their two own personal bodyguards. Over the years such precautions have been thought necessary and the grounds around the house had been surrounded by a high wall with broken glass cemented into the top of the wall. As she had seen there is a also a cast iron high entrance gate barring entry from the road. There is a high technology security bartın escort bayan system with cameras all around the grounds and house and finally the basement has been converted into a fortified panic room substantial enough to protect the occupants from fire in the house, building collapse and intruders, sustaining them with food, water and essential supplies and facilities for at least a month.

The panic room, which we refer to as the basement, allows communication with essential services and there is room, not luxurious of course, for the whole family and our servants, which of course includes your Sansa. Emily blushes, particularly after hearing about all those cameras and, breathing a sign of relief, assures her Uncle and Auntie at her relief on hearing how well considered and substantial these arrangements sound. Uncle Sanjit concludes the breakfast conversation by telling Emily that Auntie Anjuli would like a private word with her in the lounge of their suite. They all stood up and let the servants clear away after breakfast. Auntie Anjuli took Emily’s arm in hers and they went upstairs.

Auntie Anjuli sits down with Emily and, holding her hand, said she mustn’t be at all worried about what she was going to say, as she and Uncle Sanjit were the only members of the family that knew and they were not at all distressed, unsettled or annoyed about it. Her introduction made Emily know that they knew about her and Sansa, probably via the security system, and bless her she defused the situation before they really started. As expected she confirmed their knowledge of Emily’s and Sansa’s loving commitment to each other. They were really happy for Emily and plan to help them in every way possible, including to ensure there were never any pressures for Emily to marry, or even date, a man.

Tears of relief and happiness run down her cheeks and Auntie Anjuli embraces her saying that she too had lesbian tendencies, but her love for Uncle Sanjit made her very happy, and now she has Emily, her unofficial adopted daughter to love and support. Emily feels so fortunate and they embrace tightly as if to confirm their new mother-daughter bond. When you return home from court today, you will find your possessions have been moved to a new suite for you and Sansa, just like this one. From the hallway through a lockable door is a nice lounge, there are no security devices in the suite other than panic buttons in each room.

There are 3 doors that can be locked from the inside, to: 1. A bedroom with large double 4 poster bed with curtain screens. 2. A dressing room with two walk-in wardrobes. 3. A bathroom with spa-jet bath, large walk-in shower, twin WCs and twin vanity wash basins. If Emily wishes, Sansa will become her official companion (as far as outsiders are concerned) and welcomed into the family. The family and other servants are completely trustworthy and loyal so their secret will be safe and they will be accepted within the household as a committed couple. She invites Emily, if she wishes to address us as baapoo (daddy) and maa (mummy). They will talk with Sansa and Emily after she has told her all the news and she wishes to escort bartın proceed with the arrangements. Baapoo has agreed with everything Maa has said to her. Emily is stunned with the love and devotion she is receiving and embraces her Maa saying she is so grateful, using the familial name Maa for the first time. Emily feels so happy and has quite forgotten about the potential threat for the time being.

Baapoo and Emily travel in convoy, a police car with 2 armed PPOs followed by Baapoo and Emily in the family car with their private bodyguards followed by another police car with 2 armed PPOs. At the courthouse, they and their retinue proceed to the courtroom where the armed PPOs wait outside. The court assembles and the court clerk asks each defendant if they wish to change their plea from not guilty to guilty. All 11 confirm that they now wish to plead guilty. The judge instructs the court recorder to document the change and then asks the prosecution and defence to approach the bench. Hand over microphone, he asks the prosecution what sentence has been agreed and the lead prosecutor respectfully replies that a term of imprisonment of 10 years was agreed. The judge then asks Baapoo formally if the defence agrees and respectfully, he says that they do. The lawyers return to their seats. The judge pronounces that each of the defendants, having changed their pleas to guilty, are sentenced to be imprisoned for a term of 10 years, less time already served, in the Alipore (Kolkata) Central Jail. He ends with the usual instruction “take them down” (to the court cells to await suitable transport to jail). With that Emily’s first trial as a pupil barrister comes to an end with both the prosecution and the defence teams happy with the outcome.

Surrounded by their retinue. Emily and her Baapoo move quickly through the crowd of photographers and reporters, although Emily was conscious of several flashes going off toward her. Having missed tea, Emily was going up to their new rooms when she was met by Sansa. Once the big main doors to the house are closed, they embrace happily forgetting there were others around, but the big smiles and applause put them at ease. Sansa takes Emily by the hand and leads her to their room, she unlocks the door and locks it shut behind them. When the emerge two hours later for dinner, Sansa looks so beautiful in her new green embroidered chiffon sari that is just like Emily’s. Their faces tell the tale of what might be going on behind closed doors. Dinner is such a memorable, happy occasion, they sit next to each other and could not stop smiling if they try. When the ladies withdraw, Sansa is amazed at the loving embraces she receives. Following their nightcaps, the family go up to their rooms.

Inside their suite Emily & Sansa just marvel at how quickly after declaring their love for each other, that are living together as a lesbian couple in the family home and as part of the family. Emily puts aside her concerns over the need for protection, after all, the trip to and from court had passed without any problem. Emily sits down to write a letter to her parents. Later they spend ages trying out the jet-spa bath together and then help each get ready for bed, the nighties they choose being designed more to reveal rather than to cover. Ensuring the bedroom door is securely locked, they get into bed for their first night together as a couple, their honeymoon! They draw all the curtains around the huge 4 poster bed ensuring their complete privacy.

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