Mera Chudainaama Ch. 01


I’m a typical boy born and brought up in Tier 2 towns in North/Central India and moved to Tier 1 city for education and work like many others. Following will be my experiences while moving from school to college to job.

The 1st experience I’m going to share is with my 1st gf. We were classmates but never really interacted in school as we didn’t share same friend circle. i was good in studies, always scoring top ranks and also involved in extra curriculars. This made me quiet famous among girls in school. I didn’t realize this until college as during school time I was only interested in studies and hadn’t really started appreciating female body.

Anyways, coming back to the story, I was in my 4th year of engineering and the independence I enjoyed during hostel days put the academics on the back burner and i indulged a lot in tv series, porn etc. i also got interested a bit in shayari and use to copy paste them on my FB.

during the same time, this girl had graduated and joined a domestic IT company in Noida (I had taken a drop for JEE after 12th). She was not great in studies but just glided through college and placements with her looks. She was a bit short and chubby, but being in Delhi had transformed her and made her quite desirable. She had stubby cheeks, great set of boobs and a nice curvy ass which I enjoyed a lot during my time with her.

So I had put one of Jaun Elia’s ghazals which as you know are very fabulous to say the least. With all the Delhi confidence behind her and post a fresh break up, she commented on my post which got us talking on messenger. Since I was also horny at that time and ready to mingle i also started talking with her. Later that night, I scrolled through her fb profile and found a few good pics with short dresses etc. I jerked off on them that night hoping to take her ass soon.

Same was happening on the other side as she was going through my fb profile and made sure I was not a casanova. Later we started talking more and more and i could really feel she was into me so i asked her lets chat on whatsapp as talking on messenger urfa escort is tedious. We instantly shared our phn no and started chatting day and night for a few days, Soon enough it was her birthday and I asked her to be my gf and she accepted. after this we graduated to video chats as we were in different cities. In a week or so we graduated to phone sex and me asking her to show her boobs on video chat or share her pics. she also started asking me to show my dick and balls. Pretty soon she had to do night shifts and this put our online sessions on hold.

Soon enough I got an opportunity to go to Delhi for a paper presentation and I was overjoyed. I travelled to Delhi, finished my engagements and had planned in such a way so that we will have 2 days to spend with each other.

Although we had done all sorts of stuff over phone and video, when i met her for the 1st time in a coffee shop near Sec-18 it took us a while to get accustomed to each other. she was dressed in a knee length black one piece dress and she sure had done a lot of prep. we had a quick bite and I joined her in an auto to drop her at work which was greater noida. Once we hit the patch where there were no street lights, I pulled her close and kissed on her forehead, although I wanted to fuck her then and there. she was impressed with my patience and before leaving gave me a peck on lips.

The next 2 days were her weekly off and we both knew this is when we will lose our inhibitions. One of my friend from hometown was also living in South delhi and i asked him can i use his flat to bring my gf as she was living in a girls PG. He accepted readily and said he is going to hometown for a few days and I can use his flat freely.

So next day we met again for breakfast and she said let’s explore Hauz Khas. so we took a metro and explored a bit and then went for a movie. tickets were available for only a 3D movie. We took the tickets, settled in for the movie. After about 10 mins once people settled into their places, I kept my arm around her and pulled her closer. I started to urfa escort bayan caress her forearm & shoulders as she was wearing a sleeveless top. She reciprocated and put her hand on my thighs and started caressing my thighs over my jeans. We were also talking softly in each others ears and I was using this opportunity to blow some air softly into her ears and neck. She was getting aroused by this and started caressing my dick over my jeans. After a few mins, she was just saying something into my ears and i took her lips into mine and started kissing her. She was surprised for a few seconds but responded with her tongue into my mouth and then there was no turning back. i don’t even know how much saliva we exchanged and to be honest we were kissing wildly and passionately. Meanwhile, she unzipped my jeans and was stroking my dick and I had inserted my hand into her top and under her bra and was pressing her boobs ferociously. The more I mauled her boobies, she increased speed of her stroking and I had precum coming out. As her hand got wet with precum she took a pause form kissing and bent down to taste my dick and then slurped her hand with precum. I was aroused like never before by seeing her licking her hand and she looked like a cheap whore.

However, just after this lights turned on for interval and I had to push my dick inside and zip my pants. Also my other hand which was mauling her tits came out and exposed her side boobs which she had to hide suddenly. Looking around there was a mid age couple sitting beside me and I thought they might have seen me zipping my pants. however, as soon as our eyes met, the lady beside thanked me to give her a chance to watch 2 movies in cost of one. so they were basically watching us from god knows when. However i did not tell this to my girl as we were both hot and I wanted her to be not inhibited.

we both went out after my dick came down a bit and she mended her attire. While going out i saw a fire escape near the toilet and I just grabbed her hand pushed her into the fire escape. I just went with escort urfa my gut feeling and started climbing upstairs. As I had hoped, the stairs led to terrace gate which was closed and there were a lot of cartons kept as storage of some sort. It was completely deserted and I just pushed her to the wall and started kissing her again in the neck region which seem to arouse her in no time. We took a pause for a breath and I just pulled her top upto her neck and unhooked her bra and feasted on her nipples. Nibbling on one while tweaking other. She started moaning loudly and stopped me. I didn’t listen to her and unhooked her legging. I turned her around and inserted my fingers into her clean shaven pussy while kissing her neck and earlobes.

I guess it was too much for her and she started saying I’m cumming and was afraid it might make her bottom wet. I went on my knees and swallowed all her cum. It took her 2-3 mins to come back to her senses and the glow on her face showed her happiness.

After putting her pants back she wanted to reciprocate and went on her knees, unzipped my jeans and pulled them down along with my underwear. i was aroused by then and my dick was hard. she stroked it a couple of times and put it in her mouth and what a blowjob it was. She was licking my dick from top to bottom and also going gulping my balls.

she started making eye contact with me and this made me go mad. I took her hairs in my hand and started fucking her mouth. after 5 mins of fucking her mouth and the excitement of having a blowjob in a public place, I was coming to a situation where I was not able to hold my load longer. I inserted my dick deeper into her mouth and held her head tightly from behind. She understood what I was planning and resisted but I didn’t let her go and unloaded my sperms into her mouth. I didn’t let her go until she swallowed my cum and there was some dripping out from her mouth. she was a bit annoyed but i held her up and cleaned the cum which was flowing down her neck. she smiled at my action but was surprised at what i did later. i just spread the cum in my hand over her nipples and she gave a naughty smile over my kinkiness.

We came down and realized it was long back since the interval had finished.

What happened next, i will share in the next part. As this is my 1st story, looking for feedback which can make my writing better.

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