Oblivion , Doubt Ch. 04


This series is a companion to my story Truth margin-left:0″>

The Guy had been tall and painfully thin but had been good-looking in a nerdy mop-top way. Leethie had spent the night getting his name wrong – Dave or Dan or Richard or something – but he’d been in one of one Miranda’s classes and she seemed to like him, and he’d stuck to them all night. Sometime towards the end of the evening, Leethie had decided to fuck him.

Miranda had gotten dressed up that night, a tight top and torn loose jeans, worn low on her hips with a heavy leather belt. She’d put her hair in barrettes and let Leethie do her makeup. She had done Miranda’s eyes dark, with a lot of mascara because she knew she liked them like that. She had done her lips with a bright red lipstick, Miranda had complained, but Leethie had insisted because she liked them like that. When she was done, Leethie thought she’d looked slutty and told her so, they had both laughed.

Miranda had seemed to have fun that night, and they were all drunk and talking fast over each other by the end, but Miranda had gone quiet after Leethie invited Dan/ave/ick back to their place.

“Come on Guy,” she’d told him, “walk us home.”

It wasn’t the first time Leethie had brought a guy home, and she knew it made Miranda jealous but didn’t care. Just because she let Miranda lick her cunt didn’t make it mean anything, and she liked reminding her of that.

She remembered feeling giddy and laughing on the way back to the studio. She had enjoyed the hungry looks the guy had been giving her. He had grabbed at her a couple times; she didn’t stop him. But out of the corner of her eye, she had been paying more attention to Miranda, who had walked on her other side but had been sullen and withdrawn.

Leethie was feeling very drunk by the time they got home; had started undressing in the hall while Miranda worked to unlock their door. The guy had whispered something about a threesome into her ear as he watched her taking off her bra. She had already thrown her shirt over his head, but he was peeking out from under it, trying to look sexy.

“I’m not into that dyke shit,” She’d told him, throwing her bra over his shoulder and laughing as she started working at her fly. Miranda had been hunched and looking down at her keys and the lock. She had looked physically diminished; like she had shrunk on their walk home.

Miranda got the door open and disappeared into the bathroom. Leethie, topless and pants pushed halfway down over her ass, had pulled Dan-or-whatever into her ‘room’ and helped him strip. Fast clumsy drunken pulling at belts, hungry jerking at t-shirt and jeans. She had seen Miranda crossing back to her side of the studio. Miranda had glanced in to see Leethie holding his long stiff erection in her hand. Leethie had smiled at her and stroked his cock, and felt a spike of heat as Miranda’s eyes dropped to her pumping hand before she disappeared behind the screen.

He’d tried to kiss her, but she had pushed him, knocking him to the bed with his pants still around his ankles and his boots on. Climbing over him and straddling his chest she had stood on her knees, her pussy pushed forward.

“Fuuuuck,” he’d groaned, staring at her bald pussy.

“Kiss it!” She told him, barking the order and laughing at the surprised look on his face. He probably couldn’t believe his luck, but was clearly out of his depth. She could tell nothing like this had ever happened to him. He had looked her in the eyes like some sort of Romeo as he raised himself up on his elbows, pursed his lips, and kissed her pussy.

“Don’t be a fucking fag,” she’d sneered as she took him by the hair and mashed herself against him, rolling her hips and riding his closed mouth.

“MmmmMmmmmMMm,” he’d moaned; still staring up at her, but not like some big Romeo anymore.

“Eat my pussy or I’m not fucking you,” she’d told him dryly.

There was a long moment when she thought he might rebel. His eyes had burned, suddenly not looking so drunk. She thought he might push her off him, but then his mouth had opened and his tongue had licked her length. It was her turn to moan. She made no attempt to be quiet.

He’d pushed escort kocaeli his arms between her legs and reached around to take hold of her ass. She rode him that way, her knees spread wide, grinding and humping his face while he jabbed and sucked. Finally losing patience with his random attempts, she pulled his lips to her clit.

“Just suck that like it was a little cock,” she instructed with motherly warmth, but still holding him there by the hair. With her other hand, she reached back and took his cock in her hand. It was long and smooth and thin-skinned. Her palm felt cool and dry as she stroked him, her fingers loose and playful. He moaned loudly, rumbling against her clit. “Mmmm, good boy. Does that feel good?”

“MmmMMmm,” he looked at her longingly. She let go of his hair and smoothed her hand over her belly, hefting her breast and squeezing it. She shook out her hair, knowing exactly what he was seeing. She could feel the effect she was having on him; his cock throbbing in her hand.

‘His fucking wettest dream,” she’d thought, picturing him hunched over and furiously masturbating about her.

“Suck me off and I’ll let you cum in me,” she promised. His cock had jumped in her hand as she did. “Oh, you like that?” She ringed him with her finger and thumb, gently moving them up and down over the mushroom-shaped head of his cock. He sucked hard.

“That’s right,” she cooed, moving her hand faster, “just like you’d suck a dick.”

He didn’t care. He sucked and polished her clit with his tongue like it was his job. She imagined Miranda next to them, laying on her side, facing the wall jealously listening to him suck and slobber. She pictured Miranda desperately fingering her wet little cunt, trying to be as quiet as she could. As Leethie felt an orgasm beginning to build she stifled her moans and even tried to quiet her breath, listened for any sound from the other side of the screen. All she could hear was the guy’s messy gobbling and finally, she couldn’t be still any longer and started to moan and thrash.

She let go of his cock and held her breasts with both hands, rolling and pinching her nipples, knowing how much both he and Miranda were getting off on her, but then her thoughts crashed and she’d no longer cared about what they were thinking; didn’t care about anything but the pleasure threatening to rip her belly open.

She was panting, her hands against the wall, supporting her. He was smiling up from between her thighs, looking proud of himself.

“Good job sport,” she told him, but her voice was windy and soft. She brought a hand down to his mouth. His face was wet and red. She smeared her fingers over his lips and chin, then put them in his mouth, letting him suck them clean. She stroked his cheeks again. They were soft and smooth. “You’re a careful shaver, I like that.”

She climbed back over his arms until she was straddling his waist. She pushed her fingers back into his mouth as she reached back and took his cock in her free hand, but this time rather than play with it she eased herself back, guiding him in. He sucked breath sharply as she pressed his head against her lips; held herself there, hovering, moving his fat glans back and forth, wetting it.

“You have a nice cock,” she told him. He tried to say something but she put another finger in his mouth and pressed them against his tongue, her thumb under his chin. “Keep sucking.”

She held him by the jaw that way as she’d lowered herself slowly onto him dropping a bit and climbing, then dropping a little further. He mewed and whinged happily until she’d squeezed his harder, pinching his tongue against the soft tissue below, silencing him. She thought she’d heard Miranda. A gasp? Was she cumming? She took her fingers out of his mouth and leaned over him, her hands on the mattress and her hair draping their faces. Their mingled breath smelled of cheap whiskey. He was looking up at her, but had taken the hint, and wasn’t trying to talk.

She closed her eyes and began to move up and down in long smooth strokes, still listening. He had grabbed the flesh of her hips and was lifting and dropping her. She thought she heard Miranda again. A hitch sound. Was she gölcük escort crying? The idea of Miranda weeping and pining for her on the other side of the screen was almost as much a turn-on as the idea of her frantically masturbating.

‘Probably both,” she thought, and almost laughed.

She was moving faster now and his grip was tight, his arms surprisingly strong. He was lifting her and then pushing her back onto him, rolling his hips so his cock went deep and pressing against the hard roof of her vagina.

“The Guy has some skills,” Leethie thought. The two of them were covered in sweat and Leethie could feel her pleasure beginning to spike again.

Resisting his efforts to lift her and stroke his cock with her cunt, she held herself down and feeling the head of his cock nesting hard against her cervix she began to slide back and forth, rolling her hips as she did. He had reached up to squeeze her breasts. His hands were wet with her sweat, sliding and squishing her flesh.

She moaned loudly and her arms began to shake; went rigid as she came. She dropped onto his chest as her arms collapsed, she buried her face in the sheets above his shoulder, twitching. But he kept her sliding wetly against him, their torsos making blubbery-sucking noises.

“Uh.. uh… uh… uh… uh… UUH!” she moaned, the sounds pumped from her, sounding passive and dull. His hands were in her armpits sliding her up and down the length of his cock faster and faster until she was slapping against him, almost limp with the building pleasure. “UH UH UH UH UH UGH!”

She tried to slow it down, but her arms and legs felt leaden and weak. Her lips were slack and she was drooling into the sheets. Her skin felt fiery and slick with sweat. The awful fleshy sounds their bodies were making were disgusting, but it wouldn’t stop.

“OH FUCK!!” she tried to arch and push away but he held her tight, arms wrapping her, holding her in place, sliding her up and down harder and harder. She was gasping for breath. “Fuck. No. I just-“

“Shut the fuck up,” he hissed into her ear as he drove into her with his hips and arms.

She struggled, but was still weak and jerking from her orgasm and the whiskey; it wouldn’t stop. He wouldn’t stop. His nails dug into her back and he bit down savagely on her neck as he came. Felt the heat of his seamen bloom viscus and hot inside her while he swore and groaned.

They lay like that for a time. Her limp, his chest raising and lowering her as he tried to catch his breath. She could feel him shrinking inside her, sliding thickly out, smearing her thigh as he did.

“You should go,’ she told him as she slid off him, rolling onto her back. She stared at the ceiling; could feel him next to her, glaring. She didn’t care. “Really, you need to leave.”

“Jesus, you are a skank,” he muttered as he sat up. She lay on her side, not looking at him, but watching him in her peripheral vision as he pulled up his jeans, patted his pockets then left without another word.

She rolled onto her back and lay there seething. The way he’d said it, it was something he’d heard about her. The light was still on and she looked down at herself, glazed in sweat. Touched her breasts, slid her hands over them forcefully, enjoying the wet feeling, but feeling empty and angry. Listening to her breath, listening to Miranda’s breath, knowing she had heard what he’d said. The room was spinning.


Nothing. She waited, knowing she was awake.


Again there was a pause, but just as she was about to lose her patience the other girl spoke.

“What?’ she asked quietly.

“Come here!”

For a moment nothing happened, but then she could hear Miranda lifting herself off her mattress and padding to the opening of her room. She was in her Chris and Cosey shirt. Her legs were bare. She stood on unsteady legs, rubbed her eyes as if she’d been sleeping, but Leethie knew she hadn’t been.

She hadn’t washed her face, her mascara had run and her lips were smeared. Leethie pictured her pressing her face into her pillow and masturbating with her ass in the air.

Leethie waited. She had pushed herself up izmit sınırsız escort on her elbows, her knees lewdly spread, she was still breathing hard. Miranda watched her, staring at her nakedness, watching her breasts heave.

“Come here,” she ordered. Miranda’s eyes dropped to her sex. Leethie could feel his cum dribbling into the crack of her ass.

“I thought you weren’t into that ‘dyke shit?'”

“It’s only dyke shit if you’re the one doing it,” Leethie sneered. “Now come here and clean this mess up you skank.”

She watched as her words struck Miranda as surely as a blow. She expected Miranda to lash out, call her names. Wondered if she’d have to hold her down and make her do it. She watched Miranda’s color rise and her expression tense before suddenly going smooth and calm and her shoulders relaxed. Her expression looked almost… sympathetic.

Miranda reached for the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head. Her nipples were swollen and almost wine red. Her panties had a wet spot. She watched Leethie mildly as she peeled them off and dropped them casually onto the floor with her shirt. Her little bush was gone, her pussy was smooth and hairless. Leethie wondered when she had done that. Stepping to the end of the bed and dropping onto her knees, she’d taken hold of Leethie’s knees and gently pushed them back and wide until they touched her shoulders; folding Leethie in half – and gaping wide.

Leaning over Leethie, looking down on her, her lips parted and wet, tongue peeking from between her teeth she waited a bit.

“Is that all you want Leethie?” She asked softly, “Anything else?”

Leethie’s emptiness disappeared in a tsunami of heat. Her shame and anger were forgotten; the way she had said ‘anything’. She watched as Miranda dropped back and slowly down. Her lips wet with spit, open and full; she knelt folded over at the end of her bed. Her chin nearly touching Leethie’s pussy. The two stared at each other in silence, Miranda’s mouth just above her sex, lips parted and shining; still red.

ANYTHING echoed in Leethie’s mind like Miranda had screamed it into a cave.

“I’ll tell you when to stop,” Leethie breathed, her voice high and hollow sounding. She had wanted to sound cool and dismissive but knew she’d failed.

She swallowed hard as Miranda opened her mouth and slowly struck out her tongue dripping with spit. Dropping her gaze to Leethie’s pussy Miranda lowered herself and used her tongue to scoop the glob of cum dripping down the crack of her ass, raking hard against her asshole as she did.

‘Anything,’ Leethie thought, but moaning wordlessly, “GNNnnnnhhh!”

Mouth still open, her tongue bowled to hold the semen, Miranda raised herself and stopped. She stared at Leethie, her eyes soft, then pointedly tipped her head back and swallowed.


Again she dropped and licked the length of Leethie’s tail, but this time she pushed her tongue into her open channel, still hot and open from The Guy. Again she rose with a mouth full of his spunk. Her hands stroked the backs of Leethie’s thighs as she leaned forward until her face, mouth open, was over Leethie’s.


Leethie’s breath head quickened. Her heart felt like it was humming. She looked into Miranda’s non-color eyes – glazed and a little out of focus – and opened her mouth. The room was spinning. Leethie stuck out her tongue and tipped back her head – eyes locked with Miranda’s.

Miranda pursed her lips and let the cum and spit filling her mouth pour out and over Leethie’s tongue. The warm rope of saliva and semen quickly filled Leethie’s mouth to overflowing. Leethie struggled to swallow it all.

“Skanks,” Miranda whispered. A thread of spit hung from her lip. She made it sound affectionate, like something you might call a child or a lover.

“Pervert,” Leethie whispered back, her voice quavering and high.

“Perverts,” Miranda answered, like a promise, or an oath. she then dropped back to her haunches, and resting her hands on her upturned ass she ate Leethie out.

Miranda kept up the slow deep strokes and sucked until there was no more cum to swallow. Her mouth began to move faster than, her tongue pushing and trilling, her lips playing and slurping every contour and fold, drawing in and wetly compressing the fragile petals of flesh. Her fingertips gently stroked and kneaded Leethie’s ass cheeks. she had begun to hum. a high girlish tune.

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