The Furniture Store


Every aspect of Selina’s life was in a rut. Dull routine and a stale marriage had left her feeling like she was sleep walking through what should have been the best years of her life. She’d met Greg in 2001 and when they got married in 2003, life seemed full of possibilities. That was six years ago, she was twenty nine now and had begun to feel like she was just treading water.

Her dull and all too familiar husband seemed happy to plod along as an accountant with a large well known firm that provided audit, tax and advisory services. He worked average hours for an average wage and had less than average ambition. Selina worked as a finance clerk for the local branch of a large charity and had come to dislike the job intensely. Not least because her line manager had passed her over for promotion when she failed to respond positively to his ‘strings attached’ career development path.

Selina and Greg had not had children and had not really discussed the possibility except to agree some years ago that they would both know if and when they were ready to start a family. Selina was an only child and neither of her elderly parents were in good health. They lived a couple of hundred miles away so she saw them infrequently. The less she saw of Greg’s family the better as far as she was concerned. Greg’s passive aggressive mother, who doted on her only son, never missed an opportunity to put her down.

Her sex life was uninspiring and had tailed off considerably. When they were first married, sex took place on a Tuesday and Saturday as regular as clockwork. Soon after their first wedding anniversary Greg announced that he was always too tired in the working week. Now, five years later, they had sex once a month, which she always initiated. She was a very attractive woman and it wasn’t that she didn’t like sex but it had become just another of their many routines. The worst part was that she felt that Greg was lazy, he always managed to become erect and to lay on top of her until the deed was done but, for the last eighteen months, she’d rarely had an orgasm. Greg seemed oblivious and she had no intention of faking it.

As she sat at her desk on warm Friday afternoon in June she thought about how things had become much worse since Linda, her friend and now ex-colleague, had handed in her notice. Linda was a strong character, she was middle aged and experienced in life. She had protected Selina from the worst of her creepy boss’s bullying but now she had to fend for herself. She hated confrontation, found it difficult to be assertive with people and knew she had to find another job. She wasn’t unhappy about it, she saw it as the kick up the pants that she needed. She’d already applied for several jobs and was waiting to hear whether she had managed to get any interviews.

When Selina arrived home that evening, she picked up the post from the door mat and put it on the kitchen worktop. She poured herself a large glass of Pinot Grigio and carried the post into the lounge where she started to look through the bills and junk mail. One envelope stood out, it was white and had her name and address neatly written on the front. As she opened it she hoped it was a response from one of her job applications. Greg came in through the front door just as she unfolded the letter.

“Yes! I’ve got an interview, Dimbleby and Jones, on Monday afternoon at four o’clock.”

“That was the accounts and admin job wasn’t it?”

“Yes, a bit of a long shot but I’ll give it my best.”

“You probably won’t get it, after all, it is your first attempt.”

“Oh great, now I feel so much better, thanks for the pep talk.”

Dimbleby and Jones was a traditional furniture store in the city centre. It was popular and thriving despite the challenge from the cheap flat pack options that seemed to have sprung up everywhere.

“I’m going for a bath, put the pizza in the oven in half an hour, there’s a bottle open in the fridge.”

Selina sank into the warm water and sipped her wine while she thought about the interview. She decided to get more information about the company from the internet so that she could be as well prepared as possible. As was often her habit when she bathed, she had locked the bathroom door so that she could play with her pussy and relieve her frustration. This time she had a strong orgasm and murmured her delight into a face flannel so that her moans and groans were muffled. She was sure that Greg knew nothing of her tendency to pleasure herself in the bath. He certainly didn’t know that he was often the subject of her suppressed anger at his complete lack of adventure between the sheets.

After they had been married a year or so, she had suggested to him that they might spice things up in the bedroom with a little mild bdsm. She’d even asked him to tie her arms behind her back with his dressing gown cord. His shocked negative reaction left her feeling dirty and perverted so she’d never mentioned it again. She exacted her revenge on him in her fantasies. She izmit escort would often imagine herself, as she had done just now, seated in an armchair and masturbating while watching two strong shapely women strip him naked, make him erect then take turns to ride him until he begged for mercy.

She realised that she’d lost respect for him in the bedroom. A thought occurred to her that, if she got the job on Monday, she would call in to Ann Summers on the way home and buy a vibrator as a present to herself. She knew Greg would be horrified at the idea so she’d have to hide it and use it when he was out of the house. She’d been a faithful wife so far but the idea of a secret affair with a vibrator appealed to her enormously and didn’t count as actual infidelity.


Selina checked her appearance in the mirror one last time. She had butterflies in her tummy as she left the staff toilets and set off for her interview at Dimbleby and Jones. The charity offices were only a ten minute walk from the furniture store so she set off fifteen minutes before her appointed interview time so that she could arrive five minutes early.

She looked smart in her best business suit, it was light grey and fitted her well. The trousers were snug around her shapely thighs and buttocks. She wished her breasts were a little larger, they were firm and nicely shaped and of about average size, most women would have been very satisfied with them. She’d considered wearing her high heels but she had stuck with her smart comfortable flat shoes. Her thick long blonde hair bounced along in her wake as she made her way to the interview.

The furniture store was on a busy shopping street. It occupied two floors of a three storey building, the ground floor was about sixty feet by fifty feet and the first floor was slightly larger. The manager’s office and admin office were on the first floor. Selina gathered herself and strode confidently into the store. She was soon approached by a very attractive woman in her thirties with long dark hair wearing a tight dark blue pencil skirt suit and high heels.

“Can I help you madam?”

“Ah, yes please, I’ve come for an interview for the finance and administration job. I’m a few minutes early”

“No problem, please go up the stairs to the first floor. The offices are on the left, there’s a seat outside the door, Ms Jones will call you when she’s ready for you.”

“Thank you.”

“Good luck,” said the attractive sales assistant who’s name Selina could see was Marilyn from the badge on her lapel.

Selina climbed the stairs and made her way across to the offices. There were several customers looking at beds and dining tables. Selina noticed another attractive sales assistant in the same blue suit but with a shorter tight skirt and high heels. Her hair was short and fair and she was wearing stockings, the suspender straps and clips were just visible through her skirt. Selina noticed that the name on her badge was Annette.

Just as Selina approached the office two women came out.

“Thank you for coming in Daphne, I expect to be making a decision about the job today so you’ll be hearing from me quite soon.”

“Thank you Ms Jones, it was a pleasure to meet you.”

Daphne was probably in her mid forties, she was a little overweight and wore a smart but frumpish summer dress with flat sandals. Selina thought she looked a picture of reliability and competence, her heart sank a little. Ms Jones, on the other hand, was a tall, charismatic, sexy looking woman with long dark hair and an athletic figure. She wore a tight black pencil skirt suit and high heels. Selina could see from the reinforced heel of her hosiery that she was wearing stockings too. Glenda was also in her mid forties but it looked like there was a good fifteen years between her and Daphne.

The Dimbleby side of the firm had died out over fifty years ago and Glenda Jones was the great granddaughter of one of the co-founders. The store was well known and respected so Glenda thought it best to leave the name unchanged.

“Ah, you must be Selina?”

“Yes Ms Jones.”

“Please call me Glenda, come through to my office and take a seat.”

They walked through what Selina guessed was the admin office and into Glenda’s office. Glenda closed the door behind them and they sat facing each other over a low coffee table, she eyed Selina up and down in a way that made her feel even more nervous.

“Would you like a tea or a coffee?”

“Er, no thank you, I’m good thanks,”

“Relax Selina, I don’t bite. Make yourself comfortable and we’ll get started when you’re ready.”

The interview was pretty routine and Selina felt it wasn’t going too badly when Glenda suddenly brought it to a halt.

“Look Selina, it’s four fifteen now and I’ve got lots to do before we close. I’ve been interviewing all afternoon so I need to get on. I like you, you’ve got the job if you want it. Before you answer, there are certain things I expect from my izmit anal yapan escort staff. Although you will mostly be office based, you will be seen in and around the store and I expect my girls to be well turned out. I won’t beat about the bush, sex sells, you probably saw Marilyn and Annette on your way in, Karen and Hansa, my other two members of the sales team, are just as well turned out and just as appealing to look at.

If you want this job, I will expect you to wear the same blue skirt suit, it will be provided for you with a knee length skirt and a short skirt. You will also wear heels, four inches minimum and you will be encouraged to wear stockings, the male customers love to see a suspender bump or reinforced toes and heels. It makes them horny and ready to open their wallets. There will be an allowance of two pairs of stockings per month but if you insist on wearing tights, you’ll have to provide those yourself. You will also get two pairs of black heeled shoes per year, sandals or court shoes. Together with a competitive wage and a pension, I think it is a very generous package. What do you think?”

Selina was a little stunned. She’d thought Glenda had cut the interview short to tell her she hadn’t got the job. She had no idea that Glenda had made her mind up as soon as she laid eyes on her that she would appoint her. Glenda liked women, she liked the look of Selina, she could see that she was straight but there was something intriguing about her. Despite all she had read about effective selection processes, she always went on gut feeling and she hadn’t regretted it yet. Selina liked the thought of having her work attire paid for and she readily accepted, wearing stockings every day couldn’t be so difficult.

“Well, yes, thank you, I’d love to work here.”

“When can you start?”

“Is next Monday soon enough?”

“Yes, that’s sooner than I could have hoped for. I’ll see you at eight o’clock and I’ll ease you into the job and we’ll order your suit. I’ve got an account with Gracie’s shoe shop across the road and with Penny’s Lingerie on High Street. Oh yes, I didn’t say, you’ll also get two suspender belts a year.”

Selina passed Marilyn and Annette on the ground floor sales area as she left the store.

“Did you get the job?” asked Marilyn.

“Yes, it was a bit of a surprise actually.”

“Not to us it wasn’t,” smiled Annette, “we’re looking forward to working with you.”

Selina felt happier than she’d felt for a very long time. She had been a little overawed by Glenda but the sales staff seemed very friendly and very attractive. Her nipples hardened as she made her way to Ann Summers, a confusing mix of thoughts left her feeling horny. Was it the prospect of buying a vibrator or had she been beguiled by the charismatic Glenda and the excitement of getting the job.

She’d never set foot in Ann Summers before, the sales assistant was very helpful and made the process of choosing her ‘weapon’ light hearted and fun. She left the shop with a spring in her step and a damp patch on her panties. She couldn’t wait to hand her notice in to her line manager and she composed it in her head as she strode along to the bus stop clutching her handbag containing her new seven inch realistic vibrator.

She texted Greg to tell him that she’d got the job and to ask him to pick up a bottle of champagne on the way home. When he arrived home, Greg was matter of fact about her success but impressed at the package she had been offered which included work attire and a pension. He turned his nose up at Glenda’s ‘sex sells’ philosophy and ignored Selina’s seductive teasing remark that she would be wearing stockings every day. Nor did he pick up on her hint about a celebratory fuck when they went to bed. As she drifted off to sleep, a frustrated Selina promised herself a date with her new vibrator at the first opportunity.


Just after lunch time on her first day in the new job, Selina was asked by Glenda to come into her office and close the door.

“I’ve got a quiet few minutes so let’s get you measured for your suit.”

“Oh, you don’t need to measure me I’m a classic size ten.”

“Where’s the fun in that Selina,” joked Glenda, “come on, stand here and I’ll do your chest waist and hips.”

Glenda had never measured any of her staff for their suits before, she had decided to do it to Selina on impulse. Selina didn’t object even though she thought it unnecessary. Glenda stood in front of her, she was very close as she slipped the tape measure around Selina’s back, under her arms and around her breasts. Glenda brushed her nipples with the backs of her fingers and they immediately became erect.

“Oh dear, I’m sorry, clumsy me, don’t be embarrassed, you should be proud of your breasts, they’re lovely.”

Selina felt uncomfortable but a little aroused at the same time. It was a strange new feeling and it confused her. She breathed in Glenda’s intoxicating aroma izmit yabancı escort as Glenda bent forwards to put the tape measure around her waist. Glenda noted the measurement and lifted her alluring green eyes to stare straight into Selina’s blue eyes. Then Glenda got down on her knees and put the tape measure around Selina’s hips. As she did so, she made a performance of measuring in exactly the right place and took the opportunity to lightly press her palms and fingers along the side of Selina’s thighs.

“Oh good, I see your wearing stockings already, I knew you were right for this job,” said Glenda with a conspiratorial smile.

“I thought I might as well get into the habit as soon as possible.”

“Good girl. Okay, right, that’s that then. Leave an hour early today and you can call in at Gracie’s and Penny’s, they’re expecting you.”

Selina went back to her desk and carried on with her work, she couldn’t understand why she felt so elated and uncomfortable at the same time. Glenda had invaded her space by getting unnecessarily close to her, she would normally have seen it as completely inappropriate behaviour and backed away, but, after the initial surprise, it had felt intimate and even quite pleasant. Glenda sat in her office wondering what had made her so forward and uninhibited with her new member of staff, she was relieved that Selina hadn’t objected to what had been close to sexual harassment.

Marilyn and Annette visited the office from time to time to pick up catalogues and order forms. They exchanged friendly words with Selina and made her feel welcome. They asked how things were going and gave her a knowing smile when she told them that she had been measured for her suit.

“Don’t worry, she’s harmless” said Marilyn with a wink.

Glenda liked to be surrounded by attractive women, not just because of her philosophy that sex sells. She’d known that she was a lesbian since her early teens. As attitudes had changed and relaxed, she’d gradually stopped hiding her sexual preferences from people but she had never ‘come out’ as such. She was careful not to abuse her position of authority over her staff. She’d attempted the gentle seduction of three of her sales team. Marilyn and Annette were married and straight and Glenda had merely given them an open invitation along the lines of “let me know if you ever feel like coming up to my place.” Karen was straight, single and had a boyfriend, she was twenty five and hadn’t given the slightest hint that she was into anyone but him.

Hansa was thirty seven, single, unattached and had had a fling with Glenda, none of the others knew about their steamy six week affair. It had begun two and a half years ago after a Christmas party. Glenda had given Hansa a lift home and had ended up in bed with her after correctly reading the signals, and sliding her hand up her dress and over her stocking tops, whilst parked in the street outside Hansa’s apartment.

After the initial burst of intense, passionate sex had subsided the two women had realised that their relationship had flowered briefly and would not last so they had called it a day. They remained friends though and Hansa, having made the leap from fantasies of fucking women to doing it in reality, joined a lesbian dating site. She’d come out to her colleagues over a ago and was pleasantly surprised to find how accepting and supportive they all were.

Glenda had had numerous relationships before Hansa and a couple of flings with married women since. She was unattached at the moment and had begun to feel, at the age of forty four, that she would never find love with a long term partner.


Sitting on the bus on the way home from the first day in her new job Selina received a text from Greg to say he was dropping in to see his mother. She hurried home from the bus stop, dropped her shoe and lingerie shopping in the hallway and went straight upstairs to the bedroom. She took her carefully wrapped vibrator from the old shoe box at the bottom of the wardrobe where it was hiding, angled the full length wardrobe door mirror so that she could watch herself, laid back against a pillow, lifted her skirt and played the strong pulsations against her pussy.

Within half a minute its full length was inside her and her body felt alive with arousal. She had it turned up high and was surprised at how easily it took control of her cunt, she was completely at its mercy and couldn’t have stopped now if she’d wanted to. She knew she would come quickly so she cut to the end of her favourite fantasy of sitting in an armchair masturbating while Greg was being forcefully fucked. This time, instead of two anonymous women subduing Greg, it was Glenda, Marilyn and Annette. She imagined they had overpowered him, stripped him and Glenda had sat astride him while Marilyn and Annette held him down.

As she rapidly approached orgasm, her fantasy changed to Glenda kissing her up against her office wall with her hand up her skirt and inside her panties. That forbidden erotic thought sent a pulse of kinky arousal through her pussy and she watched herself in the mirror with her back arched, her skirt around her waist, thrusting her pelvis upwards and being subsumed by the best, most intense orgasm she’d ever had.

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