The Power of Blackmail Ch. 04


Hi everyone! Back again for chapter 4. To keep you all in the loop, writing is of course noticeably slower than normal. I’m sorry for that, but take pleasure in knowing that I will finish each of my stories at some point.

A brand new story is coming soon. And also a revamp of an older one. I have The Island of Three chapter 9 on the mind as well at the moment, so sit tight and keep an eye out.

You’ll be happy to know that I have found myself a new editor! Thank you to AirSearch1 for the edits. You’ve been a massive help.

As always I hope you enjoy…

The Power of Blackmail – Chapter 4

“Phone bill, clothes, more clothes… christ, doesn’t she buy anything… hmm. Three hundred pounds sent to a Mr. J Bradford. What’s that all about?” I wasn’t sure if I had even found anything interesting or not, but I was now curious as to who the mystery man was that Isabel had sent money to.

I took a quick look through her drawers beside her desk and found more bank statements. Each one with a three pound sum being sent to a Mr. J Bradford every month on the same day.

“Why would she be sending money to some random guy?”

I put everything back where I found it and made my way back to my bedroom. I laid flat on my bed for a while and took a few minutes to think. I couldn’t come up with any easy answer, and to be perfectly honest, even the far fetched ideas seemed more logical to me for some reason.

After several more minutes of contemplating the conundrum, I met Louise downstairs to give her a hand with the housework, but of course not before slapping her ass cheek and embracing the brunette in a deep and passionate kiss.

“Mmm, where did that come from? Dad’s still in the house, which means you must be extra frisky today master.”

“Actually, I forgot about that…” I looked at Louise who laughed at me.

We continued with the chores and made some idle chatter. I did however take a few opportunities to “cop a feel” when I could. The sheer drastic change in our lives was unbelievable. We weren’t just family anymore, we were this crazed love struck and horny couple that couldn’t think of anything other than getting into the others pants. It was amazing.

“Lou, do you know a J Bradford?”

“Uhh no. Why?”

“Well, I found a document with that name on it and I was curious.”

“Well that’s obviously a lie. Tell me what’s up. Come on.”

It was only a white lie, but I guess part of me wanted to try and keep as much a secret as possible. Especially seeing as I can’t keep my hands and eyes off my younger sister even with our father still in the house.

“Yeah a little one, sorry. I was looking through Isabel’s room and found a bank statement. She’s been sending three hundred pounds to this “Bradford” guy for months, maybe years. Once every month.”

“Ok, that is weird. And that’s all you’ve got? Three hundred pounds and a name?”

“Yeah. I haven’t looked into it any further, yet.”

Louise made her way over to me with a broom in hand. “Probably shouldn’t be looking through your sisters’ things you know.”

I smirked and pulled her close to me. “Maybe, and I probably shouldn’t do this either…” I quickly shot my hand down between her silky skin and satin panties to play with her snatch. Within a mere fraction of a second I had already started to rub her lips with my fingers.

“Ohh fuck. Y-yeah, you probablyyy shouldn’t…”

I brought my lips to hers and kissed her deeply as my fingers started to work their magic. She was ever so slightly wet, which made the whole process much easier. That, and being completely shaved helps too.

Louise bit down on my lip in a playful manner and moaned softly between lightly clenched teeth.

“Admit it, you like this naughty side of me. You like the sneaking around and the danger.”

“Ohh god I do. I really do…”

Suddenly a door slammed shut from behind us in the other room. It sounded like the door to the garage. We both shot apart and tried to compose ourselves before our father entered the room. Just before he came around the corner, I looked at my sister who had a flush red face, and sucked my finger into my mouth, cleaning it off in the process.

Louise looked at me with a lust filled stare and forced her eyes back to normality before it was too late.

“Fuck! FUCK!” As always, our dad entered the room with the upmost elegance.

“Umm, everything alright there dad?” I asked as I pretended to dust an area which I had already dusted.

“No! I think I broke my fucking toe!”

Our old man hopped his way to the living room towards the single seated sofa and flopped down in front of us. “Fuck! Son, take a look at it for me will ya?”

“Ughh, do I have to? Can’t I just take you to A&E instead?”

He looked up at me and exaggerated a sigh. “Fineee, but grab my jacket before we go.”

As I walked off to fulfil my father’s every beck and call, I looked back to see Louise trying her best to comfort him. She was a good daughter. Easily kurtköy escort better than I was a son.

My father and Louise had a very good relationship. She was obviously his favourite, although he wouldn’t often admit it. I was never really noticed by him. Not in a harsh way, but because I didn’t want to be a “manly man” he saw me as lesser, even if he hadn’t said it out loud. Actions speak louder than words in this instance.

In that moment I smirked a broad and knowing smile. I couldn’t help myself from being smug that I was now fucking the life out of our father’s little angel. It was… euphoric. To know I was bending her to my will.

A few minutes later and I was helping my old man out the door and into my car. We arrived at the hospital and soon got my father seen by the doctor. Before long we were back from the hospital with my father’s toes in a bandage.

Turns out he had broken two of his toes. And what’s worse, he has to stay home to heal for at the very least a week before being able to do too much on his feet. Depending on how easy he takes it, he might have to stay home for a couple weeks. Not good, not when you’re trying to seduce your sisters anyway.

The second we got home I went straight to my room. It’s not that I hated my dad or anything, but he’s often a lot to take. So small doses at a time or not at all is the only way to deal with him. And in all truths, I desperately needed to know more about this Mr. Bradford guy.

I sat at the desk and loaded up my PC to start the research. A moment later Louise let herself into my room and sat her delectable rear on the side of my desk.

“Sooo, dad’s going to be home for a while.” Louise gave me a nonchalant smile.

I could see the bitter disappointment in her face. I could tell she liked the excitement that we were creating, hell I did too, but we didn’t want to get caught. And with a bloke that’s within shouting distance away, it wouldn’t be clever to try anything too over the top.

“Yeahhh, I guess we’ll have to calm it down a little. Maybe even stop for a while.”

“It’s going to feel weird not… doing stuff.”

“Only for a week or so. Then we’ll be back to normal. I promise.” It was interesting to realise what I now saw as ‘normal’.

Louise hopped off the desk and waltzed over to my side. “This, has only just started. Wouldn’t want to end the fun just yet.”

“Definitely not. We’ll just have to be a little bit more cautious.”

“Yeah. Then again… when dad nearly caught us earlier. That was… pretty crazy. I’ve never been so scared and excited in my whole life.”

I laughed and pulled her down onto my lap. She seated herself on my thigh and relaxed into me. “Lou.”

“Yeah? What’s wrong?”

I chuckled slightly and brought my hand to her back to start smoothing it over. “Nothing’s wrong. I just… I think I love you.”

Louise took a moment and looked into my eyes to see if I was serious or not. “You don’t mean the normal sibling love do you?”

“No, I mean the real deal Lou. I really do.”

Part of me worried that I was about to ruin our relationship. We had only just started exploring each other in this manner. But I knew how I felt, and it was far stronger than lust or longing.

“I, I think I love you too Ryan.”

We stared at each other, the realisation sinking in as we could no longer go back to being just brother and sister. The smile on our faces expressed how we felt perfectly. Utter content.

We shared a long and passionate kiss while holding each other. A while after that, Louise went off to her room. We weren’t quite ready to risk being caught. Not after our confession.

Later on after Louise had gone, I started doing what I could to find out more about this mysterious bloke in Isabel’s life.

– Two weeks later –

The search for Mr. Bradford came up short with the only thing I could confirm being that he was in the same university with Isabel. So they must have been friends or work colleagues. And they were still friends on most of her social media accounts.

He didn’t have any pictures of himself anywhere I could find, and next to no useful information I could use. I could contact him directly of course, but that was all.

Instead, I decided to do something a little shadier than normal. I had a friend from High school that had graduated college and university in advanced IT, but like most of us here, nobody ends up where they want to be. So he’s currently working at a local tech store. He was far better than what that place needed, but it can be difficult sometimes.

My friend’s name is Nigel. We weren’t best buds or anything, but we got on. When I asked about whether he would be able to help me in my situation he said he could “try something”.

I wasn’t sure what that meant, but he said it’d take a few days. That was a week ago, and he has just now texted me about what he’s found.

I drove to the tech store while Nigel was on his lunch break to get the information. It wasn’t a long aydıntepe escort visit, we discussed what he found and demanded I pay him for his time and effort. Only two hundred pounds, which to him was a lot, but to me it was well worth it.

Turns out this Mr. Bradford guy is a criminal. He has been in and out of jail every few years since he was of age. Mainly due to forgery and counterfeiting, but there was also one count of Blackmail that was labelled as something else.

Every single time he managed to get out on bail or lack of evidence. I never really understood the legal system, but somehow it didn’t seem right. However, I had already technically blackmailed my own younger sister, so who was I to judge?

Nigel had hacked into two of his personal emails and his home computer. This is where it gets interesting. Mr. Bradford, his first name being Jonathan, was blackmailing people. Specifically, the people he had faked information for.

One of his victims was a young boy who wanted a fake ID to buy alcohol. “Jon” had been extorting him for money every month. He had files on his PC with pictures, locations and voice recordings of the action transpiring.

And now that he has this information, the young boy can’t do anything other than pay Jon the money. Otherwise, he releases the information. That is just one of his victims, and the boy is only paying twenty pounds a month to the criminal.

Along the same lines were other victims. Some were forged documents involving work, certificates and even identities.

Nigel demanded another hundred pounds for the information I was after. This was the real information. I had told him about Isabel, but didn’t tell him the real reason why I needed to know. I wasn’t an idiot.

Turns out that Isabel had this Bradford guy forge a University Diploma for her. I couldn’t believe it when he told me. So, I took all of Nigel’s efforts home with me and paid him the money he deserved.

When I got in, I studied it all. Every word and every paper, it was… insane to say the least. Isabel never finished university. Somehow along the way she never completed her course and must have got Jon to forge the certificate.

After absorbing the information, I sat back in my chair and pondered how this whole thing must have come about. Isabel had been lying to everyone, her family, her places of work, her frie….

“Wait a second. She doesn’t have any of her university friends on her social media accounts! Holy shit. They obviously know that she never completed her course. This explains everything!”

As every minute passed, more and more dawned on me just how deep this lie had gone. Isabel had told our parents that the graduation ceremony was on the same day as their anniversary, knowing they would be on holiday or too busy to attend.

She even had a fake picture of herself at the ceremony, it was mounted on the wall in our living room. I had barely looked at it, but being a man of photography, I was annoyed that I didn’t spot it. The lies were everywhere.

All I had to do now was decide how best to deal with this new found information.

During the two weeks before getting the information I needed. Me and Louise had taken our relationship to the next level. Many, many times…

We weren’t able to fuck inside the house while our father was still recovering. Louise was too loud during sex, which we found out one night while trying to sneak a quickie.

She explained it to me by saying it was a rush due to the danger of it all. So absolutely no sex in the house while someone’s home. The key to that phrasing is “house”.

It wasn’t uncommon for me to be out and about with my camera, and our family knew Louise did on occasion come with me too. So, every few days we snuck off to the woods and… well, we rocked the earth.

Louise had such a sleek yet curvy body, it was too hard to resist now that we had crossed that line. Every thought and every touch was one filled with pure ecstasy.

The Blackmail part of our relationship had pretty much disappeared at this point, but she did still call me master on occasion, and did as I told her in a playful manner. She enjoyed the sub/dom part of our relationship just as much as me.

If we couldn’t escape to the woods, then we delved into a quick oral session in our rooms. Usually that would mean me receiving a blow job. Louise had said she quite liked giving head and it was one of the quicker acts we could get away with.

Louise was everything that I needed. She was perfect. Somehow I had gone my entire life not realising that until now, but she was. She was gorgeous, funny, smart. Hell, it turned out we had more in common than I would have originally thought, and it’s only now that I realised.

It was halfway through the day at this point and more than anything I needed to find a way to relax. Get some kind of release…

As if by some form of psychic connection, Louise knocked on my door and immediately let herself in. Small actions like that tuzla içmeler escort had quickly become the norm with our openness.

“Hey bro. Been up to much?” Louise strutted her way into my room and sat down on the same part of my desk she always did.

I couldn’t help myself from staring at her marshmallow ass as it sat down.

“Actually yeah, I have…” I let my words drift as I eyed up the sexy vixen. “How’s dad? Recovered yet?” I asked in a hopeful manner. I knew his progress really, I just really wanted him back in work now.

“He seems to think he’ll be back in work next week. Which I find a little bit unlikely, but the sooner he’s gone the better.” Louise bent down to whisper in my ear, causing her cleavage to double in size and wave in front of my face. “I really, really need your cock in me…”

I will NEVER get bored of hearing that. From the sight of her magnificent fun bags and the dirty talk, my cock had already started to grow. I needed something right now.

“Fuck! Get on your knees! Right now, Louise!”

Louise eyed me up and down with her ‘fuck me’ eyes. “Are you sure? Dad was walking around down there a few minutes ago…”

“NOW.” I firmly stood my ground. I couldn’t wait any longer. Fuck the consequences.

My sister hopped up off of the desk and swivelled my chair around so I faced her. Slowly she gyrated her hips in a stripper like manner as she made her way down in front of me. I was facing the door, so if anyone came in there was no way of denying what was about to happen.

“OK master. But, when the cock blocker has gone back to work, you’re going to make it up to me…” Louise quickly found my zipper and pulled it down, along with my trousers and boxers.

I was already semi-hard so it didn’t take her long to complete the transition. My sister’s lips were immediately wrapped around the head of my meaty cock. All I could do was lean back in my chair and thank the sky for such a talented mouth on my dick.

“Oh fuck yes! Keep… fuck… keep doing that.”

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down onto me. Over the last couple of weeks she had been practicing her deep throating, and it was finally paying off. She could now take every inch of my cock.


Louise looked up at me as she inhaled my prick. Her gorgeous wide eyes staring deep into my pleasure filled expression.

She had mastered the deep throat, but it still couldn’t be done without consequence. She pulled my throbbing member from her tight throat and started to jack me off while her tongue flicked against my head.

“D-do you like it bro? Tell me, I need to hear you say it.”

“Fuck yes I do. Keep…” I pulled her back down so her mouth was full of my length once again. “…sucking. I’m very close.”

Louise started to take half of my cock in her mouth at a time. Pumping it up and down while her hand slid along the rest of my shaft. I could feel the build-up of pleasure. My balls yearning to release the pressure into my sister’s hot mouth.

Seconds later I came. Shooting my cum straight from the source, pounding the back of Louise’s throat. Rope after rope shot out causing her to stumble as she struggled to keep it contained. I held the back of her head in place while I plastered her gullet.

“FUCKKK! Oh my fuckkk…”

Louise was swallowing all she could. Her throat contracted in waves as she let it slide down. “Hnnnghmm,” But there was too much. I could feel her trying to pull away from me. I wanted to make her stay, force her to choke on my rod and cum, but I bailed.

I held her there until the very last second of my orgasm. I let go of her head and immediately she pulled away, choking and coughing up the remainder of my spunk.

“Ughhh, fuck. Y-you always do that Ryan!” Louise looked at me with a glare.

“Sorry sis. I wanted to let you go, but couldn’t.”

“Asshole. Hrughh. I’m going to be coughing all night now.” Louise stood up and composed herself. “You’re going to have to make it up to me ten fold for that!”

I grabbed some tissues to clean up the mess and tucked myself back into my pants. “I will, I will. I promise. The second dad’s gone…”

“Uhh, fine. You’re still an asshole.” Louise kept up her frown, but I could see she was playing on it a bit. Hoping I’d feel worse for what I did. “Anyway, enough of your pleasure, what is it you’ve been up to?”

I decided I was going to tell Louise everything. Every tiny detail and even what I had planned. My end game was to fuck Isabel. Take her in the same way that I had Louise, but there was no way of knowing whether it would work or even go well for that matter.

– Several minutes later –

“Y-you can’t be serious?”

“I am Lou. She’s been lying to all of us about it. And what’s worse, some random guy out there is taking advantage of our sister for it. Only I’m allowed to do that…” I smirked slightly.

“Idiot, you shouldn’t take pride in what you’re doing.”

“A-are you jealous? About what I’m going to do with Izzy?”

Louise scoffed. “Hah! No. Do what you want with her. The only thing she can out do me on is the size of her tits, but that’s it.” Louise cupped her own juicy melons as she said that. “I just mean that you can’t act like this is all normal. That’s all.”

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