The Principal’s Turn – Liz’s Story


Note to reader: This is written as a standalone story but is part of the larger Principal’s Turn series starting with “The Principals Turn.” If you like this story, please feel free to read them all. If you have been following the series welcome back.

This chapter takes a different perspective, literally, from the rest of the series. This chapter is from the first-person perspective of Liz Richards. A young ambitious School Teacher whose life had been recently turned upside down when she fell prey to a beautiful dominant black lesbian. It contains elements of reluctance, humiliation, and submission. If this is offensive to you, please move on to another story. If you choose to read on, please enjoy. As always, your comments are appreciated.


As I surfed the internet for new “Instructional videos” regarding teaching methods, I replayed the events that brought me to the unnecessary exercise. It was then I decided to record my story. It is an unbelievable story of my decent into submission I needed to share for my own piece of mind.

Several weeks ago, I met a new college grad that had previously been a student at the high school, where I teach. For reason’s I don’t fully understand I took an immediate dislike to her. I would say mainly out of jealousy, but given what’s happened since her arrival, there were more deep-rooted issues involved. In hindsight, I had many deep-rooted issues before Taisha Smith came into my life. She just knew how to tap into them.

The first was my fiancé, Tony. I had known him for years and it was a relationship of comfort and convenience. There was no risk or fear of losing him but also no real passion. While stuck in the rut of that relationship, came issue number two. I did a very stupid thing and with a barely legal student named Michael in the supply room at school, of all places.

That relationship ended in disaster the day it became real, when Taisha Smith, the woman I treated so horribly caught us and got it on video. But I should try to explain myself first.

Let me start by saying, I did not have any traumatic childhood events I can blame for my choices. My parents have been married for thirty-five years. They enjoy each other company and were always supportive of me and my older brother Steven. They both work for the postal service and have long standing careers. Mom took a break from work when Steven was born and started back when I reached first grade. My childhood really was the poster for Americana.

I met Tony in high school, and we dated until college, when we took some time apart. When we graduated, we both came home to Little Rock and started dating again. And so went my comfortable life until one day Michael had an issue in class that caught my eye. That was the moment that started a chain of events that landed me here.

Michael was in my last period class of the day, Senior English. Near the end of class I noticed him fidgeting in his seat and stretching and bending his leg. I looked and his eyes shifted away, clearly blushing. In five years of teaching I have seen a lot of teen boys with boner issues, but for some reason I did not pick up on it right away.

A moment later, I glanced back, and he looked away again. Michael was a captain on the football team and was a strong good-looking kid with a solid B+ average. He exuded confidence and had a mob of girls that liked him. So, to see him shy and flushed was strange. I tried not to look, but as class wound down, I caught myself glancing at him repeatedly.

Each time he looked away, continued to move about in his seat. when suddenly his legs spread and I caught the outline of his cockhead bulging, trapped in his pant leg. I could not hide my surprise at the size of it and from what I’d heard and seen over the years, a hard on with your cock trapped in the pant leg can be excruciating. I accidentally put Tony in that situation once, making out at my house in high school. He had to leave the room and fix it.

Once I learned what his problem was, it became difficult to look away. I thought about trying to give him an excuse to leave the classroom, but it would be blatantly obvious to everyone what his problem was. Before I could think of something, he acted out of desperation and shoved a hand down his pants and winced as he pulled it out of the pant leg.

I nearly winced just watching. And when I looked up, he was looking at me, now smiling. The final five minutes of class seemed like forever. He kept his arrogant grin every time I glanced his way.

When class ended, he stayed behind when the other all left. I tried not to notice and sat at my desk, to give him a chance to get things under control. But I could feel him staring at me, so I thought I’d better acknowledge him and get him out of the classroom.

“Is everything OK Michael?” I asked calmly.

“That depends, Miss Richards.” He replied arrogantly.

“On what?” Mr. Thompson.

“On whether or not you can help me with my swelling problem.” He said standing kocaeli escort bayan up and showing off the bulging ridge up the length of his zipper.

Shocked by his words, my mouth opened, and my eyes locked at his boner for just a couple seconds.

“Oh shit, Miss Richards, that’s it open wide for daddy.” he said gripping his cock and walking toward me.

I glanced at the door and saw it was three quarters closed and no one seemed to have noticed anything. Then I stood up and decided to put him in his place.

“Mr. Thompson, you have just sailed past detention straight to suspension young man. You and I are going to Principal Turner’s office right now…”

“You did this to me Miss Richards, staring at my cock like that, wearing that tight little skirt and waiving your ass…”

“You’re completely out of line young man. You’re coming with me right now.”

“As much as I’d like to come with you Miss Richards, I don’t think the classroom’s the appropriate place for a mutual orgasm.” He smiled.

“I’m going to report this right now!” I said as I collected my purse.

“Stop right there Miss Richards, unless you want me to show principal turner the video.” He said sternly.

I froze, from the harshness of his tone, confused. He tapped his breast pocket and the top of his phone stuck out.

“What video?” I asked truly at a loss. My mind raced with possibilities. Did he somehow film me with Tony? Then I thought to myself, “Oh God did Tony leak the video we made after the Christmas party?”

“Sit down Miss Richards.” He commanded.

I did as he ordered trying to think how to handle it. I wanted to kill Tony. The look of fear on my face made Michael smile.

“Good girl.” He stepped up to the edge of my desk boner thrust toward me. “Got it right here,” he tapped the phone. “You, staring at my cock in class, getting me all hot and bothered in your tight little sweater and slit skirt.”

I suddenly felt a huge relief. The little prick didn’t have anything. But then as my eyes drifted back to his bulge, I became paranoid as my eyes wanted to go back to it. It was bigger than Tony’s that was for sure. Had I really been staring. I couldn’t really recall anything but his boner for the last five minutes of class.

I finally composed myself and stood back up. “Listen Mikey,” I said condescendingly. You’re not the first boy to get the hots for teacher. I know hormones are making you a little crazy and I probably over reacted. But you were out of line today. So, I’m gonna go home to my fiancé and we’ll pretend this never happened. If it ever happens again, you’ll be explaining yourself to Principal Turner.”

I picked up my purse while he walked around my desk and turned his back to the door.

“Thanks for your understanding Miss Richards, but we both know you were staring at my cock, fantasizing about how it would feel being bent over your desk with that tight little skirt yanked up and fucked by a young hard cock till you come like the slut you want to be. Damn you make me hard.” He groaned gripping himself again.

I stood stunned at the rush of wetness I felt, trying to think of something to say.

“Tonight at 10:45, I’m gonna be lying in bed, thinking about you. I want you naked on your hands and knees touching yourself and imagining my cock pounding you doggy style like a horny little bitch needs to be fucked.”

I could hardly breath, let alone speak.

“You’re trembling Miss Richards.” He grinned and stepped back. “We’re gonna have that mutual orgasm you want, tonight, I can tell.”

As he walked out, I was ashamed that my eye’s turned toward his muscular ass in those tight jeans, with the image he planted playing in my mind. I left quickly feeling like every set of eyes in the hallway saw what I was thinking.

Tony was traveling on business, so I called mom and dad on the drive home to distract me from the images that flashed through my head. As usual they were excited to hear from me and invited me to dinner before I could invite myself.

The distraction worked well. It was easy to block it out being home and spending time with them. After dinner I stayed and helped clean up and sat down and watched TV with them.

I was terrified of being alone at 10:45. I thought if I stayed with them, I could get through it. But to my disappointment, around Ten, Dad gave me a hug and kiss. “Well sweetie, I’ve got an early start at work tomorrow. I’m turning in.”

Mom looked at me concerned. “Everything OK sweetie?”

“Yeah why?” I asked trying hide the complete loss of control going on inside me.

“You just seem, anxious? Is everything ok with you and Tony?” Asked Mom sensing my turmoil.

“No I’m fine. I better get home and try grading a few papers, before bed. Thanks so much for dinner.” I said giving her a hug.

My heart raced on the ride home as my pussy moistened from the image of being face down my desk with that stiff cock pounding me from behind. It had been so long since Tony fucked izmit escort bayan me like that. I could feel my heartbeat in my clit it was pounding so hard.

I got home at 10:18, my pussy tingling so much it hurt. As I walked through the door, I somehow knew I needed to do as he commanded. I poured a glass of wine to calm my nerves, which became three by 10:42. At that point I stood next to my bed in only my soaked panties which I peeled down and dropped to the floor.

In my mind, I had already stripped his jeans off him many times, exposing his hot hard cock. I had stroked it, sucked it, rode it, and fucked it a dozen different ways already in my head, but at 10:45 I was in the position he wanted. Knowing that big stiff cock was in his hand thinking of me, had me aching for relief. I was on all fours on the bed, with my ass toward the mirror.

I leaned on my left hand, brought right to my acing cunt, and began stroking my wetness and talking to him like the horny little bitch he wanted me to be.

“Oh Michael, You’re so fucking hard. I want that cock in me please.” I said imagining being in my classroom with his bulging hard-on bursting free as I unzipped him.

Next, he grabbed me and spun me toward the desk and bent me over, gripping my skirt so hard the slit tore as he yanked it up. Then with both hands my panties were pulled immediately to my ankles. I whimpered as my pussy sent tingles through my whole body. I struggled to kick the panties off in my lustful frenzy.

“Oh Michael,” I squealed as I imagined him squeezing my ass hard and pushing my legs wide with his feet. “Oh I need that dick so bad,” I whined as the hot granite head pushed between my labia.

I collapsed down to my elbow as my fingers thrust in and out as hard and deep as I could shove them. I peeked into the mirror to see my ass high in the air and legs spread wide, offering my drenched cunt to his imaginary cock as he fucked me hard and talked dirty to me.

“You like that don’t you teacher! How’s it feel to be fucked by a real cock you slutty little bitch!”

“Fuck me hard Michael, Please, I need it! Oh fuck, it’s so deep. Feels so fucking good. I’m cumming!”

I buried my face in the covers pounding my fingers at lightning speed as my body quaked and I screamed Michaels name as I came long. Eventually, l I collapsed flat on the bed with my fingers still inside me. I imagined Michael laying in his bed with his belly covered in cum as we unloaded together.

As I caught my breath, I realized that was the best orgasm I could remember having in years. That realization brought on a flood of guilt and shame that kept me awake.

That night was a roller coaster of guilt and lust and shame and lust, that resulted in breaking out my vibrating cock dildo two times during the night. And thus began the spiral debauchery that brought me to where I am today.

To finish up with Michael, I was relieved that I did not have him in class the next day, but during my free period, he slipped into the classroom and shut the door right at a moment of weakness, imagining another encounter.

“Good morning Miss Richards,” He smiled as he stepped slowly closer. My face gave it all away and his smile only grew.

“Michael, you need to stop,” I protested weakly.

“Oh I don’t wanna stop, Miss Richards, I can go forever.” He said pressing his thighs against the front of my desk, pushing his bulge proudly forward. “Trembling again Miss Richards.”

I shook my head slowly while I gripped the lip of my desk with my hands at my side, thumbs on top. The grip was so tight my thumbs were white. I stared at my desk, refusing to look at him and taking no chance at looking at his hard-on.

“How many times?” He asked smugly.

I continued to shake my head not looking at him.

“I knew it was more than once. Me too Miss Richards… Three for me.”

My eyes widened and he laughed. I wondered to myself. “How did he know?”

I tried to think of a way out but just froze with the death grip on my desk staring at my thumbs.

He walked toward the door. “Same time tonight Miss Richards only tonight you drive. I will lay back and you can ride my cock till I can’t get it up anymore.”

When the door closed, I slumped back in my chair trembling with rage at his arrogance and wet from the image in my head.

And so it went until a week later he brought burner phones so we could really connect. I told him no, even as I took it. Of course, I answered it that night at 10:45 with Tony asleep in my bed. I told Tony I needed to grade papers that night and waited for the call. I managed to convince myself it was not physical contact, so it wasn’t so bad. But the phone calls became a nightly need.

Then he became a legal adult, and our first physical encounter was our last as Taisha Smith got it all on video.

This brings me to deep rooted issue number three. My African Goddess and latest obsession, Taisha Smith.

She graduated from gebze escort my school the year before I started teaching, so I had never met her before her first day as a new substitute teacher. Principal Turner. however, knew her for years and they were clearly close. I have a good relationship with Principal Turner and hope to fill her shoes someday. So, when Taisha arrived, I saw her as a threat.

So naturally, I treated her like crap, belittled her, and made sure she did not get the full-time position that opened shortly after she arrived. I felt Principal Turner was going to name her after filling into the role for a week. So I made a substitute with more seniority aware of the position and put him in front of Principal Turner. She had no choice but to hire him. And to top it off I rubbed it in Taisha’s face that I made sure she didn’t get it.

As they say, Carma is a bitch.

Payback came almost immediately after my first time with Michael. Not surprisingly, our first encounter boiled over with passion, but fell a little short from a satisfaction standpoint. Less than ten minutes after sucking his cock and him fucking me standing up in the supply room, I sat at my desk playing it through in my mind. The feel of his granite cock was amazing, and there was some satisfaction knowing I excited him so much he could not maintain control.

As I got up to leave, my bliss quickly turned to horror when Taisha popped in. I just made the biggest mistake of my life in the supply closet with a student, followed by immediate retribution when I jumped at the sound of her voice.

“Working late, Lizzy?” Taisha Smiled devilishly.

I hated that name, and I was immediately pissed. “Please, do not call me, Lizzy, Ms…”

Taisha pointed at her chair. “Have a seat, Lizzy, we need to talk.”

Taisha looked menacing in her black slacks and black high heeled knee-high boots. I wasn’t sure why but felt compelled to comply.

I sat and tried to regain the moment. “What is this about, Ms. Smith? Your tone is really unprofessional.”

“Unprofessional? Really. I’m gonna cut to the chase, Lizzy, cause I ain’t got much patience for your prissy ass, back stabbin’ bullshit tonight!”

I never heard he speak anything but perfect English before and this was alarming.

Taisha took a deep breath. “Here’s how it’s gonna be, Lizzy. You’re gonna treat me with respect from now on. Do you understand?”

“I am a professional and treat everyone with respect, Ms. Smith. Your tone is brutish, and I don’t have to put up with it. I’m leaving…”

“Sit your tight little ass back down and listen, you horny little slut,” said Taisha sternly.

My heart raced and I felt sick as Michael’s words came out of her mouth. The knowing look on Taisha’s face was unmistakable. Taisha hit play and held up the phone. I watched in horror. “Oh, Michael, that, ah, that’s it, go slow. Feels so good. Oh fuck, your cock is hard sweetie. Oh my God, Michael.”

“Professional? Not sure Ms. Turner would agree, Ms. Richards. And by the way, it’s backed up to the cloud and my best friend from college has a copy.”

“What do you want, Taisha?” I asked shaking.

“Well, well, well, I must say I like your change in perspective, Lizzy. Aren’t you engaged Lizzy?”

I looked at the floor yet again, nodding slowly.

“I thought so… So much to lose. Do you live together?”

“No… Why… Please, Taisha.” I pleaded.

“Please get on your knees Lizzy, you seemed so at home there a few minutes ago. I have an e-mail draft to Principal Turner and the school board chair. Shall I hit send?”

I slowly lowered to the floor shaking.

“Good girl, Lizzy. You are what gramma calls a boot licker, Lizzy. Licking the boots of whoever can help you get ahead.” Taisha sat in my chair and crossed her legs. She bounced her top foot up and down. “I think you need my help now, Lizzy, don’t you?”

I nodded.

“Go ahead boot licker, start licking.”

With my head hung in shame, I gripped her boot with both hands and started to lick the top of her foot.

“You’re a lot better boot licker than that, Lizzy. I’ve seen you with Principal Turner. Look at me, Lizzy.”

I fumed and could feel my face was bright red as I followed her command.

“That’s good, Lizzy. Now I want you to take a nice big lick from toe to top, just like you did to Mikey’s stiff little dick.”

The smile on Taisha’s face grew bigger as I fully extended my tongue and took a full slow lick up Taisha’s boot, looking her in the eye the entire time.

“Very good, Lizzy, did that give your little pussy a rush? I bet it did, you horny little slut,” said Taisha, slowly licking her lips.

I felt a rush of shame, because I did feel a warm tingle from my nipples to my pussy. I told myself it was the encounter with Michael that did it. Anticipating what was next, I released the booted foot and reached for the one on the floor. Taisha smiled brightly and crossed her legs the other way.

“That is so good, Lizzy, you really get it. I own you and I think this is going to be the beginning a new era in our relationship. You’re MY boot licker now, aren’t you, Lizzy?”

I nodded holding Taisha’s boot.

“Say it, Lizzy.”

“I’m your boot licker, Ms. Smith.”

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