My first time. A true story, part 2.

My first time. A true story, part 2.
It was difficult to think about anything else, after that first encounter. I felt changed. It had only been two days ago, but the feeling of cock lust, even cum lust, was overwhelming. I could not believe how much I was craving his cum. The taste, the texture, the feeling it gave me as I swallowed it. Like an addiction, I craved that feeling again. The tingle I got as his thick jizz slid down my throat.

“How could I be such a cock slut after only one time?” I wondered to myself after I called him and asked to see him again. He either knew or hoped I’d want more, because he knew enough to give me his phone number before he left the parking lot on that foggy, Saturday morning. Neither one of us lived only, but luckily he was free and by myself at that moment. I rushed over as fast as I could. Driving to his place, driven by lust, I imagined having his big, fat, beautiful cock in my mouth again and my cock swelled at the thought. I began to think I might never return to girls, but if sex with other guys is always this amazing, this satisfying and natural, why even bother.

I was nervous as I pulled up, but knew I had to go in. I knew I had to experience more. He opened the front door, smiled and invited me in. I was slightly light headed already, just from the excitied anticipation of what may happen. There was a wondeful, sexual tension in the air. A wonderful, lusty sense of what was to come. He invited me over to the couch and immediately moved to his knees before me. He gently pushed my legs apart and moved in between them. With his hands rubbing the insides of my thighs, my cock swelled again. Straining and throbbing inside my jeans, he moved his fingers along my bulge and an “Ohhh” escaped his lips. There was no hiding my excitement. There was also no hiding my desire and need for his mouth on me again. I undid my zipper and pushed my pants down as he took my erection into his hand. His touch felt amazing, and I leaned back, lost in the pleasure.

“Mmmmm” he moaned as he licked my tight ballsack. My eyes rolled back in my head, it felt incredible. So wet, so passionate, his mouth lovingly teased my twitching dick before taking it deep in his throat. It was the most erotic, wonderful feeling. I came quickly. Unable to hold back, I gave into the feelings and exploded shot after shot of cum into his hungry mouth. He made wonderful, “mmm” “mmm” sounds as he swallowed. His pleasure only heightened mine. His enjoyment made only made it all the better for me. I gripped the coushions of the couch as the exctasy of my orgasm rocked my body.

Light headed, all most like being intoxicated, I slid to the edge of the couch as he stood up. I was eager to see, feel and experience his cock again. I didn’t even try to hide my desire. I reached out and started to undo his pants for him, letting them fall to the floor. His beautiful, semi hard dick, swung lightly from side to side as it hung. I was mesmerized. Even though he was very heavy and unfit, I found his naked body attractive and extremely desirable. I couldn’t wait to feel his thick, hanging, manhood against my face.

I found his cock so beautiful, I stared at it, taking in every vein, every inch and curve. The air escaped my body as I leaned forward and felt his dick on my lips and face. His thick shaft led to a smaller, pointed head just sticking out below his foreskin. I kissed and tongued every inch of him as he swelled and hardened to my touch. What a sensual experience to make a man hard.

He sat sat down on the couch and I moved between his legs as he had done to me. Rubbing his thick thighs, I leaned forward and was struck by his manly, musky scent. He slid his ass to the edge of the cushion and opened his legs, giving me full, unashamed access to his manhood. I went immediately to his balls. I tongued at them and felt each testicle within his loose, hanging sack. My first time licking and tasting that most sensitive part of a man. I held his cock in my hand and stroked it slow and softly, feeling its weight and girth. He moaned in pleasure, but I was sure I was enjoying it even more.

I watched as my stroking hand pulled down his foreskin and exposed more of his cocks pointed head. The thrill of sucking him again was overwhelming. Holding him at the base, I licked up and down and mouthed his thick, swollen shaft. Then, with the anticipation unbareable, I slid my lips over his head and tasted some of his sweet pre cum. The feeling of his warm, firm manhood on my lips made me moan out loud and I strecthed my lips to accept more of him. My enthusiasm made his cock hit the back of my throat, making me gag alittle and my eyes water. I loved it though and forced my mouth onto him over and over, filling my mouth and banging his cocks head against my throat.

”Ah, yes” he said, and I pulled my mouth off of him, as he had done to me that first time, to watch his cum spurt out. His first shoot of warm, wonderful semen hit me on my lips and chin and hand as I stroked him. I loved the feeling, the experience. The amazing texture and taste of his cum made me want, need, more. Jerking his fat shaft, I took him back into my mouth and stroked more of his delicious, addictive cum into my mouth and down my throat. I couldn’t wait to feel his jizz inside me and eagerly and hungerly, swallowed it down. Again I felt warm and tingled, satisfied and delirious.

With his cum coated my mouth, tongue and throat, I pulled my mouth from his cock again to savor the taste and swallow again. What a wonderful feeling of pleasuring him to the point of orgasm. I squeezed his magnificent, beautiful cock and the last drop of pure white, thick jizz formed at his cocks tip. I loved how his cock looked as it filled my hand. It looked so sexy. I leaned in and licked off his thick cum. I swirled my cum covered tongue all along i
his sensitive cocks head, making him jerk and twitch. I continued to softly lick and suck him until his cock went wonderfully soft.

I wished I could pleasure him like this every day.

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