Gillian’s Tale

Cock Riding

Over the years you’ve built up quite a collection of sex toys for personal use without your girlfriend but you adore your new Chastity device. It just holds you so snugly while you’re playing around on your own. However, one day your girlfriend (Gillian) finds your little device and is intrigued by why you wanted it.

She confronts you and you have to confess that you don’t feel up to the job of satisfying her sexually and getting that strap-on (and her orgasmic reaction) just confirmed that to you.

You tell her that before, you just used to wank off in frustration because you knew you weren’t worthy and didn’t want to bother her to have sex with your small but ever so hard penis but because you love her so much you want her to find somebody that can fulfil her needs. She questions you further about how you’ve been jerking off and you just blurt it out.

“When you’re at work, I touch your things.” you stammer

“What do you mean..?” she asks.

“Well, you know I have a thing for you in nylons heels, well sometimes when you’re out I just have to touch them.” your cheeks flush with blood

“So what do you mean when you say you touch them…!”….she pushes for a response.

OMG this is so embarrassing and humiliating, you stumble, but the cat is well and truly out of the bag. You confess to digging her cum stained tights from the laundry basket, the ones that you had pathetically fucked her in. You have to tell her that you’ve stroked them over your cock, that you’ve sniffed the stains and now that you are well and truly rumbled, that you’ve put them on and added fresh semen to the stains you’ve left while fucking her…!!

Oh dear, that last confession seems to tip her over the edge. She snatches the device back off you and grasps your limp cock.

“Right you pervert, this is going on for a very long time and may never come off..! You can sleep on the sofa tonight until I work out what to do with you!” she barks

As she snaps the lock on and turns the key, you know this is going to be a very long night.

Well after spending an uncomfortable night on the sofa you wake up in agony as your morning glory presses up against your cage and you feel like your cock is going to burst out of it. You can’t see Gillian but you can hear her moving around and smell her perfume and fresh coffee.

As you start to get up she breezes into the room. She’s wearing her silk robe and you can see from her feet that she’s wearing barely black nylons. She comes and sits down next to you, clutching a hot coffee. You feel naked and vulnerable but turned on at the sight oh her semi naked and and in nylons. She crosses her leg so you get to see a bit more and that make your cock swell even more uncomfortably!

“I’ve been thinking about what you said and you’re right, I do need to find a bigger cock to satisfy me. Also I need one that isn’t just turned on by wearing my fucking clothes!” she says and you flush with shame at that part.

She continues “So, I’ve decided to head off to work early and pack in a few hours so I can spend the afternoon flirting with a few of the guys, ones that I know fancy me. Showing a bit of leg and cleavage should do the trick and see if one of them will take me down the pub after work.”

“And as for you..” she says, reaching into the pocket of her robe.. “you can wear these under your trousers at work today!”

She pulls out her crumpled tights that she wore yesterday. Sheer barely black just like the ones she has on now.

“Go on, put them on now before I go and I’ll want you to text me pictures later from your work so I can see you still have them on.”

You don’t say anything but just nod and take the tights from her hand. They feel soft and warm and your cock twitches again in its harness. You stand before her for the very first time and start putting her tights on. There’s no point in hiding that you know exactly how to do it as you’ve pulled them on so many times before. She watches you expertly slip them up your legs and pull them snugly over your plastic encased cock.

“Excellent…” she says as she gets up and goes back to the bedroom.

You stand there feeling the chill of the morning air on your shoulders and the warmth of your swollen member in the tights. You’re still standing there transfixed as she comes back out of the bedroom fully dressed but in an outfit that would turn a gay guy straight. Mid length dress with a nice split and her ample tits peeking out from the top, heels to die for as well.

“So I’ll be expecting those pictures around lunchtime and you’ll hear from me later. Bye sweetie…..” she says as she plants a small peck on your cheek.

As Gillian leaves and you hear the door click, you take in the gravity of of what she just said. You look down at your legs, sheathed in her barely black tights and sigh. This is what you’ve been dreaming about for months, years even and you’re not sure whether to run away or submit to the torment. The bulge in your plastic eryaman otele gelen escort cage confirms to you that this is now real and you have no choice!

You have to rush to get to work and are still in a daze when you get there. The constant brushing of the tights under your trousers means that concentrating is not going to be possible today and you go through your usual tasks like a robot. As lunchtime approaches you remember her demand of a picture to prove you are still wearing her nylons so you sneak off to the loo and roll up your trouser leg for the picture which is soon winging its way to Gillian via WhatsApp.

Her response makes you draw breath

“I want one of you sitting at your desk like that…!”

Oh fuck, the office is busy today what am I going to do. You can’t deny her request otherwise she’ll just dump you and go off with her new playmates so you casually go back to your desk and pretend to play with your phone. With furtive glances around you quickly grab the moment and take another picture.

Off it goes and you hold your breath for her response. You sigh with relief when she replies “Good boy x.”

The rest of the day is just a whirl and with no further messages from her you start packing up your stuff. Just as you are about to leave the office, your phone pings.

Its a text from Gillian reading “I’m in Alfie’s Bar with a couple of guys from work. You can come down but you can’t join us or talk to me. Just get a table and watch the fun!”

She’d also attached a picture of these two guys who you don’t know, a selfie with her in the middle and them on either side. She’s smiling but its the look on the guys faces that stuns you. One is puckering up his lips to kiss her cheek and the other is leering down her top at her tits.

You fumbled the phone back in your pocket and literally run out of the door, heading over to Alfie’s just as fast as you can.

You’re quite out of breath when you reach the bar. You and Gillian have been there quite often and you know the layout. High chrome stools at the bar with a number of other tables dotted around. Your hand freezes as you go to pull open the heavy door, what will I see, will I want to see it. While you stand frozen, a sound cuts through the fog, a sound you know so well and one that snaps you out of your daze.

It’s Gillian’s shrill laugh, the one she just comes out with spontaneously when something makes her laugh out loud. OMG what’s going on, at that moment you know that you have to go in!

The bar isn’t crowded as its still early but busy enough for your entrance not to raise interest. You hurriedly look round, where are they..? I definitely heard her. You try and be casual but inside your heart is thumping and as you go round to the side bar you see them, the three of them. Gillian is sitting on one of the high stools by the bar and one guy is sitting opposite her. The other guy is standing up and kinda leaning over her shoulder. You immediately recognise him as the one who was leering at her tits in the selfie.

Comforted you’ve at least found her you relax enough to get a drink. You decide on a coke as whilst alcohol would be nice, you know you need to be in full control of your faculties. They didn’t notice you walk in, the guys wouldn’t anyway as you don’t know them, so you decide to go for a table just to left of where they are sitting, think 7 o’clock on a watch face

Your eyes are obviously drawn to Gillian, gorgeous blond hair and ruby lips. She looks so good and you take in what she’s wearing. You’ve seen her wear that dress before and know how it makes you feel…and the tights, God those tights! So sheer, barely black and shinning in the LED lighting of the bar. Your cock swells and you are suddenly reminded to your shame, that you are wearing an identical pair.

You’re staring and you know it but you just can’t stop. It doesn’t matter anyway as the guys are too engrossed staring at her legs and tits in her sexy outfit. She’s obviously got them both enthralled and if the guy leaning over her shoulder gets anymore excited, he’s going to drool over her tits.

The guy opposite keeps moving his hand further and further down his own thigh, towards her’s. You can see the bulge in his work slacks and know just what’s on his mind and you don’t have to wait long. In one subtle but predictable motion his hand brushes off his own leg and on to her knee. Shit, that bastard is touching her, feeling her fucking tights, my fucking tights!

…and her reaction? Well that burns you even more, she let’s out another shrill laugh and puts her hand directly on top of his but not to brush it away. She actually pulls it higher up her leg until its resting mid thigh with her hand still on top of it. Fuck this guy is touching up my girlfriend!

Your stomach is in knots and the coke isn’t helping but your stiff cock nestling in those tights keeps you rooted to your chair. Just as you’ve started to calm down a bit, there’s sincan escort more movement.

Gillian raises her cute arse off the stool and slides down on to her feet.

“Just going to powder my nose boys….Gary can you get me another drink, oh and Carl would you mind keeping my seat warm.”

Gary and Carl, you now know their names. The names of these two bastards who have been enjoying your girlfriend while you look on. But you don’t have anytime for further thought as Sarah spins on her heels and starts walking right towards your table. Shit, she’s coming over..!

You feel a wave of relief, ah it was all a game and she’s now going to call time and come home with me. You relax enough to take a big slug of your drink but you end up dribbling it from the corners of your mouth as she looks directly at you, but with no acknowledgement at all, walks straight past to the Ladies.

Stunned, you look back over to Gary and Carl. You can’t hear what they’re saying as its in hushed tones and probably for the better. Because basically you know they are talking about fucking her. Swapping suggestions as to how they are going to ravage her tits, rip those tights off her legs and fuck her senseless until she is left rolling round in a pool of their spunk and her juices. You know exactly what they are thinking because its exactly the same you think about doing with her…..

You want to get up and go over, sort them out and tell them exactly who you are. But the sheer silky feel of her tights round your encased cock keep you rooted to your chair.

You hear that familiar click of heels behind you but as you’re about to turn round, Carl gets off the bar stool and walks towards you. They meet just in front of your table and you quickly put your head down. You’re not sure why as he doesn’t know you and Gillian certainly isn’t going to say.

“I’m thinking of heading home now…” says Carl. “The Mrs is out and I need to get back for the kids, sorry” he says, sounding rather pissed off himself.

“Oh Carl, and we were having so much fun…” she replies. “Tell you what…” she says as she toys with the top button of his shirt..”meet me round the side alley in two minutes.”

She grins and kisses her finger and places it on Carl’s lips…….”but don’t tell Gary!”

She turns and heads back to the Ladies while Carl heads back to the bar and finishes his pint in two seconds flat.

“Gotta go mate, call from home..” says Carl and with that he’s out of the front door.

Now you know the layout of the pub and that there’s a side door leading to an alley which she can access by the Ladies. What a bitch, your head is swirling and your hands are shaking. She’s going to fuck him in the alley..! You leave your coat over your chair and slip out via the side door. In the darkness you can hear giggles and see two figures held in a passionate snog. You crouch down behind a wheelie bin and are struggling to see until Gillian pushes Carl back into the stream of light coming from one of the frosted windows.

They are still kissing but you can see her right hand at work, fumbling with his belt and the fly on his trousers.

“Oooo Carl, you didn’t tell me you had such a beast in there….” she says as she feels around inside.

She steps back and gently removes his swollen cock and she’s right…it is big. She gently wanks him up to full erection while swirling her tongue around his and you can see how meaty and thick his cock is.

She bends down and kisses the tip before enveloping the full head in her mouth. Carl clinches his face as her soft lips work on his member, its been a while since his wife went down there.

“Fuck baby, you are so hot..” gasps Carl as she carries on giving him head.

“Well I couldn’t let you go home without thanking you for buying me those drinks..” she replies and she stands up and starts wanking him more firmly. She pulls her dress and you now get a glorious view of her gorgeous legs encased in nylon. She’s wanking his cock and then pausing to rub it all over her tights, soaking them in pre-cum.

“Go on Carl, give me your spunk..” she demands as she wanks him a little harder.

Carl’s knees buckle slightly as the first jet shoots out, all over the reinforced pantie of her tights.

“Oooo yeah, baby, soak me with your cum” she whispers as he grunts and groans and more ropes of thick cum splatter her nylons until she finally stops and kisses him once more on the lips.

“Fuck me Gillian, you are a dark horse..” Carl says breathlessly as he buttons up his trousers. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“You will..” she replies and blows him another kiss as he scuttles off home.

You’re frozen to the spot again, not knowing what is happening or how to react but the damp feeling inside your own tights tells you the answer. Next thing you know, Gillian is standing above you.

“Did you enjoy the show..? It doesn’t really matter if you did or not to be honest because its fucking happening!” gölbaşı otele gelen escort she barks at you. Her words sting your ears but you just nod and keep your head down while she gives you your next set of instructions.

“I want you to go back in there and get your coat and then go home. Gary and I will be back pretty soon and I want you hidden out of sight in the wardrobe of our bedroom. You need to get undressed, except for the tights of course….and wait there. If you make a sound or get caught in there, you’ll never see me again”.

She’s wiping Carl’s spunk off her fingers with a tissue as you get up and go back inside. You can here her coming in behind you, so you grab your coat and head for door. The last thing you hear as you leave the bar is her laugh and the words “Well Gary, now that loser has gone, I’m all yours…..”

Once outside you catch your breath. OMG she just wanked him off while I was watching! All that spunk went all over her tights and you just watched. Again your cock is trying to burst out of your plastic cage, aching for relief that you’re not sure will ever happen. You gather your thoughts and head for home as quickly as you can. You know the wardrobe she’s taking about straight away, the big walk-in that has the slated doors that you can just about see through.

Your panting when you arrive and start to slip your key in the door. You have now idea how far behind you Sarah and Gary are so you waste no time getting in and stashing your coat. You strip off everything but the tights and fling all of it into the laundry basket and open the wardrobe door.

As you open it, you get a gorgeous waft of Sarah’s perfume and her feminine smell. In amongst all her lovely dresses and shoes you can see an ideal hiding place. But suddenly you remember something else that the wardrobe contains, your little treasure chest of sex toys that you share with her. You quickly find it and pull out the tube of menthol lube and her pink dildo, the one that she’s pleasured herself with in front of you.

Crouching down and using your finger nail, you make a small tear in the rear of the tights. The lube that you usual use to desensitise your cock so you can fuck her for longer before cumming, has the opposite effect on your anus. As you smear it on the tingling sends your cock to bursting again and your butt hole feels like a clit. Knowing you have so little time you quickly insert the dildo and again your cock twitches forward, almost ejaculating as the phallus penetrates you. God, I need to get my breathing under control as you try and take it in and stay quiet at the same time.

Just as you finish adjusting yourself, you hear the front door go and laughter in the hallway.

From your crouching position, you have a good view of the room and the bed. As they come in through the door, Sarah is already snogging Gary, arms draped over his shoulders and pulling him towards her hungry tongue. They are basically eating each others faces off and Gary has his hands up her dress and all over her arse. You can see her gorgeous legs sheathed in the same barely black nylon as yours and have to squeeze what you can of your cock. Sarah is in the driving seat with Gary, pulling his shirt out of his trousers as she kisses him and tugging at his belt. In seconds he is down to his boxers and she slips a hand in to fish out his meaty cock.

They are inches away from the wardrobe door as you see her go down on him. OMG her second cock in under an hour! She bobs her head up and down while enveloping his bulbous head in her mouth and then the kicker….as she swirls her tongue over his helmet, and Gary’s eyes roll back in his head, she looks directly at you and mouths the word “…wanker.”

She then makes the wank hand gesture at you and goes back to sucking him off.

“Fuck Sarah, I need you now!” Gary gasps as she plops his cock from her mouth.

“Well fucking come and get me you horny bastard…” she replies and pulls her dress off over her head.

Her bra comes off equally as quickly while Gary finishes getting his last remnants of clothing off and she jumps on the bed. SHIT…she isn’t wearing any panties you notice as she just grabs the front of her tights with both hands and rips a massive fuck me hole in them for Gary’s cock. In seconds Gary is on top of her, you can’t see very well but you know that his cock is inside her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh fuck Gary, that is a gorgeous cock….fuck me Gary” she yells as he rams it into her again and again. Her arms pull him tightly in and you can see her grinding her pussy into his pelvis with every thrust.

“Oh Gary, please fuck me doggy style and pull my hair..” she begs and gets up offering her arse to him. She’s up on all fours and facing the wardrobe now, you are torn between wanting to see Gary’s cock penetrate her again or see her face when she cums from riding it. You don’t have long to get that choice made for you.

Sitting there in the darkness you can see her eyes gazing in at you, the pitiful look on your face as you see Sarah getting a proper shafting from a manly cock, one that isn’t covered in nylon or plastic.

She bites her bottom lip as she feels her orgasm welling up inside, you know that look but this time its not you giving it to her.

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