Patient Confidentiality


Trinity was running late for her appointment at the hospital where unfortunately was in the middle of town and the roads were ant busy. She wanted an accurate test to be done not some home pregnancy test, she prayed she wasn’t pregnant. Having Bob’s baby would be a huge and terrible mistake as he had left her to run after some other blond woman to Chicago. She blew out a sigh as she saw the hospital come into view but didn’t see the oncoming car as she dashed across the street but lady luck was on her side and the car just missed her as she got to the curb. She walked up to reception and asked to see Doctor Dowdy and was directed to the second floor where she was directed again to his office. Upon entering his office she noticed two mugs with freshly poured coffee but decided against it and walked to the window that gave a view of the harbor, beautiful she thought, unaware she thought aloud. “Isn’t it?” came a voice from behind her and spun quickly around.

“Morning Doctor Dowdy. I’m Trinity Freer. I made an appointment but no female was available and was told you could help me,” she said as she walked to a seat where he gestured for her to sit and handed her one of the mugs of coffee and nodded her thanks. “Sorry for startling you Ms. Freer. So you don’t want a baby? I thought all women wanted a baby.” He had a smile to die for thought Trinity. Good looking, very, very good looking. Blond hair that was shoulder length, dark eyes, darkish skin tone, broad shoulders and she could see he worked out because his hard chest was slightly visible through his shirt. He must’ve known she was looking him over because he walked over to the chair next to hers and sat down.

“Not this woman,” she started also noticing a grin play over his face, sexy she thought, “don’t get me wrong, I do want a child but not yet. I mean my God, I’m not ready, I’m only twenty four and I’m still looking for a man that will cater for my needs with love and compassion and the same for his and my child. I don’t want to end up pregnant by some guy who runs after every big-boobed blonde bimbo he sees,” she finally finished. His grin vanished and he showed that he understood by nodding his head.

“Did your boyfriend ever think to use protection or did you skip out on your Pill?” he asked writing something down, she wasn’t sure he was writing or not, his hand was moving the whole time as they spoke. “I’m not on the Pill and he did use protection, I guess it, uh,” she wasn’t sure how to say that the condom had burst, “Ms. Freer, if he stayed too long, it’s likely for the condom to burst.” Thanking him silently for saying it. She had to say something otherwise if they sat in silence a minute longer her thoughts would’ve been on a track that she couldn’t afford to have on at the moment but his hands looked so firm, she sighed.

“Anything the matter?” he asked looking up from whatever he was doing. Those eyes looked straight at her and his hand stilled, he had undress-me eyes, damn sexy. Which girl in their right mind wouldn’t want to be with this man? She saw no ring but that wasn’t to say he had a girlfriend or a fiancée. She wanted to feel his hands on her, “Earth to Ms. Freer. Is anything the matter?” he asked grinning. Yes she thought, you’re the matter, you’re too damn sexy to be helping me. In fact you can help me, listen to my heart beat.

“Ms. Freer, your heart beat?” he looked at her with a quizzical look and put his notepad down and moved himself to the edge of his seat and looked at her. She had to get out of here, he was doing things to her, her legs felt weak, her mind was turning to jelly, she felt a pool of moist building between her legs and God she wanted him. She got up and walked to the window, maybe if she wasn’t looking at him she could get through this. “Ms. Freer is there something you want to tell me?” he asked walking up behind her and placing his hands on her hips. She turned around, “I have to go. I’ll book another appointment for tomorrow. I, um, I don’t feel so good anymore,” she replied. He kept his hands on her hips. “Before I let go of your hips and let you go, would you kindly explain to me why you said that I should listen to your heart beat?” he asked her with a smile but there was something else, hunger.

Oh dear heavens, he was hungry and definitely eryaman eve gelen escort not for food. She wanted him but wanted to get out of his office. She took a step to the side but he had a tight hold on her hips and before she knew what happened he had crushed his lips on hers. She placed her hands on his chest to fend him off but soon felt his tongue on her lips and felt a faint nip on her bottom lip, she gasped letting her mouth open and felt his tongue brush past her lips as he slid his tongue inside her mouth. She couldn’t stand anymore, this was too much. She bunched her hands not realizing she bunched a handful of his shirt and soon felt his hands tighten their hold around her hips.

Oh screw it, this felt good and loosened her hands sliding her arms around his neck and pushed her body against his where she could feel his erection against her abdomen causing her to come back to reality but she didn’t stop. Her hands slid down his shirt covered chest and she soon felt his erection through his pants, unzipped his pants and reached inside to pull down his knickers slightly and felt the head of his erection. She wrapped her hand around his member and started stroking it slowly and every time she brought her hand back to the head of his shaft she would let her nails scratch his skin all the while kissing him. She soon backed him into his chair and broke the kiss. He lowered the straps of her dress and soon she felt the dress around her ankles, felt his hands caress her arms and felt his hands behind her where he unclipped her bra.

Trinity was beautiful and by God he wanted her. He sat there sketching her and when he heard her say that he listen to her heart beat he knew she was thinking out loud by accident and knew it was about him. Feeling her hand wrapped around his shaft was amazing and now he was going to feel her mouth around it too. He reached down and unbuckled his belt and pushed his pants and briefs down where she helped and soon felt the warmth of her mouth around his turgid member. Grabbing his balls too, he wasn’t going to last much longer. He lost himself on her fourth squeeze of his balls and before he could stop himself he had released into her mouth by looking at her lips before she licked it away. He watched as she pushed flimsy panties down her long, beautiful, slender legs and held his hands out where she walked into his arms and lowered herself onto his lap and moved her hips back and forth over his shaft and he felt himself stiffen immediately. She was good; he had to give her that.

He lifted her off his lap and sat her on the edge of his desk where he gave her the same treatment, kissed, licked, sucked and nibbled on her clit and trailed the tip of his tongue to where he found her warm and wet and let his tongue slip inside of her. He heard her moan, felt her hands in his hair, pulling his face closer to her. He heard a whisper coming from her to not stop and he didn’t want to, he hadn’t been with a woman for a long time and to have this woman, so willingly was a gift. He wanted to do everything manly possible with this woman and he wanted to do it over and over as she was very responsive and the fact she didn’t hide her desire for him turned him on even more. He knew he was being rough with her and something told him that she liked it a lot. She finally came in his mouth and he didn’t move an inch, he drank every drop of her essence and even licked the few drops that slid down and over a cheek of her ass and bit her. He took his wallet out from his briefcase and withdrew a condom and slid it on while looking at her. He saw her lift her arms in invitation and walked into her arms where she wrapped them around his neck.

He reached for her legs and wrapped them himself around his waist where he entered into her in one thrust; she gasped and felt nails dig into his back. He wanted to get closer to this woman and moved deeper into her and soon started withdrawing his erection and only to thrust back into her, over and over and his thrusts became harder and faster. Hearing her moan his name nearly sounded like a chant and soon started seeing stars as he came violently and knew she had her orgasm because she held tightly onto him and bit into his shoulder.

“That was incredible Malcolm.” She said smiling bala escort up at him and before he could slide out of her she pushed her pelvis against him and closed his eyes to feel her thrust her pelvis over and over again against him. He felt himself grow hard once more but he took her and he pinned her to the wall, biting into her neck and stayed like that as he thrust his shaft inside her once more. He felt his legs weaken a little as they came once again and again she held on tight but couldn’t get away fast enough and found she was circling her hips against him causing him to slid out and back in. He couldn’t go another round but damn it his body didn’t know when to give up as he grew hard again but thought against it, “Trinity,” he started and kissed her cheek, “we can’t. I’ll admit to not having control where my manhood is concerned but hell, I’m tired from two hungry sessions with you. Let me examine you and we set off for dinner together, what you say?” he asked hoping she would say yes but instead she smiled and nodded.

They went through everything necessary and saw relief wash over her face when the results came back negative. She wasn’t pregnant. “I don’t know if I should say congratulations or not,” he said looking at her.

Trinity saw concern in Malcolm’s face but deep down she was happy that she wasn’t pregnant. “I don’t need congratulations; I’m just very relieved that I’m not pregnant by Bob. He ran after some woman to hell only knows where, I don’t even know anymore.” She had replied. “So where to for dinner, mine or yours?” she asked hoping it would be a restaurant because she too was tired from the sex they had earlier.

“I was thinking of going out. I know this café down at the dock. They have the excellent grills and their steak is to die for,” he replied. “Sounds good, I’m starving.” She said and strolled towards the door and was standing there but when she didn’t hear him behind her turned around and saw he was staring at her.

“Earth to Malcolm, you coming?” she asked and got a nod from him and started walking towards her. She thought he was having regrets about what happened. As they got to his car she didn’t get in immediately but asked him if he started having regrets about what happened in his office and was answered with a shake of his head. What was wrong with him, she asked herself. They got to the small restaurant / café and found that it was actually quite cozy inside and they picked a corner table that was set as to create a private atmosphere.

“You seem distant, is everything alright Malcolm?” she asked feeling like she just intruded on his privacy.

“Everything is OK Trinity.” He replied and knew he was lying. Maybe this was a bad idea she thought and got up before the waitress came back to take their drink orders. He didn’t even seem to notice that she got up and with that she walked out of the café and in the direction of the train station. She started having regrets about their coupling earlier in his office. She provoked him to take her but damn it, he was so sexy and she was hot to trot for him.

She knew he was thinking about it and didn’t seem pleased with himself and maybe thought of her as a whore. She was no such thing and felt dirty. Bob was the first man to have sex with her, Doctor Dowdy the second, the only difference was that Bob loved her apparently; he was doing a good job at showing it and the doctor, well he was something different. Damn it, she lost reality when they started having sex the second time, he never took his member out of her, the condom could have burst, oh heavens she thought. Relieved to not be pregnant by Bob but the thought of falling pregnant with Malcolm’s baby was troubling her. She heard someone calling out but didn’t think anything of it and carried on walking to the station. She was pretty far from the station but it wasn’t a cold night yet alone a warm night, it was pleasant enough to walk. She stopped in front of an ice cream parlor and bought a plain vanilla cone, sat on a bench and enjoyed it before getting up and carried on walking.

As she got up and threw the napkin away she saw Malcolm walking towards her and looking angry as hell.

“What the hell are you doing Trinity?” he asked her or rather yelled at her.

“Going home etimesgut escort Malcolm where at least my cat can give me more attention than you in that café,” she replied and she knew she sounded bitter, good she thought. She too was angry, at him for ignoring her when he had invited her for dinner. She started walking again hoping he would get the message and leave her alone but he didn’t, he was soon walking next to her and soon was in front of her, she nearly toppled over him trying to stop herself and looked up at him.

“Excuse me, I have a train to catch,” she said and walked past him only to be grabbed and pushed against the wall where he crushed his lips on hers. She didn’t want to but she did, she responded and felt disgusted with herself and pushed him away before slapping him through the face.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” she snapped at him and was about to slap him again but he grabbed her wrist, pulled her hand to his lips and kissed the inside of her palm. “I’m sorry Trinity, I really am. I know you think I was ignoring you and in a way I suppose I was. I just can’t help thinking about us in my office. Don’t think I’m regretting it because I’m not, I loved every second of it and I want to spend waking hours with you. You are very responsive and I desire that of you. Can we try again, please?” he asked and she saw sincerity in his eyes. She wasn’t sure, after all she was moving and it was great sex, the thought of being pregnant not in mind. She turned to start walking again but he stopped her by holding her by the waist and looked into her eyes as if daring her to move which she did and he held her tighter to the spot and he must’ve seen her wince because he let go a little. “Talk to me, please. I know what I did was wrong but damn it, just say yes or no,” he said.

He could see anxiety wash over her face and instinctively picked her up into his arms and walked to his car where he sat her on the passenger seat. She was obviously angry but why? “I know you are angry at me Trinity but it doesn’t mean you have to give me the damn silent treatment. What else have I done to make you so angry?” he asked hoping she would answer him. She replied and told him what she thought about falling pregnant with his baby and that she was moving and that she couldn’t see anything that would involve him but she ended up telling him about her childhood, how poor she was, how she had no childhood because she had to work to put something on the table for her and her mother but her mother died of lung cancer two years back. Told him that her father was a cop and died in a shoot-out five years back, how her brother was killed in a car crash two months ago, how she had nobody and how she didn’t want to love and be loved knowing that they would get taken away from her suddenly and get hurt all over again.

“Look me in the eye and tell me that you want me to leave you alone,” he said but she didn’t answer, he only saw tears and pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead. She did look up eventually but didn’t say that he leave her alone, instead she kissed his cheek and just said she was afraid.

“Does it look like I’m the type to run out on you or be taken away, hmm?” he asked smiling and placed his hand just beneath her breast. She shook her head and at that he bent down and kissed her and only then after he asked her to direct him to her house where she invited him inside for dinner since they hadn’t eaten at the café but he could see she was weak and he picked her phone up and ordered pizza instead which he paid for and they ate in silence.

“Tell me Trinity, do you have to move?” he asked and saw her shake her head. “OK, do you want to love and be loved again?” he hoped she would speak but she didn’t, she just nodded her head.

“Do you want me to be in your life?” he asked hoping she would at least say yes but he was surprised when she moved into his arms and took hold of his arm and let his hand drop on her waist. He could live like this with this woman beneath his touch. “Talk to me,” he said. “What can be said when two people want each other?” she asked and felt she had moved her head to the side. He looked down into her eyes. She was right, he wanted her, again.

After a year of being together they got married and had two children but he still sensed that she was scared that everything was going to be taken away from her so they had moved to his family house in Perth, a farm with horses and was built far from the road and he and Trinity spent their days in bed when the kids were at school.

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