Pool Party


It was so hot, you just wanted to melt, if you didn’t suffocate first.

I’d gone to have some end of the week drinks with friends after work, then dinner and we’d found ourselves at a house party. I’d drank a lot of Sangria. But it was summer–you’re allowed to.

When I went home my housemates were out back, in the yard. They’d set up an inflatable pool and a few of them were in it. There was Sasha, tall, intimidating Sasha, and Ryan’s girlfriend, Sophie, in a bikini. You couldn’t take your eyes off Sophie even when she wasn’t basically showing everything off. She could’ve been in a burqa and you’d still be gagging with lust.

I sat down on one of the benches, opened a bottle. Techno was thumping out of a Bluetooth speaker. It was late now, well past midnight, but it might have well been the middle of the day, such was the ferocity of the heat. The humidity would steam you like a plum pudding.

Our one time housemate, Margo, she was next to me and–don’t ask me how–I ended up with my head in her lap and one of my hands on her leg. Margo was all right, no, better than all right. And, oh man, her legs were the just about the smoothest thing I’d ever felt in my life, outside of maybe a piece of marble. They weren’t long, though, she was what you’d call a pocket rocket and my hand just glided up and down like it was ice skating or something.

Sometimes Margo’d squeeze my side, once or twice her hand brushed my cock area, but nothing else happened. Just that.

The morning began to rise and some of us drifted inside. The heat still hadn’t recessed any. It was brutal, sickening.

“Can ankara eryaman escort I borrow your shower?” Margo asked.


“Yeah. The main one’s shit. I used to use your en suite when you weren’t home. You never even knew.”

“Sure, go ahead,” I told her and she did.

“Right,” I said and sat up. Ryan was gone. I still had some beer and I drank it. Sasha and Soph were making out in the pool, and I watched them for a while as I finished the beer, which was almost as warm as the coming morning. All up it was a couple minutes.

“I’m gonna crash, have fun with those two” I said as Ryan came back outside, grinning and goggle-eyed. The music seemed louder.

I went to my room, and closed the door. Taking off my shirt and shorts, I left my underpants on and fell into bed. The shower was running as I drifted off. It occurred to me that I didn’t know if I was totally drunk or it was just the heat. The shower seemed to run for ages, and I wasn’t even sure if I was asleep and dreaming it but it was true that Margo had been prone to long showers when she lived there. I was grateful that I had my own bathroom. Out the back, bass thumped like a heartbeat.

The bathroom door opened and so did my eyes. Margo was standing by my desk. I hadn’t noticed she’d left her clothes draped over my chair, because there was nowhere to hang them in my bathroom. The pre-dawn light was turning gold and red, promising to bring more heat. Margo had slipped into her panties when she turned.

“Late for work yet?” I asked.

“Not yet,” she said. She was escort sınırsız çankaya standing there, with her tits out like it was nothing, just in a pair of almost translucent pink panties. Her tits were good, biggish, but not huge and her nipples were almost erasers. Yummy.

I moved the sheet aside. “Can I touch those legs again, before you go?”

There was no need for sweet talk, if that were even possible; Margo was in my bed and I hadn’t even seen her take the few steps. She was on top of me and her tongue was jammed into my mouth, like she feeding on me. She pushed herself down, pushed her tits into my chest and the softness, the warmth from the shower and the humid morning, was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I can’t even describe it now.

I pulled away from her mouth, and said, “You know what I wanna know? I wanna know if what’s here,” I rubbed her pussy through her panties, “is as smooth as these.” I ran my hand down a leg. God, it really was silky.

“Why don’t you find out,” she said and lifted her ass up. I slid the panties off, she kicked them away and I heard a soft puff as they hit the floor. I put my hand on her pussy and my fingers glided over it. I was so hard.

“Get it on my face right fucking now,” I said.

It was like licking heaven, licking a pussy that smooth, with the juices starting to leak out into my greedy mouth. Margo rode my face like this for a while, grinding herself into me, as my tongue went deep, and darted out across her clit, and make circles across the bare skin. In all honesty, it was that bare skin, that smooth çankaya eve gelen escort bayan as silk bare skin that I couldn’t get enough of. But I plunged back in eagerly, determined to make her cum. I was pulling at myself and soon I felt her hand over mine and I let her take over. Margo flipped herself around, ripped my underpants down. She was on me and I felt like I was gonna explode as soon as I felt that hot wetness of her mouth on my throbbing cock. She was bucking as my tongue explored her pussy and dipped into her asshole. You never know the reaction you’re gonna get first time you tongue a girl’s ass but the reaction was that Margo pushed against me so I went in deeper, and she sucked harder. She rubbed my balls as she licked my shaft, even stuck a finger in my ass. It felt good. But my mission, I’d decided, was to get her to cum beautiful pussy juice all over my face and I worked at her clit until she was shaking and moaning. My face was wet, sodden, my body covered in sweat. And then I came, too, soon after, like a fucking volcano. I was like, “There’s so much jizz, she’ll drown.”

I noticed the bass had faded to birds outside. Margo sat up and turned around so she was facing me, brushed a blonde strand away from her eyes. She smiled, then, she leaned forward as if to kiss me but, instead, spat my own hot cum right on my face. The shock didn’t have time to hit me because she was slurping it off like a cat might lick yoghurt off your fingers.

When she was done she said, “I think I got it all.”

“Wow,” I said, “that was actually pretty hot. So are you late for work yet?”

“Probably,” she said, as she got up and bent down for her panties, her asshole open to the light. All I wanted was another go.

“I dunno how you got so smooth,” I said. “But I really want more.”

Margo slipped her black t-shirt on, headed for the door. “Oh, you’ll get more,” she said. “Later.”

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