Indecent Connections Version 02 Ch. 06


I was standing in the sexual wellness aisle of our local drugstore. I was reading through labels, and doing math in my mind to find the best product for the best price. I was so focused on the things in front of me I didn’t notice someone sneaking up on me.

“Hey Aiden, how’s it going?” A familiar voice spoke to me. I turned to see my mother standing next to me. No matter how old you are, if your mother catches you buying sexual lubricant you are going to be mortified. There was no use in hiding what I was doing so I didn’t even try.

“It’s good momma, just picking up…uh…a few things.”

“Are you going on a date tonight?” She asked raising her eyebrows. My mother was fully aware that I was an adult and could purchase what I wanted. She was more interested in the possibility that I made had a girlfriend.

“Not tonight, tomorrow after work.” I thought of some story as quick as I could.

“Someone you plan on introducing me to?”

“It’s a first date mom. If I get into anything serious, I will introduce her.” I lied through my teeth. She was already intimately acquainted with my girlfriend.

“Is Ava with you? I didn’t see her when I came in.” She changed the subject much to my relief.

“No she’s home playing some video games.”

“Don’t let her be on that thing all day. I want her home by 5 too, she has class in the morning.” I shook my head. Ava was in college, my mother needed to stop being so controlling over her. She was much worse with Ava than she was with me. Ava’s first year of college she lived in the dorms. I knew for a fact that it was my mother’s prodding that made her move back home. Ava enjoyed staying on campus so she could have her freedom. Giving freedom to her baby girl was not my mother’s strong suit.

Still, I agreed to my mother’s terms. We talked a little bit more. The whole time I was looking to make a strategic exit. When I finally got away I quickly rushed to check out. Ava must have been wondering where I was.

When I came home, I didn’t bother calling out to Ava. I wanted to see if she had listened to me and stayed in bed while I was out. I found her sitting above the covers of the guest bed. She was sitting up with her knees curled up to her chest. Her eyes lit up when she saw me.

I was enjoying her reactions to me more and more. I loved everything about her; her unconstrained way of having sex, her nervousness, her self-conscious personality. I especially loved how she wore her emotions on her sleeve. I rarely had to guess what she was thinking. It reminded me of a pet. The same way a dog wags its tail to tell you how happy they are when you come home. I flopped down onto the bed next to her. She knelt next to me looking down.

“I was starting to worry. You were gone for so long.”

“Yes, well I meet someone unexpected at the store. Mom sure can talk when she has the inclination.” Her eyes went wide with fear.

“You saw mom at the store?” I put my hand on her cheek to relax her.

“Don’t worry about it. She doesn’t know anything that is going on. She did catch me picking out lube, so that was awkward. I just told I had a date tomorrow. No big deal. She told me to have you home by 5 though.”

“It’s only one o’clock now! It hardly seems like enough time with you.” She pouted making me chuckle.

“You can’t just move in with me over night Ava. We agreed that you would be going home tonight. So it is a little earlier than we would like.”

“Who says I can’t? Living with you would be a lot better.”

“I said from the beginning Ava. We needed time to think after this weekend. We’ll be back together next week, I promise.”

“I don’t need the week to think. My choice is you. I want to stay like this.”

“That is not what you agreed to on Friday. You are going home at five even if I have to drag you there. Do you need another punishment as an incentive?”

“No, I’m sorry. I’ll be good. Just promise me that you will come get me after the week is over.”

“Let’s take the time apart seriously. There is a reason behind why I want us to have space between us. What we are doing is very big. I want us both to take a deep breath, and collect our thoughts. What we are experiencing, I want it to be because we love each other. Not because we are in the throes of hormones like we are horny teenagers. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir, I do.”

“Good, then why don’t you use that mouth for something more useful for me?” She smiled and got on her hands and knees. I watched Ava unzip my pant and give me head once again. My mind did an inventory of all the items left in our box. It seemed a shame not to use all of them before she went home. I concocted my plan while pushing Ava farther down my shaft.

As I enjoyed the sensations of her wet mouth, I slid my hand down her back. She squirmed under my touch. I landed a loud smack to the eryaman orospu numaraları center of one of her ass cheeks. She jumped up and off my cock.

“Who told you to take my cock out of your mouth? Now you will have to be punished!” The promise of punishment lit a spark within her. I was looking forward to this side of her submission. I wanted to know how much of a pain slut my sister was.

I got off the bed and grabbed the rope out of our box. As a newbie I chose not to tie the ropes tight. I didn’t want to leave any marks on her, or hurt her. I tied her legs open to each of my bed posts preventing her from closing her legs. Once done I took the handcuffs and used them to restrain her hands to the bed.

When she was immobilized, I traced my fingertips up and down her body. I could feel the sexual electricity surging through the both of us. I picked up the paddle I had bought and looked at Ava. She didn’t show any fear. I was filled with pride knowing how much trust she had in me.

I rubbed the leather paddle across her inner thighs and pussy. The cool pleather made goose bumps appears on her skin where I touched. I climbed up on my knees between her legs. I bent down to kiss her making sure to press my crotch against her intimate area. She instinctively ground her hips into me.

When I felt the movement, I quickly pulled away from the kiss and landed one smack to her inner thigh. She bit her lip to stifle the shriek she wanted to elicit. I hit her other thigh and then I started to rub the paddle on the spots I had hit. When she was relaxed again, I raised my hand to her again. After the third time the hits had started to make her skin glow red.

It looked so beautiful to me. I wanted to make more marks on her. I wanted to make her skin as red as I possibly could; because those marks were mine. I put them on her. I marked her skin, marked it as mine. These thoughts swirled in my mind as I landed another hit. This time to her pussy. Despite the fact that it was much gentler than the ones to her thighs were it still made a loud ‘CRACK’ that echoes through the room. Her body tensed, but she still didn’t scream.

I started again to rub her thighs and pussy. I repeated what I had just done to her. It was time for the second hit to her pussy. I raised my hand but stopped when I saw her tense up in preparation. Her eyes were tightly shut. I leaned down and slid my tongue up her slit. Her toes curled in pleasure. I heard a moan of appreciation escape her lips.

I pleasured her for a few minutes. When she wasn’t expecting it, I smacked her pussy. She gasped and her head lifted off the pillow in the shock. Her back arched like she was trying to escape when her head slammed back down on the pillow of the bed. I started to lightly tap her pussy and clit with my hand. They weren’t meant to be painful, but made her aware that she wasn’t done yet. Tears dripped down her face onto the bed. I climbed up her body to kiss them away.

“Did I go too far?” I asked her. She shook her head sniffling. I started to kiss her neck and trace her body with my hands. I tweaked her nipples and played with her soft mounds. It took everything in my power to avoid giving her hickeys all over her pristine neck as I kissed it.

I kissed her lips, almost to remind myself this was not some fantastical dream. I looked down at Ava. Her eyes were hooded with desire. I grabbed the butt plug from the box and rubbed it against her pussy to get it slick. Ava moaned as I pushed it into her. I stepped back to admire her. She was helpless against me. She looked beautiful, like Ava was meant for this. I wanted to be the one to make her helpless; and be the one to hold the key to her freedom.

“I’m hungry.” I announced, “I am going to make us something to eat.” Ava’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head at the stark change in direction I was taking. I chuckled, gave her cheek a kiss and walked out of the room.

I knew it was a risk leaving her alone. The last time I had done it I had to console her. I was hoping that this would be different. It wasn’t a punishment, and I told her that I would be coming back. I quickly created something light, and easy for me to feed Ava. I was not letting her out of her predicament without fucking her first. So, I was going to need to feed her.

I made a plate of cheese and crackers for us. Ava was clearly relieved when I came back from the kitchen. I set the plate down on the night stand next to her. Before joining her on the bed I picked up our vibrator and dildo. I picked up a piece of cheese, put it between my lips; then leaned down to feed it to my bondage beauty. She took the cheese from me. I fed her another piece before sitting on the bed.

“I know that you are virgin, but has anything else been inside you?” I questioned. It was actually I question that I had since gölbaşı orospu numaraları she told me that she was virgin.

“Yes sir, I have played with dildos and vibrators in my cunt before.”

“Then I don’t have to rest on ceremony.” I teased her. I picked up the dildo and started to rub her pussy with it. I fed her a cracker while I played with her. I waited until she swallowed before kissing her. When her mind was focused on our tongues dancing together in her mouth, I shoved the dildo into her gently. I blindly searched for the vibrator on the bed. When I found it, I turned it on and pressed it against her clit. She pulled out lips apart of practically scream. The overstimulation was too much, and she began begging to cum.

“Please sir, let me cum. I can’t… please, fuck…” She fought against her bonds instinctively. I let her get close before pulling the vibrator away. When I pressed down on her clit again, I started to play with the anal plug still inside her. I couldn’t wait much longer.

I took the vibrator off of her clit; and pulled out the plug. I plunged inside her. She moaned and arched her body into me. As she did the dildo pushed deeper into her cunt. I added the vibrator to her clit again.

“Cum for me slut.” I told her knowing that she couldn’t hold out any longer. Her body clamored with the intensity. She yelled out to send all the energy somewhere. Her body shook. Then she surprised me when her cunt pushed the dildo out and she started to squirt. Watching her unhinged caused my orgasm. I filled her asshole.

Once we caught out breath, we looked at each other. Ava looked tired, but not satisfied. We both knew that the other needed more. I started to suckle on her tits.

“I want more Ava.” I told her. When she didn’t say anything, I looked up. Her mouth was wide open, and her tongue was hanging out. It was no secret what she was offering me. I used a second pillow to proper her head up more. I crawled up her body and placed my knees on either side of her head pinning her forearms close to her.

Even with her mouth open I could see Ava smiling. I played with her a little first. I smacked my cock on her tongue and face. My attention was caught by the discarded butt plug. I quickly snatched it and shoved it back inside of her.

“I like this idea slut. Plugging you up so my jizz will slosh around in your dirty ass. Don’t ever take out a plug that I give you without permission.” She nodded her head, gave a quick ‘yes sir,’ then opened her mouth again. I gave her a couple more smacks then started to enter her mouth.

I started slow. I was focusing on pushing myself as far as I could go. Ava started to gag. The feeling of her throat constricting on my dick enticed me. As time passed my thrusts got stronger. Ava was starting to struggle. I pulled out of her mouth and she gasped for air coughing.

‘Are you alright honey? Can I keep going?” I asked her.

“Yes sir. I apologize, I just need a minute to catch my breath.”

“Alright, but don’t make me wait long.” She took a couple more breaths then opened her mouth again when she was ready. Before starting again, I gave her a warning.

“Slut, I’m about to cum again. Once I start, I won’t stop. This is going to get intense. Are you going to be able to handle it?”

“Of course, sir. I’m sorry, I was a bit out of practice. Please use me to milk your cock.” She showed me her determination. I traced her cheek with my fingers showing her a smile of appreciation.

I started slowly at first again. She sucked on me when I pulled out of her throat. Her tongue swirled around the head of my dick causing me to moan. I grabbed her hair to get her to stop. She understood and simply responded by opening her mouth wide to give me control. I fucked her face slowly. Every gag made me go faster. My balls were smacking against her chin, and her nose was being buried in my pubic hairs.

“Fuck yes slut! Your holes belong to me. Your face is perfect for me to jack myself off in. I love using all your beautiful fuck holes.” Ava couldn’t respond to me of course. I pulled out of her mouth and shot my cum all over her face. Ava had a dreamy look on her face. She enjoyed that I came on her face.

I sighed feeling exhaustion enter my body. I was spent for the day. I started to untie Ava. As I released each of her legs, I planted delicate kisses to her body. After her legs were free, I took out the butt plug. She whimpered in appreciation as I went about these things with a delicate touch.

Ava was just as exhausted as I was. I kept reminding her to stay awake so that I could help her into the shower. I saved the handcuffs for last because I knew as soon as they were off, she would wrap her arms around me. She didn’t disappoint. I put my arms around her and carried her to the bathroom.

Ava rested her gölbaşı azeri escort head on my shoulder. She didn’t have the energy for anything, including lifting her head. A sense of pride swarmed in me knowing that I had worn her out this fantastically. We entered the bathroom and I placed her down to sit on the tub’s edge. I started to draw a bath for both of us. I was sweaty from our escapades, and I didn’t want to leave Ava alone in the shower in case she fell. I glanced at the clock, four fifteen, we had a little less than an hour to relax.

An ex-girlfriend had left some fancy bath oils so I added those into the bath. Ava watched me with drowsy eyes. I smiled was present on her messy face. I moved between her legs and slowly pushed them apart. I was finished for the night, but Ava wasn’t. She didn’t seem to know what I was planning until I ran my tongue across her clit. She gasped and tried to close her legs. I wouldn’t let her.

I diligently ate Ava out. In response she ran her fingers into my hair so she wouldn’t fall back into the tub. She came on my mouth and Ava slumped over in exhaustion. I turned off the running water and placed up both in the soothing water. Ava was practically asleep as she leaned against me. I washed her body using a washcloth and soap. When I finished wiping her face she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“This isn’t a dream, is it?”

“No, but I have wondered the same thing a couple times now.” I chuckled.

“Next weekend seems so far away. I don’t know what I am going to do with myself.”

“The time will pass before you know it. I can tell you what you won’t be doing.” She giggled sensing that I was in a playful mood.

“What is it that won’t be going on for me this week?” She relaxed into my chest.

“You are not going to touch yourself. No sex, for either of us, we are celibate this week. Dry as the savannahs of Africa.”

“That leaves out masturbating while thinking of you.” I raised my eyebrow at her, but we both laughed.

We were starting to prune so we got out of the tub. We helped each other dry off and then went our separate ways to change. We finished changing at the same time and met each other in the hallway. It was a moment where the world seemed to fall away, we were the only two things that existed. I took her face in my hands and passionately kissed her. When we pulled apart I hoisted her up over my shoulder and started carrying her to the living room.

She squeaked in surprise then stated to laugh. I dropped her down on the couch then laid down on it. She climbed up on top of me to lay on my chest. We were both content.

“Before I take you home, I have a couple things that I was to discuss.” I ran my fingers through her damp hair.

“Anything sir, what do you want to talk about?”

“This is a very late question, but are you on birth control Ava?”

“I was sir, but when I broke up with Jacob, I stopped taking it. It didn’t seem necessary if I was sexually inactive.”

“Start taking it again. If you have everything set up by next weekend, I will take you as my take to my company party in New York. A whole date weekend with just the two of us.”

“I will sir. You didn’t need to bribe me sir. I will always follow your orders. But …” She was smiling nervously. She picked up my hand to play with the ring she had given me. I gave Ava a minute to put her thoughts together.

“I want to give you my pussy sir.” I looked at her surprised.

“You mean that Ava? You don’t have to feel obligated. What we have now is enough.”

“No, I’m sure. You have given me everything, even what I felt was missing when I was with Jacob. I want to give you something. Something of equal value to what you have given me.” I hugged her close. She happily snuggled into me.

“If you are sure about this, I see no reason to turn down your offer. Next weekend, I will make love to you. I will be your first man.” I kissed the top of her head. As much as it pained me, it was time to go. No matter how much I didn’t want to, I knew this was a healthy choice for us.

I patted Ava’s bum and told her it was time to go. She reluctantly did as she was told. I went to get my keys and wallet. I slid into the car and immediately took hold of her hand. Our parent’s house was not far away, though I wish it was farther so we could have more time together. I pulled into the driveway. Ava didn’t move to get out.

“Baby, we went over this. We have to separate. I am not going to change my mind.”

“I know, I know it’s just…it’s a little painful. It feels like the minute I leave this car everything is going to disappear. That everything will turn out to be a dream.”

“We’ll be together again before you know it. The week will go by fast.” I kissed the back of her hand trying to encourage her. She looked at me with tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

“I want to kiss you.” She said. I touched her cheek, so sad that I couldn’t give her what we wanted. She had to settle for another kiss to the back of her hand. She finally left the car. I watched her walk into the house. Not once did she look back at me. I already wanted her back in the car with me.

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