I spotted her again through my telescope, in her little bikini, lying on a recliner in her tiny back yard, she was almost all legs. She lived with her mother and step-father in a trailer park, on the very edge of the woods. Her name was Jenni Lane, she was eighteen. From more than three thousand yards away, I admired her tan body, as she began to oil herself. My plan was coming along well.

As I stood away from my telescope, I ran the plan through my mind one more time. The contractor had finally finished my ‘darkroom’ deep in the basement of my large house. My hired private-detective had tapped into Jenni’s families’ phone line. Bugged their trailer. From hours of listening to their conversations, I knew Jenni was home alone. Her crack-addicted parents had left her, to join their crack-addict friends on a four-day float trip. At this moment, ten in the morning, Jenni should be in school, twelve grade. She had cut classes. Sweeping the trailer park with my scope, I thought it looked rather deserted.

For three months, through this telescope, I had watched young Jenni have sex with two different boys. I had learned her habits, followed her around town. She was a young beauty. At 27, my taste for women had changed to a taste for young teens. Jenni was a dream! I didn’t work, had a ton of money. Make that tons of money, and was bored out of my mind, my life empty, except for this plan, and Jenni. It’s Now or Never I thought.

I looked into the mirror at the vicious cut under my right eye, lifted my shirt, seeing many dark bruises. I had paid my detective to kick my ass the night before. I was pleased.

Hopping into my jeep, readied with my equipment, I drove down the long hill into town, and then pulled onto a dirt road, into the woods behind Jenni’s trailer. Grabbing my rifle and duffle bag, hiking no more than twenty yards, I spotted Jenni, sunning in her tiny back yard. I closed my eyes and listened. Everything sounded peaceful. I scanned the area, no one seemed to be around. I looked at my watch noting the time. I raised my rifle, resting it on a log, finding Jenni in my scope. I fired.

Looking through my scope, I saw Jenni’s eyes open widely, in surprise. She looked down at her waist, then her hand reached for a small feathery dart. She yanked it out of her shoulder, holding it up in front of her eyes. I watched, as her eyes seemed to lose focus, and then cross, as the little dart fell from her small hand and her head fell back on the recliner. I leaned my rifle next to the tree, picked up a extra-large duffle bag, and quietly crept through the woods to Jenni’s back yard.

Briefly, I stood at the edge of the woods at the edge of her tiny back yard. All still seemed clear. I looked again at my watch, noting the time. I took three long steps, and knelt at the end of the recliner. Holding the duffle bag open, lifting Jenni’s oily legs, I began to pull the bag up, enveloping her body. She weighed maybe eighty or ninety pounds, I figured, after yanking on the drawstrings of the duffle bag and hoisting it over my shoulder. I quickly made myself scarce, slipping into the woods, crouching and turning back toward the trailer park, all seemed clear.

When she woke, I knew what she saw, inside my ‘darkroom.’ It was very quiet.

“Oh my god…ohmygod, oh.. my,,, god!” She looked around, I knew what she would find. She would see that she was in a small darkly painted, dimly lit room, with no windows, with only her bikini bottoms on. And me, tightly restrained to the wall in the corner with cuffs and chains, naked, badly beaten, and asleep. I lay there, eyes closed, cock flaccid, listening.

“Oh my GOD!” I heard her scramble to her feet. Run to the door, and pull on it, yanking. I knew she was standing next to a blue Igloo cooler. I knew she had no hope of getting out of that door.

“Hey! Mister! Wake up!” I felt her kick me on the leg, sensed her squat at my feet, as I slowly opened my eyes, and looked at her with surprise.

“Who are you,” I asked groggily.
“Who are you?” She asked.
“John Wilson.”
“Jenni Lane.”
“What are you doing here?” I asked. She shook her head. She looked a little panicked to me.

“What do they want with you,” I asked.
“Who is they?” She asked.
“My wife, her lover, they put me here.” I explained, admiring her still oily body.

“Money, time.” I said. “What do they want with you? What’s that cooler doing in here? What’s in it?”

Soon, trying to keep her near panicked mind occupied with questions and answers, we came to several conclusions. My wife and her lover were raiding my bank accounts. Were probably fleeing the country, or ready to. They had left food in the cooler for us. They had been feeding me once a day, through the door, the cooler of food suggested that was changing.

“They aren’t killers,” I said, sounding confident. “They just need time. You are just some part of their plan.” She looked at me carefully, with concern. She climbed closer to me, reaching toward my face.

“Your poor cheek,” she said soothingly. “Does it hurt?” I shook my head, trying to look brave. “Oh…look at these bruises, what have they done to you, poor John.” She poked at one and I grunted. “Sorry…” She said. I was becoming aroused, as I focused on her very fine young teen body, covered in only her young teen-type conservative bikini briefs. She had tiny little blond hairs all over her body! I had not seen them through my telescope.

“Oh god,” I moaned. “Not now…” I said as my cock began to rise off my stomach. “I’m so sorry Jenni. So very sorry…I can’t help…” She looked at me curiously. What? And then she noticed. Brushing against her elbow now. My cock. Growing. She gasped.

“Oh…looky here,” she said, grabbing it.
“Please Jenni…”
“Poor Johnny, all tied up and excited.”
“I’m so sorry, so sorry,” I tried explaining. “I find you very….” She looked up from my cock into my eyes.

“Very what, John?”

“Sexy, beautiful, young,” I explained slowly, my eyes drifting over her body. She had large blue eyes, normally full of mischief. Shoulder length golden hair that I knew would fade to blond as she sunned deeper into this summer. She was slightly small for her years, and had not much in the way of breasts yet, but would soon, as her areolas were budding, swollen, her nipples were currently growing erect as I spoke to her. She had the cutest little belly button, and her waist was thin, but curving nicely meeting her hips. She peddled her red bike all over town, her legs showed the results. She had pink toe nails. She smelled like a coconut. She was my so beautiful, cute little doll!

“You really think so, John?” she asked. I nodded, staring at the puffy little pink sprouts on her chest. “I have NO boobs yet!” I shrugged, and watched my cock twitch, stretch, gain strength. She grabbed it again.

“Jenni don’t…no one has touched me like that in more than a year, please.” She smiled at me, some of that mischief I love returning to her eyes. She fully stroked my cock, curling up between my restrained legs.

“Not much you could do about it Mister Wilson, now, is there?” she asked, mocking my restraints. Soon, the little waif was sucking me with vigor, if not expertise. “I’ll make you feel all better, poor Johnny.” She was slobbering a great deal all over my cock, now, rubbing it all over with her tongue and hands. “Mm…you taste good Johnny.”

“Please…” I begged.

“Mm…” She was quickly getting the hang of sucking my eight-inch-long, rather thick cock. I loved the noises she was making while sucking eagerly on my cock. Mixed in with her moans were many types of slurping noises. I Heard her tongue gathering saliva from around the head of my cock, slathering around and around, and then I heard her sucking all that saliva into her mouth. She swallowed my cock then, into her mouth and I heard many squishy noises as she sucked and tongued my cock in her mouth.

“Mmmm…” she groaned on my cock, now stroking the base of my towering erection with a saliva filled little hand. Her groan sent wild vibrations through my erection. “Mmm…Mm…” she moaned. My legs fell apart, and Jenni moved, sitting up between my legs and using a hand to begin to rub her pussy through her bikini. She looked so good, her head sliding up and down my cock. Her shoulders, small delicate and tan, sporting about a dozen little freckles, were beginning to sweat as she eagerly pleased my cock. She pulled her mouth from my cock and spit a large glob of saliva on my head. I watched that glob start running down my cock.

“You like having your cock sucked, John?” she asked me, her tongue then reaching for the spit traveling down my cock, and gathering it back into her mouth. My eyes traveled further down her body, to her so slim tummy and waist. She was not much wider their than one of my strong legs, thinner in a way, her narrow depth. As she knelt, squatting, working my cock, her hips flared out, curving, feminine, tanned, oily. Her little legs spread, I marveled at how her thighs tapered thinner as they rose to her little crotch, her fingers now working her pussy quickly.

“Please…” I begged, preying she would ignore me. “Please stop, Jenni.” Of course, my little waif, finding such a nice cock at her disposal, just doubled her efforts to please me. “Please,” I begged, now with some urgency, and now I could clearly hear another noise, mixing with her cock-sucking noises. It was another squishy wet sound, coming from her bikini, as her fingers slid in and out of her wet puss. She took me further into her mouth, sucking harder. “Please!” She pulled her finger out from under her bikini and gently gripped my balls, cupped and firm in her hand, and milked them, as I started to fill her mouth my cum.

I was in heaven. Little Jenni was sucking me off! Little Jenni, while not the brightest crayon in the box, had fallen for my plan, and lay between my legs, sucking cum out of me!

“Yummy!” She cried. “Yummy! Oh my god you taste good, Mr. Wilson!” she cried. Restrained, I could do nothing as she tongued my sensitive cock, sucking saliva and cum into her mouth with thirst and hunger. Soon, looking up at me with her giant blues eyes, sparkling with mischief, she burped. What a little lady! She slowly crawled up my body, curling up on me, and hugged me with her thin arms.

“We should try to pass our time here as pleasantly as possible,” she suggested later, crawling to the cooler as my eyes were fixed on her poorly covered ass. She brought me water and fed me a sandwich, with great tenderness she treated me.

And a little later, she sat before me and told me something.

“I’m not a virgin, you know,” She announced. I knew that, but feigned surprise. I presumed she was about to show me her pussy. I hoped she was. But I kept up my fatherly act.

“I don’t think we should discuss this Jenni.” I stated. We talked for awhile. I learned more about her, her sexuality, her short sexual history, as she began to rub herself between her legs. I watched her, as she spoke to me, slip a finger under her bikini, and heard it squishing about. Damn, what a hottie! What a horny little waif! She showed me her pussy, slipping some bikini fabric aside. She stood, spun around and shoved it close to me so I got a close up view of her exquisite, nearly bald pussy! Her young pussy lips had just started to form. She was very proud of it. She wiggled out of her bikini bottoms and shoved her pussy onto my waiting tongue. I licked and sucked her with all my skills, as my cock arose again, erect. She tasted so sweet, was so wet! She came rather quickly, leaving my face covered in fresh young puss juice, and smiling from ear to ear.

“You like licking my little pussy, Johnny?” She asked, standing over my erection. I nodded. “You are going to feel it on your cock very soon, Johnny.” Jenni slowly squatted down, and reaching for my cock with her little hand, lined it up with her pussy, as her strong legs held her up over me.

“Jenni! NO!” I said, wiggling my waist. She quickly grabbed my balls, restraining me.

“Now Johnny, we are getting to know one another so well, in our predicament.” she explained, re-aligning herself up with me cock. “I think we should take advantage of our time together, to get to know one another a little bit better.” I thought she was exactly right! “No!” She squatted down on my cock, and I felt her wet pussy lips for the first time on my erection. Jeez! I thought, my dreams were coming true! My little angel is stuffing my cock into her young tight pussy!

“Oh yes Johnny!” she cried. “You have a huge cock! Oh my god! Ohmygod! Ohmygod!” She was slowly sliding down my cock. I was amazed to see my thick cock slipping deep into her thin torso, her very stretched pussy. Good god! Soon she let go of it with her hand, placing both her hands on my chest and turning her blue eyes on mine. “Grrr….” she growled. “Fuck yes, Johnny!” she shivered in excitement, wiggling to accommodate , slowly slipping down my cock. “Ohmygod!” She breathed out several heavy breaths, trying to adjust to my girth. Her mouth fell open, as she looked into my lust-filled eyes. “Unggg…Umm…it’s going in!” She cried, feeling under her pussy. “It’s in!” She began to rock back and forth, this tight little 18-year-old, stirring her insides with my cock. I so badly wanted to feel her young oily, tan body with my hands.

“I wish I could put my hands all over your fine young fucking body,” I told her, nearly growling. “Fuck yes!” I yelled. “Fuck me Jenni, Fuck me good with your little pussy!” She did, soon learning how I liked it when she slid up and down on my cock, as she often came, seeming to never stop with her orgasms. “Fuck your pussy feels good! Fucking ride it, Jenni Ride it!”

“I am Johnny, I am. I am riding your big fat cock with my little pussy,” She cried, straining to please me. “And I can’t stop! I can’t stop…I can’t stop cumming!” I watched, as she struggled to learn to ride-hard-cock. Her muscles, hampered by misfiring nerves, shakes of pleasure, drove her up and down my cock in jerky moves, her inexperience heightening my arousal, her little squeaks, sudden yelps increasing my arousal more. I maintained control of myself, her suck job on my cock earlier having drained me of excessive excitement. I watched as she slowly began to learn how to ride a cock. I was pleased when she leaned forward, pressing her young oily body to my chest and rubbed me with it as she rode my cock, her hands roaming my shoulders and chest, stomach. Her blue eyes seemed to ask me if the intense pleasures she was feeling were normal, expressed to me her love of my hard cock her pussy was riding, up and down. I felt some tingling in my balls, watching her mouth open, in her awe of good cock. I watched her lower lip tremble, a drip of saliva fell from her mouth and land on me, and the tingle from my balls washed over my whole body.

“I’m cumming Jenni, get off quick!” I hollered excitedly, my cock swelling and twitching.

“NO!” she cried, her head shaking at me, her eyes watching me, arms gripping my neck tightly. “Squirt in me. Squirt your goo in me! Oh squirt me, squirt me, goo me!” Well I certainly did squirt her, and with a lot of goo, all my dreams coming true.

Later, when she finally found the wedge of watermelon in the igloo cooler, and bit into it, not noticing the flavor of the sleeping d**g, I tried to keep very close track of time in my head. Soon, Jenni lay her little blond head on my tummy and fell into a sound, d**g-induced sleep. I waited 120 seconds.

“Jenni!” I called to her. “Jenni wake up!” All she did was begin to drool on my stomach. Quickly, I unfastened myself from my cuffs, relieved they worked as advertised, and had before when I tested them. Soon, I was dressed, in my jeep, with Jenni in the duffle bag. Within ten minutes, she was back on her recliner, in her back yard, wearing her bikini, as the sun dripped below the horizon.

I watched through my telescope, until it was almost too dark to see her. But she woke up, I saw, looking around puzzled. Bingo! I laughed… really happy, for the first time in perhaps fifteen years.

Three days later, Saturday, through my telescope, I watched her peddle away from her house. The Mall. Every Saturday like clock-work, weather permitting, she went. I hopped into my Roadster, after putting the little bike-rack on the back of the sports car. I was dressed in crumpled clothing, and had three days worth of beard on my face, I smelled bad. I followed her, until I was sure she was going to the mall. I raced ahead. She saw me sitting on a bench in the center of the mall, not long after she strolled in. I heard her gasp. I had my face partially planted in my hands, elbows propped on my knees leaning forward on the bench, staring into nothingness. I heard her padding softly, cautiously up to me.

“John?” she asked timidly. I looked up at her, letting a moment pass before recognition passed into my eyes.

“Jenni…” I said, confused, embarrassed.

“Oh my god, you’re ok….” she stammered. “Oh my god. Ohmygod! I have been so worried about you.” She sat down next to me, looking me over carefully, and not liking the way I smelled.

We shared our experiences since we had last seen each other. She didn’t know ‘what the fuck happened.’ And I told her what I knew.

“They took more than a million dollars,” I said. “I woke up in my front yard this morning. I had this in my pocket.” I handed her a letter.

She quickly took it. Read some of it.

“They took all the money out of your account! They went to south America.” she claimed, looking up at me, finding me nodding. “They say…don’t look for them….Blackmail! Johnny, what are they blackmailing you for?” I reached into my pocket, pulling out a photo, handing it to her.

“If I go after them, they will send a copy of this photo to the police.” It showed Jenni and I fucking. “And I will still be in prison when you graduate from college. I’ll probably be some large black man’s bride,” I said, fear creeping into my eyes. “That’s why they put you in the room with me.”

“Oh god….Johnny…are you broke now? Do you need some of my allowance?” she asked, wide eyed, sweetly. I smiled at her. Thanked her. I held out my hand and she generously put five dollars and a quarter into my hand, and she closed my fingers around the money, smiling sweetly at me.

I was in love. Love, Love LOVE! I stood and held out my hand to her. I led her to B. Dalton’s bookstore. I led her back to the fiction section, and selected one of my many books from the shelf, flipping it open to the back, and showing her my photo.

“I wrote this…and this one…this one…all the way down to…here.” I said, pointing at eleven books, three best-sellers, all written before I was twenty-five. None since.
“Oh my god.” she cried. “You’re rich, Mister Wilson?”

“Millions…” I said nodding. I asked her what she had come to shop for, with her five dollars and a quarter. She wasn’t planning on buying anything, was just wasting time, she said. I bought her a pretty sun dress from Macy’s and we ate lunch in the food court, she LOVES Chinese food. We strapped her bike to my Roadster, and I drove her to my house, high on the hill, overlooking the town. She loved my pool, my kitchen, and my bedroom. We hugged, glad our ordeal was over. She went home smiling from ear to ear, after promising to meet and go to the mall the next day, to buy her swimsuits of all shapes, colors and sizes, so she could lay out at my pool.

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