65 Taking Pam a lover


65 Taking Pam a lover65 Taking Pam a loverJim and Pam had been married for about 8 years, they were just at the period where sexual experimenting had gone, and long term acceptance had yet to kick in, so they were bored sexually, having two c***dren Peter a lively 7 year old and at 6 Milly pretty blond and knowing tended to cramp the style a bit, but the k**s were loved and nothing would change that. Jim being a self employed journalist, spent long hours doing research, so for Pam, now the k**s had both started school the hours passed slowly.Sat in bed one night reading old fiesta magazines he had dumped on the bed from the small collection he said for ‘his research’, she off-handily asked Jim if he had a fantasy that so far he hadn’t either fulfilled or she added they being so dark perhaps he had not felt he could explain.Somewhat blushingly he muttered that “he had loads,” so she persisted saying she felt they were becoming stale.Knowing in this mood she would persist, he put down on his side table, the page he had been writing and lay down flat switching out his light, asking what she suggested; “would she like to be sold off to a dungeon, take a lover or put on the game or something?”She not to be outdone said, “oh great, would you, I would be so grateful,” then they both fell to laughing.“Seriously though Jim, have you any untried fantasies.” Her face had become more serious less jovial, as she explained that she wanted to try most sexual scenarios before she was too old, to which he raised him-self and kissed her long and hard.“Are you serious?” he said, his mind whirling. She said she was and could he be serious too for a while, adding she was still young enough to crave adventure, even or particularly as she had been sterilised after young Millie’s birth, she no longer felt a complete woman. he asked her to tell him about her thoughts and her pent up frustrations came tumbling out, like water released from a dam, before she was too old she wanted adventure, fun, she loved him and adored the k**s and didn’t want things to change, but she had this yearning, an itch, a burning desire…. how never having been with another man though she thought he was a good lover but she had no yardstick to measure that by and he was circumcised, what was an uncut dick like….it was questions she wanted answering one day.There was a stunned silence.Jim sat and thought, then he slowly placed his finger on her lips, she knew to stay silent as he quietly began to talk. He was researching stuff for a big sex article, hence the ‘fiestas,’ if he had known a few magazines would have opened her long term sexual coffers he would have had her read them months ago, and yes he was frustrated too.She began to speak but thought better of it as he went on that as long as she always loved him and the k**s, didn’t cause a problem he would be delighted if she would experiment, find a lover, try well, anything she wanted to try and tell him every little detail. Just under no circumstances keep secrets as he had always fancied watching her with another man.There didn’t seem an answer to that; so they made love, not just sex, or a fuck, just long deep intense lovemaking as if to cement their marriage bonds.Next day at breakfast she eyed him seriously over the boiled eggs, and asked if he was really doing a piece on sex, and did he mean all he had said the last evening, would you really let me take another man? . he shot a glance at the k**s, but runny egg and soldiers were all they were into, then he said if that`s what she wanted that`s what she could do but under the terms of the rules he had set, and he would use it in his article under an alias.She finished feeding the k**s, then after washes and wipes she herded them off to school, shouting “bye dad.” The silence descended with the closing door, leaving him sitting in silence in the after math of the tsunami. He washed up distractedly tidied away then over another coffee awaited her return.She bussled in, thanked him for cleaning up then sat to pour coffee, saying “we need to talk” he nodded his agreement and talk they did.The outcome being that she would take a lover, and that he would accept it without jealousy and if they were still happy (or where unhappy in fact) at all they would review the situation again and that he would write some for the thing he was doing as a spin off.She knew she could not become pregnant but was worried about std`s so the choosing of a lover was going to be for her, well, not as easy as just finding someone and bedding them.They talked about friends, but that was risky, most of their friends were married, and that would have been a disaster, the few single ones she wasn’t keen on, and either way it risked a reputation in the family. Brains were wracked, but nothing came to mind, so Jim asked if there was some other fantasy she had had that might help. Her answer was that she had fancied a girlfriend when younger though that was no help then she mentioned that she had even been so frustrated lately pizza boys and the old chap delivering the poling cards last week had featured at one time and another!He began to laugh, then said “the paper-lad better watch his arse then! “ Eureka! That was the answer! the lad delivering their paper`s, gaziantep escort he was 17 or 18 ish, shy not a stud nor pushy and all lads are randy as hell, if he said anything folk would put it down as adolescent fantasy and she fancied breaking in a young stud… perfect.Jim said that it was her call, and that it was up to her but he wanted to be kept informed. Then he left her doing her housework and wandered off to his room to carry on with his assignment. The lad delivering papers in their road was a strapping lad, blond, about 5ft8” tall, 11 stone nondescript, old worn hoody, Glasses, threadbare jeans, worn trainers, big sloppy yellow paper bag.She watched from her upstairs window slipping into a thin and revealing shirt as he plodded up the street placing papers in letterboxes as he went, closing gates behind him, steady, reliable, tidy and clean but just a little downtrodden, tatty even, she couldn’t put a finger on it there was something, a little hard up about him. She was at the door when he arrived on her steps, “hi” she said, “hallow” he said, surprised as it was the first time he had seen her at this time, the once a week Friday ritual of paying, yes, then he had seen her, but not ever on a Monday before. His eyes slid easily over her body, like all boys of hormonal age, his mind taking in details of every female on his round. Wishful thinking, yes true, but it was natural!She took the proffered paper, said she had been watching for him as she wanted to order a TV schedule magazine, he made a note and said he would add it on the next day`s round, his eye`s still scanning her female form like a vulture at a body! She told him to knock next day as she hated screwed up magazines, turned winked and went back indoors, leaving him dumfounded on the step.The following day a very wet Tuesday, the lad was back, this time she was dressed in her dressing gown, and her nightie. She invited the wet lad inside “for a cup of tea” and the lad found himself in the big dry kitchen with a cup in his hand before he could argue. She quietly loosened her belt then sat opposite him and they chatted. She quickly found out, his name was Carl, he lived at home with his widowed mother and they found life both hard and financially a challenge, there being few jobs in the area, hence at 17 and a half he was still shoving papers through doors for just a few quid a week,. She asked if he wanted some garden work, which he of course jumped at, so she said that she would see what could be done, she told him to come and talk to her husband next day He seemed a bit shy so she broke the ice a bit, by asking about his hobbies, he painted a bit, he said he did the gardening and basically they worked round the clock to keep themselves fed.By this time her dressing gown was becoming loose, and the lad`s eyes were fixed on her softly covered bust. Saying nothing she poured another cup, and twisted in her seat so that he got a better look while stretching for the biscuit barrel.After about ½ an hour she was seeing him out, no sense in overdoing this first meeting. She noticed the yellow bag held strategically and concluded that the lad was in some discomfort, so she ignored it, saying that he must visit again soon as she got very lonely some days. The following morning Jim, primed up, met the lad and showed him the garden, he said that it was in need as was his wife for jobs round the house and the lad was to assist her if she asked for any help, he then offered a good hourly rate, and the deal was done, starting on Saturday morning at 9 am.The lad appeared next on Friday collecting the paper money, again the tea and this time fully if a little skimpily dressed, she sat talking and drinking tea, with ‘Carl’, telling him to call her ‘Pam’, asking all sorts of questions, and finding out as much as she could, one of the questions being about his girlfriends, of which he said he had none. So she asked about “what happened to his love life then?” to which again she drew a blank. “Why ever is that” she asked, “don’t you like the ladies?” “it`s not that” he red-facedly muttered “it`s not having the time” and under his breath added “and being shy don’t help!” she ignored that.“Well you are a good looking lad Carl so you will soon catch up I am sure” kissing his hand as she did. He told her he was not over sure how to go on with women, he only really had contact with his mum and that was embarrassing at least.She said “that was a shame,” then went for the jugular vein, “you`d be a virgin then?” he went redder than a poppy, stuttered “yes!” just that no explanation no denial either, then began to stand.Her hand snaked out and gently pushed him down, softly saying “that`s nice Carl” then “do you want to learn?” he nodded, “with me?” his jaw dropped “Really!”She smiled, soft gentle eyes appraised him, and then she whispered that “if he didn’t tell anyone she would help, but he must promise” Well the boy though his birthday`s had all arrived, first he promised and then he remembered she had a husband. “Erm what about your husband I don’t want to upset him he`s just given me a job?”Her smile disarmed him a little, and she held his hands then called loudly “Jim have you a moment” after a few seconds Jim appeared from escort bayan his workroom, muttering “what now,” then looking hopefully at the teapot.She looked deep into Carl’s eyes and quietly said “Darling I hope you don’t mind, young Carl here has a problem, a sexual one, do you mind if I sleep with him?”By now the lad was white with fear, expecting at least to be thrown into the street, but his surprise was nothing to the shock of the reply of; “As long as your happy dear and he says nothing outside here he`s welcome to your body anytime, I told him his duties included anything you wanted help with, didn`t I make things clear? Sorry, though I hope he won`t mind me watching or joining in when I have more time!” the lads jaw dropped dramatically, Jim casually poured himself tea then walked off back to his study with a knowing smile. The lads spluttered; “thank you sir” ringing behind him as he traipsed down the corridor. Over his shoulder he called “that`s ok and its Jim by the way!” and they heard the door close firmly.“Problem solved” Pam explained to the lad “Now let`s see, you have to finish your round and tomorrow you start your new job so, what are you doing this evening? My k**s are at grannies with Jim till ten so perhaps”…She licked her lips leaving the sentence unfinished.His eyes were like saucers, “Really, well yes please,” he gushed grabbing at the bag, then adding as an afterthought, “what time?”“They go out about six!” She said as he scrambled to leave, “may I kiss you Pam?” She laughed “you had better young man!” and for the first time Carl leant forward and kissed a real woman, it took but seconds, but to Carl it was a lifetime, He stood blushing then turned and fled through the kitchen door.At six Jim took the c***dren to visit grandma, at just past almost before the fumes of the exhaust cleared the drive, a well scrubbed young man clutching a bunch of flowers and wearing his best jumper, clean shirt, corduroy trousers, and shining shoes, knocked shyly at the kitchen door.She appeared a second or two later, fully dressed, make up perfect, hair neat, and even high heels. He gawped, at the vision opening the door to him, and she beckoned him in. his heart sinking thinking she was off out and she had been k**ding him. “Are those for me?” she asked, he affirmed they were then sadly turned to leave.“Where you going,” she quickly asked.“Your off out are you not?” he said “all dressed up like that?”“I dressed for you silly, it`s your first time and I wanted it to be something extra special for you, you will remember this night I hope for a lifetime!” She caught his arm swung him to her and kissed him passionately. For the first time ever as their tongues met he tasted lipstick, eager hands grasped bodies in tight hugs, his heart pounded with relief, she had dressed for him, he was to be a man, tonight, this fantastic woman had gone out of her way for him, the nobody who lived with his mum…. Carl the paper-lad, it was beyond his minds scope, he was instantly in love.It took a while to separate him from her, she stepped back and to calm things down put her flowers in the vase on the side, while he looked her up and down like a consumer of fine wine scrutinises the label before opening the bottle, she could feel his eyes caressing her, collecting ever detail for his memories, she was glad she had made the effort.She had chosen her clothes with great care, black lace undies for sensory erotic effect, stockings, silky tan ones to be erotic, and suspenders to slow the strip, a white lacy button front blouse so the black bra made a statement, black pencil skirt to emphasise shape and heels to add to the effect. Then lipstick, hair, even scent, the whole thing a man-trap of epic proportions that took a good hour. So much so Jim had taken photo`s at each stage of dressing, and had gone out with a stiffee that had threatened to trip him up!She had deliberately not relieved him saying it would be better to wait and to expect!She turned to the boy, took his now clammy hand and said “ready?” he nodded like a schoolboy, not trusting his tongue, and arm in arm they mounted the stars.He never having been up stairs here, followed her into the master bedroom, a four poster, d****d with swags of soft pink, white furniture, lockers, wardrobes, dressing table, and pink carpet gave the effect of a soft inviting womb.She kicked off her shoes and he did the same, feared of marking the thick pile carpet. She turned to him and again they kissed, long and hard. She helped him off with jumper and shirt, admiring his chest, running her fingers over his well formed shoulders, marvelling at his young muscles. She whispered “show me” and began undoing his belt, hugging him to her and sliding his remaining clothes down over his bubble of a butt, he stepped from the things backwards to arms length, so she could look down. His 6” of uncut meat stiff under her gaze, the first woman bar his old mum, ever to look at him rigid like this.As if in awe she dropped to her knees, her lips encircled his foreskin and her tongue snaked along the underside of the stiff young tool. He groaned ass she slid the smooth but livid young phallus into her mouth. He had felt nothing of its like before ever. In seconds there was another sensation, his balls tightened under her touch, and he began to cum, groaning, cursing, and embarrassed. Her cheeks filled, and then she swallowed. His eyes bulged, as he realised what he had done, but she calmed him saying that that was good and the next now would take longer and be megger.She stood and kissed him once more, he could taste the cum on her tongue, his cum, another first, she whispered to him “that she was his,” telling him he never before having had a woman this was his treat could take all her clothes off, then he could use her to find out any little detail he wanted to know, she would answer any questions, let him look and fondle any part “but (she looked at her watch) remember you only have just two and a half hours tonight!”She stood watching him in her full length mirror; he was naked, young and rigid once more and bemused as to where to begin. Presented with a fully clothed woman it was like a puzzle to the lad, his mum had never been seen in a state of undress despite his fumbled attempts at spying, her clothes anyway were from another age group. He was at a loss.He slowly ran his hand over her back, felt her shape, her hips, gathering himself his hands slid around her, watching in the same mirror over her shoulder, his breath on her ear, his fingers slowly, tenderly even finding the shape of her encased breasts, till now forbidden fruits.She took a hand in hers and lowered it to her skirt top, whispered “the zip” then left him to find things for himself. The zip slithered its course, the button at the waist, fell to him and the skirt dropped to her ankles a dark ring around stockinged feet. Again he paused, she knew she needed to help him so turned and faced the lad. She could see he was out of his depth.She smiled at him, then said “blouse next” like an automaton he began at the top, slowly the blouse peeled away, the black lace bra a platform holding her breasts like an usherette’s tray at the pictures, not ices but goodies for him, just him. He leant forward and kissed the waiting soft flesh, the effect for them both was electrifying.It was like an ‘on’ switch, suddenly he came to life, the blouse like a cream petal floated to the ground and his hands began to roam, her backside felt his fingers smoothly slide over the smooth silky knickers, tracing the round cheeks of her butt, before sliding up to those magnificent soft breasts with the nipples trying to poke out through the thin lace.He whispered “help me, please just this once.” Then he kissed those luscious lips once more.She returned his kisses slipping down each stocking as she did, to her second nature, to him a puzzle worse than a rubrics cube.She unclipped the bra, holding it too her, slipping the shoulders from the straps then revealing herself to his amazed gaze, standing in just knickers, hands at her sides as he reached out to fondle her left nipple a look of amazement etched on his face, like a c***d watching a magician, his fingers striking cold on the rigid nub, his fingertip tracing the tender areola in an inquiring circle.She stood shuddering from the light touch, her sex wet from the erotic effect of this young lad seeing things for the first time.Quietly she said “Are you ready to take off that last piece of cloth Carl?” the final barrier, he knelt his eyes riveted to her breasts still, his fingers on her hips, he began to remove the thin black skin , peeling down the things till they fell from his grasp and frothed over her feet. She stepped away surprising him, then lay back on the large soft bed, she opened her legs to lie like a star on the pink quilt. He needed no telling now, he sat beside her his hand running over her belly, eye`s on her landing strip, then on to the lips below the mons, though he didn’t know it shaved clean for him by Jim. He fingered her labia the softness fascinating him, He asked the names of the pieces of this fleshy jigsaw, marvelling at the size of the nub hidden in its hood, the channel that she said was for birth and the tiny hole to pee through, the wetness and the slipperiness of the excited woman, it was all too much.His own prick was beginning to ache from his stiffness, he unknowingly had been leaving a snail trail of pre-come for some time and she realising this told him to kneel between her legs. This was it the final barrier, manhood, they both knew it as he slowly eased his stiffness into her waiting wetness; the feeling was beyond his explanation. Warmth, clinging, softly was surrounding his stiffness, that first time, he laid on her body unable to belive his luck. Then his instincts took over, hips began to move as if by magic, the pace quickened, her breathing deepened, the chase was on!Amateurish he may have been, but what he lost in technique, he made up for in energy, soon he was slamming in his meat in her oven like a cook possessed.She began to climax, flooding him in her own spend and gasping like a fish on the bank, he began to flood her with his own, nothing like that had happened before, together they collapsed. They lay together quiet, each in their own world. “Well, how was that?” she finally asked. His smile said it all,Post script; over the next few weeks they came to trust Carl he was a wizard in the garden, his green fingers could also learn other skills, now he could undress a lady in minutes not months, and as a stud there was none other than Jim that could play Pam so well.

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