a night with Master


a night with MasterAs instructed I stood in front of the correct door, slightly early (definitely not late!!), my entire body waxed smooth and feeling more than a little bit exposed on account of wearing a super slutty outfit specially selected for me by daddy.Nervously I knocked, hoping my appearance would be pleasing for daddy, and heard the words which made my heart skip a beat “come in”Once inside I was ordered to kneel and thank him for the honor he had bestowed upon me by starting at his feet and kissing my way up to his rock hard cock, (which filled me with joy knowing that using me turned him on so much) which I greedily slurped on while gazing up at him like a good slut should.It was as I was licking his balls that he clipped the leash onto the hot pink collar he had instructed me to wear then cuffed my hands behind my back then began fucking my mouth and throat in ernest. After about 10 minutes of this, daddy asked if I was ready for his gift “mmpf” I said nodding my head yes, “so then suck the cum out of me” he said, and I was only too happy to oblige as I started sucking and licking his large throbbing member until he exploded into my open mouth and all over my face.Thankyou sir I said as swallowed his thick creamy load while trying to lick the remainder off my cheeks and lips before it dripped down onto my slutty lingerie.Daddy then had me stand up and move to the centre of the room then kneel once more, this time on a padded seat which he then bent me over the back ofand clipped my leash into the floor beneath it, leaving me totally exposed and vulnerable.I felt my thong being pulled to one side and something slowly easing into my sissy pussy and realized that Master was slowly pushing a plug into me, and I moaned like the slut I am when it was pushed all the way in.The next thing I felt was Master putting something around my clitty and sissy sack – I really hoped it wasn’t a chastity device, but I knew erotik film izle that was what it would be….Then Master started fucking my sissy pussy with the plug which was in me, it felt so good as he pistoned it in and out of me that I started pushing back to meet each of his thrusts, it was then that he told me to open my mouth wide and he shoved his cock into it, I was in heaven with his cock in my mouth and his plug in my pussy, the next thing I knew he had pulled his cock out of my mouth and replaced it with the plug from my pussy as he grabbed my hips and started pushing into me…..By now I knew it was a chastity device I had been placed into because my sissy clit wasn’t able to get fully hard without causing me some pain, but I was dribbling precum like a girl who is about to squirt.All to soon though I felt Master begin to twitch and I knew that I was about to get another load from him, this time in my sissy pussy, it felt so good having it flow into me when he did finally cum!!He then put the plug back into me to hold it all in and said you need to be punished for being a naughty little whore so he began spanking me until my ass was bright red, I knew that sitting down tomorrow would be painful, but I guess I deserved it!!Master then released me and told me to get back down on all fours, he then lay on the bed on his back and had me crawl over to him.At this point he made me suck his cock to attention again and told me to sit on it and ride him again like the whore I am.As I pulled the plug from my sissy pussy I had to clench my muscles tight to stop all of Masters cum from running out of me, then I sat down on his cock while I watched my clitty and sissy sack which was all locked up by now bouncing up and down every time I did.When master was close again he had me hop off and take his cock into my mouth again so that I could taste both of our juices one last time it was then that Master came in my mouth again, adding to the taste of my pussy and his cum which was already there….

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