A Teacher Blackmailed Chapter 2


A Teacher Blackmailed Chapter 2Tiffany woke the following day and stepped out of bed. As her foot hit the ground she gasped and hobbled a little; she could feel the pain still resonating from the previous night’s assault. Her tits and nipples were bruised and swollen and the top of her legs were bruised and battered.She instinctively went to grab her silk dressing gown that she meticulously laid on her bed each night. However, as she picked it up the cold reality of her situation came crashing back down around her, as she remembered Matthew’s demand for her to remain naked at all times. She instantly felt self-conscious again, knowing he could be watching her as she dropped it back onto the bed and got up to use the bathroom and get ready for the day ahead.It was a strange feeling being watched. For the first ten minutes she was conscious about Matthew watching her nakedness. Her hands would try and cover as much of her body as possible, but soon enough she forgot the cameras were there. She actually liked being naked. A sort of guilty pleasure only she knew about and indulged in… until now.As she stepped out of the shower and removed the shower cap, that kept her tresses completely dry, she heard a knock at the door. “Must be the postman.” She thought to herself.This time, she grabbed her dressing gown and rushed to the door, making sure that the silk material hugged her naked form and covered her stunning body. She slowly unlocked and opened the door, peering her head through the gap. Just as she was about to speak she saw Matthew stood there in his school uniform. “Why are you wearing your dressing gown?” He growled.”I…um…I…thought.” She spluttered before Matthew barged his way into the house and with the door still wide open he pulled the gown from her body. As it fell onto the floor, she felt the breeze attack her bare body and Tiffany immediately covered her frame with her hands and kicked the door shut. Matthew grabbed a nipple in each hand and twisted the bullets as hard as he could. “Aaaaarrrggghhhhhhh.” The young teacher squealed in agony.”Don’t you ever disobey me again.” He demanded.”Arrggghhh, sorry, sorry, sorry I promise.” She apologised as she winced in pain.He relented the pressure on her nipples and pushed her up against the wall. His mouth and tongue slobbered over her globes as he kissed and licked her nipples, as his hand wandered in between her legs pushing them apart; his hand quickly rubbing her clit. Tiffany desperately wanted to push her student away, but she knew that she had no choice but to allow him to use and abuse her so she just closed her eyes and hoped the schoolboy would get his thrills and leave.She couldn’t deny however, that her snatch was now a damp mess from both his fingers between her legs and his mouth assaulting her sensitive nipples. She relented and adjusted her stance, opening her legs further apart as he thrust a single digit deep into her pussy, ramming it deep inside her. His finger, right up to the knuckle, was buried inside her he arched his finger slightly and proceeded to finger fuck her.He could hear his teacher quietly moaning, and when he felt her hips gyrate onto his finger, he smiled. “I knew you were such a slut… letting me just barge in here and finger fuck you….” he taunted. Matthew could tell that his teacher was getting close to cumming. He pulled his wet digit from her pussy and put the coated finger to her mouth, making her lick and suck her juices until it was clean.”I’m going to make your breakfast. I want your hair curly today.” He commanded as he vanished into the kitchen. Tiffany just nodded and disappeared to fix her hair.As Tiffany walked into her bedroom, she had to admit that she felt a little frustrated that she had let herself be manhandled like that, and that Matthew had brought her so close to an orgasm. She was horny and needed to cum, and was cruelly denied. She sat at her dressing table, naked, and started to curl her hair when she saw Matthew appear in her mirror with a plate in his hand.”Breakfast is served.” He grinned as he placed the plate on the floor in the corner of the room.Tiffany looked at him a little baffled. “Why is the plate in the corner?” She asked.”Get on your hands and knees, and crawl over to your breakfast. Eat it like the dog you are.”Tiffany couldn’t believe what she was hearing and just sat there motionless. Surely he couldn’t expect this of her? Her entire body shook as he bellowed. “NOW.” As he pulled his phone out, knowing he was serious, she sunk to her hands and knees and slowly crawled over to the plate, blushing red at the humiliation of it all. When she reached the plate, she saw that he had cut up a banana into several little pieces and had cum all over the fruit.Still on her hands and knees she looked at her breakfast. She couldn’t possibly eat that. She dropped her head and sighed. Tiffany threw up a little in her mouth as she saw the glistening cum run off of the banana and onto the plate.“Please, please anything but this.” she begged her tormentor. Her pleas fell onto deaf ear as Matthew grabbed the back of her head and forced her face into the mixture of banana and cum, smearing her face into it. “Eat it….or else.”She knew she had no option and with tears flowing from her eyes she slowly began to eat her breakfast, each mouthful made her feel both more sick and more humiliated. She was about half way through her breakfast when she felt him turn her body so she was on her back. “Open wide…” he said as he let the rest of the meal fall into her open mouth. With a mouth full of cum and banana, Tiffany tried her best to consume the awful meal, but felt body quiver as his tongue swept across her widespread pussy lips. “Mmmmmmmmm.” A little moan slipped past the mass of food in her mouth and out of her lips.Matthew’s mouth was glued to his teacher’s pussy lips he sucked hard, letting his tongue curl deep into her moist gash. She involuntarily twitched as her interior muscles closed around his tongue. He moved his mouth to the tip of her clit and softly nibbled it with his teeth.Tiffany squirmed and moaned as she continued to try and finish the mass of food in her mouth. On her back, she found it a little difficult to swallow. Some of the cum was dripping down her cheeks and onto the carpet. He moved to her open slit and took deep, penetrating licks of her glistening cunt. Tiffany’s moans got louder and louder as he continued to thrust his tongue deep inside her snatch.Once more, as soon as he knew she was closing to achieving the orgasm that her body desperately wanted, he removed his tongue from her. She had just about finished her banana breakfast. Her face was covered in the mixture of spunk and fruit. “Wipe your face, you look a state.” He smirked as he picked up the empty plate and disappeared from the room.Tiffany sat up against the wall in a ball, feeling deeply confused and frustrated. Confused because somehow her geeky student had made her feel so horny and frustrated because he had already brought her to the brink twice today and then stopped she was desperate and willing to do almost anything to cum.When Matthew returned to the room his teacher was still sitting in the corner. He ignored her and rummaged through her wardrobe, throwing her a short pale yellow plaited skirt and a plain white tee shirt. “Put these on then drive me to school.” He ordered.Tiffany was going to ask about underwear but she knew that it would be pointless, so she put the garments on without saying a word, cleaned the mess from her face and finished curling her hair.As they made the short journey to the school, Matthew placed his hand on her leg and his fingers slowly stroked her inner thigh. Without realising, Tiffany had slightly widened her legs. Once they arrived at the school Tiffany got out of her car and heard Matthew say rather loudly. “Miss Jones, have you wet yourself?” She turned and looked down at the seat that her was sat in and saw a large damp patch. Her cheeks turned a shade of bright red. “I…ummm.”Matthew interrupted his teacher. “I think my teacher is a horny slut.”Tiffany’s cheeks reddened further. She couldn’t deny it. She was uncontrollably horny and she did feel like a slut. Matthew’s hand quickly disappeared up her skirt and grabbed her pussy in a claw like motion and roughly squeezed the soaking mould. He smirked as he brought his hand back from under the skirt. “I’m right, ain’t I?”Tears welled in her brown eyes as she softly nodded her head. “I can’t hear you.” He smiled.”Yes….yes I’m a horny slut.” She conceded.”Meet me in the library at dinner, don’t you dare not turn up.” He demanded before walking away from her.The entire morning Tiffany felt paranoid that she had a visible damp patch in her skirt and she knew that her erect nipples were very noticeable through her tee shirt. She was also paranoid that the other teachers were speaking about the way that she had starting dressing for her job.By the time that dinner arrived, Tiffany was still horny and hated the fact that she was actually looking forward to seeing Matthew. Her twisted mind hoping that he would drag her into a cupboard somewhere and give her the orgasm that they both knew she was craving.As instructed, she entered the library and saw that Matthew sitting at a table in a secluded corner, far away from most other students and faculty. Nervously, she walked over to her student and sat next to him. As soon as she sat down, he immediately grabbed her hand and placed it onto his crotch. She gasped as she realized his cock was already out, hard, and waiting for her.. “You know what to do.” He said quietly, and just smiled.She quickly glanced around, and seeing that nobody was watching she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began to glide her hand up and down his piece. Even though she couldn’t see his cock she could tell that it was big as much as eight inches long.She noticed that her expert hands had put Matthew in a state of bliss. As he started to breathe heavily, she glanced around a second time and started to wank him at a furious pace until she heard him groan under his breath. “Ooooohhhhh.” And that is when she felt his sticky fluid shoot onto her hand. Tiffany hated to admit it, but making her geeky student cum in the school library had turned her on even more. So much so that without thinking about it she turned to him and begged. “Please when is it my turn?”Matthew grinned at his beautiful teacher. “Lick your fingers clean, slut.”This time the young teacher didn’t glance around she just lift her fingers to her mouth and sucked and licked the digits clean, her tongue lapped up his thick juice as she stared seductively into his eyes. Once her fingers were clean she purred. “Did I do good?””Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” She moaned loudly as his hand went up her leg and gently massaged her clit. She was so worked up that she thought she might cum right there. She had a look of disappointment when he took his hand away from her clit and smirked. “You did well slut.” “Tonight we are going out.” He instructed as he rose from his seat.”Bu…but I have tennis practice tonight and what if somebody sees us?”His eyes widened as he seethed. “Not now you’re not… and trust me where I’m taking you nobody will see us. Be ready for half six.”He then walked away from her leaving her trembling in a mixture of emotions. She was nervous, scared, frustrated, but she had to admit more than a little excited. After what seemed like forever her day at school finished, and after the drive home took a cold shower. She needed to cool down from the sexually charged events of the day so far.Once she was finished in her shower, as instructed by Matthew, Tiffany dried herself then walked the house naked. She didn’t feel uncomfortable any more, and knowing that Matthew was probably watching her made Tiffany aroused. How was it possible? Just the thoughts of it had the teacher literally holding her hands back from touching herself.Hearing her mobile beep she picked it up and read the message from her student. “Wear a dress tonight, slut. Classy, but not slutty.” This message made Tiffany smile as she presumed that he wasn’t planning on degrading her, but seducing her.Tiffany strolled over to her wardrobe and after a quick rummage gaziantep rus escort she found a black criss cross strap backless midi dress, a dress that she had forgotten all about. Tiffany opted not to wear a bra as her back was on full display but she did decided to wear a pair of black lace French knickers.She straightened her long, curly locks and left her hair down before waiting patiently for her student to arrive. Twenty minutes later she heard a knock at the door, she excitedly opened the door. “Very nice. I’ve parked my car around the corner. Wait a few minutes then come and get in.” He ordered before turning and leaving to go to his car.As commanded, Tiffany waited patiently for a few minutes before walking around the corner where she saw Matthew waiting for her. She got into his vehicle. Unexpectedly, he laid her seat down and let herself be put on her back. He told her to lay still so that nobody would see her. Tiffany had to admit that this made her feel like a naughty school girl sneaking around behind her parents back, but it was exciting.Whenever Matthew had to stop at a traffic light his hand would roam to her wet mould and give it a quick run through the material of her dress, not knowing if anybody could see what he was doing to her only stimulated her further. She was desperate for an orgasm.They had only been travelling for five minutes when Matthew stopped the car and said. “You can sit up now.” Tiffany rose from the laid back seat and had a quick glance around. Even though it was such a short distance from her house, she didn’t recognise where she was. All she could tell was that she was in what appeared to be car park next to a very large building.”Where are we?” She asked nervously.”We are at an old people’s home in Hotley. I have to see my granddad. Quickly now… follow me inside.” He answered.Tiffany felt nervous as she got out of the car. Hotley wasn’t that far from her home so anybody could see her with her student, which would be a disaster for her career. Tiffany, however, followed Matthew into the building. She hated the smell of old people’s homes and tried her best to hold her breath. After going up three flights of steps in relative silence Matthew turned and walked down a long hallway, before turning into one of the rooms. “Happy Birthday, Granddad!” He said, all proud.Tiffany followed him through the door and saw an old man who looked at least eighty laid down on his bed. The old man was a skinny man, with a gaunt looking, red face, no teeth, and grey greasy hair. Was propped up in his bed, and sat in his dirty pyjamas that had, what looked like, gravy spilled down the front of them.”Matthew, how grand to see you.” His granddad said in a frail voice.”Granddad, this is Tiffany.” Tiffany walked over to the elderly man. “So pleased to meet you.” She stated as she gave him a welcoming hug. She hastily moved away from him though as he groped her firm buttock. ‘Dirty old bugger’, she thought to herself.”Are you Matthew’s girlfriend?” He asked.Before Tiffany could answer Matthew interrupted. “No, she’s your birthday present.” She turned and glared at her student with a look that could have turned anyone to stone. “I don’t think so.” She hissed, with a half smile.”Excuse us a moment granddad.” Matthew said as he grabbed her arm and pulled her in the corner of the room away from the old man.”There’s no way I’m sleeping with an old man like that. Go to hell.” She seethed.Matthew clinched her mouth with one hand and with the other he pulled out his mobile. Right in front of her eyes he got the topless picture of Tiffany with “SLUT” wrote on her chest that she had sent him and typed in her father’s email address. “No… please.” She mumbled through his grip.He ignored her though, carrying out his threat and sent the picture to her beloved father. He released his grip on her and she yelled. “You fucking bastard.” as she slapped him hard across his face.He once more gripped her mouth and barked. “Fuck my granddad or the next one will not only go on the internet but also to the headmaster and I’ll make sure that he knows it’s from me.”Tears rolled down her cheeks as he released his grip and whispered. “Get on your hands and knees and crawl over to him like the dog you are.”Tiffany hesitated. “NOW.” He shouted.Tiffany defeatedly dropped to her hands and knees. She noticed that the old man had now moved off his bed and was now sat in his armchair calling her over with his finger. Slowly she made her way over to him.Once Tiffany was half way there, the old man pulled his old, erect from his pyjamas and sat there staring at her, slowly wanking it until Tiffany had arrived at his feet. “Come sit on this.” He growled.Tiffany slowly stood up and turned her back to the excited old man, and took a quick glance at Matthew who was stood there with his mobile in his hand. “Do it.” He mouthed to his teacher.She lifted her dress up to her hips and pushed her French knickers to the side before backing up between the pensioners spread legs. She grabbed the base of his skinny six inch cock and sank it deep into her soaking snatch that swallowed the entire length. “Mmmmmmmmm.” She groaned feeling cheap and repulsed as she slowly began to gyrate her hips onto his shaft, trying to make him cum as quickly as possible.She could hear that the old man was already breathing heavy. She needed this over with, and as her body felt sexual contact, her need to cum also boiled back to the surface. Caught in a mixture of emotions, and she opened her legs as wide as she could and hooked each leg over the arms of the chair. She started to fuck him at a much quicker pace. She leaned back onto the man old and whispered. “Play with my tits.”He pulled down the shoulders of the dress and roughly groped her huge globes before rolling her erect nipples between his finger and thumb. Then he started to tug and pull her sensitive bullets. “Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh.” She moaned as her mascara began snaking a trail down her face. She was deeply humiliated at what she was being made to do.One of the old man’s his hands left her tit and roamed down her slim stomach and to her slit. He started to quickly rub her clit. Probably the first younger pussy he had felt up in a while. “Yesssss, yesssss, yessssss.” He groaned loudly before motioning her to get up and turn herself so he faced him. “Put your tit in my mouth. Beg me to bite down…” the old man ordered.Tiffany bit her lower lip and nodded. “Bite my nipple… please….” she said in between sobs. His toothless gum chomped down and nibbled on her inviting nipple. He then started to groan loudly and gasped as she realized what was about to happen. Desperately, she pleaded. “Don’t you dare cum before me you old bastard.” A frustrated Tiffany moaned as she tried to tease her clit as well, but it was too late. “Aaaaaarrrrggghghhhhh.” he grunted as three thick waves of his warm spunk flooded her cunt.Desperate for an orgasm she continued to quickly ride his cock and played with herself, but it was hopeless as his old, wrinkled cock quickly shrivelled into a lifeless and flaccid state. His hands and mouth had also deserted her amazing body, as the pensioner was gasping for breath, coming down from his orgasm. Realising the pensioner was done, Tiffany slapped his shoulders with her hands and angrily pushed herself off his soft cock. Feeling more frustrated now than when she first got on top of him, she hastily pulled the shoulders of her dress back up, pulled the dress back down her leg and turned to leave the room.”Clean his cock like the slut that you are.” He demanded. She just stared at Matthew again. She turned around and dropped to her knees, pulled the old man’s foreskin back and licked his helmet, cleaning it of the stringy cum with her tongue. She then took his entire soft cock into her mouth and cleaned it as his pubic hair tickled her nose.Just as she was starting to feel his cock harden again, she heard Matthew. “That’s enough slut.” The two of them left. The taste of old cock and cum in her mouth, she was still desperate to cum. Back in his car, Tiffany laid down again as she felt the car drive, turning every so often, as they traveled through the town. As before, every time Matthew stopped at a red light, his hand immediately teased and tormented her desperate clit.Matthew suddenly stopped at a small derelict farm, about a three minute stroll from where they lived. “Get out, you can walk the rest.” Matthew announced to her shocked and confused expression.Tiffany lifted herself from the seat and without thinking about it begged. “Please I need to cum, please.”A small smirk came across his face. “How desperate are you, slut?””Please, I swear I’ll do anything. I just need to cum so badly.”Matthew got out of the driver seat and got into the back of the car, pulling his cock free. “Fuck yourself on the gear stick while I wank my cock.” He commanded.Tiffany reached her hand into the back and wrapped it around his shaft. “Please… can’t I just fuck you?””No… you either fuck that gear stick or you won’t be cumming for at least a month.” He said as he jerked his cock.Tiffany couldn’t bear the thought of not cumming for a month, she lowered her head and spoke. “Okay….I’ll do it.”She lifted her body and pulled her french knickers down her legs and hitched her dress up to her hips. She put a leg either side of the stick and rubbed her clit quickly before gently inserting two digits into her soaking pussy. “Ohhhh.” She lightly moaned as the digits gently probed her.She removed her fingers and rested a hand on each seat and slowly glided her slit across the top of the stick. “I don’t know if it’ll fit.” She cooed while her lust filled eyes glanced straight into Matthew’s as he jerked his cock.”Make it fit slut.” He ordered. She rubbed her hole slowly against the knob. “Aaaarrrgggghhhhhh.” She squealed as the tip of the knob slipped into her gash. “Oooooohhhhhhhhhh.” She groaned as slowly her pussy sank onto the stick until the entire thing was buried deep inside her snatch.She lifted her body up from the base and slowly dropped herself back onto the stick.”Oooooh myyyy goooooooooddd.” she groaned as the flared stick once more stretched her cunt.As her snatch got accustomed to the size of the piece she started to grind on the pole quicker and quicker making the stick constantly change gear.”Yeeeeessssss.” She screamed as she put one hand on the handbrake and the other quickly massaged her delicate clit.”Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….I’m cummmmmmmming.” She squealed as she buried her face into the drivers seat as her juices flooded from her love tunnel and drenched the gear stick as an earth shattering orgasm swept through her entire body. As the orgasm finally subsided she lifted her face from the seat.”Suck me now, slut.” Matthew ordered. She leaned between the seats and grabbed the base of his knob, her mouth covered his precum glistened helmet and sucked hard on his piece. Her mouth quickly moved up and down his entire length as her hand massaged his hairy balls. A string of precum followed her mouth as she moved it away from his penis and flicked her hair before once move burying the cock deep into her warm mouth.”Oooohhh.” Matthew groaned as her hand left his balls and jerked his eight inch rod into her mouth. “Wipe my cock on your face whore.” She took the meat from her mouth and wiped the cock across her face, smearing her face with his precum.He grabbed her long hair and pulled her mouth back onto his solid cock and fucked her mouth really quickly as his other hand mauled her breasts through her dress. “Aaaarrrggghhhh fuck yeah.” He moaned as he pulled her mouth off his knob and squirted two large blobs of his warm gooey substance onto her face.As his cock softened he put it back into his trousers and ordered. “Get out and walk home… and don’t you dare clean your face until you get home, slut. Remember I can see if you obey me.”Tiffany wanted so badly to argue and clean her face, but she knew the consequences would be too severe. So, she just nodded her head and got out of the car, put her head down and quickly walked towards her home.As Matthew drove past her he said. “I’ve booked you in for a tattoo tomorrow, slut.” Before he sped off leaving his teacher humiliated and degraded as she barely managed to reach her front door without anybody seeing her.

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