Female Friend Tricked Me and I Fell For It


Female Friend Tricked Me and I Fell For ItWell I had known this girl for a very long time, we had dated very early on in our teens and then lost touch but we ended up meeting up again about 6/5 years ago and we hit it off well again on the first meet by having sex.This story is when we just decided to be friends after a few sex meets and she told me that she had found herself a boyfriend and she knew I was bisexual so she was telling me that he had the biggest cock she’d ever had. I didn’t quite believe her and she kept going on about it so she ended up one evening sending a pic of it and it must have been just over 7″ and thick, a nice BWC if I didn’t say so myself.After her being with him for a few months she was saying that she was having problems so I told her to go away with him and sort it out. When she got back she invited me straight round hers to tell me all about it. I was surprised as I knew that she had only got back from her holiday with him.When I saw her she seemed happy and she said let me tell you all about it. She was telling me about him taking her out for meals and that she had a really good time and I was asking her loads of questions as well then she grabbed her breast and pulled it out of her top and she was about 34G cup and she was about a size 14/16 in clothes so she had some massive breasts and told me to start sucking on them as she felt horny so I thought great. As I was sucking them she said that She was still horny from all the sex she had been having but didn’t have any today so she wanted me and I thought nothing of this apart from this is lucky for me.She soon took her trousers off and her thong and I saw her pussy which I thought looked a bit open but thought maybe it was just me and just as I was about to say something about it she pushed my head into her pussy and I started licking it and as she moaned kilis escort she was smiling loads and I thought she tasted different from when I last licked her out and then she pulled me up and said she wanted my cock so has I slide my cock into her. She felt really loose and open. I’m about 6″ and kinda thick but her pussy really did feel stretched and I said to her why are you laughing and are you sure you haven’t had sex today.She looked at me and said I had sex as I came home and you have just been tasting my boyfriends cum and now you know what a real fucked pussy feels like and just how big my boyfriend is!I stopped fucking her and looked at her in shock. She looked back at me and said I cant feel your little cock so take it out and taste my fucked wet pussy you bi bitch!She pushed me down to my knees and I could really taste him now as must have still had some of his cum still inside her and I thought OMG I cant believe this is happening then when she cum she said On your back and she got her strap-on out and said My boyfriend said I can fuck you with my strap-on whenever I like so now your gonna take it. Her strap-on was purple and about 6″ and thin but still hurt me a bit as I hadn’t had any anal fun for a long time and as she was fucking me she was telling me about her boyfriends BWC again and as she fucked me hard with her strap-on I said I don’t know how long I’m gonna last. She laughed and said OK bitch. So she pulled the strap-on out and bent my legs towards me and said Hold your legs and as I did she got a butt plug out and pushed it into my arse hard and was pushing on it and I was moaning about then she grabbed my cock and wanked me really hard and I said I’m gonna cum so she held my cock above my face and told me to open my mouth and I cum all over my face and some went in my mouth and then she pushed the rest of it into my mouth and said OK now go, I’m finished with you I want a real cock.

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