How I became a dirty anal cumslut, part IV


How I became a dirty anal cumslut, part IVI was standing in the doorway to the nurse’s office. It was warm in her room, and the lights were a little dimmer. “Come in”, said the nurse. And I moved into the room to her desk. It was quiet in there, cold and flu season was over and nobody got hurt in gym class that morning…nobody was playing sports haha. “You’ve had a full morning” she said. “It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of these fun days, I’m glad you gave us the opportunity!”I smiled big, “Oh no, thank you all. This has been an amazing day so far, I never knew I could feel the things I’ve felt today.”The nurse smiled back. She was pretty. Short brown hair and nice curvy hips. And her breasts were nearly twice as big as mine…shit. I was staring. She could tell and didn’t stop smiling. And her eyes stayed right on mine. That’s when I noticed she was wearing a white coat, but the nurse at school here never wore a nurse’s outfit before. And it was a little shiney, which seemed odd..and was I going crazy? Was it really really low cut for a professional uniform? Her cleavage was practically falling out of it.“Do you like my outfit?” She asked, obviously I must have been staring. She gaziantep escort bayan stood up and spun around. “The principal told me this was going on today so I changed into something a bit more fun. Do you like it? He did. We fucked on my desk while you were in the locker room.” She said as she rubbed her hands up and down her body. Her coat was just a sexy little top that stopped at her ass. The only thing else she had on were white stockings that ran up her legs to a lace garter. And nothing else.She reached out her hand and took mine, then lead me over to one of the beds in her office. “Lay down and get comfortable, you can rest now, we’ll get you cleaned up too”. I hopped up on the bed and lay down on my back. For the first time all morning I had a moment of quiet to let my mind wrap around all the sex. It was new, and felt amazing. The nurse came back over with a bowl of warm water and a sponge. She very gently pulled my skirt off so I was again naked on the bed, and started to sponge off my body. It felt sooooo good. I just closed my eyes and laid there while she took care of me.Once she had sponged off all of the cum and sweat from every inch of my body escort bayan she set the sponge aside and began to caress with her hands. Gently at first, up and down my body, and then deeper and firmer. She rubbed into muscles and I was turning into putty on the bed. This is the life, I remember thinking. And as she massaged me she moved around for better positioning, sometimes climbing on top of me. She felt good straddling me, I could feel her wet and warm pussy lips against my skin when she sat on top. Then, she stood on either side of my shoulders, bent down at the waist, and began massaging my midsection and legs. Slowly, her legs began to bend, and her ass got lower, and lower, and lower, until her pussy was about an inch above my face. It smelled good. Clean, but I could smell the principal’s cum from earlier.“Does that look good”? She asked. “How does it taste”?Before I could answer, she lowered all the way down and pressed her pussy into my lips. I opened my mouth and let my tongue roll around her pussy lips and deep inside. It was the first time I had tasted pussy, and I was in heaven. She was so smooth and sweet, and the way she was rubbing my body as I ate her only spurred my tongue on.“Faster!” She moaned as her hips ground into me. “Faster! Right there!!”I kept licking.“Yes!” She moaned. Now she was rubbing her clit with my tongue deep inside her. Her ass was shaking and it looked like her knees were going to give out. But she was handling it, and enjoying it…”Yes yes yes make me cum. I’m gonna cuuuuuummmmmm”I could feel the muscles in her pussy shake. Her lips got tight and then seemed to open, as if it was trying to swallow my whole tongue. I wondered if that’s what it felt like when I came on the boys cocks earlier today, and as my mind floated back to the cocks I felt my mouth fill with fluid. It was sweet, and there was a lot of it. Not just filling my mouth, it covered my face and tits too.“Mmmmmmmm, sorry sweetie, I’m a squirter” said the nurse. “I hope you don’t mind I just couldn’t resist climbing on and riding one out.” She said as she kissed my lips and took the sponge again to clean up her mess.I didn’t mind at all.And she could tell from my content smile and closed eyes. I stretched and arched my back. I could only moan with pleasure.“Rest up sweetie. Lunch period will be over in 15 minutes and you have the afternoon to look forward to. We’ll come get you when it’s time.” And she turned the lights lower and went back to her desk. I was tired. But excited for the afternoon. I drifted off into a good sound sleep.

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