Tuesday Night


Tuesday NightIt was Tuesday night and just started another week long trip, and as usual I was bored and it was 8pm. It had been kind of a casual day in the field, so I had lots of energy, but no place to put it and I just didn’t feel like going to my hotel room for more work. I was dressed pretty well today and my pants were slightly tight showing off my round ass, which women have always complimented me on.I stopped and asked one of the bell boys where could I go, (and I made him understand I didn’t want the standard answer) and see and meet friendly women. He directed me to a bar on the other side of town, not a business hang out, but someplace that probably had a big weekend crowd. This was Tuesday so there were only a few people in there, but there were a few tables of women, some alone, some in twos and threes.I picked a place at the bar, where I could get a view of all of them, plus be in a position to talk to them if they came to the bar for a drink. Amazingly, all the women were hot, all different, but everyone had a tight outfit showing off wonderful curves or skin. I think I was in heaven, women, curves and skin, all my fantasies.A women from the table of two came up to the bar, me, undressing her with every step, couldn’t help but feel a stirring within my loins that made me anxious, she just had a voluptuous shape, a hip hugging skirt and a wonderful cleavage. The top she had on was a crisscross type that seemed to make the folds between her breasts seem even larger, and available to me. She hadn’t said a word yet, but I wasn’t going to let her get by without some conversation from me. I said hi, and told her I loved the way she looked in that dress and would she sit and talk to me for a minute. Her smile was devastating, wide and full lips showing pearly white teeth complimenting her pearl necklace she wore that just seemed to lead my eyes back to her cleavage every time I would look into her eyes. She noticed and said, “my name is Staci, go ahead and take a long look everyone always does” that broke the ice, she knew it was good, but the way she said it and how she smile let me know she was OK and someone who didn’t take herself too seriously. I told her I had my look for now, and I could concentrate on talking to her. I knew I was lying, but I had to make an effort. She was forward and bold, and soon we were talking about our significant others, and what was missing. I revealed to her something that my wife would have killed me for telling, but I loved to eat pussy and my wife wouldn’t let me very often. In fact I told her that a fantasy of mine was to be made to eat pussy of several women, one right after another. She smiled and I thought I saw a twitch her legs after that comment. Right now, I think that I am about to get into a situation that I have fantasized about, but I knew I had to play my cards just right.Just then disappointment came, she said that maybe she would talk to me later, and went back to her table. I had been there almost an hour now, and the sparse crowd had even gotten smaller, and now there weren’t any men there but me, and it really hit me now, I must have been in a Lesbo bar. She had just come to tease gaziantep suriyeli escort me and it had worked as I saw her back at the table talking and laughing with her girlfriend. I could even see her make a comment or two to the other table of 3 women. Strangely the woman by herself just sat there by herself not talking to anyone. As I sat fixated on her, and wondering what her motives were, I noticed that several of the other women were disappearing also, leaving less than 10 people left in the entire place.Now Staci’s friend was up and moving toward me, it is always seems strange that women of opposites like to hang out together. Staci was short and voluptuous and Melanie was at least 6 foot tall, but had tits and ass to fit her size and again I could feel my cock jump in anticipation. She came up to me smiling, introducing herself as Melanie and her tits were actually at lip level while I was sitting at the bar and couldn’t help but lick my lips. She moved and turned so I could get the full view of her and what a view it was and I knew I just love women. She finally said to me, Staci says that you want to eat coochie and love to be forced to do it. I just nodded, what else could I do, and with that she grabbed my hand and said come with me.I followed her toward the back of the club and came right to the door of the women’s lounge. I stopped right there and she looked at me and said; “Are you going to follow orders, get in here”. I walked in, and it was huge, with mirrors on all the walls, and sofas and chairs all around the edge. It always puzzled me why women’s bathrooms had these big lounges, and men’s bathrooms have nothing. But I couldn’t think of it long, because right in front of me was Straci with her skirt up showing her pink clit and an order from Melanie to start licking.I went right to my knees and put my tongue on her thigh and slowly edged toward the smell of woman, which was strong and an aphrodisiac. Soon my lips and tongue were deep against her, while she was ohhing in pleasure. My hand roamed toward her breasts and squeezed their fullness as cock was straining in my pants. I was immersed, not noticing that other women had come into the lounge and were observing the show. As Staci started her howls toward orgasm, I could see out of the corner of my eye the other women undressing and lining up for their pussy eating also.They told me to move and lie on the couch and they would each come and sit on my face and grind my lips deep into theirs. Each woman tasted different, and I loved each one. Finally someone was taking mercy on me and unzipped my pants while I was lying down and I could feel their lips pucker around my cock. By now my lips and tongue were raw and my nose had scratches from all the pubic hair that had rubbed against it. It wasn’t long before I was erupting with load.Now tired and spent, all the women were gone but one, they had gone back to their tables and I was left to clean myself up. I straightened my clothes, cleaned my face, (even though it is very difficult to smell of pussy off your face or out of your mustache.) and went back out into the bar.As I sat at the bar, the women raised their drink in unison and toasted me. The funny thing was, I didn’t think they were through with me yet.

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