dr. who clara and amy


dr. who clara and amyThe Doctor had said to stay in the TARDIS, and for once neither Clara nor Amy had objected. He had intended to bring the two of them along for a casual visit to the famed Planet of the Ood and its breathtaking snow-peaked landscapes, but as usual, he had quickly detected danger among the tentacled aliens and had run out of the TARDIS to save the day. For the entire journey, Amy had been standing on the glass floor of the TARDIS, and Clara, feigning an interest in the Doctor’s tinkering under the control panel, remained below decks. Truthfully, she was eyeing the beautiful redhead from below. Amy was wearing a very short blue skirt and Clara could clearly see the round curves of Amy’s supple ass cheeks up the sultry garment. Nor did Amy’s panties leave much to the imagination; Clara was a bit disappointed that the redhead’s pussy was not in plain view, but aside from her luscious entrances, Amy’s skin was bare from her knee-high boots right up to her thin, ass-hugging pair of scarlet panties. Every so often, Amy would glance down at Clara, and the two would share a longing look of lust and love, blowing kisses back and forth as they eagerly awaited their time alone.When it came, and the TARDIS doors confirmed the Doctor’s departure, Clara jumped into Amy’s arms and the two embraced in a kiss passionate enough to make a cyberman implode. Amy suckled on Clara’s soft, tender lips and rosy cheeks, and Clara savoured the sensation of Amy’s fair skin and thin, pouting lips against her own. Clara, aloft in a moment of bliss, caressed Amy’s flaming locks and ran her fingers around the gorgeous redhead’s face, convincing herself that she was not dreaming. As their lips and tongues pushed against each other lovingly and teasingly, so too did their hips, gyrating in synchronization, as though they were reflections of one another.Clara trailed her right hand down Amy’s back, snaking through her long, ginger locks and reaching her tight, tapered waist. Clara felt the soft, silky texture of Amy’s skirt, and rubbed Amy’s left ass cheek for a moment before snaking her hand underneath the thin, denim garment. Her fingers barely grazed Amy’s skintight panties, however, before the beautiful redhead seized Clara’s smooth hand with her own and yanked it from her priceless treasures.”You bad girl,” Amy cooed, her Scottish accent shining through in her playful reprimand. “You know you’re not allowed down there yet! You need to be granted special access.””And what do I have to do to get special access?” Clara asked, breathing heavily as she nuzzled Amy’s breasts.”I think we both know the answer to that, Miss Oswald.” Amy let out a breathy moan as Clara suddenly lunged for her neck, covering her predecessor with love-bites. As she sucked and nibbled at Amy’s divine flesh, Clara decided it was time to see some real action from the Scot, and began roughly unfastening the buttons of Amy’s tight, red-plaid shirt. This time Amy did not resist, and soon she had been stripped of not only her shirt but her sexy lace bra as well. Clara stepped back for but a moment to admire her work before lunging forward, her face level with Amy’s small, pert, delectable tits. She suckled Amy’s hardening nipples with vigor, stopping to kiss her cleavage and massage her nipples from time to time before locking back onto a nipple with her small, warm mouth.”Looks like someone’s hungry, eh?” Amy asked between moans of adoration and arousal. “I wish Rory did it like this. I think he’s afraid of ’em.””Your tits,” Clara whispered, “are the cutest tits…” (She paused to kiss them again) “…in the galaxy.”Amy leaned over and lovingly kissed the top of Clara’s head. “That’s so sweet. You get a reward for that.” Clara, her lips tracing the edges of Amy’s beautiful boobs, looked up with expectation as a smile spread across her quaint little face. “Get up, my little slut,” Amy said. Clara did as she was told and stood up, her tight red dress crying out to be strewn upon the floor. Amy resisted the temptation and simply told Clara to turn away from her so she could get a better look at that ass of hers. Once Clara had turned around, Amy moved her right hand gently onto Clara’s tight, upturned ass and rubbed it through the dress. Her left hand, meanwhile, curled around Clara’s small body and latched onto her tits with a gentle passion, massaging and tantalizing the cute breasts she could see only in her imagination. Clara moaned with a surprising amount of pleasure and grabbed Amy’s tit-squeezing hand. She took Amy’s fingers and began to suck on them gently, slowly filling up her mouth. Amy tickled Clara’s lips with one şehitkamil escort hand and, with the other, caressed her naughty, round ass.Finally Amy could stand it no longer. “Turn back around, cutie.” Clara again obeyed, only to be intercepted by Amy’s longing hands as they searched for the zipper of Clara’s dress. In seconds, the pesky piece of clothing was lying crumpled on the floor, where it belonged. They broke into another long, passionate kiss as Amy ran her fingers around Clara’s beautifully exposed ass. Only a small pair of black panties and a bra kept the petite brunette from nudity, but it was with such passion that Clara loved Amy that a veil of modesty was not necessary. As for Amy, her sense of modesty was questionable at the best of times, but with Clara it was as though she had never heard the word before.Amy continued to rub Clara’s ass as they nuzzled each other’s ears. “What are you going to do with those wet fingers, Officer?” Clara asked as Amy reached further down the concealed valley of her ass. “I hope you aren’t planning anything. You know my word would be completely invalid against an officer of the law. I’m putting my trust in you.” She grinned a million-dollar smile as she began her favorite role play, knowing full well Amy liked it just as much.”That depends,” Amy said, hooking a finger into the front of Clara’s panties, “on how much you are willing to con-fess.” On the last syllable she snapped the elastic onto Clara’s soft, trimmed bush, and the breathless girl gave a gentle moan in return.”I’m afraid I won’t give up that easily,” Clara said in a barely audible whisper. “My lips are sealed.””Maybe those lips,” Amy grinned, “but I bet I know another pair that wouldn’t stay closed for the world.” She placed her palm over Clara’s warm, moist pussy, feeling its innocent, silky folds through the thin fabric of her panties.Clara let the pretense of innocence break for a moment to let out a soft, breathy moan of pleasure as Amy gently pressed and squeezed at her pussy. “Ooh, yeah, just like that, love,” she sighed, her northern English accent particularly noticeable. Amy, keeping her left hand locked onto Clara’s moistening mound, pressed her own face into Clara’s cleavage as she began to tug at the bra with her free hand. Clara’s rack was already a bit sweaty, and it was getting wetter with each pass of Amy’s tongue. Then, in a blink, Amy had ripped the bra off of her younger companion and had one of Clara’s nipples trapped between her sexy, pouting lips as she kissed and sucked the dark pink bud. Amy moved her left hand under the elastic of Clara’s panties and stuck her middle and ring fingers up into the wet depths of Clara’s little pussy.”Ohhhhhh yes, oh yes,” Clara purred, her eyes closed as she bucked her hips against Amy’s long, smooth fingers. Amy knew just where to touch, just what to tickle, and exactly how to make Clara want to cum more than anything in the world. The gorgeous redhead rubbed her thumb gently back and forth over Clara’s clit as her index finger joined the party, submerging itself like butter into Clara’s tight pussy along with the other two fingers. Meanwhile, Amy’s pinky wandered, finding a smaller, tighter place to nestle into, causing Clara’s eyes to spring open and her mouth to fall agape into a beautifully pouty O-face. “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” Clara seemed to stutter, trying to comprehend the feeling of Amy’s little finger inside her ass. But she bucked harder than ever, and was soon begging Amy to press it in farther and pump it faster.Amy could tell from the increasing speed of Clara’s moans that the smaller girl was on the verge of cumming. This could not be tolerated. In a swift motion, Amy pulled all five fingers from their moist beds, snapping the panties in the process, and brought her fingers up to her mouth, sucking them one by one.”No, don’t stop,” Clara pleaded, the sweat dripping from her cute little face. Her destroyed panties had fallen to the floor, where, Amy thought, they really ought to have been in the first place. “Please, officer, please let me cum…””We do not allow cumming here,” Amy retorted, getting back into character. “You were so close to cumming, you’re going to have to pay the penalty. Don’t you think this tastes like cum?” she asked, shoving her juice-covered hand into Clara’s face. Clara smiled and began to lick her own cunt juices off of Amy’s fingers like a dog laps up water.”It does taste suspicious,” Clara agreed.”Not to mention delicious,” Amy said, grinning. “But unfortunately, this means you must now face the consequences. Lie down with that cute ass up in the air.”The words had not finished escaping her mouth before Clara had her tits pressed against the TARDIS’s glass floor, pointing her ass expectantly up at Amy.”I wish all prisoners were as cooperative as you, you sexy thing,” Amy said as she kneeled down. A quick smack on the bottom confirmed Clara’s prediction of Amy’s next planned activity. Amy brought her hand up and delivered a second, harder slap to the other cheek, bringing back Clara’s O-face. This time it was here to stay.Spank after red-palmed spank ensued as Amy pondered other ways to satisfy Clara’s petite body. Without ceasing her punishing spanks, she moved her head closer and closer to Clara’s ass until she could feel it pressing against her own cheeks. Her cute nose hovered over Clara’s nether regions, inhaling the scent of arousal that she knew so well. She could feel the glowing warmth of Clara’s pussy from here, and started to slowly hump Clara’s foot just over thinking about how warm it must be inside that dripping cavern.That gave her an idea.”That’s enough spanking for now,” Amy stated. Clara gave a little whine of disappointment. Amy raised her hand and delivered her most powerful spank yet to Clara’s glowing, red ass, causing a wonderfully high-pitched shout to pierce the air, as though a mouse had just been stung by a bee. A very sexy mouse and a very hot bee.”No whining,” Amy commanded. “Now, I am going to leave you for a moment, and when I get back, if I find that you’ve opened your eyes, or you’ve cummed, there will be no dessert for you tonight. And I think you know what dessert is.”Clara shut her eyes and licked her lips, her scarlet ass still protruding proudly off of the floor. She listened to Amy’s bare feet cross the room to the door. The hinges squeaked open and shut. Briefly, Clara wondered how the Doctor was fairing in his adventures on…where were they? The Planet of the Ood.Before her concern for the Doctor could take hold of her, she heard Amy return. At least, she hoped it was Amy. It could be any number of people or…not people. Clara was just about to open her eyes to make sure when she heard Amy’s crisp Scottish brogue permeate the air.”No peaking! Turn over onto that ass of yours. Hopefully it’s not as raw as it looks,” Amy said with a sly giggle. Clara raised herself on her arms and flipped over, gently putting her weight onto her swollen, red ass. Clearly it was even more well-spanked than it appeared, as Clara had to lift herself back up multiple times, lowering her ass down with a feather touch as she moaned softly at the wonderful pain.”Good girl. Now lie on your back and think about hot, passionate sex in the summer. No one’s wearing any clothes, and everyone is sweating because it’s so fucking hot and because they’re fucking each other so hard. Can you imagine that?””As if it was happening right now,” Clara moaned, a suggestive smile creeping onto her lips.”Good. Now think about this.”In one motion, Amy shoved a handful of snow into Clara’s hot, slick pussy, feeling the immediate snowmelt run down her fingers as it mixed with the warm pussy juices inside. Clara shouted, “Fuck!” as soon as the icy substance made contact with her cunt. She snapped her eyes open and saw Amy, now fully naked, with one hand snaking up into her juicy pussy. She immediately began to grind against Amy’s firm, freezing-cold fingers.”You know what I’ve really got a craving for right now?” Amy asked as Clara’s furrowed brow, big brown eyes, and pouting mouth begged for release. “Snow!” Amy pressed her lovely face into Clara’s cold, glistening cunt, seeking to drink as much as she could from her sweet fountain of pleasure. She began to suck and slurp as Clara’s young pussy convulsed and used Amy’s beautiful nose and lips as a pretend cock. The last of the snow melted as the heat of Clara’s depths claimed victory over the iciness. Amy moved her fingers back into their natural positions in and around Clara’s pussy (except for her pinky, which of course had returned to its favorite little asshole.) The two lovers kissed vigorously. Their tongues shared the salty results of Amy’s well-timed taunts and perfect pussy-rubbing techniques, and they moaned deeply into each other’s hungry, pleading mouths. Clara broke off the kiss and between heavy, breast-heaving breaths, muttered, “Get that lovely ass over here.” Amy stood up and sat on Clara’s face, leaning forward to return to the juicy work she had started. Clara, meanwhile, pressed her cute button-nose towards Amy’s taut little asshole as her tongue made a long, flat lick up Amy’s gloriously wet pussy. She clasped her hands onto the globes clamping her face- quite possibly the best ass this side of the Medusa Cascade- and squeezed, eliciting long, drawn-out moans from Amy, muffled by Clara’s soaked little pussy. A spank made Amy look up from the cunt she was licking (an impressive feat) and grin back at Clara’s face, who was now jabbing at Amy’s pussy with her stuck-out tongue. Clara spanked her with twice the force of her last one, and Amy arched her back as she turned to the ceiling. “Is my little girl gonna make me moan?” she yelled. Clara suckled her inner folds and spanked her six times in a row, each more forceful than the last. This pushed Amy decisively over the edge, and she very suddenly squirted her built-up bucket load all over Clara’s surprised, blissful face as she called out to the heavens. The idea of being coated in delicious Amy-cum was too much for Clara, and she started to moan “Oh, oh, oh” very quickly. Amy knew what was coming, and delivered a powerful spank to Clara’s sopping cunt, making the cute brunette scream out in equal pain and pleasure as Amy’s open lips stopped the bulk of the wildly spewing cum from getting all over the floor. Amy held the cum in her mouth as she turned to face Clara, pressing into her face and locking lips once again.This was perhaps the sloppiest kiss in all of time and space. Clara’s cum swashed back and forth between the two dazzling womens’ mouths as it slowly trickled down each of their throats. As Amy nibbled and sucked at Clara’ soft lips, she could taste traces of her own juice, so she added that to the mixture in their mouths. They very suddenly fell on top of each other, tits pressed together as they lay in a sweaty heap, giggling and breathing heavily.”I love you, Amy.””I love you too, Clara.”* * *The Doctor was dancing around his beloved console at an unknown hour in the middle of the night, celebrating his miraculous salvation of the now-grateful Ood population, when his cartoonish-looking wingtips slid out from underneath him on something…slippery. He landed unceremoniously on the floor, unhurt but confused as he stared towards the source of his fall. He moved closer, donning his smart-person glasses as he wondered what this shiny puddle could be. Looking up, the Doctor saw a second, larger puddle about four feet away, splattered in the direction of the door. He moved over to that one, careful to avoid the smaller puddle, and took a closer look. The larger splatter had a hair floating in it- small, curly, and vibrantly ginger. It appeared to be a pubic hair.The Doctor didn’t know what was going on, but he knew it was a strange, unsavory smell, and he should not touch it until he had some proper equipment…is what the tiny nagging voice in his head said. But he was the Doctor, so of course curiosity overcame him. He dragged a finger through the larger puddle, collecting a small sample to sniff and…taste. He touched it to his tongue, swallowing the tiniest amount. His nose wrinkled as his confusion grew.The Doctor stood up and rested his hands on the console, staring intently at the TV screen without taking note of it. Then an idea struck him: the security camera! He’d installed that after a junkyard at the end of the universe had replaced the TARDIS’s life force with an evil power known as the House. The Doctor wasn’t sure how effective a security camera would be against another scenario like that, but he did hope it would be primitive enough to avoid detection from most alien scans.The Doctor brought up the tape, his nimble fingers dancing on the keyboard. He watched himself tell Amy and Clara to stay put, remembering how he’d secretly wished they’d follow after him. They usually did, and he liked the way their cute asses bounced when they ran in front of him or when they got nervous or excited. It was kind of a sexy little default reaction of theirs- a little weight shift and an ass jiggle to indicate frustration or eagerness or whatever else they may be feeling. It always worked as a good motivator for the Doctor.He watched himself on camera walk out of the TARDIS, shutting the door behind him. He saw Amy and Clara share a look, then run towards each other with open arms. Then they…kissed.It was not in the Doctor’s nature to discriminate based on sexuality – any encounter with Captain Jack Harkness could have proven that. But he was genuinely surprised at this new romance. He briefly thought of Rory, but realized that it would be better to keep him in the dark to spare his feelings. With open eyes, the Doctor watched the scene unfold, turning away briefly to look at the puddles on the floor with new understanding.And in the morning, the puddles had both mysteriously disappeared. The floor was spotless. The Doctor just hoped he wouldn’t have to kiss anyone today.

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