Old Head:


Old Head:One day at work a female coworker of mine who knew I had recently took a break and separated from my husband asked me for a favor. She had a friend who was very well to do and owned a prominent business within his community but he had recently divorced and was looking for someone to attend an awards ceremony with him. She asked me if I would consider it and even though I found out he was more than double my age I said, “what the hell, I’ve not got anything else going on that night.”The night came and I had only spoken to him on the phone thus far, but I had arranged to get dressed at his house instead of driving an hour back to my place after work, getting dressed and then driving an hour back to meet up with him. He eagerly agreed to allow me to prepare for our “date” at his place.Upon arriving at his place he met me at the door of an extravagant home. He appeared much older than I had even imagined, but I was already there and wasn’t going to back out on the guy. Besides, he was wealthy and I was bored. I brought my bag in and proceeded to the bathroom to shower and get dressed. He was a gentleman and didn’t bother me during the process. I exited the room, dressed and ready in a low cut dress that enhanced my already very full cleavage. I thought he was going to drool on himself. He was literally speechless which made me smile and eased the tension a bit. I was still skeptical about the difference in age so I needed some type of mental comfort at that point.We attended the ceremony and he received an award for his business or something. I really wasn’t paying attention and could have really cared less anyway. I was doing my friend a favor and that was it. The night ended fairly uneventful although he got a little handsy at the end, but I was a good girl and left as soon as we arrived back at his house.Needless to say he called the next day and requested a second date. gaziantep escort I was still hesitant to be involved with this older man, but I reluctantly agreed. He picked me up in a very nice, high end car. He had sent me a HUGE bouquet of flowers for Valentines Day a few days earlier so I decided to give back by dressing in a short skirt, with a low cut top and heels. He couldn’t keep his eyes off me on the way to the restaurant so I knew I had his attention although I had absolutely NO intent on fucking this man. We went to a very nice steak house and had a wonderful dinner. I admit I may have had a little too much to drink which typically puts me in “the mood.” This was no exception. I was holding to my guns and I was not going to do anything with this man. I was literally afraid to. We got back into the car and he put his hand on my leg. I was trying to play it off but I was horny as fuck. Something about certain liquors just gets me horny as hell. I close my eyes as his hand rubs my leg. My pussy is soaking wet, mainly from the drinks, but wet none the less. As I opened my eyes he was leaning in to kiss me. I blocked the kiss and in the same motion redirected his head toward my lap. I’m not sure if what I did was even intentional on my part, but he moved right along with it and the next thing I knew he was kissing and licking the inner part of my thighs. I was trying to abstain but something just made me spread my legs. I was not in control of myself. As my legs spread slightly he turned into a starving a****l. He gripped my thongs and literally ripped them off. I slammed my seat back so that I was practically lying down and he had all but moved completely between my legs. Here I was in a public parking lot of a well known restaurant, in a large city with my legs on either side of a man’s head who was more than twice my age. He moaned as he began to feast on my moist, shaved pussy. I grasped at the seat, digging my nails in as he sucked and licked my clit with expert precision. I grabbed his head and pressed him into me. I fucked his face so hard it was a miracle I didn’t break his nose. He never missed a beat. I came over and over as he sucked and licked as I grinded into his face. All of a sudden he pressed himself into me and I could hear his muffled groans and moans as he tried desperately to continue. He lifted up, looking completely exhausted, his pants, shirt and hand was absolutely fucking covered in cum. This guy just came a gallon while eating my pussy. I offered him my own thongs to use to clean up, not that they were much help but I think the gesture turned him on. He cleaned himself the best he could. His hairy cock looked red, irritated and worn the fuck out. He drove me back and I don’t think he ever caught his breath the rest of the night. A week or so past with him calling daily and wanting to go out on a date again. I agreed to another date, again with no intent of nothing more than going to dinner. He picked me up, and again treated me to a wonderful meal and plenty of drinks of course. And you know what that does! To my surprise, or not, he had reserved a hotel room which he had failed to mention until after dinner and after I had several drinks. I guess he was “saving me” from driving home by offering me a place to stay. He obviously thought that just because I was so much younger that I was going to fall for his tricks. Well, I guess in the end I proved to have tricks of my own.We got to the room and he immediately began to throw himself at me. He was telling me how turned on he was by me and how that he has wanted me even more and more since the night in the parking lot after our first real “date.” He groped and grabbed and eventually worked me backwards onto the bed. And once again he moved in for the kiss. And once again I diverted his course to the lower regions. I knew what he wanted, I knew what he wasn’t going to get and I knew I was going to ensure this man knew who was in control at all times. Yes, I was horny again and I most certainly needed some cock, but still I was not so keen on allowing this older fellow full access to my goods. I forcefully pushed his head down toward my crotch. I figured what the fuck, he was good at giving head so I can get mine without fucking him and he is old so I know he will be done once he cums once anyway. I win, and then I go home. He unzipped my pants and rapidly pulled them down my legs. He moved my panties aside and mashed his face hard against my hot, wet, pussy. His tongue pressed on my clit as he sucked vigorously. I feel him reaching for his cock, unzipping his slacks and wiggling to free his cock. I could tell by his movement that he was stroking his cock as he devoured by pussy. I lay there with my legs spread, this mature man between my legs feasting on my wet slit as if he hadn’t eaten in days, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the event as he made me cum time after time. Soon I began to notice the change in his breathing, his movements with his hands more violent. He was beating his old cock like it had stolen something and still trying the best he could to keep his tongue fucking my pussy. Finally came the moan. He moaned and grunted and he pumped his fist full of cum. Although the head was exceptional, I consider myself a connoisseur of cum and was licking lips while at the same time telling myself I couldn’t I had to stop seeing this guy. I was only leading him on. He gave me a ride back to his car after I got dressed just as I thought he would. He and I knew he was done for the night so there was no point in me staying. I helped him save some dignity by requesting to leave. So even though I had came and came well, I left more hungry that night that when I had arrived. I needed some cock and I needed it soon.

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