That afternoon with Lisa


That afternoon with LisaIt all started that summer. Catching that seductive look and smile while she tried to make it innocent. She knew exactly what she was doing. I knew then life was about to change!That day i was messing about in class – nothing major, just talking and not really paying attention. The room went deathly silent as the teacher paused in mid sentence “Can you tell me what is so important that you feel you have to share it with everyone?” Taken off guard i did not know what to say – instead i just had a real guilty look come over me. “Well as you clearly it’s important” ermm.“Are you sure there isnt something you want to share with the class?”No sir..“Take your book and sit outside with Lisa – we will talk after the lesson about your behavior in class today”In one way i was pissed he made me look a dick infront of the class but in another way i didnt care. Anything has got to be better than listening him going on.. As i picked up my bag and books and heading towards the door Lisa looked up from her desk – i had never really talked to her in the last few years of school, she was kinda one of those girls who kept a low profile but was cool.“So what did you do?”I got sent out for being smart..“I very much doubt that she replied”I sat down across the room and starting to read – it could’ve been the most amazing book in the world but my mind just wasn’t on it – all i wanted to do was just get the hell out of school.So how come you are out here?“I was late”I know the guy is a dick but sending you out of class is harse.“It may have been more to do with what i said to him afterwards”So you was being smart?Lisa just smiled. There was something about her that i had not noticed before, a little thing she did like biting her lip when reading. balıkesir rus escort It was so fucking hot! I kept looking down and then back up at her as she continued – i think she knew i was looking at her but i couldnt be sure. When she came back from the bathroom she sat back down at an angle to me – her white school blouse slightly open. I was trying not to look but kept seeing her bra as she moved. Lisa was not very big breast wise but she had an amazing body. She played sport allot and i would always see her coming out of gym classes.I tried to read my book, but it was not happening – each page just blurred into the next. Looking at the clock through the classroom door it seemed like a lifetime had passed.All of a sudden there was a bang as Lisa dropped her book off the side of the table. She tried to lean down to get it but could not reach fully. As she got up and dropped to all fours to get under the desk all i could see was her small tight ass in the air. She leaned forward to reach for the book – her skirt riding up slightly with it being too small for her. The view of her little white and red panties barely covering her lips as you could see the perfect outline of her pussy peering through.I cleared my throat as she sat back down – i knew she had seen me looking at her, know idea what to do next. As time passed all i could feel my cock getting hard and harder – feeling the wetness rubbing against my boxers. I just felt like i wanted to exploded right there and release the tension that was built up inside me.I got up to walked towards the bathroom and Lisa turned towards me – she looked straight at me and could clearly see i looked guilty about something. Without being able to balıkesir rus escort bayan think she looked down at my crotch and then back at meeerrmm.Lisa just smiled backI was dreading coming back from the bathroom – what was i going to say to her?“Feeling better?”It just felt really hot in here i replied. “Maybe you need a different view Lisa replied”As i sat back down i was still like a rock, my cock throbbing each time i thought about her. “I could see you are turned on you know – its ok”Going redder and redder – what makes you think i’m turned on?“Do you think i have never seen a cock before?”I just did not know what to say then – she totally had me in her control.“Look, its ok – infact its kinda hot!”You don’t mind i replied?“What do you think? – you act like you never seen a girl before”Just before i was going to say anything the bell rang and everyone came out of class. I grabbed my bag and headed towards the door. I wasn’t going to hang around for a sermon by the teacher and i really didn’t know what to say to Lisa now…Walking across the school field out into the surrounding fields i heard a voice in the background“Hey wait up!”As i turned Lisa was running towards me.“Look – i feel bad about embarrassing you back there, i can be a little full on at times”Without thinking i just grabbed her and kissed her softly on the lips. – Taken back slightly Lisa paused and then wrapped her arms around my neck as we kissed. I had know idea she liked me in that way.I moved to kiss her neck, hearing her groan just turned me on even more. “I am so wet right now!” she whispered into my ear. It was amazing that i didn’t cum right then!We paused for a second and looked around – completely alone in rus escort balıkesir the fields. Looking into her eyes i knew life was about to change.Lisa step towards me her hand undoing my zipper – feeling her slide into my boxers and grabbing my rock hard cock was out of this world. Each time she pulled it back and forth i could feel the urge to cum building more and more.Grabbing her ass i slide my hand under her skirt as we continued to kiss. Each groan and bite she gave i could tell she was getting more and more turned on. Her panties was so hot and wet under her skirt – rubbing my finger over the outline of her little lips while catching her swollen clit each time i could tell she had been thinking about my cock that afternoon.I pulled her panties down quick to her knee – the cold air against her hot clit just make it grow even more. She started to stroke my cock faster and faster – pulling it back even harder each time.As i pushed my fingers inside her small tight little hole i could feel the wetness dripping down my hand – she was soaking wet. Groaning more and more she started to shake as my thumb ran over her rock hard clit – pulling me close she let out a little scream in my ear and continued to shake. Feeling her cum so hard i could not hold back any longer…i whispered in her ear – I am going to cum… I am going to cum…Lisa looked down at my cock, sticking out of my zipper pointing high in the air – each stroke faster and faster. As she pulled back one final time i squirted hot cum all over the grass and kept squirting for what felt like forever.“WOW, you must of been overflowing down there”She lifted her hand to her mouth and licked the cumm off it – seeing it on her lips as she ran her tongue over them just blew me away.Afterwards we continued to walk home and talk together that afternoon – not really saying much but just smiling at each other. We both knew life was not going to be the same again but couldnt wait to find out what was going to happen next. So excited to see what the next day would bring.Lisa and i exchanged numbers and our next meeting was just as hot!

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