A New Client


A New ClientIt is quite like any other business day in the Fall. Despite the cooling temperatures, I am out of office on a field trip hunting for a new supplier as our company is tired of the hassles in working with our old furniture supplier. I have been to several suppliers already by the time I met Samantha. So far none of them offered what her company seem capable of delivering, the service facilities needed to deliver when and where we need. It may be because they are not expecting a black representative, I’m not sure. However one wink from the sexy brunette Samantha as she took me on a tour of her company’s facilities; her big, beautiful butt twitching in that tight conservative skirt before me and her competition was instantly forgotten.Samantha, like so many women in business that I’ve encountered, flirts openly at every opportunity that presented itself along the tour. Often she teasingly demonstrates how comfortable a certain chair or couch is by sitting in it while crossing and uncrossing her legs. This supplies me with a heady view up her prim and proper skirt. That she is wearing stockings held up by a garter belt in this day of pantyhose is remarkable in itself. I assume because she is flashing me so brazenly is proof that she wants me to know this is more than just simple flirting. So by the end of the tour, when we are once again in her office, she inquires as to whether I’d be interested in making some kind of arrangement……”I must say, that by far, your company is superior to all the others I’ve visited today, Samantha. However, I still need to make three more stops after lunch to check out what your competitors might have to offer.””That sounds fair enough,” she replies, a glint in her bold, brown eyes, “I’m about to take lunch myself and if you’d care to join me, I’m sure I can get the boss to pay since you’re a prospective client. This way we can talk over pricing and credit rates and get to feel each other out some more.””Sounds delightful,” I said, then laughing, “especially that feeling each other out part.”We left in my company car, a ploy on her part to bring me back to her company after lunch no doubt. Besides the restaurant had to be her boss’s idea. That it is elegant is not lost on either of us as the hostess seats us in a secluded alcove surrounded by lush plant life. The white linen table cloth with a setting for two has us placed side by side. We both order light salads and linguini pasta dishes, as well as a carafe of the house wine. However once the waitress is out of site I feel Samantha’s left hand moving under the table’s linen and along my right thigh. All this as we discuss our lives. She is married of course, but I realized that earlier from the ring on her hand. With no c***dren as yet, she has hopes for creating a family that sometime in the future…perhaps when her husband wasn’t flying across America as much. I sit and listen, observing how breathless she is sitting there.”How bad do you need it,” I throw out at last. Knowing full well that she would either bite at my indecent proposal or play it off as if I am still talking business. We both know why she had really invited me to lunch and it has nothing to do with office furniture.”You get right to it, don’t you,” she smiles, “I like that. As for how bad….”The waitress arrives at that moment with our salads, so she excuses herself to seek out the powder room. Returning in a few minutes though, she sits back down next to me placing a pair of silky white panties in my lap.”That bad,” she explains, diving into her salad. Her face is beet red, yet a smile is pasted to her face.The crotch çanakkale rus escort is soaking wet with her excitement as I bring it to my face to smell. I also notice that her blouse has been opened several buttons worth. This reveals that her nipples are erect. They poke through, unhindered by a bra. There is only one thing I need to know though.”For business, or pleasure?” I ask, looking straight at her now.”Fuck the furniture,” she replies winsomely.”No thanks Samantha, I’d rather fuck you,” I state. Meanwhile, I allow my right hand go up under her skirt, past the stocking tops, along silky smooth white thighs that instantly part and right up to her wet furry slit. “Seems to me you’ve got the same thing in mind. Ever make it with a black man before?””No,” she answers, her voice quivering that single syllable word. Then while gathering her courage, she offers, “but I’ve always had this fantasy of being dominated by a dark handsome stranger.””Flattery, I like that in a sex slave,” I whisper, “now eat up, you’re going to need your strength”. Next I place her left hand on the bulge in my trousers, “because I think you’ll need it this afternoon.”She is nude and on her knees in front of me less than five minutes after entering the nearby Holiday Inn’s room. I adore how fantastic a body she has, she does keep it well fit by going to a gym to work out. Her body is proportionate to her height and weight and yet I tower over her. For me a woman isn’t just body parts, such as boobs, legs, ass and such, but the whole woman as she’s put together. Samantha has it all together with that short brunette hair surrounding her fairy tale face, making her a stunningly complete package. I do however notice that she keeps her slightly darker pussy hairs trimmed, leaving her slit shaved bare for effect.I remove my jacket as she waits there before me naked, then my shirt comes off baring my muscular chest. Emitting a sigh, she relishes my touch as I tease her back. We both know what she longs to see, but I am in charge here. She knows it.”Ready to pay homage to your new master?” I inquire, while slowly lowering my trousers zipper, as I resume unbuttoning the waist. Then, without waiting for her reply, I lower my pants, revealing my lack of underwear. “There he is slut, now show him your appreciation.”Her eyes widen as all nine erect inches come into view. Both of her petite hands reach out to take hold of it, hefting it, as if incredulous of its nearness.”I’ve never….It’s so….” she stumbles over her words, never quite finishing a sentence, but her meaning coming through nonetheless as she brings the smooth, bulbous head to her lips. Pulling back her lips, she treats my length like her most prized possession. Kissing my dick gently, even reverently, arouses me. Her painted red lips part further as her face moves forward. She slowly slides her mouth, ever widening, over my hard, black dick.”That’s a good slut, suck that big, black dick,” I breath, barely containing my excitement, “show me just how much you prefer it to that pimple dick your husband offers you.” I reach down and grab her full, right tit in my left hand and squeeze, not enough to hurt just yet, but to let her know who still was in charge. “Get it nice and hard, cover it in your saliva. For that little white pussy of yours, you know, is gonna be broken in by this nigger dick.”I watch fascinated as that white mouth and hands pump up and down the length of my shaft for what seemed like ages. She can not take all of me into her mouth. I am little too big. However, when I have had enough of that, çanakkale rus escort bayan I pick her up, tossing her onto the bed. I will have her shave all of that pussy later, but for this first fuck, I want her the way her husband has her so that she would know with a certainty that I am indeed the fuck; the one to whom she would owe her fealty from this point on.”Spread’em bitch! You’re about to get an education in race relationships of the internal kind.”Now normally when I’m seducing a woman, I’ll take hours eating her pussy, but this wasn’t a seduction. Plus, her pussy couldn’t have been any wetter if she’d just come from the pool outside. It is obvious to me that she’d been cumming already just from sucking my big, black dick. As she lifts her legs up in the proper pose of a whore awaiting her John, I move in between her smooth, sexy thighs. Now I am on top of her. My dick is steel hard and throbbing. Moving right up to her wet slit, I feel those wet lips already parting in anticipation as our eyes stare raptly at the color contrast. It is race mingling at it’s finest.I nudge forward with my hips. At first, my prick bends some as her pussy resists the width, then slowly the head eases inside. As it does Samantha suddenly goes ballistic. It happens that way when a unyielding black dick enters a white woman’s pussy. They just can’t help climaxing. Whether it’s the contrast in colors, the breaking of a taboo or something else entirely in their own mind, it never ceases to amaze me.”Oh Shit! Shit! Shit!” she cries as my black dick enters, pushing on into her tight, white cunt. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming on your big black dick! Can’t help myself! Feel like such a sluuuuuut!”“That’s it bitch,” I grunt, “show me what a trashy white slut you really are! Cum all over my nasty nigger dick, baby!” I pull at her nipples. This causes her to throw herself into something mirroring epileptic fits right before my eyes as I bottom out in her snug pussy. Then I tease her by barely moving my length in and out of her clasping twat, “Tell me how much you love getting fucked by a niggers, hoe! How much do you prefer this big black dick to puny little white peckers like your husbands! Tell me that you’re a slave to my hard, black meat!”“Ooooh yesssss!” She cries, still cumming, “I love it! Fuck my married white pussy! Fuck me you black bastard! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck Me FOREVER!!!”With slow practiced thrusts, I grind against her engorged clitoris. With each stroke, I deliver through my hips a little twitch. This drives her white ass into the mattress while pounding her sanity into euphoric insensibility. That she is mine now is a given; that she would be mine from here on is something only she will have to terms with. She is doing so, with every in and out movement of my throbbing black meat in her once lily white, innocent slit.“Call me Master!” I instruct, she gasps, “That’s right bitch! From now on this pussy I’m fucking belongs to me! Me and any other black motherfucker I give it to! Do you understand that? Do you?”Her nails rake my back, her thighs cling to my waist. In addition, she barely catches her breath during her body’s writhing in multiple wringing orgasms. I wait, surprisingly, calmly for her answer, I have plenty of time right then.“Ye…yesssss….Mas….Master!” Samantha pants, unable to resist, “Ooooooo, uhn, ah, oooooh, oh baby! Shit! I’m yours!”I call her every kind of whore there is over the next hour as I fuck her sopping, wet pussy with those long, drilling strokes. Her head whips her brunette hair back and rus escort çanakkale forth in a frenzy beneath me. In time, she is unable to take anymore, simply passing out from the sensual overload.I pull out of her cunt, leaving it gaping open. I then flip her over onto her front. Holding her butt cheeks apart, and with the help of some spit, I delve deep into Samantha’s crinkled tiny asshole. No true white slut should ever leave her Black Master without giving up her ass to his big, black dick. There’s something so incredibly filthy, so inherently evil about a white woman getting butt fucked by a Black Man’s thudding dick. It is something they may not do for hubby’s little shrimp dick ever, but it makes them totally ours for life from that point on. Oh, they may go home to hubby, even let him fuck them in that forgettable fashion of his, but she is marked for black dick from that point on. No white dude will ever be enough for her and she’ll beg to be fucked in the ass after this.I hear her groan as she starts reviving, wriggling under me as I straddle her bountiful hind end. We are on the hotel bed. She is face down. My black shaft is buried all the way up her rectum, tickling her k**neys no doubt. As she comes to, I lay down over her, reaching around to squeeze her mammoth tits with my left hand. My right hand stirs around in her wet pussy. At the same time, my hips make small humping motions similar to how a dog does on your leg when it’s in heat.“Ooooooooh,” she moans, “what….what are you doing….to me?” Oh shit! Ooooooo, fuck! You’re….you’re in my ass! Oooooh damn! Ah, uhn, shit! Can’t believe…. how fucking… nasty good….. that feels! You…. You’re making me…… arrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh…… can’t stop cum…ming! Your nigger dick is too big…….. can’t believe it! Too much! Too fucking much, baby! Fuck me Sir! Fuck me harder! Oooooh, that’s it! Fuck my ass with your big black prick! Fuck my Asssssssssss! Ooooo shit, you’re killing meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Cum in my ass! Oh yessssss cum up my dirty, white butt! Cum in my filthy shit hole you motherfuckerrrrrrr!”It doesn’t take long to fulfill her wish, after all I have been fucking her for over an hour and a half. We have both witnessed her go through one whopping climax to the next, but this would be the mother of them all. As I shower her intestines with my black seed, it is like putting a toaster that is plugged into a wall socket into a bathtub. My billard ball size testicles can push out a lot of jism. When the dam breaks, I swamp her ass lining with an explosive decompression deep in her bowels. Samantha starts flapping about on the bed like a giant fish out of water. Feeling her dying that little death of an enormous anal orgasm in a most spectacular fashion, I can only hang on and ride my bucking filly to the end. If she passes out during her sensational climax, her body was not aware. It just thrashes around insanely, as if attached to a live wire immersed in our sweet perspiration.I order her to lick my dick clean afterward. She jumps at it like a starving calf, even though it had just been up her poop chute and has to be musky at the very least. It is her way of showing me her obedience to my will, her subservience to her new Master. When she is through cleaning me up I slap her face with my still stiff fuck stick to remind her of her place.Eventually, I fuck her three more times that day, cumming in every hole she once owned. Not only that, I spew all over her face, neck and chest for good measure. She will smell fucked when she arrives home and that’s the way it should be for cheating white sluts. I obtain her mobile number as well as her home number before kicking her out so that I could get some sleep. She is a lovely mess to send back to her hubby, a tainted and somewhat used white lady tiger now. But now that the tigress has been awakened, I will need some help for the next hunt, during the breeding stage. Time to ring my cousin, Sean….

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