BabushkaI felt awful and was a bit scared when Babushka told me to get into her room..Let me tell you how I got to this point. My parents hired this Eastern European woman to help in the house with me and my siblings, she was also our housekeeper. I think her name was Sasha, but we always called her babushka, meaning old woman or grandmother.Truth be told she was not that old when she got hired. Maybe mid 30s. She spoke English with a heavy accent, pretty much broken English.She was strict, yet very loving. She was a tall big woman. I always thought of her as a fat old woman. Her chest was massive and her ass wide. She had a very strong featured face. Growing up, I always was amazed by her hair in her armpits. I think my older sister asked her why she did not shave. She said it was fine to be natural and she did not need to shave.I never saw her with a man and never heard anything that she was dating anyone even.Growing up with her, it was like having a grandmother in the house. She was always around, she would get us breakfast and get us off to school. She was there greeting us when we got home from school, or she would walk us home from school. She was often the person putting us in bed and tucking us in. My parents worked a lot and travelled many times a month. Babushka was always there for us.When puberty hit me, my siblings had gone to college and I was alone in the house. I discovered masturabtion and wacked off morning and evenings. Just like any other teenage boy does.I also looked at Babushka in a different light. Or should I say that I checked out her chest. I started to wonder if she shaved her pussy or if it was as bushy as her armpits.But I never thought about her in any sexual way. She was my Babushka and not an sex object. I had plenty of other women around me to arouse me that looked much more sexy than Babushka.After my brother went to college, Babushka moved into his bedroom so we started to share a Jack and Jill bathroom. I had never walked in on Babushka in the bathroom, she was very good at locking my door into the bathroom when she was in there.I had very limited experience with girls and sex, but I was good at masturbating!So this evening I had dinner with Babushka, my parents were away on some business trip as usual. It was a Friday night, but I had nowhere to be and dinner was nice. After dinner we watched TV together and then I retired to my room to play video games before going to bed. It was pretty late, when I decided to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I opened the door and walked into the bathroom I heard some noise from Babushka room. The door into her bathroom was slightly open. Without turning on the light in the bathroom. The noise was grunting and moaning. First I thought that Babushka was hurt, but when I carefully peaked in I saw Babushka on her back in her bed completely naked. She had her legs spread apart so I got to see her hairy pussy for the first time and her big tits. I was surprised to see that she actually wasn’t fat. She was working a dildo into her wet pussy with one hand and rubbed her clit with her other hand.I got an instant hard on. I totally forgot about brushing my teeth. My cock was so big and hard that he came out of my shorts. I was afraid of touching my cock, as I watch Babushka masturbate herself into an orgasm, it was too much and I thought I would explode if I touched it. She was grunting hard as she thrust the dildo deep into her pussy.I saw a woman for the first time have a real orgasm in front of my eyes. I could not standing, I needed to get back in my room and get release. But as I moved away from the crack in the door, my cock had a mind of his own and I could feel my orgasm cuming even if I did my best to stop it. I grabbed my cock and clinched both hands hard around the shaft. Not moving my hands I was hoping that I could cum down and not reach climax. Problem was that I had Babushka’s image with her big thighs spread apart, heaving breast, and her fingers rubbing her clit. I had only seen that on the Internet. I had no experience tekirdağ rus escort with a woman, much less a woman in orgasm.I was not aware of the noise I made in my attempt of not cuming. The pressure in my cock was enormous and I knew that I was about to cum no matter what I did.Suddenly the door to Babushka’s door was ripped open and Babushka stood in the door naked with her huge tits. That did it for me. I was so ashamed, but it did not stop my orgasm from hitting me. Babushka called out, – Boy, stop that and let it go! You never disobey Babushka so I removed my hands. My cock was so fucking hard and big with my orgasm still coming down on me as a freight train. I could do nothing to stop my cock from erupting as Babushka walked into the bathroom and got closer to me. My cock erected a huge stream of cum as Babushka looked at me with very dark eyes and looked very upset. I watched her breasts go up and down, as I think she had not caught her breath since her orgasm. It felt weird to stand in the bathroom, with my hands on the counter, cock sticking out straight, cum pumping out, while I could not help to moan and feel pleasure. One stream of cum hit Babushka on her naked tummy.That did it for her. She almost screamed at me and asked me how I thought that I had the right to watch her in her room. As I started try to explain what happened. Babuska told me to get in her room NOW!I felt awful and was a bit scared when Babushka told me to get into her room and I could not move.Babushka grabbed my hard cock and pulled me into her room. She pushed me down on the bed and told me move up. I was scared for my life at this point.Babushka told me that she was going to teach me a lesson and hopefully I would learn from that. She climbed up on the bed, put her belly over my face and told me to lick off my cum from her belly. I licked up my own cum and when I was done, Babushka moved up and put one thigh on each side of my head. She looked down on me from above, I looked up and saw her belly, big hanging huge tits, and her face above that.Babushka told me to lick her pussy now! She grabbed my head with her hands and pulled my face into her hairy pussy. I had no clue what to do, even if I had watch tons of porn where some licked a pussy.I did not imagine that my first pussy was going to be my Babushka’s wet hairy pussy.I stuck my tongue out and started to lick around her folds. It tasted fresh and sweet. I decided right then that this was a good thing. Babushka moved her hips around so I licked all over her hairy pussy. She was soaking wet and I once in a while came across her hard knob. I suspected that it was her clit. I wanted to try to suck and lick only her clit, so I positioned myself so I had her clit in my mouth. I very gently and carefully worked my tongue around her clit, then after a little while I started to suck on it. I even nibbled on it between my teeth.I could hear Babushka moaning. She told me that this was a good lesson for a bad boy! Suddenly she pulled my face close into her pussy and I felt her body tense up and her pussy flood my face. She was grunting hard as she was rubbing her pussy over my face. I tried to reach down and touch my hard cock, but before I even got there, Babushka slapped my hand away and told me NOT to touch that cock. It was not for me to play with it now.I thought that after she climaxed, that she would let me go. No, she told me to keep doing what I was doing, so did not have much of a choice with this huge woman sitting on my face.Babushka reached another orgasm quickly. She relaxed a little and told me not to move. She moved around, put her pussy back in my face and she was now facing my cock.She sat up so her anus was right in my face. I had never paid attention to that part of a woman before and now I had my first anus right in my face. I stuck my tongue out and licked her ass cheek and butt hole. She was wet from her own juices and moaned when I licked her. She told me that she had never had her ass licked before, tekirdağ rus escort bayan but it was good for me to do it. Maybe it would teach me another lesson about spying on women. She moved so that my mouth was back on her pussy and I had her big ass cheeks right above me. Fuck, this was so sexy.Then I felt a hand on my cock and I got even harder. Babushka told me that she was surprised how big my cock had grown since last time she saw it. Then she started to suck me. I kept licking her pussy and it really turned me on to listen to her moaning as she sucked my cock. I did my best to not think about how good it felt since I did not want to cum yet. After Babushka reached climax again, it was very hard for me not to shoot my load into her mouth. She noticed that I was about to cum and let go. She told me that she was not done yet and I was not allowed to cum now.She turned around. She lowered her right huge tit into my face and told me to suck her nipple. Because her breast were so huge, her nipple did not look so big. But when I got it in my mouth, I realized that her nipples were huge as well. She told me that she loved getting her nipples sucked. She said it was the best foreplay she knew.After a few minutes of this, Babushka raised her hips, grabbed my cock and guided me to her pussy. She rubbed my cock back and forth over her wetness. I moaned and almost cried from the pleasure. Then Babushka sat down on my cock. First my head felt some resistance, but as soon as my head entered her body, I slide much deeper quickly. Babushka grunted as she lowered herself onto my cock. She called out and said that I had a huge fucking cock!I had my hands on her tits and watched them sway as she rode my cock.Without any warning, she started to cum again. I felt great pressure around my cock, it felt so good that I could not hold back. I felt my cock expand and then my orgasm shock my body. I erupted deep in Babushka! Not only was it the first time I was in a pussy, I also managed to cum in one. I lifted my body so that I could suck on a nipple while pumping my cum deep into Babushka’s wet pussy.I hear her moan and thrust into my hard as she questioned if I was cuming in her? I could not get a word out with my mouth full of breast and nipple. Babushka sat down hard on me, so my cock massaged her cervix as I pumped out my cum.When her orgasm subsided, she pulled me away from her tit and looked at me. She asked if I had cum and not told her I was cuming. With a stupid smile on my face I could only nod my head in a yes. Babushka got mad at me, she said that she did not have any protection and that my cum could make a baby in her. I really did not give a fuck. It was the most awesome thing I had ever felt. I would like to cum in her every single day!She rolled off me and lay on her back. My cock popped out and a gush of sperm leaked out. She told me to get between her legs and clean up. I would never miss a chance to lick her pussy, so I quickly moved in between her big thighs and started to lick her clean. Her clit stood erected. My cum was coming out fast, I had trouble keeping up with my cleaning. Babushka started to moan again, when I frantically tried to keep her pussy from my sperm. When there was no more cum leaking out, I moved up and started to work on her swollen clit again. She was getting very sensitive, so I very softly and gently sucked on her clit. I took my time and let my hands explore her body as she moaned in pleasure. After a long time, maybe as much as 40 minutes, she reached down and pulled my face into her pussy again and started to cum over my face!I loved the feeling of a pounding, vibrating, orgasmic pussy in my face!My cock was rock hard again.Babushka was spent when her orgasm was over. She pulled me up on her and kissed me. She looked me in my eyes and said that she was still mad that I have spied on her, but she was also very happy that I made up for my mistake. Babushka said that her pussy was too sore for any more fucking right now. I rus escort tekirdağ wanted to cum in her again so I felt sad.Babushka pressed her tits together and told me to put my cock in between her tits. Oh my, that felt so fucking good too. I never knew that you could use tits for fucking too. I helped her hold her tits over my cock as I thrust myself into her breasts.I did not last long and started to cum. Babushka was smiling and giggling when she realized how big my load was when I shot off over and between her tits. This woman with my cum all over her chest was not the old Babushka I had gotten use to living in our house. This woman was a sexy woman with a great body and a super pussy. Babushka told me that she would give me a break from cleaning her and reached for some paper to clean off her chest with.We lay next to each other and talked.She asked me seriously if I had watched her before, I told her I wish I had known she was doing stuff like that in her bedroom because I would have tried to spy on her then. No, it was the first time I ever saw her at night in her bed. First time to see her naked and first time seeing a real live pussy too. I kissed her and thanked her for her “punishment”. She giggled and told me that I was going to be punished for as long as I still lived in this house. We chatted awhile longer, before I feel asleep with my head between her big soft breasts. I woke up much later. First I did not know where I was, then I realized that I was in bed with Babushka. I was still laying with my head at her breast. I could feel her steady slow breathing from being deep asleep. She was on her back, my legs were wrapped around one of her thighs with my hard cock resting against her skin. I looked down and saw that she had her legs spread wide apart. I carefully moved in between her legs and crawled up to her pussy. Her pubic bush was matted with my cum and her own juices. It was a pretty strong smell of female sex and male cum in her folds. I started very slowly to kiss her pussy and then use my tongue to explore the folds of her pussy. I could still hear her breathing and it had picked up a little bit. I did not want to wake her up, I wanted to play with her body and pussy before she woke up. Since there was no rush to get out of bed this early morning, I took my time to enjoy her body. Her pussy started to get wet and I truly enjoyed to taste her while licking her pussy. Every few licks I would run my tongue around her opening and stick my tongue into her pussy to get more juices.Her clit started to stiffen up and grow. Soon I lost all interest in moving my mouth around and concentrated on her clit. I felt Babushka’s breathing pickup. Then when I did not expect it at all, her legs clamped over my head, trapping my head between her big thick thighs and she arched up which pushed her pussy into my face. It was wet and wonderful, but I could not get any air. The legs were so strong and her orgasm equally strong. I was about to pass out when she relaxed enough for me to get air back into my lungs. My cock was so hard at this point, that it hurt. She opened her legs and pulled me up on her, my cock found her wet pussy by itself and I rubbed my head over her wetness. She lifted her legs and positioned my head at her opening. I felt her hands on my ass and then she pulled me into her. It was like sliding into hot butter. Good soft friction, hot, and wet. It felt so good to be back inside of Babushka. Without any words, she started to kiss me and I fucked her hard. Her bed was a massive oak bed, yet it made a lot of noise. I fucked her hard in missionary. Soon I felt that I was going to cum, so call out and told her I was going to cum. I felt her legs lock around my waist and held me in place while my cock was buried as deep as it could go. I felt my cum rush up my shaft and hitting her cervix. Babushka started to cum again. She moaned so loudly and moved her hips so my cock kept pounding her cervix. We kept kissing as our orgasms kept tearing through our bodies in one huge joined orgasm.My home life changed forever after that night. I never slept alone in my bed again. I had more sex than you can imagine. Babushka was a monster in bed and she was addicted to sex. She taught me everything I know about sex. She let me try anything I wanted and showed me lots of things that other women would never do. It was a match in heaven!

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