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bimbo doll factoryThe Doll FactoryBY ADMIN ON MARCH 8, 2009 · 2 COMMENTSforced Mind ControlAuthor: Mr. PinkElizabeth woke not with a start but with a moan. Her head was aching as if a Sherman tank was parked inside her skullWhere am I? she thought to herself .As if she was answering her own question her memories of last night returned.It was the last night before she left for her backpacking trip to Canada, there was no food in the empty flat so she was going to drive to the nearest Macdonald’s for dinner. As she sat down in the drivers seat she had felt a stabbing pain in her butt it must have been some sort of needle with a d**g in it as she had lapsed into u*********sness before she could even stand up.Where am I?What am I doing her?Where are my clothes?How long have I been asleep?Her mind was working incredibly fast but her body was still not responding.With what seemed like incredible effort she managed to open her eyes.The room was approximately the same size as her own apartment bedroom and had a mirror on the ceiling an empty rack to put clothes, a door and a television built into the wall covered by glass.The monumental task of opening her eyes had exhausted her and just before she slipped back into u*********sness she realized the TV was turned on but there was no sound.When consciousness returned a second time the Sherman tank was still throbbing in the background but her body was doing what she was telling it. She was still in the same roomThe thought hit her like a ton of bricks.I have been k**napped,When blind panic came over her a second latter she went running for the door.The first step caused agony in her feet and legs and she collapsed taking her second step.She lay cold and naked on the floor looking at her feet and wondering why they wouldn’t straighten.The door was locked, she crawled on her hands and feet over to it but she couldn’t open it nor had the hours banging on it produced a response from outside all it had done was make her headache worse.Some time latter Elizabeth returned to the bed and tried to calm herself so she could think better.For the first time she noticed what was on the TV, it was a porn move, some silicon chested bleached blond bimbo was getting fucked by two guys at the same time. She turned a way in disgust her taste in sex was a lot more “normal”. Elizabeth liked men and tolerated sex but she had always been far to independent to be put up with one man for any amount of time. She would not even think of sexual intercourse until at least a two months into a relationship, by this time she would be bored of them and send them on there way.All right she thought to herself my k**nappers are not real smart. They have left me free, so sooner or later I am going to get an escape opportunity and I have to be ready for the attempt at any time. She wasn’t going to be a docile prisoner she was going escape. To get out she was going to have to be strong. With this thought Elizabeth lay faced down on the floor and began to do push ups.God I love this job, Michel thought as he watched Elizabeth’s tight body on closed circuit TV. There was two views one from directly above through the mirror on the ceiling and the other from the position of the Television in her room.Michel dialed up the number of the head trainer.Stage one is proceeding well sir. The subsonic and subliminal are working, Bambi is showing an extremely strong desire to get fit, I am sending Candy in once Bambi has reached exhaustion.Good. Keep me up to date came the replyMichel went back watching Elizabeth’s long legs and tight butt as she started doing sit-ups.Elizabeth lay on the bed exhausted and breathing deeply. All she could think about was getting fit and strong for her escape attempt.The door open and a tall woman walked in. Before she could react the door was closed again.Elizabeth tried to stand up but she was exhausted and her feet wouldn’t straiten so she collapsed on the floor.From there she took a closer look at the woman.She was wearing a pair of red patent leather sandals with the highest heel that Elizabeth had ever seen, it must be close to 7¨ long and she balanced on the thin metal heel and her big toe. Her long legs were encased in a set of black rubber stockings which were held up by suspender straps that disappeared under an incredibly short and tight black rubber dress that only just barely covered her butt.The dress just managed to contain the biggest breasts that Elizabeth had ever seen. These things made Dolly Partton look she was an “A” cup. The dress was so low cut that the only things that stopped it from falling off was the straps that reached from the armpits to the leather collar around her neck on the collar was CANDY written in large gold letters.Candy’s face could only be described as that of a slut.The mouth was small and Elizabeth would have described it as attractive but the lips were swollen and pouty and covered in glossy fire truck red lipstick. Her eyes surrounded by black eyeliner and silver eye shadow extended to her thin eyebrow. Long thick platinum blond hair and teased out to a ridicules extent reached halfway down to her tight bubble but. These were not the sluttiest things about Candy.Her expression screamed slut. Her eyes gave impression she would prefer to be on her knees sucking Elizabeth’s pussy than standing. Her mouth had a dumb sexy smile that was exaggerated by a tongue that continuously licked her lips as if it was encouraging a man to stick his cock down her throught.What are you Elizabeth said in a sarcastically. Trying to sound tough, as she lay naked on the ground unable to stand.Hi I ‘m CandyI can see that but why have you k**napped me?Candy doesn’t know.Candy was told to come in hear and talk to BambiWho is Bambi?“You are silly”, Candy said with a giggle.Candy was starting to annoy her. With her perky attitude and the stupid way she referred to herself in the third person.I am not some blonde bimbo like you my name is ElizabethThe men told Candy your name was Bambi so that is what Candy will call you or the men will punish Candy.Who are these men? Elizabeth asked. Finally she might be able to get some information out of this blond bimbo.The men are the masters and we dolls are just hear to service them.I am not a doll I am a person, so are you.Don’t be silly of course Candy and Bambi are dolls, we are in a doll factory.Elizabeth continued trying to convince Candy that she was a person but she refused to believe it and eventually Elizabeth gave up.What have the men done to my feet she asked Candy.Bambi is a fuck doll now and so she must walk on sexy high heels. With that she produced a pair of high heel sandals out from behind her back and gave them to her.I am not wearing these they make me look like a slut.Candy just shrugged and put the shoes down.Elizabeth still thought Candy was acting she now believed the room was bugged and probably under video surveillance so she leaned very real close Candy’s ear where a large hoop earring swung back and forth. How can we escape she whispered.why would Candy want to escape. Candy gets all the cock she wants to fuck her slutty holes. why would she want to leave.My god she realized the truth they had brain washed this girl into believing that she was a fuckdoll and then given her a silicon enhanced body to match. Now they held her captive and were going to do the same to her.“get out” she screamed at Candy.Candy stood up and walked towards the door, Elizabeth went to follow but her feet prevented her and then if by magic the door clicked open and Candy left closing the door behind her.Elizabeth lay back down on the bed she was surging with anger and she vowed she would kill the men that were doing this to her. She had to escape before they did to her what they did to Candy.How could she escape?She couldn’t even walk let alone run so she picked up the shoes that Candy had left behind. How typical of men to find something so impractical attractive she thought. The shoes slipped on her feet with out any problems but she couldn’t be fasten the leather ankle strap with out closing a lock, which she had no key to unlock. Elizabeth closed the locks having no doubts that she would not be able to remove the shoes until after she had escaped.She was more determined to escape than ever and she realized that the men had made another mistake, the shoes could be used as a weapon. The heels were so long and thin they could do devastating damage to a person if used properly. Elizabeth had trained for several years for a brown belt in karate so she was going to make sure it was her business to teach these men that she was not a big titted bleached blond bimbo.With renewed enthusiasm she returned to her training, this time doing the leg stretches that would enable her to use the shoes to best effect.Elizabeth woke the next morning with muscles aching and her stomach was telling her she needed some food.She was half way through a set of 50 sit-ups when Candy walked in with a plate of food. Today she was wearing a Rubber cat suit with a Zipper for fast access to her pussy and a leather corset that cinched her waist down to a incredible tight figure.There was two ways out of this place she had realized while trying to sleep last night the first was to try and bring Candy to some sense of normality so they could escape together as it appeared that Candy had access to most of the building.The second involved taking a hostage.It would be useless to take Candy hostage as the men obviously didn’t care but she knew eventually the men would not be able to control themselves and they would come to see her in person. She could work on both plans at the same timeWhile Elizabeth ate breakfast she started talking to Candy.The conversation with Candy was not going anywhere. All she was capable of talking about was sex. If she wasn’t saying how much she liked fucking in the position that was currently being shown on the TV, she would talking about how she was trying to get the men to enlarge her tits by one more size. She said a doll with out a big set of tits was just a waste of space.She had nearly given up on plan one when Candy said the men had given permission for Bambi go to the gym.Elizabeth followed Candy out the door with out any problems. They walked along a corridor that reminded Elizabeth of a hospital.She tried to open some of the doors in the corridor but found they were all locked. Except the one filled with gym equipment.Candy Left Elizabeth saying she had a movie to film (Elizabeth had no doubts as to what type of film).She tried to follow her but the doors wouldn’t open for Candy unless she was at least ten meters away so Elizabeth found herself locked in the gym. The rest of the day consisted of weights, sit ups, treadmills cycle machines and exhaustion. By the end of the day Elizabeth was so tired she could barely walk on the high heels but she knew this was from fatigue as her skills had improved on the 7¨ spikes to the stage where she could slowly jog on the treadmill with out breaking her ankle.Candy had returned in the late afternoon dressed in a fetish nurse’s uniform made out of white rubber with her make up and hair immaculately slutty. She smelled of recent sex. Candy escorted Elizabeth back to her room where she found dinner placed on her bed. She ate it all to exhausted to listen or reply to Candy’s prattle about the days fuckfest and went to sleep watching a submissive blonde in a French maids uniform kneeling before her master begging to suck his cock on the TV.For the next two weeks this was the pattern of her life exhausting exercise, and a unrelenting determination to become fit and strong so she could escape. The only things that did change was her own fitness level and Candy’s clothes. Elizabeth was in the best physical shape of her life she even ran 10kM per day on the high heels and her feet didn’t ache nearly as much as they did 2 weeks ago. Candy never wore the same thing twice her clothes ranged from a G-string and a pair of nipple clamps to a full Victorian English dress including corset and umbrella made out of transparent plastic. Elizabeth was starting to believe she was never going to see the mysterious antalya rus escort men that kept her captive.She was wrong.That night as she lay down to sleep there was a hissing sound from the air vent. It was some sort of gas. She started to stand up but she had already started to feel the effects and she slumped back into bed unable to move, the last thing she saw before falling asleep were two men entering the room wearing gas masks and pushing a surgical trolley.Stage two had begunWhen Elizabeth did reawaked she only saw the obvious changes to her body. She had a brand new set of firm DD breast that defied gravity. She was disgusted although the breast were not any where near as large as Candy’s they made walking difficult because of the change of the center of gravity and because she could no longer see her feet.She vowed when she escaped, she would have the silicon implants removed.The breast implants were not the only modifications done, there were three others.The first was a tiny little microchip the size of a pinhead implanted in her clitoris. This device had the ability to prevent orgasm by blocking the chemical and electrical signal from the brain. The device could also induce a woman to orgasm by artificially reproducing these signals. The intensity of the orgasm would be proportional to her level of sexual excitement.The second was a similar microchip position in the area of the brain that controls sexual excitement. This chip could effectively control Elizabeth’s state of arousal.The third was a small container of a very powerful d**g that when placed in the blood stream promoted memory retention. It was originally devised by the military to make their officers learn faster. Experimentation found the d**g was too powerful the d**g not only increased memory it promoted pavlovian responses and produced a photographic memory of events that took place while the d**g was in the patients system and these memories were so strong that they overwrote the previous memories of the patient. So the airforce the pilots could tell you every thing about a plane but could not remember how to fly it or even there own names. Needles to say the project was abandoned and supposedly forgotten. But not by every body.Michael sat in the control room watching Bambi examine her new tits.The senior trainer walked in with his fly undone Michael knew that one of the dolls had just done there work with the boss and he guessed it was Vixen the red headed beauty that had the ability to suck you testicles out through your cock.“Bambi seems unaware of the less obvious implants and she seems to be quit impressed with her new rack” he reported.The boss smiled with the news and replied “as if she gets choice.”Michael continued with his report” her arousal level is at level 2.2 out of 12 and I will be increasing that by 0.5 per day. Her ability to orgasm has been suppressed.“Excellent,” came the bosses reply, as he walked out of the room no doubt in search of Titsy who regularly gave the boss a full body massage with her beach ball size tits.Michael knew his turn would come as he had told Candy to bring her tight slutty body to his office after his shift in the control room. For now he would enjoy watching Bambi trying to do sit ups with her new tits. Knowing that once her arousal level reached 8 she would be begging to fuck him and if the arousal level reached 12 for any time greater than a minute or two she would have serious brain damage.Elizabeth settled back into her routine still vowing to escape and to get her body back to normal. Every day her hate for the men keeping her captive grew. She swore to herself that when she saw one she would rip his throat out.5 days after waking up with an expanded chest Elizabeth was laying on the bed exhausted after another long day in the gym feeling horny. There was nothing abnormal about this. Back in her normal life she regularly masturbated about once a month. Here in her little porno cage as she had come to call it she believed she was being watched with hidden cameras. She hadn’t wanted to give her captors the pleasure of watching her masturbate. She was a hard time sleeping so she decided it was time to give her captors a thrill. It may even bring her captors in to see her. With a vision of herself strangling a man with her thighs she began stroking her clitoris.In the control room Michael sat watching her talking to the boss on the phone.“Bambi is masturbating now sir”“Yes her arousal level has jumped from 4.7 to 6.4”“The Orgasm suppressant appears to be operating”“Yes sir. When she stops masturbating I will increase her arousal level from 4.7 to 5.7.”Michael put the phone down to watch the show being provided by Bambi and thought about what he was going to do to Vixen who was currently in heavy bondage suspended above his bed. Her 3 holes were filled with Vibrators and her ability to orgasm suppressed like Bambi’s.Elizabeth lay on the bed exhausted sweaty and horny. Her fingers were sticky and smelled of her own juices. She had tried to reach orgasm for 2 hours but was unsuccessful, finally giving up and began crying.She managed to cry herself to sleep and dream of all sorts of depraved sexual acts that she had never tried and never wanted too.Elizabeth woke up hornier than ever, she tried again to masturbate but gave up after half an hour.She was nervous now why couldn’t she reach orgasm what had they done to her. She decided she would ask Candy.Candy was Late she always arrived at 7.30 with breakfast and to take her to the gym. She was wondering what was happening when the door opened and Candy walked in. Elizabeth realized straight away why she was late. Candy was dressed in a heavily boned corset that stopped just below her enormous tits. Long rubber gloves that were connected to her choker by rubber straps. Also connected to her choker were her Erect nipples which were pierced and connected to her choker with two small chains. But it was the tight red rubber hobble dress that had made Candy late. It started under the corset and went down to her ankles. The dress restricted Candy’s steps to about 2 inches in length, This combined with the 6 inch heels she was wearing would make walking extremely difficult it had probably taken her ten minutes to walk down the corridor.Direct was the best approach, it is not as if Candy was shy when it came to sex.As Candy put her breakfast on the bed Elizabeth asked ” Why cant I reach orgasm when I masturbate.”Candy smiled that bimbo smile of hers, the one that made sure everybody know she was an airhead and said. “Don’t be silly, fuck dolls are for the pleasure of their master not for themselves.”Oh god it was happening, they were turning her into another horny Bimbo like Candy and she didn’t know how it was happening.Elizabeth had an idea “Would you pleasure me ” she asked nervously she had to break the men’s hold over her and the best sex she had ever had was with a women back in college but she was not in general interested in women.“Candy loves to suck hot sexy fuckdoll pussy but fuckdolls can’t give other fuckdolls orgasm unless their master gives permission.”“Please can’t you try anyway” came the desperate replyCandy smiled her slutty sexy smile and knelt at Bambi’s feet and began kissing her inner thighs.Michael sat in the control room with the phone to his ear.“Candy’s providing her oral services now sir. ”“Yes the suppressor is working ”“If it can work with Candy talented tongue it will work with any thing.”“I am switching over from exercise subliminals to sexual subliminals now”Oblivious to the conversations in the Control room Elizabeth sat on her bed crying. Candy had been divine, her talented tongue had worked her to incredible heights of pleasure but no matter how hard she tried Elizabeth had been unable to achieve release. She lay on the bed depressed not wanting to exercise for the first time in weeks. She watched on TV a red head being fucked doggy style. Her tits were so big that the bouncing caused by the giant cock fucking her from behind caused her erect nipples to rub on the shagpile carpet she was kneeling on. The look of utter pleasure on her whorish face at the time the man shot his load into her from behind told Elizabeth that she was not faking the orgasm. For the first time Elizabeth wished that she was the woman on the TV and she felt guilty feeling that way.Elizabeth had started on her way to becoming Bambi.Several More Days had pass but things were not getting any better for Elizabeth. Her days consisted of exercise to relieve the boredom and to get her mind of sex and how horny she was. Her Nights consisted of perverted dreams, all of which ended in her begging to be fucked by a man.Michel and the boss sat in the control room watching the scene being played out in the poolroom.Elizabeth was just finishing her daily swim. She was naked except for her 6 inch spiked heels.As she stepped out of the pool tired from the swim. She look up, coming through the pool room door was a man wearing a tailored suit.Michele hit the button that would increase Bambi’s arousal by one point up to 8.2. Her legs nearly buckled with lust.Elizabeth walked toward unsteadily towards the man her nipples were erect and her pussy was dripping with her own fluids. Here was her chance to take a hostage. But she couldn’t take her eyes off his cock every cell in her body was screaming for sexual release and her mind was telling he could give it to her.As she got into reach of him she lashed out with her feet trying to kick him in the nuts. But he was expecting it and deflected the foot forcing her to pivot to her left. Instantly the man was behind her forcing her forward towards a table. She was off balance and could not resist as he bent her over the table squashing her large breast. He placed one hand at the base of her neck holding her down and then grabbed her mousy brown hair pulling her hair back forcing her to look straight a head into a mirror.“Now” said the boss in the control room.Michel pressed 2 buttons the first increased Bambi’s arousal from 8.2 to 9.2 and the second released the memory enhancement d**g into her blood stream.Elizabeth lay on her silicon-enhanced chest looking into a mirror at herself and the man positioned directly behind her. He kicked her feet apart forcing more weight on her sensitive nipples and forcing her breasts forward and together in a similar fashion to that achieved by a corset.With his free hand he reached down to his own pants and freed his cock. Elizabeth couldn’t see it but she could feel it rubbing on her pussy lips. Every cell in her body was telling her she wanted that cock.The man said for words“Beg for it cunt”As he rubbed her pussy lips with the head of his cockBefore she even knew what was happening she heard herself whisper “please”.He thrust into her in with a grunt and she felt as if her entire existence was centered on her pussy. There was nothing more important to her than reaching orgasm her escape attempt was forgotten.Michel reached forward and pressed the button that increased Bambi’s arousal level to 10.5 his eyes returned to the scene on the monitor.He could hardly wait for the coming weeks when he would get his opportunity to rut this hot bitch.Elizabeth was so close to Orgasm she could nearly feel it, see it, taste it, hear it and smell it. Her body was working by itself thrusting back onto the cock.In one mighty heave the man thrust his cock so far into her pussy she thought it would never end. Then she felt his hot seed surge into her.At that instant Michel pressed another button and the Elizabeth’s Orgasm started. The pleasure rolled through Bambi’s body tossing her around like a cat in a tumble dryer. For an instant she looked at her face in the mirror and what tiny part of her brain was working recognized the expression on her face it was identical to the red head with big tits. For what seem like an eternity the pleasure came and came until her mind couldn’t handle any more and she passed out. Her mind was not accustomed to such levels of pleasure.Latter that day Elizabeth lay on her bed watching Candy on the TV. She was dressed in antalya rus escort bayan a rubber maids uniform, showing her long legs and huge tits. She was squatting precariously on 7 inch heels giving a man a blow job. As the man achieved orgasm he pulled his cock out of her mouth and she began wanking his tool trying to encourage as much come as possible to shoot onto her heavily made up slutty face. Elizabeth recognized the look on Candy’s face. It was the same one she had seen on her own face when she had cum. Candy was cumming from having her face fucked and Elizabeth knew the men would make her do this to and with that thought she began to cry.Elizabeth found it easier to watch the porno movies on TV now. They distracted her from her own memories. She always found her mind returning to her **** this morning. She tried to rationalize it to herself as **** but deep down she knew it wasn’t. She had asked, no begged the man to fuck her and she had loved it. This made her feel sick and guilty. She promised herself that she would never allow it to happen again but already her arousal level was beginning to increase. As she watched another mans come spurt over Candy’s orgasmic face she was unsure of her own convictions to keep that promise.She was strutting down the footpath, her hips swaying from side to side encased in a tight red PVC mini skirt that failed to hide her stocking tops. Her medicine ball size silicon fuck bags were overflowing from the tight PVC halter neck top. On her feet was a pair of matching ankle boots with 1-inch platform and towering 8-inch spiked heels. The clicking noise the shoes made her horny and wet. Every thing made her horny and wet. She was a nymphomaniac whore on the prowl for some hard cock to fill her aching holes.A 1962 Buick with green and white panels pulled up to curb in front of her. She smiled that slutty smile of hers and strolled towards the car making sure she gave the driver plenty of time to look at her long legs in the mirror. She bent over at the hip when she reached the driver side window giving the driver a perfect view of her favorite body feature her enormous silicon filled fuckbags and her tit fucking cleavage. She smiled when he didn’t even look at her face, she knew she was going to get a fuck.Elizabeth woke up in a sweat. She realized it was just a nightmare. Then the memories of the last couple of days returned and she thought the dream might become true. She had been fucked 6 times in the last 4 days. Each time a man would appear, the sight of him would get her so horny she couldn’t think straight. She was then forced to beg to be fucked. The last two times they made her refer to herself as Bambi. After the event she would be left broken and weeping on the floor vowing it would never happen again but with in minutes the uncontrollable lust would return.Elizabeth’s attention span had dramatically reduced in the last couple of days. She tried to think of better times, at home with her family. Her mind would always return to the fuckings the men had giver her or the porno on the TV in front of her and her hands would start massaging her sensitive erect nipples.She was haveing trouble with her memory. Last night she had trouble remembering her mothers name and this morning for about 3 minutes she couldn’t remember her own name. All that she could remember was the night before begging a man to fuck Bambi. This worried Elizabeth more than the sick perverse enjoyment she received from the sex.Elizabeth found herself wondering how she had let herself get into this position. Tightly bound and erotically displayed to those that passed by. Her legs were tightly bound in thigh high leather boots with heels that forced her to stand on her big toe, Candy had called them Ballet boots. Her waist was incredibly compresses by a tight steel reinforced leather corset. Her mouth was filled with a rubber coated metal ring gag that prevented her from closing her mouth but prevented any noise louder than a moan to escape her lips. The only thing that did escape her lips was a constant small stream of drool that flowed over her glossy fire truck red lips and dripped from her chin as she was bent over at the hip. Her arms were securely tied to her corset making her hands useless. Her legs were straight with her feet tied to the floor with a series of leather straps. A metal pole that went from the floor to her corset took her wait. On top of her back was a wooden tabletop that was connected to the metal pole via a steel loop that went around her tightly corseted waist. She was a part of the table, her butt was erotically displayed and freely available to any body walking past. Her mouth was kept open by the ring gag and her head pulled back by her hair. She realized was an object or an appliance like a foot massager. She was a blow job dispenser or a cock massager and that turned her on and she hated herself for it.Several men started to trickle into the cafeteria to get their meals and the sight of them boosted her arousal level. She heard her own voice begin talking to her through earplugs.“Please fuck Bambi, Bambi’s a horny cunt, Bambi’s nothing with out a cock in her, Please fuck Bambi, Bambi’s a horny cunt, Bambi’s nothing with out a cock in her, Please fuck Bambi, Bambi’s a horny cunt, Bambi’s nothing with out a cock in her, ”Bambi’s arousal level clouded her mind. Her own thoughts and those forced on her merged together until her own mind was screaming “Please fuck Bambi, Bambi’s a horny cunt, Bambi’s nothing with out a cock in her”Bambi moaned with pleasure as the first man undid his fly and pushed his cock into her drooling mouth. Her thoughts changed to“Please fuck Bambi’s slutty face. Bambi is a slut a whore who is only god for fucking, Please master come in Bambi the blow job dispenser, please fuck Bambi’s slutty face. Bambi is a slut a whore who is only god for fucking, Please master come in Bambi the blow job dispenser”Hours had passed her muscles had become tired but she still enthusiastically sucked and massaged the cock in her face and throat. She was driven by the insatiable lust that would rise up with in her whenever she saw a cock and would only subside when it shot its cream on or inside her. Her face was covered in cum where some of the men had withdrawn to shoot all aver her slutty face. This dripped to the floor with her drool to form an ever-growing puddle. The man fucking her faced buried his cock to hilt as his load shot into her tightly corseted belly where it combined with several dozen deposits from other men. Bambi moaned in orgasmic bliss as another orgasm washed over her.Bambi opened her eyes to see there was finally no more men left in the cafeteria. With both regret and relief she thought her ordeal was over. Until she felt two strong hands grab her butt and position a cock at the entrance. Bambi was amazed at how just a man’s touch could get her so hot and excited. Automatically she wanted to beg for the hot cock. She wasn’t sure of it was her own voice or the earplugs in her ears that was saying“Fuck Bambi’s tight butt, Bambi loves having her tight butt reamed, please cum in Bambi’s slutty arse, Bambi is a slutty whore who needs to get her but fucked”With that thought she begin milking the cock being impaled in her arse. Nothing mattered more to her than getting the man fucking her butt to cum. It didn’t even occur to Elizabeth that several hours ago she had never been butt fucked.Bambi was looking into the compact mirror and what she saw turned her on.“Bambi is one hot fuck hole,” she said to herself with a lustful smile.Bambi knew her make up was there to make her face look cheap and slutty. This would excite men and encourage them to put their hard cocks in her throat. So she checked her makeup one more time.Her silicon-enlarged lips were painted the brightest red she could find and covered with a shinny lip-gloss and finally a thin black line was drawn neatly around her lips. Candy smiled knowing they would look perfect wrapped around a cock.Her bright blue eyes were lined with dark eyeliner and her eye shadow was brilliant silver with flecks of red glitter. The overall aim was to make sure she looked like a fuckdoll and not a woman. Bambi had been a woman once but hadn’t liked it. Women were expected to think, be intelligent and hold conversations. Worst of all they didn’t get fucked very often. Bambi was a lot happier being a fuckdoll.Bambi looked at the bright red Christmas tree baubles she had as earrings. A man had once told her that Bambi’s head was like a Christmas tree bauble or a hoop earring. They looked pretty but there was nothing on the inside. Bambi liked this, a fuck dolls was not supposed to be intelligent but must look pretty and sexy at all times.In the back ground Bambi heard a speaker system start up with a squelch of feedback.“Quite down. Quite down. I know you have worked hard for this. The company promised a Christmas party to remember, if you got the last oil well drilled in time. I am glad to say it was done in record time.The crowd cheeredso I am pleased to present Santa’s little helpers Candy, Sindy, Bambi and Titsy for you pleasure tonight.Taking there cue four dolls strolled out onto the stage with there hips swaying and tits jiggling They were dressed in matching red fur trimmed mini skirts, and push up bras for there massive silicon enhanced chests. None of the dolls expected the clothes to be of any use tomorrow. The clicking of the heels of there black knee high boots was drowned out by the roar of the crowd.The bright klieg lights behind the stage blinded some of the men but as the dolls saw the crowd of waiting men, the lustful sparkle in the doll’s eyes shined brighter than any klieg lights.Elizabeth woke up feeling wet and sticky she could still remember the dream of last night and she was as horny as ever. She also felt guilty because she had the impression such dreams were wrong. She was also scared because she couldn’t remember her own name. She knew the men were turning her in into the brainless fuckdoll Bambi. If only she could remember her real name she would stop being Bambi the bimbo whore. But try as she might she couldn’t remember it. She forced herself to concentrate and ignore the ever-present lust.“What is my name? ”“What is my name? ”“What is my name? ”She repeated to herself over and over again.Just when she thought she would never remember it popped into her head.She thought she would burst with happiness ” May name is Elizabeth “.She was ecstatic she wasn’t going to let the men turn her into a brainless bimbo, all she had to do was remember her name. But then she remembered it was nearly time for Candy to arrive and if she was fucked again by men she would forget who she was. She needed to write her name down but what with what? and where? Then she remembered the blood red glossy lipstick Candy had given her yesterday.She found a hidden spot in the room and carefully wrote” My name is ELIZABETH. I am a person”She had to think hard how to spell each and every word. But she was happy when she finished.The day had gone incredibly quickly. She had spent the morning in the gym exercising. Then half a dozen men had dragged her into the Jacuzzi where she had alternated between giving blow jobs catching her breath and begging to give another blow job. At the end of the day, three men had fucked her to a mind-blowing orgasm. She was still basking in the after glow of the orgasm when she returned to her room. She remembered that she had written her name down. As long as she could remembered her name she would always remember who she was. She looked at where she had written it. There it said in blood red glossy lipstick.“My name is BAMBI. I am a fuckdoll”She smiled because she knew it was true.Michael was nervous, he sat in his control room watching the monitors as Bambi approached the testing room. Today Bambi was having her big test, she didn’t know it but for the first time since she arrived at the factory a month ago she was going to have sex with out the artificial stimulation of the implantS in her clitoris and brain. If all of Bambi’s training rus escort antalya had gone well the memory d**g had hard-wired new routines into her brain. These being:Dolls are always horny and want sexDolls become extremely aroused at the sight or smell of men.Dolls become more aroused by the touch of men.Dolls cannot orgasm unless a man ejaculates on or in themThe boss stood directly behind him watching the monitor “what is her arousal level?”“5.8 Michael” replied “A little low. ” he heard a grunt of agreement from behind him.The door in front of Bambi open and she saw a man sitting on a bed. He was 58 overweight bald with brush over on top. His dark suit didn’t fit. They had found him in a seedy strip joint in the suburbs of Alabama. Michael thought of him as Mr. Slob.Mister Slob was told that they were doing human sexuality experiments for a university (which was true in some ways). He was getting paid $500 for a day’s work.“Its just jumped to 7.4 sir.”“Excellent, above average” came the reply.Bambi walked in naked except for her 7-inch heels unashamedly strutting her stuff. She wanted that cock.“Hi I am Bambi” she purred in her most seductive voice possibleMr. Slob was stunned. Well most men would be, he probable hadn’t had sex with any body except his wife in decades. He didn’t know where to look, at her magnificent huge bouncing tits, Her tight waist and neatly trimmed pussy or her slutty face. He tried to speak but nothing came out.Bambi sat on his knee.He was still so stunned he didn’t what to do so Bambi grabbed his hand and started massaging her DD breasts with it. He soon got the idea and began fondling/groping her augmented tits.Her arousal level has jumped to 8.9 sir“That feels so good.” Bambi moaned, as she rubbed her firm round butt on Mr. slobs leg and massaging his crotch with her hands.This continued for several seconds.“Could Bambi suck you big beautiful cock?” she said pleadingly.He nodded and manages to whisper “yes”.She slipped of his knee and maneuvered to kneel seductively between his legs.Bambi smiled seductively and unbuttoned his pants. Bambi reached in a fondled his small flaccid cock.“It looks like Bambi’s going to have to work a bit harder than we thought ” The boss said.Bambi’s shiny red lips were around his soft cock trying to massage it into life. Slowly but surely every time her head bobbed up and down Mr. slobs cock got a little larger and a little harder.Bambi was in seventh heaven now. Sucking cock was one of her favorite past times. All she had to do was milk this cock for every sweet bit of pleasure she could.“Her arousal levels at 9.2 sir.”“So is his replied the boss, I hope he doesn’t have a heart attack.”Bambi was totally absorbed in sucking the cock in her mouth. She new he wasn’t far from orgasm because she wasn’t far from her own and she knew a fuck doll cannot come unless a man comes first.Mr. slob was now holding Bambi by her hair guiding her up and down on his cock. With on last lunge Mr. slob buried himself to the hilt in Bambi’s throat and shot a torrent of sticky seed into oral vagina. Bambi’s orgasm washed over in never-ending waves of pleasure and she continued to suck Mr. Slob an another attempt to get a rise out of him.There were smiles all round in the control room. There were a few more tests to go but Michael and the boss knew that Bambi would pass with flying colors.Excellent work Michael!!. Bambi is your 19 th doll isn’t she? One more and you get your own custom doll.The thought of this gave Michael a hard on. He had is eye on this 16 year old brat that lived down the street from his old apartment. She was drop dead gorgeous and she would look even better with a set of tits the size of basketballs. She already had a history of running away because her mother was an addict. Nobody would suspect she that she had been k**napped and turned into a blow job dispenser.“When Bambi completes her tests get Candy to start teaching her how a good doll acts and dresses. She still needs plenty of work done on her body to get her up to standard.” He said as he walked out the door on his way to an appointment with the talented twat of a little Asian doll called Sucki.“What is wrong Bambi” Candy asked when she saw Bambi lying on the bed crying.“Bambi doesn’t know” came the reply with a sniffle.“Bambi went with Titsy to meet a few men. The men didn’t want to fuck Bambi”“Titsy got a really good fucking, but the men didn’t want to touch Bambi. Did Bambi do some thing wrong?”Candy smiled ” Bambi is a real pretty doll but she needs to work harder at seducing men, if she wants to get more cum”“Bambi doesn’t understand ”“Bambi should try to wear sexier slutty clothes and wear more make up.”“Bambi should wear clothes to show men how whorish and slutty she is ”Bambi NoddedBambi only exists for sex, so every thing she does should be done in away to encourage men to fuck her. Said Candy.Bambi should learn to walk sexier, talk slutty and then men will want to fuck her.Candy your so smart Bambi said with a giggle.Candy do you think Bambi needs bigger tits? Titsy has got such large beautiful fuck bags and men are always tit fucking her.“A doll can never have a too big a set of norgs” she replied, looking at her own tits“Now let’s go get you dressed like a proper fuck doll and then we will find some men to stick some hard cock in us.”Bambi was nervous and excited. She had been told to go and see the boss. She didn’t know who the boss was but she sure he would be strong and powerful if she could only get him to drive his cock into her.Bambi had taken special care when getting dressed.She had chosen a pale pink spandex dress that was so tight it looked as if it was painted on. She had chosen it because it showed her recently expanded tits to best effect. She had always wanted bigger tits. So when her controller (she loved referring to him as her controller, it got her so excited.) said she could get them expanded if she worked extra hard in the gym to strengthen her back muscles. She had done 3 extra sessions a day for a week and whenever her controller fucked her she had beg him to expand her fuck bag tits. The doctor had done a wonderful job, he not only increased her tits to GG size (almost as big as titsy’s) He also removed one rib to make her waist smaller and put silicon implants in her lips. They also shaved her entire head and body bald (except eyebrows) and did something to it to stop it from growing back. She was a bit nervous about this but the men had had implanted hair back onto her head that was thicker, longer, shinier and had the ability to change color. Bambi loved this it gave her the ability to match her hair to her outfit or to the preference of a man. One minute she could be a platinum blond blowjob dispenser, the next she could be a fiery red headed hooker. Bambi’s hair for now was platinum blond teased out to maximum effect. Her waist was compressed with a tight black leather corset that finished just below her enormous tits. The corset managed to compress her waist to a breath taking 17 inches. It did make it hard to breath but men found it exciting to put there hands around her waist while fucking her. Her shoes were 2-inch platform sandals with 8 inch spiked transparent plastic heels. She was still adjusting to her new center of gravity due to her recent tit job. So she walked a little slower than usual. Her makeup was appropriately slutty with bright glossy passion pink lipstick which matched the nail polish on her 2 inch finger nails. Around her neck was a black leather collar with Bambi written on it. Bambi liked this because now she would never forget her name. Dangling from her ears was a set of cheap and tacky pink hoop earrings.Bambi knocked on the door and entered, She noticed that her arousal picked up, as she could smell the scent of a man.“Come in Bambi take a seat.”Bambi did so but she was more interested in kneeling between his legs and taking his member into her mouth.Bambi sat there, going through her seduction routines of licking her shiny pink lips, fondling her breasts and playing with her hair but it wasn’t working.Bambi I would like to introduce you to MY fuck doll, Head-job Sally. Bambi saw for the first time a blow up doll that was standing in the corner. Its legs were opened showing a plastic replica vagina and above were two conical breasts. Its mouth that was permanently set in an “O” configuration so men could stick their cocks down its plastic throat. Painted on to the plastic skin was fishnet stocking and suspender belt.Bambi go and say hello to Sally.Bambi stood up and walked across to Sally ensuring that the boss got a perfect view of her cleavage when she stood up. She was rewarded by the glimpse of an erection in the boss’s pants.Just like she was taught she began to give Sally a long oral kiss, tasting the combination of seamen and plastic. She hoped the erotic display would turn the boss on.“That’s enough you two. You can sit back down now Bambi.” Bambi complied waggling her butt as she walked back to her seat.Bambi, what do you and Sally have in common?Bambi wasn’t used to being asked questions. So she thought about it for a few seconds and then said ” We are both fuckdolls sir, our only reason for existence sir is to give pleasure to men.”A good answer Bambi“Bambi smiled ” she was hornier than ever.“Who is the better fuck doll ” He asked.“Bambi is.” she replied.“Why?” he asked.Bambi hesitatedBambi’s tits are bigger and better at tit fucking.Bambi’s mouth is trained better at fucking cock.Bambi’s arse and cunt is better at sucking cum out of a cock.Bambi can change her slutty clothes and make-up to continually excite and satisfy men.They are all good reasons Bambi but what would you say if I said Sally is a better fuckdoll.Tears started forming in Bambi’s eyes“Why, is Bambi doing something wrong” she asked submissively.“Sally is better fuck doll because sally has a master, She is MY fuckdoll ”Would you like to be owned by a master Bambi?At that point there was nothing more in the world Bambi wanted more than a master that would own her and use her.Yes sir. She said with a huge smile.There is a man out side this door that is thinking about purchasing you.The thought of the man outside wanting to own her and use made her incredibly horny excited and happy.Why don’t you fix up your makeup, put on your happy slutty face and go and show him what you are good for.As Bambi left the room He picked up the phone ” Candy get your hot fuckbag tits up to my office and around my cock. This time don’t get delayed or I will see to it that you don’t get laid for a month”. He smiled he loved this business. Bambi had earned him close to a million dollars.A Japanese businessman had purchased her because of her growing fame as a porn star. For the next week she would be trained such that only Mr. Osaka could satisfy her craving for pleasure. Bambi would come to believe she was in love with him and she would be happy do any thing he asked including fuck any of his business associates. She would also be taught what would be expected of her in Japanese culture. Of course most of this would only apply if Mr. Osaka was showing her off in public. As for Mr. Osaki he would get the prestige of having a big titted American porn actress as his geisha. Eventually he would probably get bored with Bambi and would trade her in on a younger model. Bambi would be re-trained as a general purpose doll and sold again probably to a Russian General as they currently go there kicks from using an American piece of fluff but didn’t have the money to pay for a brand new doll. One general even had ” “made in U.S.A” tattooed on a dolls ars.As Candy sank to her knees and began massaging his cock with her huge tits, he began thinking about the new acquisition that was being acquired tonight. She was the younger sister of the girl that is now Candy. She was to be transformed into an identical twin replica of Candy. They were both to be sold off as “Candy” and “Cindy Streetwalker” to their rich stepmother. Their stepmother had originally paid the company to k**nap Candy. The sudden disapearance of Candy had broken her father’s heart. He had died soon after. Thus leaving all his money to the girl that would become Cindy and to their stepmother. The stepmother would now acquire the entire fortune and purchase the twin fuckdolls for a considerable amount of money as her personal pleasure servants, a situation that would make everybody happy. With that thought he came over Candy’s orgasmic slutty face.

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