Cadet Student


Cadet StudentKendra walked along the wooded path away from the Cadet Camp in her uniform on a hot hazy late August day distraught. She was dressed studiously with glasses, in dark green flannel pants, a dark green blazer, a light green collar shirt, a green beret and black shoes. She just failed an exam that would boot her out of this cadet program which was to generate money for her college year. She was a fair skinned redhead 20 years old with a freckled face, green eyes, her red hair up in a bun. She was walking depressed along until she saw a man in roman sandals, shorts and a tank top taking photos of a brook. The man turned and looked at Kendra and smiled and said ‘You look like a sight for sore eyes!’Kendra blushed and said’ Uh, thank you’.’You are a cadet from the school doing the summer program?’ inquired Rick.’Yes, urm, well I was until I failed an exam and now cannot afford my college year’ said Kendra shamefully. ‘Plus I am a shy young lady by nature and quiet which is not suited towards Cadets’.’Did you ever consider modeling?’ asked Rick,’Well, I thought of it.’ said Kendra shyly.’I could pay your tuition and more if you model for me’ insisted Rick.Kendra smiled and said ‘it is a lot of money for college.’Rick said’ I am a millionaire, I inherited a lot of money and at thirty am pursuing a dream of photography and starting a nudist sanctuary.’Kendra looked shocked. She paused and said ‘A nudist sanctuary and a photographer?”Yes, it is something I desire to do and I can show you the compound’ said Rick.Kendra hesitated and followed RIck.He brought her to a big piece of land that was fenced in. He said’ Going past a certain point will require nudity but I understand if you are not comfortable’. Are you interested in modeling?”Well, I have to get my belongings out of the cadet camp and I will think about it and return because I really need the money’. admitted Kendra.Rick smiled and said ‘Look, and if you come in this compound afyon rus escort you will need to be nude too.’Kendra looked prim and proper and said ‘I understand’.Rick smiled slyly and phoned Tim who was the head cadet who ran the cadet school. Tim was a proponent of forming a nudist colony nearby and was excited by the idea that Kendra who he knew as the shy sexy cadet was convinced to make college money in the buff. ‘I want photos of this 20 year old and I want to be involved in one of the xrated projects’ said Tim. Rick agreed.A few days later Kendra returned with a duffle bag on her back. She was dressed in her uniform and knocked on the nudist compound main door of the fence. Kendra looked shocked as Rick answered totally nude. She immediately noticed how long and thick his cock was and his big ball sack. ‘Now the rule is that you have to be nude in here’ Here is a pair of scissors and I felt this would be a great start to a photo series.’Kendra smiled looked more hesitant than she did before, but she needed the money bad for college.Kendra put the duffle bag down.Rick said’ Now I want to get some shots of you in your uniform first in the front, side, and back.’Kendra complied looking prim and proper in her attire she posed for the camera.’Now take these scissors and liberate yourself from the strictness of the cadet world and bring yourself to the nudist one by cutting off all your uniform while I take photos.’ said Rick.Kendra cut the laces of her shoes and into the material. The shoes fell and then she cut her green socks revealing fair skinned pink soled feet. Then she cut her blazer off as it fell to the ground. She cut her green collared shirt revealing a black bra. She cut her pants off revealing shapely pale legs and a black panties. She cut her bra off revealing nice sized breasts with pointed nipples, and cut her panties revealing a nice hairy red bush and big pale butt!!Rick afyon rus escort bayan wanted her to keep her beret on with her hair in a bun, glasses on, and directed her to walk down a path to the main part of the compound. Rick gazed at her fighting an erection as her tits bounced, her butt jiggled, and thighs jiggled with each step. Her bare soles getting dirty with each step. Kendra walked and then froze for Rick had a nude staff of men and women already working on getting the nudist compound up and running. ‘Remove your beret, and let your hair down’ said Rick.’You and Ashley as well as many other staff here are going to be in pics for my website advertising for my nudist compound’.Kendra complied and went with Ashley who was a tanned brunette with brown eyes and shapely body. Kendra was seen nude on the website riding horses, hiking, swimming, eating, walking with others. Then Rick said to earn a significant amount of money he wanted her to be involved in an xrated project. It had her as a music student and to her surprise the cadet leader Tim who was an athletic black man as her teacher. Kendra was dressed in a black turtle neck, brown corduroy pants, with black socks and black loafers. She wore her glasses which gave a student type look. Tim lusted for Kendra to impregnate this young 20 year old redhead beauty. He confided in RIck he wanted his black cum to impregnate this pale skinned young lady. Kendra sat in a room trying to play a clarinet that was given to her. Tim appeared and watched as she looked at musical notes putting the instrument to her lips licking it and blowing into it. Tim then took out a string with a marble on the end waving it back and forth in front of her pale freckled face. Kendra went into a trance. ‘Take off your shoes and socks’ ordered Tim.She complied she was really hypnotized!Pull down my pants and underwear and suck on your clarinet as you rub my black rus escort afyon cock with your soles of your feet!! ordered Tim.As her pink sole feet rubbed his black cock she sucked the clarinet in and out of her mouth. Rick masturbated as he took photos and shot a video of this. Take these scissors and cut holes in your shirt and bra allowing your tits to hang out. Kendra cut the fabric and her pale tits with pointed nipples stuck out. Tim who was totalling nude sat behind Kendra on a chair and felt her nipples as she continued to suck on the clarinet. She moaned in pleasure. Tim then removed her pants/panties and ordered Kendra to put the clarinet in her pussy.Kendra moaned and yelled out in pleasure as Tim squeezed her tits pinching her nipples. Then TIm took the clarinet made Kendra lick it as he slid his large erect cock impaling her . Kendra sat on the large cock as it penetrated her rolling her eyes back in her head in pleasure. The black cock went in until there were just big black balls in sight of the camera. Kendra rode the cock ferociously yelling out. Tim bit her ear and told her to ask for his black cum!!Kendra said’ I want black cum !!’Some female staff nearby heard the commotion and peered in he window nude and smiled as they saw the hot interracial sex!!They saw Rick masturbating as he took pics and video and thought it was hot.The two female staff entered and one continued to take photos and video for Rick as the other rode him allowing him to cum inside of her impregnating her 25 year old tanned brunette body. Tim was pounding Kendra on her back and released his cum in her pussy shooting the black seed deep inside. Months later both Kendra and the Brunette named Ashley were sporting pregnant bellies and decided to stay and work in the nudist compound. Many in the months to come would see Kendra and would know she was knocked up with black seed. Rick often masturbated and would get fan mail for his website nudes and videos even for his nudist compound photos of Kendra. Tim looked at Rick one day as said ‘I am glad I could spread my black cum into a nice pale redhead to produce another black person.’ ‘Lets see if we can fail another pale skinned cadet 20 year old and send them to your compound lol for impregnation of black cum’.

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