Chapter 4 Hot Flashes and Hotter Oral Love

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Chapter 4 Hot Flashes and Hotter Oral LoveChapter 4Hot Flashes and Hotter Oral LoveI must have had a tremendous hormonal rush because I had blacked out fora few minutes and came to my senses only when Helen repeatedly called myname. I opened my eyes and tried to remember why I was on the floor infront of the couch. I had soaked my blouse through with perspiration andmy forehead and hair were wet with sweat. My body did still feel aboutten degrees above normal but it was a pleasant, sensual warmth, like afurnace of hormones was cooking just beneath my chest and pumping theirfeminine endorphins through my body. The aftermaths of the hormonalsurges still continued to rock my body but now it was under control and Ibegan to recall the events of the morning.”I can’t believe you asked for another oestrogen shot,” said Helen, asshe stood over with a bath towel in her hand. “I could give you anothershot if you really liked but I wouldn’t allow you to get out of bed fortwo days.””I asked for another shot?” I replied. “What else did I say and how longwas I out of it?””You have been out of it for about ten minutes and you kept talking aboutyour mother and the dirty things you did with her,” Helen said with alaugh. “I have to meet this woman some day. Anybody that can turn theirson into a willing toilet slave seems like my kind of woman.””Oh God, I must have forgotten that or suppressed it; I can’t believe Imentioned that to you,” I said as the remembered shame of it all made meblush. “Every morning I had a big glass of her pee. She said it was fullof her hormones after the night and it would be good for me to have herinside me all day.””That’s not as shocking as tonguing her ass every evening,” Helen said.”She sounds like she was ahead of her time. How old is she now and wheredoes she live?””She is in her mid-fifties and lives in Sydney with her new husband,” Ireplied. “She looks much younger than she is and is still a knock out.””How did sleeping with your mommy affect other relationships you have hadin your life?” Helen asked as she took a seat on the sofa while I wasstill recovering on the floor. “That’s a pretty unusual start for anyman’s sex life but, strangely, I wouldn’t call it abusive or even use theterm i****t to describe it. It was consensual and carried on for over tenyears and fulfilled needs for both you but it seems to have started youon a life grounded on submission to whatever woman you could choose to bein a relationship with. I can see now why it was so easy to convince youto forego your manhood and become a willing sissy and how you’ve nowembraced it with such enthusiasm.”I pushed my hair back from my head and thought about it for a minute butI was too drained and struck dumb by the hot flashes I had all morning toreally have any sort of serious psychological discussion. I feltpleasantly disorientated and bit bewildered by my current state.”I’m sorry, Helen, I can’t think straight now and I feel like a mess,” Isaid. “I felt so fresh when I came out of the house this morning and nowmy clothes are all wrinkled and I’m sure my mascara is running. The onlything I can think is who is going to give me my treatment while you andHeidi are gone.””I’ve already taken care of that,” replied Helen. “Now take this toweland go upstairs and shower. There is a white sundress laid out on my bedfor you. Just throw the clothes you are wearing in the hamper. I’ll makesure they are cleaned and returned to you.”I showered, washed my hair and dried it and reapplied makeup, this timeputting on, not only mascara, but eyeliner and lipstick as well. I wentinto Helen’s bedroom and slipped the sleeveless sundress over my head andlooked at myself in the mirror. I was no worse for wear and I had a lotof healthy colour on my face which had probably been brought on by thenumerous hot flashes I had already had in the morning. I knew that as theday wore on whatever rushes I would feel would be weaker and weaker,until it all started over again on Sunday morning.I bounded down the stairs to find Helen dressed for the day. She lookedme up and down and seemed to approve of how the sundress fit me.”Let’s get you some strappy sandals and something to eat,” she suggested,grabbing her bag and leading me out the door.As we walked down the street we got the attention of every straight manand envious looks from a number of women. I realised, with the sun behindme, that ığdır rus escort everyone could see the outline of my figure through the flimsysundress and, for the first time in a while, I was glad I had a tinypenis and balls and could neatly tuck them into my knickers, giving me asmooth feminine appeal. We stopped into a shoe shop and I immediatelyfound the right pair of strappy sandals with a two inch heel. After Ipaid for them I slipped them on and put my trainers in the bag. Wecrossed the street to a small crowded bistro where we fortunately foundone empty table in the sun.After we placed our orders with the waiter, Helen turned to me with aconcerned look.”Chrissie, I want you to know you always will have a home with me,” shetold me. “I worry about you. You are such an innocent and Heidi is toowild. Who knows what she might involve you with and whether she will goout one night and not come back? She is capable of that, you know, andwhere would that leave you?”I felt a surge of emotion run through me. Helen had pinpointed my biggestanxiety in life. Heidi was on a rollercoaster and lived life without acare in the world. She was also attractive and drew men to her and, oneday, someone was going to come along and convince her that being marriedto an impotent sissy wasn’t her future.”Thank you,” I replied. “I know one day she will leave and I wake upevery morning surprised to see her in the same bed as me. I know you getmore pleasure out of me than she does because I am really your creation.””I thought that up until this morning until you told me about yourmother,” Helen added with a laugh. “It seems she was working on you yearsbefore I got my turn. You really have to fly her up here so I can meether. You were her sissy first. Now we could compare notes.”We were both wearing large sunglasses which gave us the ability to peoplewatch without being obvious. I heard Helen take a short intake of breathas she reached over and grabbed my hand under the table and gave it atight squeeze.”Oh God,” she whispered. “That’s Derek across the street with the darksuit on. If he sees us and comes over I don’t want you to say a thing.Just let me do all the talking. When he talks to you I’ll answer.”I looked over across the street and I saw a sharply dressed man in a bluesuit and the only adjective I could think of to immediately describe himwas hard. He had a vague air of respectability about him that anyonecould tell was just a thin veneer tightly held over an underlying coiledspring of steel. He wasn’t the man you would want to offend or get caughtlooking too closely at his wife. He emanated a certain threat which I amsure he cultivated over the years in whatever bit of the underworld heoccupied. He was also just the sort of man Helen preyed upon: dangerous,unpredictable and seemingly untameable.As luck would have it, he spotted Helen and confidently walked across thestreet, grabbed a chair and joined us at the table. Helen kept hold of myhand under the table gripping me tightly as if to remind me of her wordsor warning. Things didn’t bode well for that as I saw his eyes firmlylock on me and he studied me from my feet to my hair with a knowingsuperior smirk on his face. I was embarrassed by his attention andblushed and looked downward. I was used to men looking at me but not withthe sort of intense scrutiny of Derek. I felt I was being assessed as tomy value in a clinical way, not so much as a sex object, but as apossession that could be owned and traded.The waiter served Helen and I our poached eggs on toast but the lastthing I wanted to do was pick up a fork and eat. The two of them seemedto whisper together but I couldn’t hear what they were saying as the heatof another hormonal surge took over my body coupled with what I assumedwas a panic attack, which was another unfortunate consequence of myoestrogen treatment. I had the wherewithal to quickly reach in my bag,grab my pill case and quickly dry swallow two valium tablets, but thewarmth and tranquillity I would feel when they kicked in was ten minutesaway. My brow and chest grew red from the heat of my body. I could seeHelen and Derek whispering to each other but their voices were too faintto hear. He kept looking at me and shaking his head with a look ofdisbelief whilst she nodded her head. She had a concerned look on herface whereas he had a cool look ığdır rus escort bayan of detachment. The bistro did three spinsas I surrendered to what was the most intense hormonal rush I had everexperienced while Derek and Helen seemed to move in the distance andspeak above me, although I could vaguely sense I was the sole topic ofconversation. I felt like I was in a state of temporary suspendedanimation while erotic thoughts tumbled through my brain and images of mymother’s lovely thighs filled me with a longing for my younger days.Nothing felt more like home than the feeling I used to have when I tastedmommy, licked her pussy and heard her moans of pleasure. It was thesecret place I went to in my mind when I felt most insecure. I missed hermore than I wanted to admit.Slowly I began to come to and was shocked to find myself holding a forkabove my plate while Derek and Helen looked at me with concern. I musthave been out of it for ten minutes because I began to feel the warmth ofthe valium tablets spread through me and my emotions began to get undercontrol.”I’m sorry,” I stammered, looking up at Derek for the first time andrealising that Helen still had a firm grip on my hand under the table. “Iwas out of it for a little while and didn’t hear anything you two weresaying.””Who is Mary?” Helen asked in a whisper. “You kept talking about how youmissed Mary. Is Mary your mother’s name?”A blush spread across my face as I nodded in the affirmative. I could seethat information took Derek aback as he arched his eyebrows with anastonished look. Helen only gave me a sympathetic smile.”I said before we have to get her up here as soon as possible,” Helensaid, this time in a clear voice, not a discrete whisper. “Let’s call herup today and make arrangements. She would love to see the new you, or atleast that’s what you led me to believe.””I would love to see her again too,” I replied and gave Helen a smile.”She would love you but I’m not sure how she would take to Heidi. Theyhaven’t met yet.””Is Heidi that South African slut that’s your friend?” Derek asked, notrealising that the woman he was referring to was my wife of five years.”She has a reputation that stretches around the world. Word has it thatshe could suck the chrome off a car bumper.””Be quiet,” Helen said sharply to Derek. “Heidi is married to Chrissieand she’s a good friend of mine. She lives by her own rules.”That information appeared to be too much for Derek to process. He studiedme again and cupped his hand and whispered something into Helen’s ear.When she whispered back to him he shook his head in disbelief. Thewhispering continued for a few minutes then Helen and Derek both rosefrom the table.”Will you be alright on your own for a couple of minutes?” Helen asked.”Derek and I want to have a private discussion and it would be impoliteto do that in front of you. We’ll just be a few feet away, so don’tworry. I can rush over if you start to feel funny again.”I was glad they were gone because it gave me time to recover. I took outmy compact and looked at myself in the mirror. My makeup looked fine butI quickly dabbed on some lipstick and ran my fingers through my hair andsmoothed my dress. My appetite was gone but I drank both glasses of waterthat were on the table.They soon returned to the table smiling, seeming to have agreed on asubject in my absence. Surprisingly, Derek took out his phone, told me tosmile and took a couple of pictures and seemed to send them to someone.He quickly got a reply and stood up and told us to follow him. Withoutseeming to have a choice in the matter, I opened my handbag, laid £20 onthe table and followed the pair to destinations unknown.”Where are we going?” I asked Helen when I caught up with her. “What wereyou two talking about?””Just follow my lead and do what I tell you to do,” she replied with aknowing smile. “You need someone to protect you in life and I will bethere to do that, but you need someone else like Derek who nobody intheir right mind would fuck with. Just be quiet and do what you are toldand trust me when I tell you I know what I am doing.”After walking a few blocks we arrived at an apartment block. The doormanlet us in and we walked to the lifts. Derek pushed the button for the topfloor. As we travelled up I kept my head down and tried to repressanother minor hormonal rush. The valium rus escort ığdır was kicking in fully now anddoing a good job of suppressing my anxiety.The lift was mirrored and I had time to briefly glance at myself and Icould see I still looked fresh and had nice colour in my face. I alsoquickly realised I was the shortest person in the lift. Helen, who wasn’twearing heels, was a few inches taller than me and Derek was at least afoot above her. The realisation made me feel slight and petite, which wasa familiar feeling. I used to love the way my mother and I looked in themirror together. We are both the same height and have the same slim look,although I always envied her breasts and pert bum. I don’t know why mymother was occupying my thoughts so much but the image of her filled mymind every time the hormones rushed through my body. Even though we werethousands of miles apart I felt closer to her than ever, perhaps becauseI was becoming more like her physically and mentally.The apartment Derek led us into was just what I expected from thevillain. It was a spacious penthouse with wrap around balconies. Thefloor to ceiling windows were open and the light curtains were billowingin the breeze. Without asking, Derek went into the kitchen, opened therefrigerator and took out a bottle of white wine, which he poured intothree glasses. As he handed me mine he directed us to the living room andtold Helen to join him on the couch. I was left standing in the middle ofthe room.”Take off all your clothes and let Derek inspect you,” Heidi told me asshe crossed her long legs and nestled up closely to Derek. “Don’t worry;nothing bad is going to happen to you. Derek just wants to see youfully.”I blushed and lowered my head and kicked off my shoes. I felt completelydisplaced as I looked around the room, which was the size of a normalperson’s apartment. I lifted the sundress off my head, undid my bracarefully so as not to let the silicon fillers fall to the floor andwriggled out of my panties. I trusted Helen enough to go through thehumiliation of letting a straight man inspect my sissy body and the twovalium tablets continued to quell my anxiety. I could see Derek focusfirst on my shrunken penis and testicles and I watched as his gaze movedto my puffy breasts and enlarged nipples. He nodded with approval as hetook his phone out and snapped more pictures of me and then appeared tosend them off to a contact of his. An unmistakable bulge began to grow inhis crotch as he continued to gaze at me. I was mesmerised as Helen undidhis belt and zipper and pulled out his manhood and held it her hands. Istood still and let him admire me for what seemed like minutes. His hardcircumcised cock began to grow to its full length as Helen touched thehead of it lightly between the same two fingers that had once touched mytiny prick. I could see some of his semen leaking out.”Come over here and make Derek happy,” Helen commanded with a low eroticvoice more like a purr than a whisper. “Put your sissy lips and tongue ona real man’s cock and concentrate on giving him pleasure.”I did what I was told and lowered myself to my knees between his legs andlightly held his throbbing prick in my hand and lowered my mouth over hishelmet, swirling my tongue on it and catching the taste of his manly cum.I tried to take him as deeply as I could in my throat and used my hand tostroke up and down on his thick tool. His moans increased in intensity asI kissed and sucked his large cock and lowered my head further to brieflysuck his swollen balls. I was in a dreamlike trance as another small waveof hormones swept through me and I struggled to concentrate on providingDerek with pleasure and push the image of my mother’s smooth thighs away.Derek gasped loudly and held my head down on his cock as I could feel histesticles contract as he began to erupt. I sucked spurts of cum eagerly,careful not to spill a drop and let his jism linger in my mouth until Iswallowed it all. I continued to suck him briefly although I could tellhe was becoming increasingly sensitive so I carefully licked his cockheadto catch the final spurts of cum that were leaking out of his dick. WhenI was finally done, I continued to hold his prick in my hands and lookedup at Helen with a curious gaze. It was the first time that a man hadallowed me to suck his cock until completion and I didn’t know if sherealised that the first part of my virginity was taken that morning byDerek, nor did I think she grasped how much joy that gave me.”That was beautiful,” said Helen with a knowing smile as I gently let goof Derek’s softening cock. “Now go and freshen up while Derek and I talkprivately. Take your time, we have a few issues to straighten out.”

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