How I met my first Master: Chapter 1


How I met my first Master: Chapter 1Many years ago, I worked as the night shift security guard, cleaning the mall and patrolling the halls at night. The pay was good, the hours were tiring, but the job was fun despite the loneliness. Around relief time, I was usually exhausted and ready for the walk home, and then avoiding the gaggles of homeless between work and home. Now around the town we had a small issue with homeless people and part of the day time duties were to keep them from loitering inside the mall and at night we had to check to make sure they weren’t sleeping in the parking garage stairwells. They were usually good natured about it and understood that we had a job to do as well as it wasn’t a personal vendetta against them. I only mention this because every day, regardless of shift, I always passed on man in particular that stood out from the rest, no matter the time of year he wore a florescent orange winter hunting coveralls. He seemed unperturbed by the heat in the summer and was never huddled somewhere in the winter. He was friendly with everyone, always talked to you while in the mall or as you escorted him out for the cameras. On this particular morning, I had not been able to acquire my normal energy drinks before shift and had to try to stay up all night on zero caffeine, so I felt and probably looked like a zombie by the time my relief arrived. Stumbling home, I decided to stop in the park and rest on a park bench, just to get the energy to go home and go the bed. I started to doze off on the bench under the morning sunrise when I felt someone sit down next to me. I recognized the orange outfit immediately and mumbled a hello.From there things get a little fuzzy, I remember him talking to me as I dozed in and out of the conversation, nodding or giving one word answers to questions I couldn’t quite hear or remember. I then had the strangest urge to lean over and rest against him, which I did because the energy needed to stay up right was nonexistent, that was when I noticed that despite being homeless, this man smelled really good. Really really good. Now I wasn’t sure if it was the lack of sleep or his scent that was driving away my thoughts and ability antakya rus escort to pay attention. I then remember kneeling on the ground behind the bench for something but my companion was still talking, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. Something smelled good enough that I could taste it, at least that what it think it was, I don’t know why but the there weren’t any businesses open around me at the this time that made food, maybe I was really hungry. Whatever it was so, I swore I could still taste it on my tongue when I finally awoke, still sitting on the park bench but alone this time.*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************The next night at work was uneventful, though the homeless man was waiting for me to leave work, claiming he enjoyed our conversation yesterday and wanted to have another. I had no issue with doing, this time more awake than before and readily agreed. He introduced himself as ******** and apologized for talking my ear yesterday despite how tired I seemed. Even from where were standing, a few feet apart, I could smell that good smell again, something about it made my head a little fuzzy but I enjoyed the feeling just the same. “It’s not an issue. I’m sorry I couldn’t be better company. Can I make it up to you? How about I get us some breakfast from McDonalds and we can eat in the park again.” I tried to smile and hope that maybe my apology would go over well, something about yesterday made me really want to make it up to this man. Thankfully he agreed. Breakfast was a simple affair, a couple of sandwiches, and then off the quiet park for consumption. We discussed my job and his life as we ate and walked, if he noticed that I sat a little close to him on the park bench, ******** didn’t seem to mind any. With my stomach full of food, I started to get sleepy, but rather than be rude and interrupt the story I stayed silent and hoped to be able to keep listening. His words fell into a dull background buzz as I tried to react properly, answer unheard questions and nodding appropriately. antakya rus escort bayan Vaguely i remember slumping against him as he spoke, causing him to chuckle.Then I had the weirdest dream. I remember it so clearly, i almost swear it was real. I had moved off of the bench, ******** was still talking but watching me intently as well. I unzipped his coveralls and found his long hard thick cock, using only my mouth to do both, and began to suck on it. I could still smell that delicious aroma that had plagued my nose yesterday and taste it on my tongue. If my dream is true, then his cock, that had to be at least 8 inches in length, was the source for both the taste and the smell.I swallowed his cock like a trained professional, though in reality i had never even touched one that wasn’t my own, cleaning it with my tongue. He petted my hair like i was doing a good job and it sent shivers down my spine of pleasure that made me want to do a better job. I mean, I needed to do a better job, twice now i was spending time with him and fell sleep, the least i could do is give him a blow job and clean his nuts off. If he wanted me to, I’d go as far as giving him a rim job or even letting him take my anal cherry. He deserved it after how rude I’ve been.Thinking back to all the things I wanted from my ex girlfriends in a bj, i decided to try them out and really blow his mind. I licked almost solely on his slit, before taking him deep within my throat so I could feel him throb in my throat as my tongue lapped at his balls. I watched his face intently, looking to see if I could tell when he was about to cum. I felt his cock twitch hard in my throat, so i quickly backed off until just the tip remained in my mouth and returned to my licking and suckling as my hand pumped up and down his spit slick shaft. The taste was amazing. I held every drop in my mouth as I suckled and tried to wring out every drop onto my tongue. When I let him pop free of my lips, not a drop dripped or spilled, allowing him to see the entire collection in my mouth before i smiled up at him and swallowed. He spoke a few more things to me as he reset his clothing, rus escort antakya I nodded, saddened that his cock had gone away but sat back down on the bench. As he spoke, ******** voice gained volume and became clearer. “So from now on, that’s what you’ll do. I think that’s clear enough, right?” Master as me, reaching over and giving my crouch a squeeze. I was harder than I could ever remember being in my life, and gave a small moan of pleasure before answering him with a repeating yes. “Also, no masturbating. Only I can make you cum. Now, sleep and when I wake you, you’ll be the old you but the new you will make you keep your promises.”I awoke long after my companion had taken off, however there was a thank you note left on the back of the bag for the food and company. Smiling I went home to get some sleep for my next shift. First things first though, I had to pick up some new toiletries since I was low on my old ones and would probably run out before pay day came. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************At work the next day, my uniform felt different, but I chalked that up to having to use the in house washing machine instead of my usual laundromat and just decided to get through my shift. It felt like my pants were rubbing me raw and my top was itchier than usual. I came across ******** and a group of his friends, I talked with them for a bit before I escorted them to the exit, as I was told to do so by my bosses. Luckily it was a weekend, so at the moment outside of security camera’s I was the boss in the mall, and as we approached the door to the garage exit a question was asked by ********. “Can I use the restroom first?” The closest bathroom was the family bathroom that we kept locked due to teen vandals but I saw no issue with letting them use the bathroom before they went their merry way. I unlocked the exterior door and followed them in to get to the interior door to unlock just past the baby changing room. I could have sworn the first door closed and locked behind me, but ******** said something about sleep and I opened the second door for Master.”Did you wear the new outfit I got you from the shelter?” Master asked as we stepped into the family bathroom. “Yes, Master.” I showed him by stripping off my work clothes to show him my freshly hairless body, clitty incased in a thong, plug inside my boipussy, and nothing else. “Good job, now, for your reward.”

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